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  • Molly D.

    Great place in a quaint neighborhood. We stopped by on our way back from exploring downtown and we're glad to find this gem. Ordered pizza next door with our beer= win! Great atmosphere that is laid back.

  • Robert L.

    Very nice and out of the way neighborhood place to eat. Service was great and the beer cheese soup was outstanding. Will be back for sure the next time I come to St. Pete.

  • Michele H.

    I started going to this pub about 6 years ago. I love that it's tucked away in Old Northeast. Since everyone parks in the streets, parking can be a little frustrating if you go on the weekends or late at night. The food is so good. I love the grilled veggie sandwich. The bar offers a lot of different wine and beer choices. The staff is friendly.

  • Shuné D.

    I spent some time here Saturday afternoon/evening to unwind. This location is nestled in the middle of a residential neighborhood most notably known as the old Northeast neighborhood of downtown Saint Pete. We had a nice walk here from a local festival nearby. Beautiful surrounding neighborhood. This place features 31 taps of draft beer all from many different brands. The ambience in this place is a very comforting, casual bar. They have TVs for your sport watching pleasure. This bar has a dimly lighted tone (Which I like as this adds comfort) with German style decor. Don't take my word for it. Look at the photos or visit :-) There is also a decent size game room in the back with a wall sized projector screen showing the featured seasonal game. The food is amazing! Looking at this place at first glance, you wouldn't expect gourmet meals on the menu, but they have them. The food was top-quality. Many of the menu items feature unique combination of ingredients. For example, they have a turkey sandwich with artichoke hearts and goat cheese, etc. The waitstaff, who also doubles as one of the bartenders, was also very friendly and helpful in helping us choose our selection as we ask questions. One of my tips is to be mindful of the parking when you get there since they have no lot. It's all parallel street parking. I would recommend visiting this place for a nice drink and/or a good quality dinner and a nice quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area nearby.

  • Darryl H.

    Excellent craft beer and food within St Pete's Old Northeast neighborhood. The place is well hidden within a residential area and populated with locals among others who know its reputation for food. The pumpernickel beer cheese bowl is incredible, very much in line with other reviews I've seen. I recommend the salmon sandwich which is essentially a bagel/lox yet on ciabatta and is incredible. The steak sandwich is also amazing. I did not try any of the pizzas but look forward to this next time.

  • Megan B.

    We came to the tavern to meet a large group for a game night. The space is great for a large crowd for that. They have pool and darts. People brought in their own board games. It was fine until you wanted to have a conversation. The noise level was very high. My friend and I decided to move in to the restaurant area, but it was just as loud. There was a full house by the time we sat down for food, so it took quite awhile, but the server was very nice and the food was very good. My son had the turkey and strawberry sandwich. Not a combo I would have thought of, but he really liked it. My friend and I shared a margarita pizza which was thin and crispy. The prices were a bit high, but the quality made up for it. The beer selection was nice. Lots of craft selections as well as domestic. One surprise was that you could order pizza from the restaurant next door, too.

  • Jessie G.

    Maybe we just didn't wait long enough (5 minutes) for one of the 3 waitresses to come say hello. Granted we had to seat ourselves and there were only four tables occupied in the front room, one of which who sent food back twice in the small amount of time we were there. The first waitress took our water order while the second waitress reluctantly brought our water and a drink menu. All 3 of the waitresses passed us at least once without taking our order before we decided to walk out. Maybe the packed bar received better service but we won't be coming back until management /ownership is changed.

  • Cathy S.

    I love the flatbread pizzas, love their wine selection, and I love their turkey/strawberry/croissant thing. Expect a menu without fried things and many nontraditional pairings (strawberry and turkey sandwich being one example). One of their sides, the apple slaw, has a nice kick, although it sounds "meh" when you think "Oh, apple cole slaw". They have an extensive beer menu and also plenty of wines by the glass. There is a bar area and a dining room; we typically eat in the dining room because it's quieter, although when we tend to visit (Monday nights), it's never really crowded. This is a lovely neighborhood tavern - I guess you'd call it a tavern - with solid food that isn't soaked in oil, breaded, or fried. The prices are also reasonable - I don't believe there's anything on the menu over $15, and perhaps not over $12.

  • Adam E.

    Sadly, St. Petersburg has passed this place by. A once solid option for good beer and decent food, too many better options now exist. It had been about 2 years since I had last been to the Tavern. It wasn't the experience I once knew. For the most part I don't think it's changed beyond everything being more worn out and what appears to be the same tired menu offerings. There are some decent attempts at what could be good food but the execution was lacking. St. Petersburg's ever expanding restaurant, bar and brewery scene has left this place behind. It's clear that beyond being a local option for the neighborhood that this isn't really a destination many should seek out anymore. It appears the tavern has become the owner's "old hat" and it could use a serious refresh if it's going to draw people away for downtown or 4th street.

  • Andrea W.

    I love this place! Not your average bar, although it's a fun bar for locals to hang out... The surprise is the foodie menu and everything is great! Their pizzas are all excellent, I usually order the Old Northeast Pie - prosciutto, Brie, tomato, artichoke and olives. The strawberry spinach salad is really delicious as is the Gorgonzola Pear salad, the roasted portobella sandwich is great too, even their ahi tuna sashimi was fantastic! It's not on the main drag of Beach Drive but it's very close by and worth the short walk or drive - it's located in quaint Old Northeast - a hip and fun neighborhood - you won't find many tourists here - us locals are grateful for that as we enjoy the atmosphere and the amazing food! Good friendly service, cute decor and amazing food makes me reluctant to share this cute place with anyone else!

  • Tiffany H.

    I've made one stop at Old Northeast for lunch and had a slightly odd experience. The place was empty barring a couple customers, and I didn't even see an employee for a solid six or seven minutes. When the bartender finally appeared, she gave us some menus and a couple minutes to decide on what we wanted. I tried the chicken cordon bleu sandwich and it came with a little side salad. I was actually very impressed - it was served on a croissant instead of regular bread and the meat was piled on. The food quality was top-notch and the price wasn't that bad. I would definitely go back and check out other things on their menu. The atmosphere here reminds me so much of that old show Cheers. I guess that's the vibe they were going for, and I think it works well for them. I just wish the service was a little more... present.

