The Pink Submarine

2041 Wilton Dr
Wilton Manors, 33305
We stumbled upon this place after looking at Yelp, and I'm so glad we did! We live nearby and am so sad that we didn't find this place earlier. Subs were fresh, and delicious. Way better than a typical sub shop. The owner is so nice, and I love the fun artwork on the walls. Also, besides having delicious sandwiches you have to try to the potato salad and the crumb, so, good.
It's a shame I can only give this place a 5 star rating! I've been here twice and for some odd reason this place just gets better and better! It's a quaint sandwich shoppe offering dine in or to go sandwiches BUT these aren't just any ordinary sandwich. These are prepared so well and these ppl are the ones that should be called "sandwich artists" not those fools at subway! As a matter of fact why can't there be more of these and less of subways. My first visit there I had the turkey cranberry radish spread homemade stuffing and garlic aïoli dressing with Swiss cheese on whole wheat hero, they warmed and pressed it in the Panini warmer! It was absolutely unbelievably delicious, it was a Thanksgiving dinner all wrapped up in one small hero, I even joked with the preparer saying that I'm glad that I had this because I missed Thanksgiving dinner and this couldn't have been any better of replacement! As a side I had the loaded potato salad which is prepared fresh and made daily. My second visit here I had the torpedo hero which consisted of almost like their version of a Italian combo, so it's loaded with salami, sopresatta, ham, and provolone adding - to that amazing mix is cherry peppers, banana peppers, jalapenos, lettuce deli mustard, and balsamic/oil and more! There's just something about each individual sandwich that makes this place so unique. The staff is extremely amazing especially Dawn! Go in and check this place out! They've got much more to offer including home made chocolate desserts !!
Decided to try this place out because of all the great reviews and it DID NOT disappoint! Sandwiches were stuffed with fresh ingredients, and don't even get me started on the bread - amazing! Service was excellent and the decor is bright and welcoming. Without a doubt one of the best (if not the best) sandwich spots in the Fort Lauderdale area.

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Subs 27

1913 N Andrews Ave
Wilton Manors, 33311
Many think that you can't do much to "reinvent" or improve on a sub sandwich. That's just a sign they haven't been a patron of Subs 27! The best place in Fort Lauderdale to get a delicious meal. They know how to wake up your senses and remind you of the enjoyment that true eating can bring to your taste buds. If you haven't been there, I suggest you drop what you're doing and head over now! You will thank me afterward. P.S. Crispy Chicken Pesto sub is foodgazmic!!
A++. Amazing subs and Fast, Free, Delivery! Hands-down the Best Subs in FTL. Breakfast is also amazing. Try the Dialed In Breakfast Club (pictured). For lunch, the Big Texan or either philly is a treat. Fresh amoroso bread makes all the difference!!!
Love Subs 27. I love it for lunch and now I love it for breakfast! Awesome food, good prices, staff is friendly. Check them out!

(954) 306-8333

Sandwiches, Breakfast & Brunch

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Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

2607 N Dixie Hwy
Wilton Manors, 33334
What a great stop on your way home. Immaculately clean and delicious. They are constantly swapping out their flavors for seasonal stuff. A lovely hangout.
This is my favorite frozen yogurt place in the Fort Lauderdale area. It is worth the drive, in fact I pass three other froyo locations to go to this Menchies. The owner is super friendly and always recommending new addicting flavor combos. Love it!
Incredible Selection. Pumpkin Froyo! Owner is awesome and attentive. Great Customer Service.

