Fancy Sushi & Grill

251 3rd St
Neptune Beach, 32266
Well after 28 weeks of coming here religiously I can't say enough amazing things about Fancy Sushi! Enough to call them my family, I have made such great friends with everyone there! Always the moment I walk in I am always given VIP treatment! I always sit at the sushi bar where I love catch up with the chefs and watch them create all the art of food that continuously wows me every time! By now they know I love salmon skin so I am always so happy when they surprise me with a salmon skin appetizer! It's so delicious with fresh cucumber and tossed in a light sweet and spicy sauce! It is such a wonderful treat! It is always hard to not want every roll on the menu! I have almost had them all! You always know that you are getting the highest quality seafood so you can't go wrong with anything you chose. If you like spicy rolls the Fire Tuna or Crazy Gurl is a go to! They are phenomenal! The sweet mango roll is always a must try too! They also always have two rolls that they run for features that are always great to try! I always let anyone who enjoys sushi know that if they have not experienced Fancy Sushi then they don't know what they are missing! The service to their guests is 110%! The sushi is the best you will ever have. What place do you know that uses only flown in fresh filets of fish, cuts and serves it never frozen! The tuna is flown in fresh, deep purple and melts in your mouth! It is a thing of beauty! And even if you arent a sushi lover their extensive menu is filled with entrees that I have also ordered and enjoyed time after time! The shumai are so delightful! As well as the Goyza! Their hibachi entrees are perfectly prepared from the kitchen with a huge array of fresh vegetables, rice and noodles with whatever protein of your liking! Please if you are ever thinking sushi and you have your normal place you go to, next time take a trip to Fancy Sushi because you will, I guarantee you will find that you will never go anywhere else! Thank you everyone for always taking such amazing care of me! From the bottom of my heart I love you all! I always look forward to seeing all of you every week!
I came her on a recommendation from a friend...well, I'd say very average sushi at best! The rolls were sloppily made and bland, and so was the ginger dressing on my salad. Also, the wait staff and sushi chefs had several loud conversations in what I think was Chinese. I'd say that's not very professional behavior!
Hands down this place has the freshest and best tasting sushi in the Jax Beach area and I've tried them all! I've had sashimi and traditional sushi rolls at Fancy Sushi and both have been top notch. Don't let the fact that the restaurant is located in kind of a run down strip mall discourage you. The restaurant is very nice inside. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive; the prices are reasonable; there is a wide selection of sushi choices and the food tastes great! What more could you ask for?! Get here early though because the restaurant is not huge and it definitely can fill up fast on the weekends. If you're looking for sushi, check this place out!

(904) 246-0998

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Pete’s Bar

117 1st St
Neptune Beach, 32266
Great Bar! Can't beat 25¢ Pool anywhere (Very well kept tables) ! Fair prices for drinks(CASH only!, though they have an atm there). Great Music and good place to meet people &/or hang with friends. A must go to bar if you are in the area. Tried a bunch of the other bars around, but always ended back at Pete's before the end of the night.
Went in and had one drink just to say I had been there and done that. Forgot to get a tee shirt, so I will probably go back! Smoke is terrible. Barkeep looks like Will Farrell, with lots of tats.
Who doesn't love this place. So great even the author John Grisham wrote about them in his book.

(904) 249-9158

Dive Bars, Pool Halls

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Bar-B-Q Sticks

120 Lemon St
Neptune Beach, 32266
Delicious lil spot on the beach. The lady was super sweet and suggestive. The BBQ sticks were good. Chicken and pork were my fav. We tried an assortment of the spring rolls. They were good as well. Tiny lil guys though. We will b comin back for sure.
This little tucked away hole in the wall is a gem! You walk up and place your order. Amazing Pancit(its small, get a double order), very good bbq meat on a stick and some fantastic crisp Lumpia w a great dipping sauce. Some other great items too along w burgers. They also have alot of Filipino desserts, even Halo-Halo.
My wife and I have been coming here since we moved to Atlantic Beach over a year ago. This is our very favorite spot to come get a quick bite to eat and enjoy beach breeze. The barbecue on a stick is incredible - I recommend the pork. Ask her to put some hot sauce on while she cooks it - great! Also, the lumpia are MUST! Little pork spring rolls with a sweet and tangy sauce. We always top it off with the banana lumpia for dessert. Highly recommend. If you become a regular, she will toss you free food all the time.

