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  • Humberto G.

    Do not leave without trying the Country Fried Steak with mashed potatoes.

  • Harriet R.

    Can there be a minus 1 score? If so, they got it. Lousy, lousy, lousy is all I can say. We were staying at the Courtyard and decided to walk next door to the Cracker Barrel. What a mistake. I got a salad and the only thing good about it was the side order of bacon I added. The chicken breast that my husband ordered was tough and the only good thing about his meal was the apples. All this for $23. What a waste! Service wasn't very good either. Think I'll stay away from them for awhile.

  • Steve S.

    Typical Cracker Barrel! Good food (my chicken fried chicken came with barely warm mashed potatoes). The service was fast and friendly.

  • Caren O.

    Great breakfast and wonderful service... Thanks Lori!

  • Don W.

    I ate breakfast here two mornings in a row. I ordered Eggs in a Basket w/hash brown casserole and sausage. The service at the table was excellent and my food choice tasted just as good as it has at other Cracker Barrel restaurants. The dining room was clean, the fireplace burning on a cold morning and the restrooms were just serviced. My only complaint was the very slow checkout line due to people buying gifts. The employees at the cash registers acted more like department store clerks that quickly letting guests pay their food bill and get on the road. I counted 14 people in line around 10:00AM on 12/10/2010. There needed to be an employee managing the line. I have travelled in all 50 states and when I am lucky to be in a state that has Cracker Barrel restaurants, I usually find one for a lunch or dinner. The service is consistent from one location to another ad well as the food quality.

  • Amir J.

    Good food but grumpy old people service!

  • Robin W.

    I had a craving for chicken and dumplings on my drive from Tampa to Gainesville, so I pulled off of I-75 and went to Cracker Barrel. Oh my meal was SO delicious. I'll ignore the amount of butter and grease I consumed and just say comfort food sure tastes good.

  • He And She I.

    I love being able to order a kid's portion! Cheap, filling, fresh, and not too unhealthy. Now, if they could only cut back a little on the salt...that would be five stars. Pretty good consistent road food.

  • Phil H.

    Note to self - Don't even try to out-run or out-gun the gray haired seniors who call this spot their home for breakfast. They will literally castrate you if you get in their way of a table! Still, I can't help myself. I like Cracker Barrel for breakfast. From the pancakes with real maple syrup, the fried apples, the grits, the Eggs In A Basket, the hash brown casserole, the..... oh heck, just admit that I can pretty much eat everything on their breakfast menu - and like it! As with all in this chain there is the cheesy country store in front with all the old America type items for purchase. The rocking chairs out front. That crazy brain buster game and lanterns on each table. The large fireplace anchoring the main dining room. Very attentive and friendly staff and waitresses. Kitschy signs and memorabilia on the walls. Are the food and menu choices here indicitive of top notch cuisine? Heck no! But it is good solid tasty comfort food. I must admit I secretly have a visit here on my agenda each time I visit my folks!

  • Mehgan B.

    I hate that California does not have a Cracker Barrel. Every time I come to Florida, we land and hit the nearest one. I love the spiced apples and mac n cheese here. The ham is scrumptious and not to mention you can play games at your table. Visit the country store out front and take a trip down memory lane where TVs are non-existent and iPhones weren't crack to peoples hands haha. If you on a Sunday especially to this one....BE WARNED. The old folks hold no bars when it comes to them and their Cracker Barrel so GET THERE EARLY and ENJOY YOURSELF!! Dinner is divine too!! Grab the brainbuster game that at your table as well as a rocking chair out front!!!

  • Jennifer S.

    good as always for breakfast.

  • Michelle A.

