Manhattan Bakery

18240 Collins Ave
Sunny Isles Bch, 33160
A predominantly Venezuelan bakery with Argentine facturas, and a vast sandwich menu (two Cubans). This is your place to get the cachito/arepa/empanada/tequeño/golfeado fix in the Aventura/Sunny Isles area. And good thing too! The tequeños were tasty (even those a day old and at discounted prices surprisingly - just heat them up in a pan at home), pan dulce (?) were thin and had raisins. The empanada was good - good corn dough and cheese as well. The cachito tasted standard in a good way. I had those four things, plus a cappuccino and it came out to be less than $10. Can we say AMEN together, please? (Plus, they'd overlook the $10 minimum requirement to use the credit card if you order all this ;-)) So yup, you have it... now you know that at least in Miami-Dade, every 60-100 streets, you can find a Venezuelan bakery. Oh, and before I forget, the added bonus is this shopping strip has a Peruvian & Colombian restaurants, two Russian markets, a Russian bookstore. Ethnic diversity and more good eats is enough for me to get me to come back! And as far as "Manhattan" being in the name of the place, this is the part of Miami where the love affair with New York seems to be the strongest - but has nothing to do with things American. There's also a New York deli nearby and all they serve is East European goods. Oh well, c'est la vie Miamense! NOTE: Comparison with Moises: bigger and newer looking establishment - and more crowded - the line went out the door when I was here but not at Moises. But Moises has slightly more products in their market. That may be changing though as Manhattan is expanding and/or renovating.
Good coffee and food. Tried Cuban sandwiches and were great. Coffee was on point. Best place in the area
Super fast service , friendly social staff , cozy atmosphere , and delicious food for great prices.

(305) 936-8801

Bakeries, Coffee & Tea

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Azzurro Italian Restaurant & Bar

17901 Collins Ave
Sunny Isles Bch, 33160
This restaurant is exquisite! Service Is very warm and friendly..If Its too warm for people to sit outside under their wooden canopy..then go somewhere else..youre In the beach..for Gods sake people? To say the least..foods on point everytime..and ambiance thanks to The Golden Strand resort..noone notices that all the amenities all around them including Tikki Bar belongs to the resort? Funny
Stopped by in February on our way to South Beach...the waiters could not have been nicer! The food was fantastic and the dessert was out of this world. Yummmm :p definitely highly recommend!
The service is horrible. We were 1 of 3 tables occupied and now we know why. The server asked if we would like grated Parmesan cheese and then when we said yes he rolled his eyes. And the bathroom is the same one that the beach goers use. So the Floor was soaked (hopefully with water) and both stalls were disgusting. Would not recommend to anyone.

(305) 792-5500


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Milano Pizza Cafe

17501 Collins Ave
Sunny Isles Bch, 33160
We got milanos twice during our stay on sunny isles beach. It was good and delivery was always quick. Also they have great open late hours. We had garlic rolls, pizza, and motzerella sticks and all were on point the only thing I wasn't crazy about was their sauce. It was almost non existent on the pizza and the dipping marinara sauce for the cheese sticks and garlic rolls was real watery and had a weird flavor. It kind of reminded me of salsa or something. All in all it was good we would definately get it again in the future.
Milano Pizza Cafe is the perfect late-night "I'm wasted and need to stuff my face" spot. From Sunday through Thursday they are open until 3am and on Friday and Saturday they are open until 5am!!!!!!!! In regards to the quality of the pizza, let me start by saying I'm from the northeast so I'm inherently a pizza snob. That being said, the pizza is just fine given the circumstances. It's easily better than the chains like Domino's or Poppa John's. Their toppings, although $1.50 each, are always fresh and plentiful. I highly recommend going with a stromboli or calzone. Spend the few extra dollars and have them throw some toppings in there too. You won't regret it. They are located in a little hotel (the Monaco) in Sunny Isles so I don't recommend dining in. I also probably wouldn't order from them during the day due to all the other amazing restaurants available in town. The bottom line is if you ever plan on being drunk, unable to drive, and hungry or simply need that late-night meal to fill you up before you pass out you need Milano Pizza on speed dial.
Forgot half my order food came cold and tasted old called to ask woman on the phone Gave me a adduite mozzarella sticks don't even have cheese inside noting but dough .... horrible service

(305) 405-0424


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