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  • Gabe W.

    Ordered fish tacos (which looked pretty good) with giant chunks of mango salsa, a club and a blt. The service was SO slow. It wasn't even busy. We waited 30 mins for our sandwhiches, the tacos came out first, then 15 mins later the sandwhiches. How long does it take to make a turkey club? The food was ok, nothing to write home about, but the bar was sorta dumpy.

  • robert s.

    Good local place been going to the keys for years and always drove by. Big mistake there daily specials are worth the stop and the staff was really on top of their game.

  • Sherry J.

    RJ and I stopped here after our snorkel trip to use our free drink vouchers. There isn't a lot of air blowing through, so its really hot, but the drinks were refreshing. We ordered conch fritters, and RJ had the blackened Mahi sandwich and I had the grilled. They were cooked perfectly and the fish was fresh and delicious. Our waitress was friendly and fast.

  • Linda C.

    We stayed at the motel and had dinner one evening at the tiki bar. It was our best meal in the Keys. It was reasonably priced and the service was great. The wings were delicious and it was a fun atmosphere with lots of locals.

  • Karla G.

    Food and service were ok, huge wings and good fries! Live music was nice and very quaint place to just sit and relax after the beach.

  • Dawn D.

    Another horrible experience at the Looe Key Tiki Bar. My nephews come to town and for whatever reason, they want to go to "Taco Tuesday" despite knowing what's to come, we indulge them because they are young and don't know any better. Well, seeing as how I had not been here in more than a year and my last bad review, I thought, it has to be better, right?....wrong. Our party of 8 first sat down at a large table that if you put any pressure in the center, I think the table would have broken in half, we moved to the table next to it, a little better, but still not good. Our first order of drinks came to the table in an acceptable amount of time, but that was the only time I can say that happened. When we ordered our tacos, the waitress informed us that our tacos no longer came with salsa and sour cream, those 2oz cups now cost .50 each..........WHAT? not even one complimentary? no. ridiculous, so the now .99 tacos are $2 each if you want condiments. Gouge much? Still waiting on water and drink refills. never got those. My nephew did finally get to order his orange soda and the mix was off. The manager came over and said she would take care of that right away..apparently after she finished her smoke break because that is where she came from after I went to the bar and asked an off duty server where the manager was. The server informed the manager that we were needing her and my husband observed her putting out her cigarette and come to our table. When I asked her if she had checked on the orange soda, time lapse approx 10mins, she said she had just taken care of it. I then informed her that I was very disappointed that I had not seen much change in service and now the gouging at the Tiki Bar was unacceptable. She seemed to be unaware that there was a .50 charge for a 2oz cup of sour cream and the same for the salsa. Her response was that maybe they shouldn't charge for condiments on large orders like our, I replied that regardless of the size of the order, there shouldn't be a charge for condiments that used to come with the tacos and that I would surely be letting my guests that visit and writing on yelp, FB, Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon that I still don't recommend the Tiki Bar, unless you want to be gouged and receive poor service. Stick to Boondocks. I sure will be.

  • Denise A.

    Good service, but the food was less than good. Our first visit, we tried the Nachos with beef and some wings, we won't order the Nachos again, if we come back we might order more wings at happy hour for 50 cents each. Since we live here, we plan to try Taco Tuesday, we really like to support our local businesses, this one may be a challenge though.

  • Scott C.

    Great atmosphere. I really enjoyed hanging out here. My kids loved the chicken fingers and sweet potatoe frys. I enjoyed the Angry Orcherds on tap...

  • Sabre M.

    Total and complete dive... Ugh. Food is microwaved and drinks are over-priced and watered down. Only pace on The island worse than Boondocks! Asked the bartender if they serve Don Q rum, she tells me NO and sells me Bicardi... Then sells a Don Q and diet coke to the person beside me( who happened to be part of my group!!) the place is always crowded tho... Probably because of the decent live bands... Stick to beer in a bottle and don't order food and you might be able to stomach it

  • Nicole M.

    Stopped here several times day & night on our visits to the Keys. Food is always great but a little pricy considering this is truly a dive bar. Live music at night makes for a fun laid back atmosphere. Kid friendly even during the evening with the band.

  • CJ N.

    Horrible service to compliment marginal food. I have given this places multiple chance and they never cease to disappoint. Finding a waitress is harder than finding Waldo while momentarily blind. I am convinced the staff only pretends to go through the motions of providing service. If you come here bring a lunch and bug spray.

  • Denise G.

