1141 Saxon Blvd
Orange City, 32763
Good food. Quick service.
Food was fresh and service was fast!
I love love love love Chick-fil-A! No matter which one you go to you're always greeted with a smile. The food is always great, especially the little breakfast chicken biscuits.

(386) 774-8625

Fast Food

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The Draft House

2631 Enterprise Rd,Ste 400
Orange City, 32763
66 draft selections ($5-$8 each) @ nice sports bar! We tried an IPA and shock top chocolate wheat drafts, both were excellent. They also had one root beer draft. I noticed the drink sizes were inversely proportional to the alcohol content. The IPA (9% ABV) came in an about 8oz goblet and the chocolate wheat (4.5%) looked like a pint. We ordered a pretzel ($2.99) as an app. Was it the same kind at sam's warehouse? Probably, but it was steaming hot an the nacho dip was delicious with chunks of peppers or something. Our entrees were delicious ($7.99 each) my wife's thanksgiving panini had cranberry and stuffing in the sandwich and a side of gravy. I had a apple pecan chicken salad (pictured). The salad was HUGE, with what looked like a full cup of blue cheese crumbles, candied pecans, diced apples, and a nice amount of grilled chicken. The pint of wheat ale and salad filled me up; I took the dessert home for later. The pumpkin praline cheesecake ($4.99) was awesome- I could definitely taste the pumpkin, and the praline topping was a perfect match, but could have used a dollop of whipped cream. The decor was sports bar- one pool table, two electronic dart boards, and plenty of flatscreens showing all the games. A nice touch was a few couches around a fireplace for a laid back customers. Outdoor seating was also available. Bottom line: the $8 entrees are filling enough for a light appetite. The beer choices are amazing, but add up quick. Great place to step away from the same Budweiser @ coors options elsewhere!
I had to bring this place down one star. I kind of wish they had one set menu and a seasonal menu to go on the side. The only criticism I have here is that the menu for the beers changes too much. Again, they should have 2 separate menus: one regular and one seasonal. That's just how I feel though. Almost every beer I inquired about they were out of. Anyways, it's still a great place to chill out. I love their pretzels and the Margarita Pizza. The Rum and Coke is great, so is the fruit beer cocktail, and their Sangrias. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable.
Have been here several times now and every time it has been a nice experience. We keep coming back because they have the best beer selection in the area and we like playing pool there. We often come at slow times to make sure we will be able to play a few games and the servers are always nice and friendly. The only food we have gotten here is the wraps and they are a very good size, could easily split one for lunch between two people.

(386) 775-1400

Bars, American (Traditional), Salad

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Tijuana Flats

1169 Saxon Blvd.
Orange City, 32763
Great food and wonderful service. The manager has checked how our food was every time we have been there. I've been to several other Tijuana Flats locations but this one has had the best service and largest portions consistently. Keep up the good work and I'll keep making my weekly visits to your restaurant.
I visited this place while on vacation. Very good food! Tons of sauce options and the tacos are huge! On Tuesday they have a special for 2 tacos, chips and a drink for $5. Can't wait to go back.
My friends are always raving about how wonderful Tijuana flats is so I decided I'd finally give them a try. This location was my first and maybe last experience. I ordered a burrito that came out cold and basically empty. I had ordered to-go so maybe that's why it was prepared so haphazardly. They must have assumed that by the time I realized it was prepared so terribly I would already be far enough away that it wouldn't matter, they were right. I didn't return or complain but I definitely haven't been back. It's really a shame because everyone I know says they have the best queso.

(386) 456-0003

Mexican, Tex-Mex

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Lelo’s BBQ Puerto Rican Cuisine