  • Jessica W.

    I feel like 3 stars it putting it nicely. I have eaten here a couple of times and it has progressively gotten worse. Mind you, the beer selection is great; however, if you appreciate friendly service and food prepared with care, I must sadly advise you to pass. :( To begin, I've noticed that the staff (generalizing) just seems downright annoyed when they have business, and they take their sweet time to simply greet or hand out menus. It took close to 15 minutes before anyone acknowledged us...in a nearly full dining room. I ordered the Old Northeast Tavern pizza, or whatever it's called, and it was just horrible. I couldn't even eat it. The crust looked and tasted like a crunchy/soggy wheat tortilla, and the toppings had zero flavor. Between my boyfriend and I, our bill ended up being $50 with a small, thin-crust pizza, an appetizer, a salad, and a beer. Holy cow. I would go as far to say that was perhaps the worst restaurant experience I've ever had...besides that one time at a Huddle House...

  • Lisa ..

    Nestled in the Old Northeast neighborhood, this place is a local favorite. I've been coming here for about 6 years. The chef is a culinary artist. Try the fruit platter with walnuts and the Tavern sandwich (croissant, seasoned chicken, avocado, bacon cheese and pesto) to die for. There are two places to eat: one is a loud bar with craft beers and the other is a quiet dining room.

  • Jacklyn G.

    Great find in a sleepy neighborhood! I've walked past the Northeast Tavern maybe five times before I finally decided to poke my head in one afternoon to see what's up. You can't tell from the outside, but it's big. There's a bar area with communal style tables and booths and (I think) about 25+ beers on tap. There's a seating area for those who want to dine (although, it looked like anyone could take a table). And there's a back room with a pool table ($1/game) and a dart board. There's also a pizza place next door that will bring you your pizza and you can have it at the bar. Win! Beer prices were pretty average ($6.50+) considering that they had some crazy good selections like La Fin Du Monde, Innis & Gunn, Longhammer, and Boddingtons, service was on point, and the place is totally laid-back. If you're staying in the NE area, you should check this place out.

  • Matt D.

    We frequent the Tavern often and dropped in for a quick meal. Had the Shrimp Garlic Pizza. Very good with a crunchy crust. Great beers on tap.

  • Rachel H.

    This has promise. If they'd offer NFL Sunday ticket, I'd cross the bridge to watch football here every.single.week. It wasn't super, annoyingly crowded like many places we go to watch the games, the beer selection was good and the food was good. I'm a simple woman to please. I loved the small neighborhood feel and it was fun to just walk from a friends house (it's the small pleasures in life). Our server was nice and let me taste a local amber ale that was great (out of Odessa!). Out table ordered a pizza, steak sandwich, rueben, and portabello sandwich and all were great. They came with a choice of chips, coleslaw or side salad and we all got salads which could have been meals in themselves, huge portions.

  • Virginia G.

    I liked this place.. Oh it certainly had it's ups and downs, but altogether it's a cozy feeling tavern with some good service and decent food. Parking is a nightmare. Just accept it and deal with it. Sat at the bar and was warned by fellow patron a couple had just moved from those seats because the music was so loud you couldn't hear over it. Those patrons must have been 80 because it was fine. Received great service from the daytime bartender (who's name I did not get) and the evening girl Lindsey. Tried an assortment of beers and even tried the beer cheese soup,, served in a pumpernickel bread bowl with bacon on top. Ok, that was the BEST beer cheese soup of my life and still newbie Yelper PEM agreed to as well. (and we agree on nothing!) The bathrooms can use some updating, again, know it, accept it, and deal with it. I can see myself snagging a cozy corner booth and spending hours there drinking eating and yapping with friends. Am looking forward to a return trip and trying more of their surprisingly large menu

  • Food M.

    Great craft beer, good prices and let me tell u about the garlic bread.... OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

  • Melissa V.

    Don't let the old throw you off! Great food, good craft beer selection and pizza next door! This is maybe my 5th time here. First review of it. Went on Gasparilla Eve and it was packed full of people in the tavern. Subsequently, they had run out of all their prepped food that day and they said it would be an hour or more if we ordered food. So we ordered from their pizza place next door instead and had some beers. We all ordered a slice of pepporoni, pepperoni and vegetables and vegetable. The pepperoni was good! A little too greasy but it had a lot of pepperoni on it - you've gotta compromise somewhere! Big slices. The vegetable ones... Not so good. Looked at if the vegetables had just been thrown on top of the pizza and hadn't been cooked with it. Disappointing. I'm sure it had to do with the fact they ran out of food & had to re-prep everything. I've had pizza here before & it was unexpectedly good. Love the atmosphere here. It's very casual and my friends near by come here all the time. Recommend it if you're in the neighborhood!

  • Nina M.

    I've always had mixed feelings about this place. Let me explain some of the good and bad points about it. Pros: - Good craft beer selection. There are some beers I know they will always have on draft here which is good because there are so many places with rotating taps. - Food is always prepared well. I've had their pizzas, sandwiches, appetizers, etc., and there hasn't been a disappointment. Sometimes it's a little pricey for what they give you, but the food is still good. Cons: - Service is hit or miss. It can be calm and attentive. Or it can be rushed and impersonal. It doesn't make you feel like you want to come back. - Prices. Kind of mentioned this already, but my beef has more to do with beer prices. I don't feel I should pay $6.50-7 for a beer I can get at Ale & the Witch for $5-6. Maybe they have to charge that much to get money out of it, which I understand wholeheartedly. However, when combined with the sometimes crappy service, it doesn't exactly make you want to come back. Would I come back to this place for food and beer? Yes. Would I make it a regular stop? Not so much.

  • Jen R.

    We used to live catty-corner from the Tavern for several years, and frequented it for the great craft beer selection & surprisingly (for a tavern) high quality food menu (the crab-stuffed portabella & the fresh fruit quesadilla are amazing!). The staff is very friendly, and the bar area is cozy. It's not fancy, but it does have seating in 3 separate areas, TVs that show sports games, and pool & darts in the back.

  • Dorene M.

