American Coffee Shop

41 NE 44th St
Oakland Park, 33334
Amazing service! Great food. We'll be back. Cafe con leche was excellent. Fast and good, can't beat that.
A friend and I had breakfast there yesterday and we will definitely go back there. Even though it's small and not necessarily the best place to sit down and have a long talk (due to the limited seats available and the small place), the food was great and the service extremely attentive and friendly. The prices are also very hard to beat- we both had a full breakfast with coffee and apple juice for under 20 bucks.
Not as good as the last time I was here. Eggs Benedict not very good. Egg overcooked, used ham and not Canadian bacon, English muffin needed to be toasted more. The hollandaise sauce was not good and no flavor. Potatoes were good. I don't suggest the eggs Benedict.

(954) 772-8850

Coffee & Tea, Breakfast & Brunch

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Richie’s Gourmet Italian Ices & Cappuccino

898 E Commercial Blvd
Oakland Park, 33334
Pineapple basil mixed with watermelon ice was a recommendation from the very pleasant attendant- what a delight! It was delicious. Highly recommended.
Had the peanut butter ice. It tasted like they must be using cheap ingredients. Overall it's good, but could be so much better. Your product will only be as good as the ingredients you choose to start with.
This place is awesome! Delicious ices! You can drive thru or walk up for your order.

(954) 772-1183

Coffee & Tea, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Shaved Ice

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La Cucina Veneziana

3471 N Federal Hwy
Oakland Park, 33306
Excellent food, excellent service! The meatballs and octopus appetizers were fabulous! We will be back and I highly recommend!
Love this place, truly a hidden gem. We have been here a few times now and it truly reminds of a small family restaurant , you would somewhere in northern Italy. My last visit , we brought my parents ,who were visiting from out of town . Considering I was born in Firenze and have been Italian all of my life , I had never heard of the house specialty cardereli , a type of meat ball appetizer . It is fantastic , I won't even explain it , you just have to try it yourself. The bruschetta is also very unique ,but just as fantastic. Large crostini topped with all sorts of great cheeses and toppings I personally love the home made paparadelle with Duck Ragu My parents were thoroughly impressed . Fabio the owner and Chef really makes you feel at home, in fact his mother was visiting on one of our visits She welcomed us and added to a real Italian experience.
This place was amazing, simply wonderful. I've never been to Italy but it can't be much better. The "meatballs" are something everyone should try- what a mix of flavors! The chicken Marsala may be the best I've ever tried, but embarrassingly I've only had it at chain restaurants.

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Oaki Steakhouse

4391 N Federal Hwy
Oakland Park, 33308
This place deserves 10 stars out of 5 Unbelievable service, standards and food Unlike our friends at "BoKampers" Visit at least 1-2 times a week As soon as we enter we are greeted by our name, they know what we like and damn it these guys go out of their way to please Otherwise they would be out of business , hence the location Ok, it's not on the water or on the beach, but hey We go there for the food and service which is out of this world Maybe "Mario D" (customer complaints dept) for BURGER FU should visit there so he can see what SERVICE should be Love you guys See you soon
I liked this place WAY more then I expected to. We wanted to try a new spot for Friday night. Looking for a good spot to end of a long week and kick off a weekend of unplugging. I had the steak and shrimp. Hubby had scallops and shrimp. Its not a big deal that they dont make it tableside. I wasnt up for a show. We had a decent bottle of wine and a good meal. Service is S-L-O-W but very friendly. I can't imagine they;re still working out the kinks. So if you're not in a hurry and don't mind lingering to chat with friends while you wait for your check, you'll be fine.
This place is fantastic! I love it and will definitely go back! My girlfriend and I went at 8pm on a Friday night and were immediately sat at a booth (very comfy booth too!). She ordered the chicken and steak hibachi combo, I got the chicken pad Thai. Both dishes were excellent and prepared perfectly. Although I thought the portion size of the Hibachi combo were a bit on the small side. Ohh, and the rocket shrimp appetizer was yummy too!

