Pincho Factory

9860 SW 40th St
Olympia Heights, 33165
Woah, Woah, Woah-Stop the clock! Believe the hype, people. Pincho Factory is everything you ever dreamed of and then some! I had the pincho burger with their awesome Cajun Fries. All I can say is that there was a party in my mouth and I was not happy about sharing. I enjoyed every bite of my burger and every single fry! If you're in the mood for a real burger then this is the place. The only downside to Pincho Factory is that days later you will be craving it again! For those who haven't been-- please get in your car and don't stop till you've reached the Pincho Factory.
Me and my girlfriend have been wanting to try this place, and it lived up to the hype with the Tostones Burger !! She loved it and she's the most picky eater ever lol we are going back soon !!
This place is open till 2am, so it is perfect for my late night munchies attack. Pincho Pincho is a deal for taste and price. My cashier was very friendly even though both times i went it was very late at night. I am going to try different meals, but both times I went i ordered the pincho burger and cajun fries. Pincho burger- Fresh ingredients, a nice toasty grilled bun, tasty pink sauce, and a beefy burger. The pattie is not greasy and is delicious. My only qualm is that it is done well, I like my burgers medium. Even though it is well done, it is not dry, but not dripping with juices the way I like. Cajun fries- Their fries are nice and thin and crispy. The cajun fries are drizzled with pink sauce and sprinkled with cajun seasoning, very delectable. Overall I highly recommend this place, it is cheap, the food is plentiful and great!

(305) 631-2038

Burgers, Hot Dogs

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Segundo Palacio De Los Jugos

10140 SW 56th St
Olympia Heights, 33165
Everything here tastes home made. I've been a few times now, so I have a good sampling. I've brought home mountains of shrimp & rice, fish fillets, jugo de coco, and crab paella. The prices are really good, and you feel as if you just walked into a market to pick up some items. Helpful staff here, and a good area to hang out under the fans (if it's not too hot).
The place is very small and always crowded. Good selection of those hard to find herbs and tropical vegetables and fruits. Their fruit salad is yummy. I always forget they take only cash and last time I was there, after making an endless line at the register, I had to leave nearly everything but what I could pay for with cash which was only 2 things. They should have a sign darnit! Or take credit or debit cards like the rest of Miami
guanabana plus champagne = my new fave delish morning drink!! mimosas are so a thing of the past. this easter sunday my family did something different. fresh juices from el palacio de los jugos with champagne!! we had guanabana and guayaba. everyone loved them and it was so different from the traditional morning drinks!! check this place out, pick your favorite fruit and make it into a juice. what you do with that juice is up to you ;)

(305) 595-3488

Fruits & Veggies

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