Bruno’s Pizza

6652 E County Hwy 30A
Watersound Beach, 32413
The pizza at Bruno's is really great. It has a nice smoky, wood-fired taste. The toppings are generous. We placed a takeout order. They forgot one item, but they were very polite about fixing it. They offered my husband a soda while he waited a few minutes for the item to be prepared. It was no big deal to us, as long as we got everything in the end. Our whole family really enjoyed the food. I'm really glad we trusted the positive reviews on this one and gave it a try!
Ordered takeout. Pizza came out wrong despite the receipt being correct. We had the garlic rolls. The order for 2-3 seemed quite large. They were OK. Pepperoni pizza was meh. Others liked it, but I didn't find it special.
We have been visiting here several years trying to find a decent pizza. Thus is it. There were quality ingredients on this pizza and a certain smokiness that made it great.

(850) 231-1452


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