1270 Saxon Blvd
Orange City, 32725
I have been visiting Lelo's for years and the food is great, on my last visit I was sadly disappointed. Many times when visiting I would take advantage of their daily specials, many times on Tuesday for the beef steak special. Today I checked the menu, saw the daily special and proceeded to order the special that is advertised at $8.39 when I made it to the checkout my bill came to $10.96 unbeknownst to me they have decided to stop offering the lunch special. The difficulty I have with this is there was absolutely no communication from the store explaining that they no longer offer the special and they continue to advertise it at $8.39 on both their own menus and their website. When I questioned the cashier they said "oh, we do not do the special anymore." I am sorry but if you are going to raise your prices by 20% you certainly had better communicate that with your customers before they are stuck holding a plate of food and essentially being forced to pay the increased prices. I later brought the attention to management and their response was "sorry we are stuck with a ton of these old menus and before we can update our prices we have to get through all the old ones" WHAT? I am sorry but falsely advertising your prices on your menu and your website is absolutely no way to approach business. I asked why they did not cross the prices off the "old" menu she said "that would look tacky" well you know what is more tacky, advertising one price and charging another. She also said that it "states" on their overhead menu there are no more daily specials, I asked where? She responded "see we took down the sign for the daily specials, it used to be right there." I might have a little more understanding if the price was changed by $.25 or $.50 and they simply could not update the menu but to raise prices by two dollars and continue to advertise the old price is very questionable. The manger conceded to refund my difference but I found her treatment of the situation and the general handling of this situation was horrible. For a restaurant that once had a line out the door it was remarkably empty and herein lies your reason. If you do decide to go there do not trust the prices on the website or their menu.
WOW! I bookmarked this restaurant prior to arriving to Orlando & luckily my mom lives near this location. I ordered rice (with beans on top) and plantains, no meat so I can't review that. It seemed like they were surprised that I wasn't ordering meat. The FILL your container to the max, the yellow rice had some sort of sausage in it and the beans were in a delicious gravy. It was so good I went back later to take some home in my luggage. Now I have to find a PR BBQ place near DC. Service was quick & my food was hot & fresh. There's a Lelo's sandwich shop next door to this location.
I Love this place!! Puerto Rican portions, sometimes. Excellent value. Expert chicken, when you can get it. Jyep, they sell out. Some inconsistent service but overall, and I come often enough, as good as it gets. Worth the drive from Orlando and makes my Puerto Rican girlfriend very happy.

(386) 775-7745

Barbeque, Puerto Rican

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2607 Enterprise Rd
Orange City, 32763
We love this place! It has a decent selection of ice cream and lots of toppings to choose from. It's no Menchies, but it's still super yummy. They have good bubble tea too and smoothies.
We live close by, but even if we didn't we would drive across town for their yummy frozen yogurt! There were way more options than I had expected (including a lactose free option, which works great for my family). There were TONS of toppings and my entire family enjoyed picking out and customizing their own treats. The entire place was extremely clean and the staff was cleaning and restocking behind each customer. Highly recommend!
Extremely over priced for self served yogurt and they lack in flavors as well. Not worth the money!

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Texas Roadhouse

2518 Enterprise Rd
Orange City, 32763
The Steak is so good here and the service is also, I love this place.
Got a great food! We were sitting at the bar, had a great food, spent an amazing time at the evening! The steak was awesome!
A coworker and I were in the area for business and decided to check this location out after locally owned business had over an hour wait on a Thursday evening. Texas Roadhouse reminds me of a few other peanut-and-lots-of-meat chains, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. For one, their rolls are excellent - hot, yeasty and delicious. My coworker did a pulled pork sandwich and soup, while I needed a more substantial dinner and opted for the Chicken Fried Chicken with a house salad and mashed potatoes. The food was good - nothing super special but tasty. Everything was as described on the menu - which hooray! The location was busy and our server seemed stretched a little thin. While we did wait a bit sometimes for drink refills or a requested extra with our meals, our server was apologetic for the delays and tried her best. She also sent us home with some extra rolls which turned out to be a lifesaver since the "breakfast" at our hotel was minimal and unappealing. Thank you, Texas Roadhouse!

(386) 532-7427

Barbeque, Steakhouses, American (Traditional)