    There are a few constants at Cracker Barrel. The hash brown casserole will be yummy. There will be tacky but marvelous items for sale in the store. Your waitress will have a southern accent. Everything else seems to vary by location. On this occasion, I opted for the veggie plate--a side salad, macaroni and cheese, and hash brown casserole. True, I didn't have many veggies, but I was delighted with my order. The casserole--yummy. The salad was fresh and topped with the best croutons ever. The macaroni and cheese--almost as good as mine or my cousin Coty's. Almost. My sister ordered the chicken and dumplings. Unlike other locations, these dumplings were ribbon-like rather than clops of dough. Still, they were her favorite part of the meal. The sauce was a bit runny and bland, as was the chicken itself. After some salt and pepper, she enjoyed the meal. Her sides included okra. Not my personal favorite, it was not her favorite part of the meal either. She reported that the breading was rather plain and the okra stringy. Dad concurred. For his meal, Dad had the daily special--chicken pot pie. Like Sis's meal, it was underseasoned. He also was not a fan of the potato-heavy filling. He didn't even have a yummy side of potato casserole to balance his disappointment. He did, however, love the biscuits with honey and butter. In addition to my yummy meal, the highlight was the bill. Our kick-butt waitress entered my meal as a kids meal, so my drink was included! Gotta love the waitresses that look out for the diners!

  • Dave P.

    Hee Haw, good food, great service. I love you C.B.

  • Casey H.

    Not only was the food great but I'd have to say that the service was excellent.

  • Diane M.

    Had some corn beef and cabbage, plenty of food and lots of people.

  • Lise C.

    I had my first ever meal at Cracker Barrel in Ocala, Florida, which is horse country kind of in the middle of nowhere. I was there for work, and the Floridians I was with were shocked that I'd never eaten at a Cracker Barrel. There was no irony in this. We said grace at the table when our meals came. We talked about how great the food was. We didn't do too much laughing about all the kitschy stuff in the country store. Our waitress was incredibly attentive--especially considering how crowded the place was at lunchtime--and kept pushing the free coffee/soda refills. I ordered breakfast food, which they serve all day, because I didn't really trust the meat. My companions had country fried steak, catfish, and roast beef, respectively. All meats come with two or three sides: sweet potatoes, fried okra, green beans, you name it. The biscuits looked delicious and everything else looked less so. I had a pancake/eggs/bacon combo. The eggs and bacon were not awesome, but the pancakes were. I was surprised. They came with real maple syrup and were some of the best pancakes I'd ever had. Also, the meal was extremely cheap. I think for the four of us, including tip and everything, the bill came to about forty bucks. For fried gray meat! and coffee with those little half-and-half containers for milk! The options for cuisine in Ocala are somewhat limited, so for breakfast I would definitely recommend the pancakes at Cracker Barrel. Everything else is kind of at your own risk.

  • Greg C.

    This place is located in what I consider to be "prime Cracker Barrel territory" - you just might find one every other exit on I-75! This location was decent (although it took some navigating to get to - so drive through the hotel parking lot) - the dining room, gift shop, and bathrooms were decently clean and the place had the standard "old country" vibe. The hostess seated us within a few minutes, although they seemed like they might have been understaffed - a few employees seemed to have that frantic deer-in-headlights look. We came in wanting to eat lunch, but I forgot that I could get breakfast for lunch (score!). My coffee was strong, hot, and refilled regularly - but the food was just average. I ordered the Double Meat breakfast platter, and was disappointed that my 3 eggs that I ordered over-medium, were actually raw still. The sausage was as cooked as cooked can get, and the grits were pretty soupy and bland. The biscuits were good though. This was a pretty filling dish - but the inconsistency in the food brought down the experience definitely. The service was great though. When I pointed out the issue with the eggs to our server, she took care of it immediately - and the manager was the one to bring the food back out just a short time later. Both the server and management apologized several times, and got the point across that they take guest satisfaction very seriously. While these were great gestures, I have a hard time rating any breakfast place higher than 3 stars if they can't execute eggs perfectly - since...well, they are in the business of eggs.

  • Georgie M.

    How can you go to a Cracker Barrel and not order Grits? The two of us came here for a late lunch around one o'clock. The place was clearing out and there was plenty of window tables and seats. Since I had arrived early, it gave me a chance to look around explore both the restaurant and store. It's been about ten years since I've been to a Cracker Barrel. We haven't seen many since we moved from the Midwest And, not a lot has changed, which I view as a good thing. Some items on the menu have been updated but the traditional stuff has been left alone. One of those items of course is their southern Country Friend Steak. Wow, did that bring back memories. But I came here for the Grits. And, not that Cheesy Grits they serve. Just good, old fashion, southern grits. Nom nom! Enjoy yourself, and remember to schedule your Cardiologist appointment for the AM! LOL

  • Melinda G.