    One of my favorite places to go. It's a little neighborhood bar/restaurant that has really tasty food. I can't count the number of times I have been here. Their chicken plantain Quesadilla's are one of my favorite things, their sandwiches are delicious and so are their pizzas. If they still have their spicy apple cole slaw it is so good. I haven't had their sandwiches lately so I don't know if they still have that slaw but if they do it's something you should definitely get..Yum! The servers are very nice but the service can be on the slower side sometimes but I usually don't want mind since they have a great selections of brews. They also have games in the bar area, pool tables and dart boards in the other rooms. So it's nice to be able to grab a game to play with friends while having a drink or waiting for you meal. One area they could work on is the decor and the cleanliness. The bathrooms usually smell and the place looks kind of dingy. Keeping up with the bathroom and sprucing up the place would really help. This way I decided on a 3 stars instead of 4 stars. A great place to sit back with friends, drinking a beer and have a good meal.

  • Matthew J.

    Use to be great but going down hill, got a salad for carry out and the lettuce was rotten. Pizzas are not as good as they use to be either. 2 stars bc they have good beers, they need to step it up.

  • Dave M.

    For those of us who grew up north; having a neighborhood bar is totally normal. It is unusual in Florida, so this place is a gem. It is very much what you think. It is a neighborhood bar...so you are always drinking/eating with neighbors. You will discuss events, sports and the general area. The bar also hosts great holiday parties and sports events. The owners are big World Cup fans and will have special events for soccer watching. The owners even opened at 7am when the World Cup was in Africa so we could get the early games in. It is a comfortable place to go and enjoy great beer and good pub food.

  • Patrick K.

    This place came highly recommended to me from a work friend and I was told that I absolutely had to go. I made plans to meet a few people there and the six of us arrived to this strange oasis in the pothole-filled brick alleys of Old NE. The place is weird but in a good way. I had high hopes but had bad service and some nasty food. The pool table room is cool and you can order draft beers and mess around in there for awhile. I'm a big dart guy too so I appreciated the game room all the more. Bottom line is that it would come here for beers and games, but not for the food.

  • Gabby S.

    I visited this place for a College Football playoff for it's location to where I was staying in St. Pete, the chalkboard sign saying 31 beers on tap and knowing there was food served at this establishment. At first I was overwhelmed to see how large this space was and how dead it was, definitely room for a large party and the bar area is tucked into the back - I wandered there with my boyfriend and it was easy enough to find. Also, I went during an off-time (3:30/4pm?) The bartender was nice, attentive but not pushy. Beer selection was abundant with local and foreign brews. I got most excited to see Fin du Monde on tap...first time ever! That got some brownie points. The only food I had was the Beer and Cheese Soup which I could've cheated on my boyfriend with...but that's besides the point. It's in a sweet, pumpernickel bread bowl and is making my mouth salivate as I review it. Considering I was visiting town, it was a good place to stumble upon and if you have mixed feelings from other reviewers...just at least give the beer and cheese soup a try. You won't regret it.

  • Jules S.

    Review is for 3.5 stars--return trips to try more on the menu may increase to 4--but in good conscience, I gotta take a full star off for the bathrooms--sorry! Beer cheese soup in Pumpernickel Bowl is THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD--this is a hard to find soup in Florida & it's done so right here--super sharp, strong flavor, made with Yeungling. Great place for large, hard-partying crowds (we were there quite accidentally during World Cup....and have been with large parties before) but not so much for an intimate, quiet meal. On this last visit, the boyfriend had the steak & portabello sandwich which he loved, and we started off with Pork Sliders that were adequate but needed more kick to the sauce. Beer prices seemed very fair, no hard liquor here, however. :(

  • Nicholas C.

    Great place to grab some delicious food & a cold beer while watching sports. Family friendly too.

  • Clair G.

    Love this place. Mostly because I can stumble home. There's no annoying drunk girls. Food is tasty. The pizza next door is mediocre at best so it's best to get here when they are still serving food. A lot of locals. Beer is kind of pricy but they have Longhammer IPA on draft. Big fan. I'm not a vegetarian but they have quite a few options for those that are. The roasted portobello appetizer keeps me coming back. I need that fungi/fun guy a couple times month. They put the whole garden on there. Good stuff.

  • Luis B.

    Nostalgic spot in the heart of Historic Northeast. Great beer and dated food. Nothing fancy but great local hangout.

  • Chris S.

    My number one spot in St. Pete for beer, dinner and a great environment. The food is fresh and delicious. I've rarely ventured off my regular order of Old Northeast Pie and beer & cheese soup! They have a great selection of beer and wine. Also a nice place to Lightning games.

  • Leslie G.

    So far every time I come here the food is good. The guy bartenders I can't so much say the same for. But I like that it's local and not on the main stream path. Even though the beer is a little pricey it's nice that they have such a selection

  • Callie O.

    I was only in the tavern briefly for a birthday gathering a friend was having. The server was incredibly sweet and helped us choose excellent beers to satisfy our needs. They had a nice selection of standard drafts and a selection of seasonal-rotating drafts. I was pleased! I tried something new and liked it. Unfortunately, all I remember is that it was a dunkel. The tables also shared a brownie with ice cream and a key-lime pie, both of which were unlike anything I've ever had before. Absolutely phenomenal! The key-lime had an incredible tartness that lingered, and even though I only had three small bites, that was plenty of sweetness to keep my satisfied. The brownie was warm and chocolatey with creamy ice cream on top. Perfection. Even though I suffered from eating both (lactose intolerant), it was certainly worth a few bites. I highly recommend their beer and desserts, that's for sure! I believe they also serve a variety of food. They have a pool table and modern jukebox and darts in the back which were great fun. Overall, I think I'll probably return here at some point. I'm experiencing a lot of different taverns, bars and clubs to determine what I really like in the area. This one is a cute location, has a nice atmosphere and wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable staff. It's a win, that's for sure!

  • Joanna C.

    A funl hole-in-the-wall place. SUPER casual on the inside --- kinda "run down" looking, but still manages to be charming. I think it's the staff.... I've never had bad service from a server or bartender here. They just seem to really enjoy their jobs! Their salads are pretty standard fare, but somehow taste brighter and more interesting then their counterparts elsewhere. The soups are solid -- but tend to be a bit thick, so keep that in mind when you order -- one time my bisque was SO thick, I could have used a fork! The corned beef reuben is tasty -- really hits the spot if you're slightly hungover... Basically, Old Northeast Tavern is a little locals' place that serves up an interesting menu that can surprise and even impress.