(954) 533-4218

Asian Fusion, Steakhouses

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China Moon Restaurant

884 E Oakland Park Blvd,Ste B
Oakland Park, 33334
This happens to be my most favorite Chinese restaurant.. The staff is friendly and will get your food to you quickly and efficiently. Now, about the food.. Please don't let the exterior of the place deter you, the food is amazing.. I've read a particular review of this place that gave them only three stars with an almost insulting review. Your opinion dude, you don't have to come back. I've been to other Chinese places here in Oakland Park and none of them can hold a spoon to this place.
Don't let the dingy outer appearance deter you, the food is delicious! Hate to use the cliché of being a New Yorker as some certification for legit Chinese food but I am. The Lo Mein is delicious, the right amount of sauce, noodles cooked just right, not mushy. The chicken in garlic sauce has thinly sliced, tender pieces of white meat chicken. Buddha's delight is filled with nicely cooked pieces of vegetables in a delicious brown sauce. Broccoli in garlic sauce was nice and spicy. They ask whether you would like it spicy or not when ordering. Honey garlic chicken is served with the sauce separate from so the batter dipped chicken is not soggy by the time you get home. Major plus is that the food is packaged in tin containers that stay HOT by the time you get home. Also you can order in pint size servings! The food is appropriately priced. I've ordered here twice, and I'm making it my new neighborhood spot! You should too!
This place is surprisingly delicious! It's located in a plaza, and the outside was not as appealing as we'd hoped. But the people inside were nice and got our order completely correct (even special requests)! The food was so good! We ordered dinner combinations and had enough for 3 meals, each! I would highly recommend the food and the service! And we'll be eating here again!

(954) 563-6896


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Funky Buddha Brewery

1201 NE 38th St
Oakland Park, 33334
Exactly where u want to relax, have an awesome brew. Go anyday at anytime. Great for huge group fun or solo chilltime.
I have been wanting to check out Funky Buddha for awhile and I finally made it out as part of a bar crawl for my birthday. We were there on a Saturday night around 9 and it was very busy, but we were able to find a table outside for everyone. Since we were outside I don't feel like I got the full experience of the place so I'll definitely go back with a smaller crowd. The one issue I had was with the bartender. While I've tried a couple different FB beers since this was my first time at the brewery I had some questions and wanted to sample 2 new beers before making my first selection. I kept being ignored by the bartender even though I was right at the bar and not many people were around at the moment. He was very short with me and not very helpful. Thankfully our server outside was more friendly and helped me get over the poor service earlier that may have prevented me from coming back. I had the Triple Lindy and definitely recommend it. The venue probably has no control over this, but just an observation - I would have preferred to see at least 2 food trucks to have some variety available.
Awesome place to hang out and get unique beer flavors, the Floridian raspberry and guava beer are my favorite !!

(954) 440-0046


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Mikado Japanese Restaurant

977 E Commercial Blvd
Oakland Park, 33334
Great! Little hidden gem all my favorite exotic sushi. Have been coming here for a long. Kathy the owne is always there sweetheart! Try the monkfish liver super yummy!
If only they were in better location, some of the best rolls I've ever had. The owner is super friendly and knows customers by name.
Stopped in here about a week ago for the second time and had another great experience. We were greeted promptly and our meals (sashi for me and 2 sushi rolls for my friend) were excellent. Though this is a small restaurant tucked in the corner of a plaza and down the way from Publix, it's a great find.

(954) 491-0738


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Boulevard Subs

1100 E Oakland Park Blvd Ste 101
Oakland Park, 33334
Very good subs and fast. Friendly service and same owner since 1984. You have to try the Italian and the chicken salad they are delicious.
Solid sub joint. Freshly sliced meats and flavorful bread. It's very tasty. Love the Turkey and Ham sub. Marco is the owner and a great guy. Just mention the Cubs or any Chicago team and he'll chat ya up! Great place for locals, but everyone can dig it.
Boulevard Subs is amazing!!!!! I have been coming here for years and have managed to get the entire Allied Kitchen and Bath team on the bandwagon. The bread and meats are always fresh and delicious. Honestly boulevard subs, hands down, is the best. My favorites are the Italian and chef salad. Staff is always friendly and always welcomes all clients with a smile. GO people!!! You won't be disappointed.

