The Bread Artisans

6925 4th St N
St. Petersburg, 33702
Excellent hot bread! Something we have been missing in St Pertersburg. I am looking forward to stocking up on Christmas Eve !

(727) 914-8959


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Cafe Gala

1 Dali Blvd
St. Petersburg, 33701
Amazing food and atmosphere! No ticket required for entry into Cafe Gala and shopping at the new Dali Museum.

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CA Cafe

420 22nd Street S
St. Petersburg, 33712
Fresh food at great prices. Very creative sandwiches, all very tasty Murals decorate the walls and local art displayed thruout. Great service. The decor and menu theme is consistent with an old railroad station . It's located right off the Pinellas bike trail
This place deserves every star it gets. I stopped here as the Hood is not to far from my new hood and I saw a sandwich place with 5 stars in 7 reviews, so why the heck not? Plus, they have a cuban sandwich, so naturally, I'm coming. The cafe is located inside the Morean Center for Clay - I know, a bit strange such a place exists. They have maybe a half a dozen tables inside and a couple of tables outside. Not a big place. it's also nothing special aesthetically. A place to grab a sandwich. Nothing more. And as long as that is all you're expecting, then it is fantastic. If I had to guess on what made this cuban sandwich so good - and I do have to guess because my taste buds are not good at differentiating flavors - the bread they used was superb. Tasted almost like a cuban rye bread. I don't know what it was, but this was one of my favorite cuban sandwiches in the vicinity. I can't compare it to Bodega - I would need to eat one right after the other. Perhaps I will do this soon (or I will definitely do this soon). As for service - excellent. Friendly, quick, smiling. Sometimes, its the most unassuming locations that have the best food.
Great hoagie rolls, super big sandwich, delicious chilli bottomless fountain drinks. Very cool historical train station building with clay studios attached, well worth the trip.

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La Carreta Bakery

2705 54th Ave N
St. Petersburg, 33714
1 st time here from orlando and overall food was great. Next time we come back to the área we will stop here again.
Absolute Colombian gem in the Tampa area. I was here with my Colombian friend and of course we ordered the traditional bandeja paisa. We were very pleasantly surprised at how quickly the food came out and how tasty the food was. The service was stellar. Definitely going to come back.
La Carreta is noted as a Colombian bakery, but they are a full service restaurant as well. It is difficult to tell from the outside of the building, because the front is covered in stock photography so you can't see inside. Inside is a newly renovated and very clean, cafe style casual atmosphere and friendly staff. Most of the baked items are heavenly cheese and tapioca flour baked breads, like Pan de Queso. Also, tried Arepa con Queso and Guava Cheese pastry. Bakery items are around $1.50 each, so try many different items freely. For dine-in service, there is a waitress that will bring you the food and another important item: the housemade Ahi Sauce. I cannot wait to return back and try their steak and Bandeja Paisa platter.

(727) 575-7929

Colombian, Bakeries

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

111 3rd St N
St. Petersburg, 33701
Friendly staff, clean place, and great burgers! Enjoy your lunch. :) After really craving In and Out burger from our last Vegas trip and knowing Florida didn't have one of these chains we heard about 5 guys burger and fries from a local and I am ready to fly back from Central Illinois to have 5 guys again!! Fresh, HOT, made to order burgers and an excellent price. So many fresh cut french fries and large can feed 4. Service was excellent, food was superb. We wish this chain would train all other fast food establishments to show them how it SHOULD be done!! Don't miss this gem!
Luv Five Guys, they are the family go-to burger place, hands down. Fresh fries and burgers, fresh fixings. Jalepenos decently hot.

(727) 895-8070

Burgers, Fast Food

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2312 4th St N
St. Petersburg, 33704
This place is everything a dive bar should be. They have the cheapest, strongest drinks I've purchased in St. Pete. I seriously cannot calculate how inexpensive my orders are because I'll buy a round for my friends and I and it's always under $10 (and I'm calling grey goose and ordering Stellas). If you order a double short, it's literally an entire rocks glass full of booze with a splash of whatever you mixed. If this does not appeal to you, stick to singles. They also have a great jukebox and a dart board. They have fun, friendly patrons who you are forced to mingle with because of how small the bar is, but that's okay because they are fun and friendly as mentioned above. Last time we were there, a dance contest broke out spontaneously and the bartender rapped a verse of one of the songs over the melee. Sound fun? Come on down.
JWags is a great neighborhood dive bar. Attractive bar tenders, cheap drinks and a solid juke box and occasional live music. The owner is very down to earth. Only downside is it can get a bit smokey so I always try and sit outside.
Super fun dive bar! Intimate atmosphere, super friendly staff, and a great variety of spirits.

