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Mango, 33584
We've lived in this area for over a year and had been looking for a near by sushi place. I was at Publix and noticed Wasabi and the first thing I was impressed to see was their hours of operation open every day all day and late! Next I was impressed of how inexpensive their prices are and the wide variety of menu times from sushi, to boxes and bowls to curry dishes and hibachi. We tried it out tonight. Inside was clean, smelled good and there were two friendly, attentive employees. We ordered 3 sushi rolls, and bento box and a side of veggies (I posted pictures) and our bill was only $25. Everything came out in a timely manner and it was fresh and tasty. We will be back. My tip: ignore it's negative reviews and try this place out for yourself.
My husband and I absolutely love their sushi! We've eaten at a couple of other sushi places in Brandon/Riverview area and the sushi was subpar. We have dined in, but normally order take out. The restaurant is not very busy as it seems take out is what they do most of. The staff is friendly and courteous. The sushi tastes fresh and is made in a timely manner.
I am a seasoned Thai food aficionado and eat Thai food at many different locations, almost daily. I live near this place and made a mental note, some time ago, to give it a try. Today happened to be that day. From the look of it, and the fact that it is in Seffner, my expectations were very low. The restaurant itself is plain and the service was slow. Nothing could prepare me, however, for the food that I partially consumed today. I'm still gagging. First, let me say this, these people are not Thai people, they appear to be Chinese. This is further substantiated by the food itself, which was typically over thickened sauces of a Chinese nature. There was nothing remotely Thai about this food, except the name.I ordered Thai basil. It tasted just like my daughters pad Thai which was the strangest pink color. As different as both dishes are, they both have the same very strange flavor. This was a truly bad dining experience. Neither my daughter nor myself could finish more than one third of our plate. When the gaggy's finally subside, perhaps will be able to laugh about this experience. Truly the worst dining experience ever!

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