Jamba Juice

111 Puainako Street,Spc 103A
Hilo (Big Island), 96720
Jamba Juice makes the best smoothies. On a hot day this is the place to stop by and get a cold drink. Or if your just wanting a smoothie drink to get you through until your next meal. What I like about Jamba Juice is that there are so many different flavor combinations of drinks. From a healthy carrot or wheat grass juice to a mixed berry or orange dream smoothie. They can custom make a drink to your liking if there is nothing on the menu that you might like. It is also a good option that you can add a boost to your drink like energy, protein and immunity. Other items that they have on the menu are oatmeal bowls, wraps and baked goods like cookies if you want something to eat. The service is friendly and fast, and you are able to get your drink in less than five minutes even if they are busy. For a delicious smoothie or a quick healthy bite to eat Jamba Juice is a good option.
Wow, I have never tasted a chemical taste in any of my Jamba drinks (like the other reviewer) nor have I ever tried to order a straight banana smoothie......... I am so happy that there is a Jamba here to enjoy. I had my regular all fruit strawberry whirl on my first visit and the double protein on my other visits (now that I have taken the weight off I am trying to muscle up at the local Penn fitness muscle gym). The people here were extremely friendly and polite. I will be back here on this and future visits.
It took me a while to warm up to jamba juice, but now i love it. Similar to a previous reviewer and prior to moving to San Francisco, I was used to another smoothie vendor, Blenders in the Grass, a Santa Barbara chain smoothie vendor. But I was open to trying out Jamba's variety of smoothies and finally found one i love. I also appreciate their expansion to other breakfast foods like steelcut oatmeal. I picked up an oatmeal every morning on my way to work in SF. Now that I live in HI, I appreciate jamba's presence even more as options on the big island are limited. Although my schedule doesn't allow me to pick up an oatmeal for breakfast anymore, I still swing by on the weekends to get a treat whether it's oatmeal, carrot-orange juice or a smoothie. The staff is always welcoming and cheerful.

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