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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13 Even

2037 Wilton Dr
Wilton Manors, 33305
Been here a few times now and will certainly be going back again. I would categorize the menu as high-end bar food with a gourmet twist. They do an excellent job at ensuring good quality at a good price. I think by this point, I've probably tried everything on the menu. Some of my favorites include the Pork Belly Watermelon Salad, the Empanadas, Shrimp and Roasted Red Peppers, Mac + Cheese (with Bacon, of course), Prociutto Flatbread and BBQ Pizza Flatbread. Other than that, I can't really say that I've had a bad item on the menu. Aside from the food, there are a few other great attributes to this place: - The staff is always very welcoming and fun. I've run into the owner (one of two, I believe) a few times and she is very funny and welcoming. Service is attentive and light-hearted. - Great selection of wines by the glass/bottle and craft beers. Someone once described it to me as a "wine bar". Another person as a "beer bar". Hey, I'm fine with both... - They serve food until 10 or 11, depending on the night. It's tough to get good quality food at 10:30 at night and, being used to NYC dining culture, I tend to eat pretty late. - Really reasonably priced for the quality of food you get. We've taken two out-of-towners here on separate occasions and we both enjoyed it. All in all, it's a neighborhood spot that I'll be going to again and again...
Great little neighborhood place in Wilton Manors serving small plates and craft beers.
Very nice place to have some delicious eats, craft beer and wine. Atmosphere is great. Good place to go especially if your are looking for delicious small eats to pair with some great beer or wine. They have about 18 or so craft on draft and even more bottles to choose from. Wine list is also big but not enticing, covering all bases and has something most every one can enjoy. Surprisingly their prices are also great considering they have fast friendly service and delicious fresh food.

(954) 565-8550

Tapas/Small Plates, Wine Bars, American (New)

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2390 Wilton Dr
Wilton Manors, 33305
Great job , nice having a good dining option on the Drive.
My first time here. The beef brisket was very average (and not very brisket-y at all), and the color of the meat was dull and gray. The service was fine and the atmosphere was good, but the food left me quite unsatisfied.
Great food and great menu... wait staff also makes for an overall great experience! On a side note - very HONEST people! I mistakenly left my credit card and $60 laying on the table (i.e. got distracted talking and left this behind). On the way home, I get an "IM" on Facebook advising that I left my card behind (Thirteen staff searched for me on Facebook). Upon my return - they handed me my card AND the $60. My expectation was that the cash would be gone. WOW! In South Florida this would generally never happen. Thank you Thank you Carol and team

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American (New), Seafood, Bars

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Gaysha New World Sushi Bar

2223 Wilton Dr
Wilton Manors, 33305
A tiny yet very interesting little place! The food was pretty good and the service was quick and friendly. I got the Veggie Yakisoba and ate every last bite. I have to agree with another reviewer about the cucumber water...its amazing! The only things I consider a downside are the prices (a little high, but I suppose worth it due to the quiet atmosphere), and the fact that it wasn't decorated that much. I was looking at the same painting for about an hour and got a little bored. I'd definitely go back though, the food was quite yummy! :)
Friendly staff Fresh ingredients Amazing Ramen! This is my go-to spot. They definitely have an exceptional attention to detail and are educated about their products. When you ask for water it is cucumber infused water:) Almost every time I have visited I have ordered the Ramen. It is delish. I've also ordered hand rolls, Sashimi, the Brussels and pork belly, and the calms. All get a thumbs up!
Lots of sushi options in the area, but Gaysha has a cool, distinctive vibe that's more contemporary than its neighbors. Not Americanized sushi in the sense that the rolls aren't deep-fried or slathered in cream cheese. But not traditional either, with ingredients drawn from this hemisphere and locally. The chef experiments without becoming a foodie caricature. That does mean that any single item can be hit or at least not-hit, but worth tasting through the menu.

(954) 530-0153

Sushi Bars

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Andrews Diner

2980 N Andrews Ave
Wilton Manors, 33311
Great quality diner food. Fast and friendly service. Been wanting to come here for years and finally had the opportunity. Can't wait to come back. Coffee is perfect.
This place is awesome, visited ft Lauderdale last weekend and tried this place on Saturday and had to go again on Sunday. Friendly staff, amazing service, and terrific food. Would definitely recommend.
Stopped here for a quick breakfast, and loved everything about the place. The people were friendly as could be, the food came out fast, and the prices were cheap. Was it the best breakfast ever? No, but it hit the spot, and the whole experience couldn't have been better. If we lived in the area, we would totally become regulars.

