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Visit below restaurant in Zephyrhills for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Zephyrhills for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Siesta W.

    Great sandwiches with real fresh cut fries!

  • Cindy G.

    Excellent food. Love the French fries. We eat here at least one time a week. The owners are very nice. I highly recommend them. Don't forget to try their delicious ice cream!

  • Sherman M.

    Incredible burger! You can even add additional toppings like a fried egg, fries, etc. The burgers are cooked fresh but the wait isn't too long!

  • Frank S.

    First time we have eaten here. We had burgers fries and hot dog. This is by far some of the best food I have eaten. Everything was cooked perfect and tasted great. We will eat there again.

  • Brian S.

    GREAT old time hamburger/hot dog/shake stand on the side of a country road in a small Fla town. Delicious food, very very friendly and attentive staff. Great for kids and families. Outdoor seating. I will definitely be back!!

  • Lydia L.

    Side of the road Ma and Pa shop! Outside seating! Everything cooked to order! BIG juicy burger AND Fresh Cut French Fries, AND they have ice-cream!

  • Harriet M.

    This little drive- in is located in the outskirts of Zephyrhills, Fl. The only things necessary to carry out the feeling you've traveled back in time would be fifties music playing and a 1957 Chevy parked outside.

  • Ann F.

    My husband and I had lunch here and it was delicious. The burgers were good sized with handmade patties. Buns were nice and fresh. Definitely a favorite for us.

  • Rob B.

    So it's been over a year now since I first reviewed 301 Corner Grille. I have to say that I'm still very happy I decided to eat here that first time. The food is consistent and delicious. I tend to go for a burger and fries, typically the Philly Burger, however their hot dogs and Polish sausages are equally delicious! On my last visit I had the Polish sausage topped with slaw and a dousing of hot sauce. The sausage had a nice snap to the casing and the balance between the fresh slaw and subtle heat from the hot sauce made this the perfect treat. Washed it all down with a root beer and I was good to go. The service is always friendly and speed varies based on how busy they are. The only down side I've noticed is an outside eating issue with any restaurant. That is that if a smoker decides to spark up next to you then you get to suck in their fumes too. I can't really fault 301 for this though. Overall I say give these guys a shot if you want a tasty burger or dog!

  • Steve Y.

    If you crave a delicious burger or polish sausage in Z-hill and don't feel like stoking the BBQ, head to corner grill 301. It's not the cheapest but your worth it!

  • Quinton B.

    One of the best burgers I've ever had. The Over the Top burger was way more than I expect. Lots of old people eat here and now I know why. They're happy with this possibly being their last meal. The fries are made fresh and they give you a good portion. The meat is natural cut with no preservatives. The Ice cream is homemade and tastes amazing. They also have sandwiches and subs. Very friendly and customizable. Not everything is on the menu. Price is a little higher than you would spend for lunch but so worth it. If this wasn't in a small town it would be booming. I'll definately be coming here again Expect $8-10 for meals

  • Charyl S.

    Just three words-Bacon Bourbon is a must eat! I love this place. When I lived in "The Hills" I would eat here regularly. Since moving to Polk County I have been back just for the Corner Grill. My husband and I have taken people the 30 minute ride just so we can eat here. We keep hearing from them that it was worth the ride. The Corner Grill 301 It sits on the corner of the main drag with a few tables out front. I just call it "The 301" The kitchen sink burger is amazing. Their hotdogs are phenomenal. The fries are hand cut and perfect. Their onion rings are fantastic. Everything we have eaten there is absolutely perfect. Save room for dessert because #1) they have Working Cow Ice Cream-the BEST ice cream and 2) the shakes are killer. Whenever I am out and the subject of good burgers comes up, I always mention this delightful little gem.

  • carl r.

    I've been snowbirding in the Zep past two years and drove by the Courner Grille many times and it always looked so inviting so I had to stop in to test their "Best Burger in Zhills" claim before heading back north. I ordered the "Kitchen Sink Burger" (see photos) and must say without a doubt was delish! The people were so nice and friendly, even the chef checked my satisfaction with the food and mentioned they import their beef from Michigan. I must say it was very tasty and juicy. Next year I do plan to stop by sooner and try out their Ruben & shakes as well as many of their other burgers and side dishes at my new favorite grille.

  • Bea C.

    dear diary, today we ate at the corner grill and the food suck the service was worse horrible. The owners came in and started eating there own lunch knowing that are order was screwed up. Inorder for me to ever eat at the corner grill 301 ever again they will have to be a new killer bomb dropped off at all the other restaurants. I do not recommend anyone to eat at this restaurant the waitress sucks she moves slower than a snail that was run over by a semi truck I strongly recommend do not eat there because we don't know if there's a rat there. My first time in ever ever eating at the corner grill 301 I will never eat there again this place needs to be shut down and we need to talk to the city commissioners of thezephyrhills to closing down.and just in case I will never eat here again I will never recommend this place for dining. the pricing is horrible we called in the order they told us one price and they triple the price by the time we got there to pay for meals


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 8:00pm


  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes

Corner Grille 301

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