  • James T.

    Food = 3 Price = 3 Experience = 4 Most real bar I've found in St. Pete... So far. It's nothing too special... but, better than most in the area.

  • Brett N.

    Why 3 stars? Because the food and ambiance are great, but the service was awful. --- --- --- It's a shame, because I'll visit Old NE again, and not run into the same server... which will likely upgrade my review a star or two. I love this place - it's the true definition of a neighborhood bar, but they also serve pretty good food too! Board games, a great beer selection... what else could I ask for?? But last time I was there, the server had an insane amount of attitude. Here's the scenario: We sit down at our table. After what feels like six years, a server finally comes over. My girlfriend is having a moment of indecisiveness and while she debates, I ask him a question about the menu. He just ignores me... looks annoyed... and walks off. The girlfriend would have been ready to order by the time he answered my question... but apparently we were on his time... So I start to snack on our friend's appetizer, which they already had at the table because they arrived about 15 minutes before us. I was eating some kind of loaded chips, when the server finally returns to ask for our order. As I am pointing to the menu for what I want to order, I spill a small amount of food on it. I started wiping it up immediately, and he irritably said, "ugh... you guys are killing me." At this point, we've been waiting 4x longer to order than normal, and his comment rubs me off the wrong way. I put the menu down, look at him, and say, "why are we killing you? We have just been waiting to order for quite a while now." He walks away again. He returns and says "ok are you guys ready to order now or what?" Again, irritated. Are you serious man? We are here to spend money at your establishment. I apologize the first time you came over, that Melissa needed a whole extra 10 seconds to decide. Many apologies for us celebrating our friend's birthday, and getting pre-occupied with chatting when you caught her off guard after 10 minutes of not coming to the table once. It kind of reminds me of when someone blatantly cuts you off on the road, and then gives you the finger. You just want to ask - how are YOU mad at ME? Anyway, it's not a huge deal. For the rest of the meal, he dropped the attitude, thankfully. But it really got under my skin - and put me in an annoyed mood for the remainder of dinner. He was incredibly aggressive, and made us look like the bad guy in front of our table of friends. I will go back to Old NE, and I'm sure it will be much better. We have had fine experiences outside of that one, but I had to share this.

  • Clinton F.

    Tucked away in a residential hood in Old NE. Smells funny. Turkey and artichoke heart sandwich is a good choice for healthy eaters. Surprisingly tasty, in fact. Cole slaw is the disgusting gloppy, sugary vinegar style. Salads look promising at first, unless you want something without one sweet thing or another thrown in. Pool tables? Yes.

  • Susanne S.

    We found this place on yelp while visiting St Petersburg. After being disspointed with the food at the local restaurants we decided to search on Yelp for a nearby pizza place. This restaurant was one of a few with a 4 star rating. We were pleasasntly surprised at the quality of the dishes. The food was absolutely delicious! Would definitely recommend.

  • Christina C.

    I've never tried the food here, but the beer selection and the laid back vibe gives it a check in my book. I used to go to a meetup that plays board games in this establishment. The first time driving there, I seriously thought I must have been lost. It is in the heart of a neighborhood. I love when I find hidden places where I don't expect them to be. There are two sections, a front and a back, and you can enter/exit from either way. It has a rustic, laid back vibe and you do not feel rushed. Just imagine a huge group in the back room playing games and occasionally ordering beer. The fact that the tavern thinks this is cool really proves it is chill. I have actually seen many tables playing games. This is a spot to do so. The beer list is good. I usually go with a blue moon and I'm not a connoisseur of beer, so take it or leave it. If I lived closer, this would be my go to spot to hang out with friends after work.

  • Ali C.

    Great neighborhood find. I've been going her for years and love it. They are nothing fancy, but always provide good service, an amazing choice in beers and tasty food. They only serve beer and wine. The beer list is extensive. They have a bar area, game area (pool, darts) and then seating area. The quesadilla with plantain is unique and one of my faves. I like their pizza too and they have a great assortment of sandwiches. They have your standards, but a lot of interesting combos too. If you are in St Pete, leave the beaten path and wonder over to this hidden gem. Cheers!

  • Carrie B.

    Cute place and for what it is, it is perfect! It's a neighborhood pub in a popular neighborhood in town with cold beer, a huge menu, tv's everywhere, pool and darts...perfect. We rolled in with a party of 10 on a Saturday night and they accommodated us nicely, the waiter was attentive especially given our party size and even split checks without asking. Definitely a cute spot, though be fair-warned that walking here would be advised, parking is tough!!

  • Paul P.

    Great find, off the beaten path in St Petersburg! Neighborhood tavern, excellent service, wide selection of beers and wines. Pool table and darts.

  • Brian H.

    Should be called ol northeast shithouse - charged for beers I never drank and told by the waitress to "work it out" with those around me a settle up. Very disappointing visit - bad food - dirty bathrooms. Best part was the chicken wings from the pizza place next door. Will never go back!

  • Wanda P.

    Salad with pear, blu cheese and walnuts was perfect finished with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Garlic shrimp pizza with shipyard pumpkin ale was perfect for Ricky. Just a short walk from our new home in St Petersburg! Love our new neighborhood spot

  • Jessica J.

    Update: I've been here so many times. The bathroom still smells like old piss but I'm updating them to 5 stars anyway b/c the food is just SO FREAKING GOOD! Beer Cheese soup.. roast beef sandwich.. these are just 2 of my recent obsessions. SOOOOOO GOOOD. --------------------------------------------------­-------------------------------------- This is quickly becoming my favorite hang out place in St. Pete. It's in a nice quiet neighborhood (so jealous of the people who live there). And overall it's a very chill place. Best food you will ever have in a bar... Actually that's an understatement. The food is as amazing as a cafe. Their salad and sandwich selection is spectacular. They have gourmet style pizzas as well. (If you prefer your pizza non-gourmet, you can grab a slice next door and bring it in here, no problemo.) They also plate their meals very beautifully. My favorite is the Protein Salad. I've never seen a restaurant offer something like this before but if you're riding the low-carb train, it's seriously the perfect guilt-free meal. The roasted veggie sandwiches are to die for as well. I shouldn't be talking about this on an empty stomach.. I might pass out from yearning for the Old Northeast. It's really that good. They have tons of beers and some ciders too. Rotating stuff as well. They have games that you can play, although beware a lot of the pieces are missing. We usually bring our own card games and have a blast. Why not 5 stars.. because the bathroom smells like fermenting piss. Seriously guys, clean it up! Or offer some nose plugs. It won't stop me from going though... (maybe I shouldn't have said that)

  • Vic O.

