Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant

Bluewater Bay,4585 Hwy 20 E, Ste 100
Niceville-Valparaiso, 32578
Three times I have tried the Niceville Pepitos. And every time the experience is more and more disappointing. Mr cool manager if you think strolling over and being all Mancho is any way to run a retail business you went to the wrong hospitality school. Drinks? Terrible... And to charge me to fix crazy, and to try and defend you action by being rude to your customers no way. Food? OK but when the portion is messed up why not fix it? Food was the best thing going and you just took it off the bill instead of offering to correct portion. Service? So sad, service industry, be friendly, polite and curious we tried so many times to to communicate with server and she just seemed like she wanted to disappoint. By far the worst part of the night was the arrogance of the manager, I didn't want any comps I just wanted something taken off my I didn't get and you acted like I was the worst customer ever. Guess what I am your worst customer the one that will never be back and will never recommend your establishment.
Disappointed! A couple of years ago this place was really good. The family loved to go here to have a family meal. As other Mexican restaurants began to close in the town, the quality here began to slide. The fajitas went from being tender and flavorful to the bland shoe leather consistency. As a result, we stopped going. After a year of avoiding the place, we decided to give the place another try. Seated quickly. The service was attentive. Drinks never went dry. A plus. However that is where the compliments end. The fajitas went from bland shoe leather to dry stringy overly lime soaked strips of meat. My youngest who used to devour the beef barrito barely ate half of it and did not want to take the rest for leftovers. That describes the food quality. However, that wasn't the most disconcerting thing. As we ate our meal, we were constantly swarmed by flies! How disgusting! Flies in a restaurant are normally the result of an unclean kitchen! Especially when the entrance has a double set of doors to help prevent the unwanted entry of the pests. Additionally our booth wasn't far from the kitchen entrance. Constantly having to swat these disgusting pests away from our food made the meal completely unenjoyable. After staying away for so long, we had hoped things had improved. However, much to our disappointment, they have not. This was Peppitos last chance for our family. We will not return again.
Tried this place out since on my visit back home to Niceville. The food was very good I had some beef Tacos. The Margaritas were ok, but have had better. We did visit on a Friday night and had a rather long wait, but the service was good.

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