Dive Bars

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2246 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, 33712
Why 5 stars? Because it's a frozen sugar paradise. --- --- --- Chris W are co-President's of the "Frozen Sugar is the best kind of sugar Club," and in my position of authority, it's my responsibility to point out greatness to the community. Greatness happens at Tropiccool. Gourmet, crazy flavors of popsicles. Gelato. Sorbet. Pastries. Even espresso and local beer. It's all here, you guys. Tropiccool is another shining example of why St. Pete has transformed over the last few years. I'll be back. Often.
So, the first time I came here, it was an awesome time. Bring a date or your friends! There is plenty of lounge space; go explore the back rooms! I had the raspberry & cookies and cream gelato, (raspberry rocks, perfect flavor), and a Woodchuck cider afterwards. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is super chill. I will absolutely recommend this place to anyone who likes to have a good time.
Wow my tastebuds are totally blown. First time trying this place and I tried out a few flavors with some friends and we all ending up getting gelato. Good atmosphere, friendly service, and very diverse flavors, I'll be back here a lot!

(727) 623-4419

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Coffee & Tea, Juice Bars & Smoothies

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Ming Ming Tea Cafe

7218 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, 33707
The atmosphere was peaceful, Ming Ming was very pleasant, the sushi rolls were excellent and very reasonably priced. The salmon sashimi was like butter, the ming ming roll was huge and had great flavor. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a great sushi place.
Tasty sushi for reasonable prices. The "café" has plenty of seating and you may also buy different types of teas, cups and tea kettles. This is a great place to stop for lunch or have a take-out. I wouldn't go there for Friday evening though.
No frills sushi or dinning, but it's fast, cheap, and tasty. The hot green tea on the menu is better than average too.

(727) 623-0920

Coffee & Tea, Sushi Bars, Bubble Tea

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The Dude and His Food

11208 Blue Heron Blvd St
St. Petersburg, 33716
I once answered a talk thread for best Philly in Tampa...I would like to officially change my Answer. This Dude knows his Food! Philadelphia has nothin on this guy! Tried the ultimate prime rib cheesesteak. Meat, onions and his signature secret recipe cheese sauce. The cheese sauce is a bold white cheese (white cheddar maybe?) I usually take my philly, Philly style (cheese sauce not sliced cheese) but new favorite Philly is Dude style! The hoagie it's on is fresh and soft. The fries are seasoned steak fries (the best kind) served hot! On top of the crave worthy food, this truck has quick service down to a science. Many times when visiting food trucks you have that, "this was a mistake" moment. That time after you pay when you realize they are disorganized, unprepared for a crowd and it's going to take 30 minutes to get the food you paid for. But the dude and his food were on top of things cranking out hot sandwiches and hot fries within minutes. The best food truck in Tampa Bay! Only wish they were in my side of town more often.
The Dude's cheesesteaks are pretty good. Imagine Delco's with cheese sauce instead of the sliced cheese. All of these food trucks charge way more than a regular restaurant, so you pay about $10 for a $6 sandwich. These folks are no exception. Since they come to where I work and bring me food, I don't mind paying the extra for it. The service is fast. The folks are friendly. The food is tasty. This is certainly my favorite food truck.
So good! I went to the food truck rally and saw that the Dude and His Food was serving up some onion rings and of course I wanted to try them. The onion rings were so flavorful, perfectly hot and just plain old delicious. I know I only got one item, but everything else here looked awesome, and I have wanted some good onion rings like this for quite some time. I'll definitely be back to try some of their other stuff, since this place was really reasonably priced and super tasty as well.

(727) 947-2554

Street Vendors

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Central Perks Cafe

695 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, 33701
A great place to have morning drinks and a treat before going to the Dali Museum. The young clerk was enthusiastic about the spanakopita just out of the oven... and was indeed delicious with Greek yogurt.
Started off with iced coffee. It was delicious. Next up we ordered a Greek omelet and a veggie wrap. I had to take several bites of my bf wrap because it was soo good! Lots of vegetables and hummus with some type of vinaigrette dressing. My omelet was light and fluffy, with a lot of fresh sautéed spinach and just the right amount of olives and feta. Multi grain bread with real butter was $1 extra but I didn't mind because their prices are very reasonable. One thing I notice around St Pete are how dirty the cafe sidewalks are. When we rode up on our bikes, the owner was sweeping his sidewalk. To me that is a sign of pride of ownership. We will definitely be back!
The food here is simple but delicious, and incredibly flavorful. Try the Turkey Ruben, it's just as good, if not better, than a traditional one. The spinach and feta spanakopita is flakey golden deliciousness. The service is genuinely friendly and attentive. Good job Central Perks! Keep it up.

(727) 490-2017

American (Traditional)

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