    They now accept credit cards. We had smoked salmon and slider appetizers. Service waaaaaay too slow, aloof and inattentive. Very long wait for just 2 appetizers, and we explained to the server we needed to leave in half an hour. Took 45 mins to be served. General appearance of place is roachville unclean, sticky and dark. Unisex john smells strongly of stale urine. No thank you.

  • Ritch B.

    Perfect neighborhood dive. The beer selection is awesome, the food is REALLY good, and the staff is friendly and remember you after only a visit or two. It's easy to find a place to sit, typically, and there always seem to be fun folks from the neighborhood hanging out. It's my St. Pete home base.

  • Amanda C.

    A friend and I came here for lunch after it being recommended to us by a St. Pete native. When we first saw the building it didn't look like it was open because of the tint on the windows you can't see inside. We walked in and it was definitely open. The menu we were not expecting at all from a tavern. For an appetizer we had the lobster cannoli. For our entrees we shared the jerk chicken/plantain quesadillas and prosciutto artichoke sandwich, both were amazing! We can't wait to go back and try some of the other exciting menu items from this hidden gem!

  • Jeff F.

    Great beer selection. Good neighborhood bar. Great salads and cheese plate. Service is good and they have a dart board an pool table.

  • Kerstin B.

    Found this place on Yelp after several disappointing recommendations in the Tampa/St. Pete's/Bradenton area. We were pleasantly surprised. The food was simple, yet unique and amazing. The atmosphere was relaxing and the staff was great. We'll definitely go back.

  • Andy D.

    Awesome beers! Awesome sandwiches! I love the Tavern. Huge fan!

  • Louise L.

    As a dinner restaurant, Old NE Tavern is a total fail. They simply do not have a dinner menu. As main courses, they only offer sandwiches and 10" pizzas. For the most part, both pizzas and sandwiches are odd (a lot of fish and melted cheese combinations). The restaurant does offer a very strong list of good draft beers. However, my party ordered two different types of beer and both were a bit flat. The restaurant is also extremely noisy. When full, you must yell to be heard. This is a good location for the neighborhood and we did have a nice waitress. However, the restaurant needs a dinner menu and a new keg master.

  • Gabriela D.

    I'll have to go back sometime. I see there's good reviews here but really, the service was not great, at least not the first time. I walked out the first time after asking for water then waiting for about ten minutes for it because the bartender was super rude. The second time, another bartender was actually pretty friendly and attentive though. I did order pizza which would have been so good if only they isn't use canned tomato sauce! Seriously, it was like snack pack squeeze tube tomato sauce.

  • H Z.

    My first visit to the OLD NE Tavern. Great waiter...friendly personable. I had the reuben sandwhich and cole slaw which was delicious. People have different tastes when it comes to food so I'm not going to say everyone is going to like what I like. Service was fast and they had about 20 beers on tap plus big selection of bottled beer. Atmosphere was comfortable and aid back and this is expected for Saturday afternoon in this neightborhood. It was quiet enough to have a conversation and be able to hear the person you are talking to. Although I have never been there on a Friday or Saturday night I could tell that it probably does a good business for a local neighborhood bar and restaraunt so the atmosphere will be different.

  • Shelley P.

    Walked here based on recommendation from employee at the Palladium theater. The dude was right. Fabulous little place nestled in the old Northeast neighborhood of St. Pete. Park at the Palladium and walk here. Less than five minute walk. Great local beer. A menu much larger than I expected and it was hard to decide. I settled on a thin crust pizza with prosciutto, brie, and tomatoes. It was perfect.

  • J M.

    Not enough good things to say. As neighborhood bars go, ONT sets the standard. This visit, I had a VEGETARIAN sandwich that knocked my socks off. Had my beers, kicked back, savored the grilled zucchini and other goodies between two fluffy slices of delicious bread, life is good at ONT. Upgrading to 5 because they're perfect just as they are - don't change, guys, please.

  • Nolan R.

    This is a great place to great a drink. They offer a large range of beers from all over and even my cherished cider is offer a few different ways on the menu - see Black Thorn. The food menu is very limited and semi weird to be honest. It reminded me of the type of menu hotel room service has after 11pm. I ordered the sliders and they were great. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Cain get fries with those? No. How's about some Sun Chips in Harvest Cheddar? Odd...but ok at the same time. I'd go back here for the cider choices, but I'd certainly eat elsewhere first.

  • Brett R.

    The coolest little bar in Northeast St. Pete. It's smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood and if it is your first trip here, you'll be shaking your head. But, give it a try. Lots of beers on tap. The food is very good with lots of gourmet pizza choices. The tavern chicken sandwich is delectable. Lots of friendly locals. There is an area with pool tables and darts as well as a Kid-friendly restaurant portion and a separated sports bar with lots of TVs. It's also okay to grab some pizza or Italian food from the restaurant next door and enjoy it with your beer. A must see St. Pete historic site. Well maybe not historic, but fashionable old at the very least.

  • Christopher L.

    Great food and excellent selection of brews. The ambiance was perfect for a neighborhood tavern. My only complaint was the service. Plain and simple, the bartender had an attitude issue. I felt like we were bothering him by being there. I might give this place a second shot because everything else was great and we live right around the corner. However, the bartender definitely put a huge damper on what would have been a great evening.

  • Lisa C.

    Fantastic gem in the middle of the Old NE neighborhood. Very happy it's there and we try and patronize the place often. Great place for lunch and dinner with a fantastic beer and wine selection. No liquor license but the drink selections are great. Live music which just adds to the character on the weekends. I highly recommend! Fantastic Salads, appetizers and flat bread pizzas. My BF raves about the steak sandwich. They have also recently expanded and have a bonus room with pool tables and darts.