    Dropped off breakfast and never came back except to deliver the bill. Besides the cold coffee the gravy for the biskets was the worst tasting fake smoke flavor I've ever had. Will not recommend and won't be back anytime soon.

  • Dianna B.

    I realise this wasn't part of Cracker Barrel, but as I approached a young guy, in his 20's got up from his rocking chair, and opened the door for me - Thank you! I honestly stopped here to use the restroom and pick up a drink for the rest of our trip home, because I know that I could trust their restroom to be clean and the drink to be chilled. Everything about this trip was right.

  • Chris S.

    Over the years I've been to dozens and dozens of Cracker Barrels and this one was as consistent as any, which for you regulars means great breakfast and good service. We arrived at 8am after walking across the road from the Courtyard and were seated right away and greeted by our waitress within seconds. After eating at a few Cracker Barrels in Florida over the past week we tried different items this time, choosing the oatmeal and blueberry muffin and breakfast egg sandwich. Both were excellent. Most impressive was my friend altered the sandwich by adding bacon and sausage and removing a few items and it still came out perfect. Great place for breakfast!

  • Lisa S.

    Just straight up amazing food and the store has many nice things! I can't help myself but to buy things every single time I am there. I honestly have a problem! Their gifts are so unique and creative and I have a salt and pepper shaker fetish! The food... Let's talk food. I love the oatmeal and muffin combo! I can't eat the entire thing myself! Share! That is the keyword! Enjoy yourself when you go and share time with family. Put down your gadgets and share conversation! #postingdiva

  • Cecille R.

    Stopped here for breakfast on a Saturday as we were road trippin' it out of town. The parking lot was packed and I expected there to be a wait. Walked in and we were seated right away! Waitress prompty took our orders and food was brought out not too long afterwards. I ordered the blueberry and blackberry pancakes which came with an egg and sausage/bacon of my choosing. Food was delicious and more than I could eat so there were plenty of leftovers. Gripes: Our table was seated very close to another so we could hear their entire conversation. With a restaurant that serves so many people , there are only 3 stalls in the womens restroom?!? Be prepared for a wait on a busy day. Overall, a great choice for dining instead of doing fast food. I would go back if back in the area.

  • Julia H.

    This was horrible! The food came out so fast. It was microwaved. Mine was cold. They want you in & out. Sad to see the quality has gone out the door. Won't return!

  • Nancy T.

    I love this store and have eaten here for many years. The food is awesome Southern food that everyone loves. I like getting breakfast anytime I want it. I LOVE the store! They always have the most unique things you can't find anywhere else. I can't come eat without browsing the entire store and most of the time buying something. The only thing I would like them to change is to offer free wifi! So many others offer it now. Some of us have to check in with work while we're away. It would help so much!!!

  • Natalie C.

    I had chicken and dumplings I am full to the brim. I had two biscuits and greens with the dumplings. It's very consistent with all the other Cracker Barrels I've been to!

  • Sue M.

    We came here for the corned beef dinner as we did last year. We received 3 1/2" slices of corned beef, a large wedge of cabbage, 5 pieces of carrots and a baking potato on our plate. We shared each others biscuits/corn bread. The corned beef was tender and could be cut w/a fork. But there was little protein compared to the rest of the items. The corn bread was also so dry it took an entire ice tea to wash it down. This year the meal was sitting in 1" of broth which made all the food soggy. When cutting an item the broth also splashed up on our clothes. This was not what it was like last year. But the price vs quality/quantity was well worth the $8.99. It went up a dollar from last year. Such is life. The service here is always friendly and efficient. Unfortunately that wasn't the case w/Jacob. I will not reiterate what he said or didn't say or did or didn't do, but it was not their usual standard. We were there one hr. during a slow time because of his inefficiency. The front of house seemed clean, but noticed a different server clear her table, not wipe it down and seat another customer. What is going on here with the servers? The only hope was a server named Hope who removed our used plates as she was passing by and was friendly. We usually shop in the store after eating but just wanted to get out of there. That was a $50 merchandise sale that Cracker Barrel lost from us. In paying the cashier I was again surprised at her cavalier attitude. We were glad to finally leave. I'll be back but not for a while. Hopefully they'll get more servers that enjoy their job by then. Oh! They have a second new menu that features healthier choices. Yay!!! The pecan crusted catfish look good for next time. Current Health Inspection Report: 1 Critical violation & 0 @ Risk violation.

