5620 MacDonald Ave
Stock Island, 33040
We'd heard a lot of buzz around town about this new pizza place in Stock Island. I then was working with a client when one of his co-workers brought in left over pizza from Roostica for anyone to grab. I tried a slice and you better believe we were there two days later. I can honestly say they have some of the most amazing pizzas I've ever tried. If you're a fan of white pizza, try the mushroom and truffle pizza. I ordered the Margarita pizza, but now want to go back to try their Special Margarita Pizza (don't ask me the difference). The atmosphere is nice and thank God they don't pipe endless Frank Sinatra music into the restaurant. The staff were very pleasant and we can't wait to go back.
This place MUST be going through some growing pains in its beginning. Stopped in and seen a full restaurant with only seating at the bar. This place has a great atmosphere, (warning it's loud) and the prices are defintely aimed at the Key Haven crowd, and not the Stock Island crowd where this restaurant is located. I grabbed a Draft Beer ($4 each) and "John's Pizza" ($16). The pizza is roughly the size of a medium pizza from Domino's (which you can get for $5.99 carryout). The taste of this $16 pizza was very dissapointing. The pizza came out and had mushrooms on it, which wasn't listed on the menu. I notified the bartender, and she contacted the "expediter" (the guy that stands at the hot lamp table and takes the food from the lamps to the waitress/bartender) he got in an argument with her that it supposed to come with mushrooms, so she had to correct him and show him what the menu says. All this is happening in front of us, then we watch him take the pizza to the cooks. The cooks then proceed to use their hands and pick the mushrooms off the pizza as much as they could find. They then put some arugula on the pizza and gave it back to the expediter. The bartender was sitting there watching along with us, then she came out from behind the bar, and told them to make an entire new pizza. If they would increase the portion size, and the amount of toppings added to the pizza it would taste better. The taste ended up being on the bland side, and I feel it was due to lack of sauce and toppings, that the taste of the dough just overpowered everything. The pizza is thin to where it can't handle what little toppings are on the pizza, and becomes SOGGY very very quickly. Good luck on Parking here as more than likely you are going to have to park across the street in a lot that says "no parking". There are only 2-3 parking spots in front of the restaurant. It was pretty dissapointing to see the owners truck parked right next to the handicap parking, which makes 1 less spot for customers. So now for the scoring scale 1-5. Value = 1 Customer Service (bartender) 5 Food Quality = 3 No, I can't recommend anyone eating here, until they atleast get the things that I mentioned above FIXED! I would be willing to go back and try them out again, and giving an update on my review here, however I won't be paying to go there again.
Best pizza I've ever had in Key West. The brick oven pizzas are delicious. Unfortunately, I haven't tried anything else here. That being said the pizzas were great and the service was very good. It's also in a non-touristy part of town which is nice. I'd definitely recommend checking this place out.

(305) 296-4999

Italian, Pizza

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