  • Kendall T.

    This place may not be big or fancy, but I have always been pleasantly surprised by how great the food really is. I just had the Turkey, strawberries & brie croissant the other night and it was completely delicious. And the spicy apple cole slaw is to die for! The pizza next door is good for sure, but it's nothing I would rave about. If you're going to go here, definitely get one of the sandwiches!! The staff has always been few on words, but polite nonetheless. They are fairly fast too. I also love the decent list of rotating beers they have on tap. They've got a pool table, darts, and jukebox too if you're looking to hang out with a group and have fun. Definitely stop by!

  • Connie M.

    Old Northeast Tavern is a St. Pete staple. I love the vibe in here as a neighborhood tap and the food and beer choices are excellent. Their pizzas are my favorite. Give this place a try if you're in the neighborhood. We usually park by Old Northeast Tavern and walk downtown from there. No permits, meters, or limited parking times. Plus, we usually will stop in for a beer on the way back home.

  • Charles S.

    Pretty average experience all around. Pizzas, sandwiches and a few apps in between. Cheese soup was pretty good, but nothing really blew us away. Decent beer selection.

  • Lauren W.

    Great service and chill vibe and a large beer selection! Didn't try the food this time but will definitely be back. Slightly pricey beers but we were drinking craft beers, not sure about domestic prices. Would absolutely recommend.

  • Ryan R.

    We were visiting from out of town and were taken here twice, but had a particuarly bad experience on New Years Day. Granted everyone was nursing a hangover from the night before, the place was dirty. Waitresses weren't interested in helping out the 1 bartender, who was getting frustrated. There was a raw sewage smell in the air, but maybe it was the general atmoshpere in the air that made the experience foul. We grabbed a pizza next door (owned by the same guys) which was was awesome, and they allow you to bring it into the tavern as they are internally connected. Maybe that's what made the bartender so pissed? I don't know. I felt bad for the bartender, who was trying to make moves. But one of the owners sat by with a beer behind the bar and chatted to a couple who were sitting at the bar the whole time we were there, and didn't even look at any other customers, or offer to help the guy. On top of that, they played loud country music (and not the good kind) over the football game on TV, which mulitple parties were in there for. The whole experience sucked! Go over to El Cap! Though they have less of a selection of beers, they have better food and better service.

  • Benjamin M.

    As someone who doesn't drink alcohol, I rarely visit bars/taverns. However, I dropped by the Old Northeast Tavern on a Saturday night with some friends per the suggestion of a St. Pete friend. The food was surprisingly tasty! I ordered the Cajun Chicken Pie (a 10" pizza)--an excellent choice for less than ten bucks. For dessert, we ordered a couple slices of Mike's Pies. OH MY GOODNESS. I realize that Mike's Pies are not unique to this restaurant, but this was my first introduction to such sweet perfection. The atmosphere was exactly what you'd expect from a typical bar. There was live music, which--naturally--made it difficult for conversations. Frankly, I am not a fan of bars/taverns, but this one gets three stars because of its tasty, inexpensive pizzas and EXTRAORDINARY Mike's Pies.

  • Natalie C.

    When we first walked into this neighborhood spot, I forgot for a moment that downtown St. Petersburg was just a few blocks away. It felt like a true local's spot where everyone would know your name. The space was broken up into a few areas which makes it nice if you're going just to eat or going just for their extensive beer list. We wanted both so we opted for a large booth in the dining area. I would give them (and our friendly waitress) 4 stars for the amazing food we received except that it took quite some time to receive said food. But when it did arrive, the entire table was happily surprised by the amount of detail and care that went into each dish. Though the names may have sounded like typical pub food (e.g. Reuben sandwich, Steak sandwich, BBQ Chicken Pizza) what we were actually served could have come from a 4 star restaurant. The food was not thrown on there and it seemed like each ingredient was selected with purpose. Plus, they placed a fresh orchid on each plate for decoration - for which I am a sucker for. I ordered the zucchini sandwich which was served on fresh and tasty ciabatta bread and dressed with a balsamic glaze, a fancy cheese and other delicious vegetables. As they say on the Food Network, it was executed with great precision. And it really was. I had to slow myself down from eating it too fast. Despite the wait time, we all left happy, full and willing to go back.

  • Ben K.

    This is a great little local haunt far enough from 'downtown' St Pete to be quiet, friendly and surprisingly good. The menu is rather eclectic for a neighborhood place, and that is a good thing. Servers are friendly and helpful (which is great when you're stuck in town for the weekend unexpectedly). I'll be making a point of coming back when I'm in town.

  • Steve G.

    Great neighborhood bar. Ample seating if you want to grab a bit to eat. A slightly more gourmet take on bar food that hits the spot. Tons of beers on tap including some hard to find microbrews. Check it out!

  • ivy p.

    I just had lunch with my mom at the Old Northeast Tavern. I just moved to the area. I was stoked to try this place out as the Old Northeast Tavern came highly recommended. We ordered the pear Gorgonzola salad and a mushroom pizza. When we got our salads, we noticed the greens were wilted. They straight up tasted old. They had a few slimy black bits clinging to them, like the bottom of a bag of mixed greens that sat in your fridge for a few days too many. The salad dressing was cloying, commercial dressing. When our pizza came, disappointment struck again. The pizza was ice cold. I took a bite of the pizza because I was starving like Marvin only to have my taste buds assaulted by funky-ass taste. The prosciutto on my half was straight up spoiled. It tasted like a cross between a dead flower and dirty kitty litter. We politely called our server over. She tried to argue with us about the prosciutto situation. She said that it was impossible that the prosciutto was spoiled because they slice it fresh every day, that we didn't know what fresh prosciutto tasted like. Girlfriend, I lived in Italian Brooklyn (South Side Williamsburg, holla!) for 10 years. I know my prosciutto. She took away the pie and brought us our bill. Oh, the bill. In the back of my mind, I wondered how a salad and an iced tea could come to $10+. She charged us $1.75 a side of bacon. The bacon came on the salad. We got it on the side because my mother is a vegetarian, not because we wanted extra bacon. Alas, another restaurant crossed off my places to eat in St. Pete. Sad for me because it's in my hood and could have been my Reagle Beagle. Sad for them because I am a lazy foodie who eats out a lot and enjoys her cocktails.