  • Amy D.

    Waitstaff is ok food ok I was looking forward 2 eatting here . Kinda dirty. Wasn't all dat.

  • Kevin H.

    How can you go wrong with this place. Your food is always out within seconds of ordering it. And they always have some of the coolest things for sale. Only downside is sometimes the food seems microwaved.

  • Elly L.

    My boyfriend took me here for lunch because I was seriously craving some country style chicken. Our waitress was super nice and our food came out fast. We scarfed down our meals and it was delicious!

  • Gonzalo V.

    Very good olf fashion home food.

  • Emily H.

    My first experience at a Cracker Barrel restaurant was a good one! Breakfast was tasty and the portions were generous. Loved the baked apples, it is basically hot chunky apple pie filling in a bowl! The store had all kinds of cool old-timey candies, and I picked up a sweet pair of flamingo pants! Phil H. wasn't kidding about not trying to out-maneuver the silver foxes at Cracker Barrel. I had an older woman pin me against a shelf and tell me I was the reason for her replacement knee when I grabbed the last discounted container of Jelly Belly. Diplomacy and handing over the half-price sweets got me out of there unscathed.

  • Kris T.

    To the rest. Manager working on 6/18 at 1:47 pm...that 17 yr old that came in looking for a job, did exactly what she was supposed to do. She politely asked for an application. Her asking did not warrant, "Five ppl are not going to up and quit just so you can have a job!" Her bewildered, tearful face only taught her that Cracker Barrel is not a good employer and ANY ONE can become a manager no matter how unqualified they are. My young triplets that LOVE to go to your establishment for breakfast?? I will be explaining to them that we can no longer eat there, for you only serve plates of belittling, insensitivity and hostility. Which depicts most of the servers that have waited on us ea. time we visit this store...hostile, now I know why.

  • Robert O.

    I've never seen any variety in Cracker Barrels. That's okay. As a brand one knows exactly what he is going to get. We stopped here because it as time to eat and use the potty. Hey, when you travel with children that's a consideration. I wasn't very hungry, and decided the eggs for breakfast meal was right up my ally. The eggs were poached almost perfectly, The fruit was fresh and nice. This meal hit the spot for me.

  • Teri S.

    I love me some Cracker Barrel. I go to this location for dinner with my aunt when we come out to visit her. It's our thing. The food here has always been wonderful, personal favorites include the fried apples, the buttermilk biscuits, and the turnip greens. The place is always clean, the wait staff is always friendly, the country store is always so hard to not want to buy everything. If I had any complaint, it would simply be that I have yet to find a protein that makes me swoon. The sweet ham seemed unimpressive, thin cut and while it wasn't bone dry, it wasn't juicy like ham should be (imho). The fried liver always seems to be missing something (maybe it's just fried too long), I love the flavor of the chicken and dumplings, but I hate the actual dumplings... to me a dumpling should be a bloop (a drop), round... you know. It's not that I hate any of these dishes (if I did, that wouldn't be 4 stars I just clicked).... I just am still searching for that WoW! dinner protein. (Although, I do enjoy their Country Fried Steak for breakfast, that is wow, but that's a different location I get that at). Anyhow, I plan to continue coming and sampling all the diners until I find that one that makes me weak in the knees. I know it's there, I just have to find it. In the meantime, the Cracker Barrel has my heart. Keep up the great work.


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Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores

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