(904) 247-7180

Barbeque, Filipino

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Mezza Restaurant & Bar

110 1st St
Neptune Beach, 32266
Upscale dining with a casual feel... Mezza is definitely worth a trip across the ditch to enjoy an artfully prepared (and super fresh) dinner. There are so many little things that Mezza is doing, that all adds up to a superb dining experience. 1. Complimentary Valet: Parking at the beach can be a challenge at times, but Mezza does offer a complimentary valet on certain nights (check the schedule and bring a few bucks for tipping.) 2. The place is gorgeous: With amazing hardwood floors, perfectly hand picked art, white tablecloths, fresh flowers on every table, to the wonderfully scented candles in the restrooms, all of these little things really let you know the folks at Mezza want you to have the best experience here. A glowing and intimate feel, whether you are sitting inside or out, that is just perfect for a date night, or girls night out. 3. Service: Service seems to be top notch and attentive, with helpful suggestions and menu guidance. A group of us ventured in for dinner last night, and we ordered quite a few apps and dishes to sample and share. The starter bread on the table was super fresh, with oil and balsamic on the table, so you can customize to your own personal liking. We ordered the mussels, that came with a super green garlic and parsley puree, worthy of multiple bread dips. On to entrees, I ordered the filet, medium rare. The horseradish butter on top was amazing, and the sear on the outside and juicy and perfectly cooked middle, made for a killer bite each time. I did try a bite of the bread pudding (buttery, eggy and delicious) and the triple cheese cheese cake, which was so light, it took me off guard and I'm already craving more. Unbelievable! I love that their menu is seasonal, to ensure everything is fresh, fresh, fresh! The fall menu is debuting next week, and what a great excuse to head back for another culinary adventure. Bravo Mezza!
Mezza (f/k/a Mezza Luna) has always been discovering itself. And not in a bad way. It's menu has been constantly evolving and now they've taken on a more holistic Mediterranean approach. And I kinda dig it. Got to try some of their new menu items which should be making their debut very soon at the Fine Fall Pairings event (… ) and loved the food so much met some friends for date night to try out more of the menu. So many things looked good and it was hard to decide what to order, but my rule of thumb is if I'm leaning towards a special, I always go with the special. The rest of the menu will be there the next time I come back. So for tonight's dinner my husband and I split the ahi tuna appetizer special and I ordered the braised short rib parpadelle for my entree. The tuna came out first and after one bite I wished I would have ordered my own. Each slice melted on your tongue like butter and was so expertly sliced. The cold noodles were good, but I would have been happy with just a large plate of tuna. The short rib pasta is that perfect fall dish when the weather has started to cool off and it warms you up from the inside. Unfortunately living in Florida, the weather doesn't always get the memo. But that in no way took away from the dish. The pasta was freshly made and the short rib was so tender, no knife was needed. While we passed on dessert, we did get to taste some that were at the table, and I will definitely plan my meal better next time.
Very pleased with our stop here. First went to Ocean 60 and Flying Iguana, but both had waits, so we came here. It was busy, but we were seated in less time than it took to find out the wait time at Ocean 60. Our server was really nice and the food came out quick. I had the filet mignon over potatoes and some awesome glaze, with asparagus. She had the cioppino. Both were delicious. Portions could not be better. Not too much or too little. Wines were good and nice pours. Will come back again.

(904) 249-5573

American (New), Seafood, Bars

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Wipeouts Grill

1585 Atlantic Blvd
Neptune Beach, 32266
It's been a while since I wrote an update for Wipeouts and I feel they definitely need one. We have been stopping in regularly for a while now and while sometimes the service can be spotty, we really enjoy our time there. We do have a favorite bartender as well although her name escapes me at the moment, but when we see her working we know we are in for a treat. She's friendly and attentive which is not always the case for others. Mostly we order the boneless wings but we also enjoy the fried pickles occasionally. Also they have $3 fireball shots...EVERYDAY!
My husband and I needed to watch the Browns game and found that wipeouts was a browns backer club We came in on the patio and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with people who loved our team The service was great the wings and nachos were delicious and were quickly brought out We now know where will be for the football games Browns are now 0 and 1but hopefully that will change
There are a few things that I use when deciding how good or great a wing place is- 1- wings. The wings were superb. Grilled wings without breading leave you ready to take on the rest of the day without needing a nap. The flavored had a wide range, and (most important to me) the hot was actually enough to break a sweat (but I'll definitely do extra hot in the future). 2- drinks. The bar tap had a beer for everyone, from piss beer to local craft and my local IPA was just under 5$. There are also a lot of daily deals for different drinks or drink and food combos. 3- service. This is what is so unique. I have never been to a bar/grill that feels so "local." The entire wrap around bar was talking to each other. The bartender (vicky) immediately learned and addressed me and my friend by name the entire time as well as everyone else who obviously were loyal regulars. My friend then ordered some flavor and vicky literally told him no you're gonna get this- and she made a similar but much better flavor (blackened teriyaki, and wow it was good). Personal service in a community feeling bar, hard to find. Truly unique, highly recommended.