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

898 Saxon Blvd
Orange City, 32763
I like Five Guys- I've been to (5) different Five Guys in (5) different states and must say this burger joint is consistent not a McDonald's consistent anyone could do that with processed food, these restaurants are clean and fresh, with well trained and managed employees with great attitudes, fresh food that is put together well. I hate when burger places just slop everything together you won't find that here and if you ever do you should bring it to the attention of the manager. Not only do they do burgers right the split and grilled hot dogs are awesome ( mustard, hot sauce and jalapeños is my dog of choice). They seem to have a pretty aggressive growth plan I hope they don't forget what got them here, ( and as long as In N Out doesn't open next door I'm a loyal customer). ;-)
Just okay burgers, didn't really blow me away, maybe I was expecting too much from the hype, crowd, and higher prices than most regular burger joints. Had to wait a while, the fries weren't very hot or fresh when we did finally get them.
When Five Guys first came to Florida (Altamonte Springs specifically) I was excited as there were not many places to get a quality burger. After a few trips to Five Guys their shortcomings became apparent to me and fortunately the market caught up and I had other places to go. Fast forward to now and Orange City has a Five Guys. I was spending time at the hospital across the street and thought I would give this relatively new location a try. The first thoughts I had were that this conversion from what looks to have been a Hardees suited Five Guys well. Lots of seating and far less of the chaos found in Altamonte. The burgers were ok, I'm not a fan of the seeded buns and I don't like American all. You can imagine that I wasn't happy after ordering Swiss cheese and getting American slapped on my burger that first, not getting it and second not even realizing it wasn't an option (as the server never mentioned it) made me even more frustrated. Adding to my misery, there are no other choices for sides except for French Fries (in insanely large portions) leads me to the conclusion that I'm not a fan of Five Guys no matter where the location is. Some people locally compare Burger-Fi to Five Guys and its an unfair comparison. Burger-Fi is obviously superior on all levels (they really are competing in different markets and quality levels) and perhaps people should compare Five Guys to the newly improved Wendy's burgers. Personally, I prefer the Wendy's burgers head to head. The price is better, the French fry portions are not so obnoxious, the buns are to my preference, I can get more variety in cheese and the burgers are equally tasty...all in my opinion of course but that's why we are here, right?

(386) 851-7851

Fast Food, Burgers

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Asahi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

2424 S Volusia Ave
Orange City, 32763
I ate here during a recent trip to Florida. Compared to other local restaurants, this is easily one of the better ones. I do have better options at home, (outside of Philadelphia,) but the sushi here is good, and I would gladly return. My friend and I split four different sushi rolls, asparagus, sweet potato, shrimp tempura, and a custom roll with sweet potato. Since we dined in we were able to take advantage of a special that included free miso soup and salad with two rolls. The miso soup is meat-based, but our waitress was nice enough to give us an extra large portion of salad to make up for us not having soup. The salad was plain iceburg lettuce, but the sesame and ginger dressings were very good. The sushi rolls were good too, and made to order, so were very fresh.
Cheaper then most places, local quiet and a bit cramped with a older oriental decor. Service is good and attentive and prices seems cheaper then some places. The food is average nothing out of this world.. Their pork Katsu is a dish I like from there... Reason I visit is because their lunch prices are pretty good
Not impressed. The salad is literally just lettuce and a little purple cabbage. The California Roll was mushy and bland. The teriyaki chicken was flavorless. The Gyoza was good. I haven't used Yelp in a while so I didn't not know the prices posted on Yelp would not reflect actual prices. I'm not going back.

(386) 917-0221

Japanese, Sushi Bars

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949 Saxon Blvd
Orange City, 32763
I LOVE ZAXBY'S!!! I had my first "out-of-school" meal while at Stetson at this location. Thank GOD! This place was also where my roommate and I had our first meal together. Great memories!! Awesome food!! I ordered the meal with chicken fingers, fries and garlic bread. I forgot what it's called but it's awesome! I've also had the meal with wings, fries and garlic bread. DEF DEF recommend coming here if you haven't tried zaxby's. The decor inside is cute, cozy and the booths are private. The employees are very nice and helpful. Wish everyone gave excellent customer service like they did (better than at some expensive restaurants).
It's a shame there's not one closer to daytona. One of the few extra hot wings that's actually hot and still has flavor.
I've had some good experiences with Zaxby's in the past but this one was not one of them! If you're not familiar with their menu go inside, like we did, because the drive thru menu does little to explain what a "Zax Snak" is. Once inside the manager helpfully answered our questions. However, when we got our food the chicken fingers were greasy and mushy. The sauce that came with was ho-hum. Not at all like I remember prior experiences here! Although I'm not usually a Texas Toast fan, Zaxby's was great! Definitely not healthy but it had a nice garlic, butter, and salt flavor and was the best part of the meal.

(386) 775-0999

American (New)

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Mi Tierra

2235 S Volusia Ave
Orange City, 32763
Less than average.
We have eaten here many times and it's a local favorite with us. We like freshly made & homemade food, and Mi Tierra always delivers. Prices are great, too! Everything we've tried we have enjoyed.
Had dinner here tonight and it was not fresh tasting or particularly flavorful. I had the monster taco and pork tamale. The green sauce on the tamale was good but there wasn't enough of it. The Pico de Gallo with chips was tasteless. For some reason, they had this super loud dance music playing, making conversation impossible. We will probably not be back there for a long time, if ever. Besides, menu prices are high for a Mexican restaurant with a combination meal averaging $13.00. Decor is campy and dated. Service is fine but can't make up for the poor quality of the food.

(386) 774-1438


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