(954) 561-1934


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Wings Plus

87 W Prospect Rd
Oakland Park, 33309
Don't let the outside fool you. This place is a hidden treasure. We had been by this restaurant several times and I always wondered if it was any good. Then a friend suggested I give it a try and I am so glad I did. That was less than two weeks ago and I've already been there three times. First, they have wings. Not just wings but the biggest, meatiest wings I have ever seen. Then they have the sauce. You have your choice which sauce you get, everything from Buffalo to Thai to Raspberry. I prefer Buffalo. On my first visit, I had hot wings. They were good but not hot enough for me. Now I get the extra hot. That was much better. If you have folks with you who don't want wings, just flip the menu over. It's huge. I never tried anything else because I only come here for one reason but they can accommodate everyone. They have televisions playing the games all around and they sell beer, so you can get beer and wings and watch the Dolphins win. Just remember, the good people at the restaurant only have control over the beer and wings. The Dolphins have to win on their own.
When it comes to Buffalo chicken wings that are done exactly the way and with the same taste and flavor that Teressa Bellissimo did them when she first created this delicious dish and recipe back in 1964, Wings Plus is the place. They use the original 1918 version of Jacob Frank's red hot sauce, just as Teressa did, for the base of heat and flavor. For their blue cheese dip, however, one of a very special thick made in house "secret recipe" of the owner which is far and above better than I've found served up in any of the other "wing joints," particularly superior to most of those that chinch around or cheapen by using that crappy commercial out of the bottle blue cheese salad dressing. As you can probably tell, I'm a real fan of Buffalo chicken wings and honored to be able to say that I knew Teressa and had many a delightful meal of the wings she prepared for me at her Anchor Bar on Main Street in Buffalo. Besides the Buffalo chicken wings, I also had their new to the menu "Cod Nuggets." Though commercially prebreaded, the breading was very good and the cod inside most and exceedingly fresh to the taste. Wings Plus also has a great beer selection, the Belgian Ale my favorite, and the restaurant itself evokes all of the general décor and ambiance of what one might expect in a restaurant specializing in chicken wings. The big added plus to it all, being that the staff consists of some of the friendliest, almost treating you as if a family member, as well as being helpful, competent and polite. Because of Wings Plus friendly staff, the fact that they serve a true to the original Buffalo wing and have uniquely kicked a few things up a notch with their homemade, thick, rich and tasty blue cheese dip, I'm going Five Stars for it as, to me when it comes to Buffalo wings, it's superior to the area's others.
(To the tune of the Bette Midler Classic - "Wind Beneath my Wings") "Don't bother ordering a hero, Burgers aren't everything you want them to be They can fry curlies with few equals 'but the best thing on the menu's chicken wings" Wings Plus is perfect at two things and mediocre at everything else. They are an ultra casual neighborhood restaurant with wonderful wings. I am especially fond of the medium garlic wings. The wings are slightly spicy with amazing extra flavor from minced garlic. The wings are fried with the perfect crispiness without being overly greasy. They also have great curly fries that you would associate with this sort of wing joint. Add a pitcher of beer or their giant sodas and you are set. If there is sporting event you want to watch on one of their many TV screens than even better. However, if you want to order anything else you will most likely be disappointed. I have tried many different items on their menu that are not wings and have been consistently underwhelmed. I know that wings are your specialty but it seems like they could try a bit harder to accommodate other tastes on their surprisingly large menu. Another thing they usually get right is the service which is friendly and accommodating. They do a solid takeout business and they also deliver.

(754) 200-0616

Chicken Wings

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Cuscatlan Restaurant

3710 N Andrews Ave
Oakland Park, 33309
Oustanding breakfast, excellent customer service and delicious coffee. The place decor needs a little TLC but it seems clean and the food is DELICIOUS. My new breakfast joint
Once in a blue moon, I get a craving for Central American food. This is a Salvadoran place serving typical, and tasty central American dishes that will have you licking your fingers each time. The servers are courteous, the location is very clean, but simple. I recommend the "baliada" which is a flour tortilla stuffed with refried beans, guacamole, and sour cream. For a drink, checkout the "leche de trigo", which is a Blended whole grain Quaker oats shake, but I actually add a Vanilla protein supplement (which I bring) and a pinch of rum extract. They also have tasty steaks. It is located in a working class Latino neighborhood to add to the charm of this place. Thumbs up from me.
Love this place. Pretty authentic El Salvadorian food. For about $5 you can get a full breakfast with huevos rancheros (eggs with a delicious tomato sauce) with a side of refried beans, really delicious quahada (a type of mild cheese), 2 flour tortillas, and plantains. If you're feeling like typical El Salvadorian cuisine, try the a mixed or cheese pupusa, yummo. Pupusas are tick flour tortillas stuffed with cheese, refried beans and/or chorizo. Pair either meal with a delicious cafe con leche, orchata, or other Spanish juices. The staff is always nice and courteous and you can even buy some Central American goodies when you pay your bill.

(954) 563-0773


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