(904) 247-4508

American (Traditional)

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The Lemon Bar

Sea Horse Oceanfront Inn,120 Atlantic Blvd
Neptune Beach, 32266
The perfect way to spend an 85 degree, low humidity Saturday in Jax. Sitting under a patio umbrella drinking something fruity and alcoholic. Apparently it's even better when you go on a weekend jam packed with other festivities going on, because then it won't be too crowded. We scored a table along the outside fence, which was perfect. If I turned one way I had an uninterrupted view of the ocean, with the sandbar hiding the masses of people. If I turned the other way I could do some pretty entertaining people watching. We stayed for several hours, drinking the afternoon away. Our refills came in a timely manner, everyone was friendly and they have a large cooler available in the middle of the patio for getting your own glasses of water.
We spent a few thousand dollars for a wedding at this establishment. The bouncer was rude and would not let one of our guests in for personal reasons that were beyond unprofessional. We were in the bar for a few hours before closing, walked out for a few minutes and tried to come back 15 minutes before closing and they would not let us even use the restroom. Neither the bouncer nor the manager were helpful or understanding. Choose a different establishment if you want to avoid issues and unnecessary conflict.
Lemon Bar is my favorite place at the beach to grab a drink outside on a nice day. The only problem is that it is everyone else's favorite place as well and gets swamped when the weather is nice. Lemon Bar is an outdoor bar right on the water in Atlantic Beach. It's adjacent to the Seahorse inn but I've never understood if there's any affiliation. If you are having any trouble finding it, just follow the steady stream of bicycles coming down 1st Street like ants to an ant hill. The crowd is mostly 20 somethings wearing varying amounts of clothing. Lot of bathing suits and flip flops. When the weather is nice Lemon Bar is basically standing room only, and the waitstaff struggles to keep up. Drinks are generally pretty cheap. They run specials every day. It's owned by the same people as Ritz and Brix so the pricing is in the same range if you are familiar with those places. The bartenders actually do a really good job of contending with the masses. They are battle hardened veterans after dealing with these crowds, but they are personable and professional and turn out drinks quickly. The food looks alright but I can't say I've eaten here. Everything on the menu is in the $7-8 range. It's mostly fried. Think coconut shrimp baskets or chicken tenders and fries. Parking sucks in AB, so bike if you can.

(904) 372-0487


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Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q

1307 Atlantic Blvd
Neptune Beach, 32266
Fist time here and it's pretty awesome so far, placed an order and I even asked if they had any Etta bones for my dog and they were more then happy to supply
I ordered 3 meat combo. Not the best barbeque in the area.
Manager responded to our email with gift certificate, have not gone back yet, but this good service should be mentioned. Thank You

(904) 270-2666

Barbeque, Caterers

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Sliders Seafood Grille

218 1st St
Neptune Beach, 32266
I like this place. It can get loud but the food was good.
The atmosphere here was pleasant. We ate on the outdoor, covered deck with live music. We took advantage of the Happy Oyster Hour available on Thursdays. The raw oysters were good, as was the Bay-seasoned shrimp. The fish tacos were okay. The New Orleans style gumbo over mashed potatoes was full of seafood variety and pretty good, but not excellent. It had a greasy appearance that detracted from the culinary experience. Overall, we had a nice meal, but probably wouldn't come back.
This place was great. When we arrived there was a guy playing guitar on the patio, which worried us as we hate listening to live music while eating (believe it or not, we like to have conversation during dinner). Thankfully we were able to sit inside and though we'd made a 7pm reservation, the inside of the restaurant seemed to have plenty of seating. The patio was completely full however. Our food came out quickly! We had the Rockefeller baked oysters as our appetizer and they tasted great, though the actual edible portion was pretty small for the price. No matter, it was GREAT. My entree was the Mayport Shrimp and Cheese Grits which was just fantastic - the shrimp were large and the grits were very tasty. The sauce on top of the dish was fantastic as well, though I did find myself adding salt. My partner had the Butternut Grouper, which was also just great tasting and his vegetable sides (a stir-fry of local kale, zucchini, green beans, and onions) were great as well. All of the food was cooked very well and seasoned nicely - the bread/pecan crust on the butternut grouper was to die for. The star of the show however was that "herbal rice"! I don't think that's a grammatically correct term, fyi, but the damn rice was DELICIOUS. So aromatic and fragrant, cooked perfectly as well. I kept stealing bites from my partner's plate! We were too full for dessert, but we did have some local beers. I had an awesome Blonde lager from Veterans, and my partner had an IPA, though I can't remember the name of it. Our dinner bill was pretty decent considering that the food is all local and we had drinks. We got out of there for about $55 and our server was great so of course we tipped nicely. By the time we left at about 8pm, the place was completely packed and there were people waiting to be seated. Seems like the dinner crowd in Neptune Beach is a late one so if you don't want a long wait to be seated and served, be sure to get there by 7 or 7:15.