    Good and inexpensive breakfasts. Bloody Mary spicy. Stopped in for Saturday bite. Good Choice. This is a fun place to stop in. Staff friendly and dogs are welcome.

  • Jon L.

    We stopped by this bar & grill on our way to Big Pine Key. Covered under a hut, a nice ocean breeze would flow through every so often as we enjoyed pina coladas and fried conch sandwiches. Food is good and cheap. Drinks are cheap. A nice little place to grab some "fuel" before or after a full day.

  • Ron C.

    Had a good time while it rained. Amy was terrific and told us about all the local places we needed to stop at. Conch Fritters were good, drinks were great. Even though the weather sucked we had a great afternoon.

  • Chris H.

    Definitely not kid friendly...or friendly. No high chairs, boosters, etc although they do have a kids menu. Service not friendly or quick. More of a bar than restaurant. Very catered to locals for beer. Don't bring a group. Wanted to evenly split check over three credit cards for our group of10. Would only take max of two cards as "system is too slow" to do more cards.

  • Rochelly F.

    This place. We are basically driving out of there as I write this review. If I could give it 0 stars, I would. First off, my boyfriend and I go in after a nice day in the beach in Bahia Honda. I really wanted fish so we went on a quest for a place like this. We come across it, go in and the first thing that raised red flags for me, was that sweet smell dirty floors get when people dump a lot of sugary drinks on the floor and counters and never clean them. But fine, I was just like "this is a tiki bar, so maybe it's supposed to smell that way". So I put that a side, we sat down and the first think that happens when I so much as open my mouth to speak, is that the waitress rolls her eyes at me, and gets exasperated. Mind you, I only asked if they had a food menu since she didn't provide us with any when we sat down. So I am already feeling very very uncomfortable, but we go ahead and ask for our food. My boyfriend asks another question about the tacos, and we receive another death glare from her before she answers the question and takes down our order. Someone else brings us the food. I got the Tiki Tacos, which supposedly are award winning and my BF gets regular fish tacos. The only difference between mine and his is that mine were supposed to have to type of mango sauce (they where almost $10) and his were just regular $1 fish tacos. Needless to say the tacos weren't so good and the service was even worse. Our waitress interacted very well with all the locals, but seemed to have a hard time serving us tourist from Boston. I would have understood if we were mean and stuck up to her, but we are very considerate of waitress and people in the service sector because I myself worked in the service sector for a long time. So I try my best to be extremely nice and considerate to people serving my food or people who work in clothing stores. So we were very nice and smiley to her but in contrast what we got was exasperation and lack of patience from her. She was not nice at all. She made us feel not welcomed at all, just because we were not from the are. So what we learned from this place, is that if you are a local you will probably get pretty good service. But if you are a tourist, you should AVOID at all cost! The food and the place didn't seem too clean either. We've been to a few Florida Keys restaurants in the last few days, an everyone has been incredibly nice, which is why we were so surprise about the rudeness of this place. Especially the particular waitress, she seemed like the head waitress or something. This was a miss on all counts.

  • Adam E.

    Total dive. Waitress was rude after we asked for separate checks, food was terrible. Go 100 yds up the road to Boondock's, you aren't missing anything by not eating here. Basically a greasy beach restroom that serves food and drinks.

  • Marley G.

    We adore this place! Great service. Great people. Great food. Great drink prices. Great music. All around a fun place. Love Mondays with the all you can eat crab legs, Taco Tuesday, raw bar Wednesday. Great hang out for locals but we won't bite the tourists if you're nice. = )

  • Christian M.

    Came here for some lunch after a snorkel adventure. Had the catch of the day with fries and the nachos. Awesome! I stayed in the hotel next door and this place was always packed at night. Seems like a great place to hang out, pet friendly and a big bar. I recommend !

  • Ryan L.

    Definitely not fancy, but our waitress ( and bartender, and bus girl , and hostess, and cashier... Yes all the same girl) was very attentive. Food was good, not great... (Burger and fish and chips) and the prices were reasonable.. Quaint outdoor local hangout. Overall it was a great place to stop for lunch!

  • Billy C.

    Taco night, good live music, 150 locals and tourists having fun...... and Diane was great! It's hard living and working in Paradise!

  • Georgann Mavros-Carnicella M.

    Food was ok, waitress was the rudest i have ever met. Her name is Sherrie and she is NO waitress. Beware if u get her major attitude, wont go there again.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :7:30 am - 11:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Brunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Average
    Music : Live
    Good For Dancing : Yes
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Mon, Tue, Thu
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : Yes
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Looe Key Tiki Bar & Grill

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