Captiva Pizza Yogurt & Gifts

11513 Andy Rosse Ln
Lee County, 33924
When my daughter was looking for a local pizza place and named the "pizza, yogurt and gifts" spot, my immediate reaction was that with that name it couldn't be good. There were other Yelpers who assured me that, despite the gift shop and yogurt sidelines, the pizza was great. They were right (as always!). We ordered 2 small and one large pizza for the 5 of us (adults) and that was just enough. We had 1 slice left (we were hungry and stuffed ourselves!). The Jaws was excellent, the Man overboard was another great selection. The crust was thin and light and the toppings were all fresh. We were able to purchase a 12 pack of domestic beer for $18. I wouldn't say the prices were outrageous. I'm not sure they were higher than any gourmet place in CT. I will definitely keep this on the list for when I return next year!
It was our last night in Captiva and we just wanted to relax, watch the Spurs/Heat game, and enjoy an easy meal of pizza and beer. We ordered three different pizzas and they were ready in 15 minutes, which was great. But the pizza itself was not. The dough on all three tasted raw and chewy. It looked like whoever made them really could've cared less. Out of the 6 of us, none of us liked any of the three. We ended up going to the store and buying frozen pizzas and cooking them at the house. Now those were delicious. Wouldn't go back.
Excellent pizza. A bit pricey, but you are on an island... No AC, so expect to sweat. Lol

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