(904) 246-0881

Seafood, American (New)

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1201 Atlantic Blvd
Neptune Beach, 32266
Definitely better than your average fast food burger. I'm starting to crave one as I write this review actually. I've been through the drive thru of this location a couple of times. On my most recent visit, they were a little slower than normal, but the o-rings were fresh out of the fryer, so I can appreciate the time it took for my order to be given to me. I tried their special burger on Texas toast with avocado & bacon previously, but today's order was just a chicken sandwich. Nothing special, but it hit the spot. It's convenient in that you can drive through & it seems to be at a higher level than McD's and BK, but it's still fast food so I don't find myself driving through that often.
Stopped by on our way out of Jacksonville at the insistence of one of my Texan friends. I didn't expect much more than a divey fast food restaurant. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The service was really good for a fast food restaurant-- similar to what you get a Chick-fil-a if that's any help. The workers were very friendly and came around asking if we needed refills on any of our drinks. Furthermore, when they brought out our food, they came with condiment and napkins trays for us. In terms of food, it was very average fast food like I expected. The food and price is nothing to go out of the way for. However, the wider-than-usual sauce selection was a nice touch. Also, one of my friends got a grilled cheese that was way under cooked and unappetizing.
The post from waheed, puts his integrity in question. This is a decent burger stop. No where near the level of five guys, but blows in n out, out of the water. The burgers are tasty with excellent fresh topping choices. The only reason I don't give this place five stars is the fries. The French fries are possibly the worst fries of any major burger chain. Soft and soggy, tasting like straight starch and salt. The cleanliness of the place and freshness of the burger, made up for where the fries were lacking. I will definitely not hesitate to eat here again, but this time, no meal.

(904) 270-2840

Fast Food, Burgers, American (Traditional)

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The Loop Pizza Grill

211 3rd St
Neptune Beach, 32266
Not impressed. I have been eating at The Loop since I moved to Jacksonville in 2000. Unfortunately, I just feel like this place is really stuck in the past. We occasionally order takeout from the San Marco location at my office, and I think their pizzas are great. The best thing on the menu, in my opinion, is the tomato bisque. Unfortunately, outside of those items I can't say I find much else worth ordering. Everything from their website to their menu offerings are out-of-date. I would love it if they could add some items instead of the same things they have been serving for years. On top of that, the Neptune location seems to be a bit of a cluster. We ordered take out, and asked how long it would be. We showed up about 10 minutes after that, and our food was still not ready. The girls behind the counter all seemed flustered, and had messed up an order in front of ours. When we received our meal, I noticed that the caeser chicken wrap I had ordered (without any real description or price from the website) was super small, not really big enough to make a meal, even though it came with a side of tomato bisque. For the price, I would expect more. Overall I think this restaurant is antiquated and overpriced.
I was pleasantly surprised with my first visit to The Loop. I wasn't sure what to expect because it seemed like the atmosphere was similar to a fast food restaurant. I could not have been more wrong. The great service was topped by the meal. By far, one of the best burger and friends combinations in the area. Reasonable prices and great food. Well done.
Not a good impression...The place is nearly empty and I am counting 10 empty tables that are too dirty to use while I'm waiting for my order. Went to wash hands and neither the soap dispensers nor paper towel dispenser work. Finally, there was wax paper in my Cajun Jack & Cheese Chicken sandwich. In fairness and praise to manager, she apologized twice, refunded meal and gave $10 credit toward my return visit. She handled my feedback professionally and I will return. Thank you. Nicely done, young lady.

(904) 241-8476


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