  • Eduardo A.

    Great IPA selection and they have board games. It has a real at home feel and a great food selection.

  • Mike D.

    3.5 stars! A nice, chill bar in a tucked away neighborhood right outside of downtown St. Pete. The staff was ultra friendly and made small talk throughout the night. We came here pretty hungry but were underwhelmed when it came to the food. The choices were definitely better than your average neighborhood bar, by far, but they didn't quite pull off the quality of food other gastropubs do. If I lived here and needed a place to grab a drink, this would be my go to spot, otherwise the food is just decent. The helpful staff, atmosphere, and wide selection of beer and wine are the reasons to come here.

  • Devil M.

    Always have a good meal when we stop in for a bite. Spicy apple coleslaw is something you should try for sure. The funny thing is that the only item I've had that I would say was just "ok" is the pizza that shares the same name of this place. When the weather is nice, they open all the windows and doors, gives is a nice feel that makes you want to hang out longer.

  • Megan G.

    Neighborhood bar with a great beer selection and awesomely good food! The sandwiches and salads are all fantastic. Gotta love the Apple Cole Slaw too. However, if you don't order the Beer and Cheese Soup, you are making a MAJOR mistake! It is out-of-this-world amazing!! I used to live a couple of blocks away, and trust me there is nothing better than devouring a bowl of the Beer and Cheese Soup after crawling out of bed the morning/afternoon after a night of drinking downtown!

  • Istanbul N.

    A nice cozy neighborhood tavern that you can get comfortable in and hang out a spell. The place is divided into two distinct sections, a "proper" dining area, and the bar, with some booths and high tables with a couple of big screen TVs. They have a good selection of microbrews and imports. Their food menu is a nice assortment of tasty appetizers with a handful of other different basic dishes, prepared in a multitude of different ways. It seems that their food selection is specifically designed to compliment their beer selection. I'm partial to their pizzas and salmon bruschetta myself...but really, it's hard to go wrong with anything on either of their menus, it's all really good. This gets the full 5 star treatment from me because it's really a good place to hang and do your thing in addition to having the awesome food and beers. It does occasionally get packed on the weekends, and it can be fun to mingle at those times. I enjoy going there at slower times too. It's low key and unassuming. The bartender can gauge your needs pretty quickly and accurately. If you're not feeling especially social, you can go by yourself if you just want to drink and grab a bite while reading a book or watching TV, nobody's going to hassle you. There's some board games there if you want to play with friends. On the other hand, it's pretty easy to strike up a conversation with strangers there if you're so inclined, the crowd here is very laid back and approachable in general. So yeah, I'm a big fan of the place. I would probably go there all the time if it wasn't across town from me.

  • AdriCachi P.

    Good little spot to catch some food a maybe a drink or two. Favs include... Lobster Pizza and playing board games while drinking with friends.

  • Price B.

    We love going to Old Northeast, the food is always amazing. The Tavern Chicken Supreme sandwich is my go to and it's never let me down. The food is well priced, it's the beer that always gets us. However, it's a fair trade off for how many beers they have, and a draft selection I always enjoy trying something new from.

  • Misty B.

    Visited old northeast tavern for the first time this past weekend and I fell in love. I sat in the front dining area which is very nicely decorated and much quieter than the bar area. I had a gorgeous kiwi salad and it was delicious. I loved this place overall and it filled up very quickly while I was eating so... Many other people love it too. I will definitely be going back many more times.

  • Randi S.

    We were in Saint Petersburg for six days, scoping out the neighborhoods for where we might want to live, and we stumbled across this little gem. We ate there twice and loved it both times. The food is very fresh, the staff is very friendly, and the building itself is nice and comfortable. We will return, that's for sure.

  • C-Mac W.

    I'm a big fan of the Old NE Tavern! They have a great menu, great location and good beer selection. Love the Old NE Pie! Brie, prosciutto, artichokes, tomatoes, and black olives...oh, yeah! My mouth waters just thinking about it. Highly recommend.

  • E F.

    So confused by these reviews. Ordered to-go with my 3 girlfriends at about 1pm on a Sunday. Woman on the phone was short and rude with me, seemed bothered to be getting business. She said it would take 25 minutes for 4 sandwiches. 25 minutes later we show up...the place is EMPTY and no lights are on. We come inside to pay. We wait 15 more minutes for our food....so a total of 40 minutes for 4 sandwiches. We walk back to our place (about 1/4 mile) and start eating our sandwiches. DISGUSTING. I mean, wow. My prosciutto and artichoke sandwich was inedible. It was so salty I literally couldn't eat it. The bread was so stale that it wouldn't break. The ham was so hard it was like plastic. The artichoke tasted like it had gone bad. My friends' meals were equally disgusting. We all looked at each other in shock of how bad this food was. I honestly think they had bad sandwiches from the night before that they semi reheated and served us. I can't believe this place served us food like this. In total we spent over $40. We thought about complaining but didn't want to deal with the rude woman and we were starving and nursing hangovers (and I'll usually eat about anything in this state). We threw out our meals and got Chipoltle instead.

  • Lisa B.

    We arrived 10 minutes early this morning. Doors locked and between the three of us who drove from Tampa and Sarasota to meet in the middle, none of us could find a sign with hours. I walked down the side of the street and found an open door to the kitchen. I asked politely what time they opened and they said 'Just a few minutes' so I asked if they might just let us in to sit since we'd be happy to wait and had just driven quite a distance to have lunch there. The reaction was swift, rude & most un-customer friendly. "No, we're not ready so just go wait a few minutes.' I peered in, saw three faces and said 'No thanks, we'll go somewhere else where our money is welcomed,' to which one of them yelled 'Fine, be that way.' I have eaten here numerous times and brought lots of folks as my guest - but never again. For me, I work too hard to be treated as unwelcomed as we were so we went right down the street to give another shop our business. Really uncool behavior. Like it or not - you are in the service business. Even if you didn't want to let us in - there is a better way to deliver the news.