(954) 563-3555


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South Seas Chinese Kitchen

2900 N Andrews Ave
Wilton Manors, 33311
We're officially regulars! This will be our second time ordering delivery, the food is fresh and delicious while the customer service is awesome. Barbara over the phone is great!
OK, I admit it: I had my doubts. Every since buying a home in South Florida, I've struggled to find decent "New York Style" American Chinese food, and the 4 or 5 different places I've tried before just didn't cut it. I've had South Seas bookmarked for a while, but was hesitant to give it a try, given its unassuming location in a grungy strip mall. But we took the dip one night and ordered a few things. To our surprise, it was very good. Chicken with Broccoli was fresh and didn't drown in sauce. General Tso's chicken was delicious in an excellent sauce. Roast Pork Lo Mein was a classic. Everything was packed well and boxed up quickly. I will certainly be back.
This place did not live upto the hype of the local buzz about it. I found the food extremely bland. I ordered Moo Goo Gai Pan, which didn't have much chicken. The pepper steak was almost like chewing beef jerky, and the lo Mein noodles had no taste what so ever. The food wasn't really bad (well maybe the pepper steak), just very bland. Not enough flavor for the money.

(954) 566-6823


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1015 NE 26th St
Wilton Manors, 33305
My first trip to this Starbucks has to be one of the best I have ever had. All of the baristas were so caring and nice, they really made buying coffee an enjoyable experience. My go to coffee is just the regular hot brewed coffee with caramel syrup instead of sugar. The barista taking the order had such a pleasant attitude. He asked me what kind of coffee I wanted- they have a blonde, a medium and a dark roast. I have been to many Starbucks and have never been asked what kind of brewed coffee I wanted, so I thought that was sweet. The barista also asked me how many pumps of caramel I wanted- again, I have never been asked this before, and I loved it. For me it's the little things that get me. This Starbucks is kind of out of my way, but I will sincerely try to frequent it often!
Some very good staff, and yep, there's nothing wrong with the drinks. It's a very gay area, and the place is known as a gay pickup joint, so occasionally the local guys will leave gay pickup magazines and soft core gay porn on the tables, but staff usually polices this up pretty quickly. My pet peeve is this place apparently ground zero for the fake "service dog" movement. I love dogs, but I don't like dogs climbing on furniture in restaurants and I don't like people with fake service dogs or poorly-trained "therapy animals" ruining things for people with bona fide disabilities. The staff expresses zero interest in enforcing health codes... no doubt afraid of getting in trouble. But the ADA does not require businesses to tolerate 'therapy' animals or poorly trained or disruptive animals. This is particularly important in a food service area and it's very off-putting. Managers should review what the Americans With Disabilities Act requires and does not require, and sprout some backbone.
It's a Starbucks. Nothing exceptional. Very busy, parking always a problem. Is ready for a redecoration/renovation. Thee customer base could stand a bit of renovating as well.

(954) 566-1304

Coffee & Tea

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Stork’s Bakery & Coffee House

2505 NE 15th Ave
Wilton Manors, 33305
We got the croissant breakfast sandwich and panini breakfast sandwich. Both were really good - I really wanted to order a second one because it was so good. I got the hazelnut coffee it was delicious!! Lots of coffee choices - 8 when we were there. Great place nice cozy atmosphere
Great customer service, nice ambiance..but the desserts aren't up to snuff..I ordered the apple pie and the Key Lime pie. The Key Lime crust was too thin, and the actual filling wasn't tart enough for a typical Key Lime pie, and was too fluffy. Key Lime pie shouldn't sit like a bad pierogi, but shouldn't be like eating air. The Apple Pie had a decent crunch, but wasn't memorable. I know there's a lot of great reviews on here..and I don't want to take away from their great customer service, cleanliness, and ambiance...but I was disappointed in the dessert(s)!
Very comfortable and delicious place. Been coming here for 12 years and it has been consistently good. I always just get the coffee and sweets, which they do a fantastic job with. The lemon bars are one of my faves. One of the best dessert makers in the entire area!

(954) 567-3220

Bakeries, Coffee & Tea, Cafes

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