  • Andrew S.

    Having just moved to the neighborhood I saw this place a couple days after the move and decided to give a try for dinner one night with my girlfriend and a couple of our friends. We were glad that we had ... As many others state, cool neighborhood bar with a quaint setting. When we went we wanted to be near where more of the bar scene interaction was and thus we sat in a booth near the bar. Ambiance is exactly what you would imagine for a local neighborhood bar. The food was not what you would normally expect for a bar though ... wow, it was amazing. All around the table we shared a portabello mushroom appetizer that scrumptious. For entree's or meals 2 of us had the steak sandwich which the waitress suggested (A MUST HAVE, amazing), my girlfriend had a salad which she commented on being very very good and our friend had an gyro which he said was one of the best he had anywhere. I'm definitely excited to have this place right around the corner, I can see lots of good times ahead at this place.

  • James V.

    Good beer list, good food. Service is not always great. I frequent the place but they could really be better at serving their patrons.

  • David C.

    This is going to be a bit of a skeleton review, because I rolled in at four in the afternoon to get a late lunch with no beers. We sat in the 'lit' room below a dozen or so ikea paper globes (the bar area is the 'cave' room save for a big screen TV lighting the night). Food ordered: the grilled portabello sandwich w/ roast red peppers, pesto aioli, and (i think) manchego cheese. This sandwich shouldn't even be allowed to influence yelp reviews because it's too easy. You'd be hard pressed to make a bad one and grilled portos plus anything (esp. fresh ingredients like they served here) is pretty much veggiesex on a roll. The roll was great, by the way-Ciabatta. Stranger was the fruit quesadilla. Mangoes, pineapple, amaretto cream cheese, etc, with a honey drizzle and pineapple salsa on the side. Ended up being a pretty solid blend of savory and sweet, subdued enough that it was a meal item (an app) instead of a dessert. Heard good things about the post-sunset crowd, so I'll have to swing by in the night time.

  • Debi E.

    This is one of my favorite places to go! The atmosphere is very much "English pub" feel. The majority age of the crowd is mid 20's to late 30's. However, being a bit older than that range, we have always felt very welcome, and enjoyed ourselves. We've had just about everything on the menu, and the food has been consistently excellent. The wide range of beer, ale, & ciders they offer, are sure to please everyone. Give them a try! You won't be sorry!

  • Shanna D.

    If you're in the most southeast booth, be forewarned, that's OUR booth. This is the best place in DTSP to dig in and camp out for a while. Parallel park your car in front of someone's house on 2nd, grab a beer from the bar, pull out the "dirty" Jenga from the games shelf, and sit for a spell at Old NE Tavern. I highly recommend the steak sandwich; I can't remember having a better steak sandwich. The portabella is also great, and the fruit quesadilla is so unique and refreshing. Late night and the kitchen is closed? No problem! Go around the corner to the connected Pizza shop and bring the pie to your table, it is welcome. Daytime food service is usually pretty attentive, but late night drink service at the table can be a long wait. It's cool if you're really into a game of rummy and you have a pitcher, but if your glass is empty and you're ready to cash out you're better off just going up to the bar and taking care of it there. I've watched many a major FIFA tournament game here with other soccer hooligans and have a great time, even at noon. The Tavern is quaint and local, a bar where everybody knows your name.

  • Patricia S.

    I'm a fan. Huge fan, actually! The Tavern is a great neighborhood bar. It's nestled in a quant neighborhood; however, the Tavern packs a mighty punch. It offers a chill atmosphere, great food, and a generous beer menu. It's not a trendy "beer garden, " it's a true tavern. (Reminiscent of those in New England) You can catch a game, play some pool or just unwind! (Huge fan over here...if you can't tell!) I have to say; I was so surprised by the quality of the food that I am excited to try more. You really should check it out...it won't disappoint!

  • Emily D.

    The tavern has a unique menu, and all of the food is awesome. Being my local tavern, I go here often and bring all of my out-of-town friends when they come to visit me. The only problem I ever have is that they seem to be under-staffed but aren't hiring. There are a couple of servers that aren't the friendliest or fastest, but the food is so good I do my best to ignore them. One of the cooks is better than the other, but only once have I had to send food back when they seriously over-cooked my pizza. The kitchen quickly prepared a new pizza for me, and it was delicious! I like hanging out here particularly because of the local crowd. They do not serve liquor, so all of the people 20 to 30 years old go elsewhere to have their crazy party nights, leaving the tavern to people 30 to 100 years old who just want to enjoy a few beers and watch the game or listen to original, live music on weekend nights.

  • Julie T.

    Dropped by after a dreary workday and this place cheered me up; more specifically the large mug of Spartan with a steak & portobello sandwich. Very tasty. Love the high ceilings and spacious tables. Totally heading back soon to check out the after dark crowd.

  • Jack S.

    Great little local pub with better than average bar food. In fact, it's not pub food at all, but more like a decent gourmet deli w/ a limited selection. They now make their own pizza which is quite good. The selection of beers on tap, almost all very good craft beers and high end imports will satisfy any beer snob, myself included.

  • David A.

    Awesome place to hang out! Was visiting my best friend down there and she suggested we visit; food exceeded my expectations, good selection of draft beers, and the bill wasn't that bad either.

  • Pete B.

    Not a full bar, but a great selection of 32 Beers on Tap & Some nice wines too! Unique Flavored gourmet/tropical fusion style menu... A true locals spot and one of my favorites... A must try

  • Brian M.

    Great neighborhood place for lunch. Excellent food, good staff.

  • K C.

    I can't say enough good things about this local neighborhood bar/restaurant! It's low key and casual, but has a great vibe. Good beer selection, including microbrews, and Belgian and German beers etc. The food is fabulous, with gourmet accents to traditional fares. I judge a place by its salads and I love the Tavern's pear and gorgonzola. Steak sandwich is delicious. I hear good things about the pizzas too. Live music on Saturday nights is a bonus. Good place to kick back with friends and enjoy great food and conversation.

  • Michael T.

    Great place to get a beer and a bite. Love the atmosphere and wait staff!!!!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 2:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Loud
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes

Old Northeast Tavern

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