Grille 66 & Bar

2301 SE 17th St
Ft Lauderdale, 33316
Phenomenal food! I heard it was good, but was pleasantly surprised! The Filet was great and the drinks were strong!
I experienced Grille 66 with my foodie son and there was not 1 thing that I could find fault with everything was 1st class from my food to our server Tony who was on his game. I've been here before with my wife and have never had a bad experience and always leave looking forward to my next visit. It's definitely pricey but you do get what you pay for.
Absolutely horrendous. Food descent at best service pathetically bad. Rude, unprofessional all the way from servers to managers. Plenty of other good spots to go around the area, don't waste your time or money.

(954) 728-3500

Bars, Seafood, Steakhouses

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Dapur Asian Tapas & Lounge

1620 N Federal Hwy
Ft Lauderdale, 33305
Recommendation from a frIend did not fall to meet expectations. Would recommend house/cucumber martini, lychee martini, Brussel sprouts (a must), red and white roll. Definitely coming back
Very good food. Scallops were amazing. Very friendly atmosphere.
not even close to the way it used to be. had the lamb shank, when i told the waiter it was dry he said sorry and walked away. my bill before tax was $28 with a 30 living social voucher. they brought a check for $1.68 for the tax. i put down a 20 and went to the rest room. when i got back my change was $18. if you want to round off a bill favor the customer.

(954) 306-2663

Lounges, Asian Fusion, Tapas/Small Plates

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Domino’s Pizza

3416 N Ocean Blvd
Ft Lauderdale, 33308
The pizza quality has improved dramatically. I highly recommend this location, the pizza was hot and fresh and delivery was fast! Thank you!
I found this Dominos experience as being very average. My kids enjoyed the pizza, but I am yet to see them not enjoy pizza. Ordering over the phone was an interesting experience. The lady taking my order didn't even know my hotel was right across the street from her. Chain pizza joints seem to always be the same, but there was not much that stood out about this location. One thing that kind of made me shake my head was there was someone in the kitchen sneezing over and over. I couldn't see them, but I was glad I could see my pizza already boxed up to protect from the sneeze particles. Not a crazy big deal, but I guess worth mentioning to deserve 3 stars. AVERAGE
I am a regular customer and have had nothing but great experiences with this Domino's. I do not cook often so Domino's serves as my kitchen away from my unused kitchen when I am at home. The Pasta Dishes and Sandwiches are tasty too, it's not just Pizza. If you have not tried Domino's lately I must tell you that the Pizza is better than the box nowadays. Yes, we all remember those cardboard slabs with toppings. Give them a try, I'll bet you agree!

(954) 565-3030

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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Sun Rice Chinese Restaurant

6300 Powerline Rd
Ft Lauderdale, 33309
Best Chinese in Broward County. We ordered the Singapore curry noodles (chicken, pork and beef) and the Kung Pao chicken. Absolutely delish. I'm tempted to order the exact same thing tonight. Fast delivery, good prices, friendly owners and THE BEST Chinese.
My go to when I lived in the area, dumplings are great steamed of pan-fried. The curry Chicken, chicken with black beans, szechuan chicken and General Tso's are all winners. Excellent packaging as well for take out! If you are in the area @ lunch time they have wonderful lunch specials I am told.
Tasty, quick, always nice and hot when I get it home. Coming from NJ it was difficult to find a good Chinese restaurant. The food at Sun Rice is good. I like the shrimp fried rice and the egg drop soup. I like the shrimp with steamed veggies as well. It's cooked to order and they're happy to put the sauce on the side. I've even tasted the boneless ribs (I customarily avoid pork) and they were tasty. The only real complaint I have is that the fried shrimp have way too much batter. I would gladly pay more for a better product. I also miss the nice Chinese style tea you got back home, even in your takeout. Service is excellent, friendly and efficient. They offer local delivery as well. We get takeout from here all the time for lunch and dinner, one day we'll actually sit and eat. They have a lovely aquarium in the dining area.

(954) 771-7887


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5 O’Clock Charlies

425 S Ft Lauderdale Bch Blvd
Ft Lauderdale, 33316
I went here Friday night with some friends and it. Was. Awe.some. the lay out of the bar is open and inviting with patio seating and pool tables. Drinks by Tyler are delicious and served with a welcoming attitude & great music! Food... not typical bar food. We had the wings and mozzarella sticks and they were incredible. Obviously fresh food made with care and flavor. The place is literally right across the from the beach! Loved my night there, the most fun I've had in a long time :) :)
It's too bad 5 O' Clock Charlie's isn't loyal to LOCAL returning customers. Got terrible food here!!!, and was frequenting here during off season!!!! and no compensation for the terrible food!! They don't care about loyal customers or locals. Returned MONTHS later, ONLY to support great local band, bartender recognized me, (for the bad service) and still nothing. Too bad, bc I'll never buy anything from this place again. Not recommended.
They had a live band which was pretty nice, but it was extremely hot inside, I don't know it was because they had I little more than average crowd but I was sweating like crazy just standing by the bar ordering drinks. Also the drink service was terrible, it took me about 10 min stand at the bar to finally just order two bottles of coronas.

(954) 533-4480

American (Traditional), Comfort Food, Bars

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Chipotle Mexican Grill

1736 N Federal Hwy
Ft Lauderdale, 33305
Definitely not the best chipotle I've been too. Staff looks dirty, burritos not properly wrapped, portioned terribly (half my burrito ended up being pico). Still taste good but I've been to many chipotles across the country and this one is not the best. I know chipotle is on the "team" system so if the manager reads this please get them together.

(954) 566-2130

Fast Food, Mexican

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8000 W Broward Blvd
Ft Lauderdale, 33388
Wow. This little restaurant serves delicious food without question. I checked this place out with my Aunt who had been there before. She recommended we go with Carpaccio for the appetizer because it will 'melt in your mouth.' Well, that it certainly did, but I don't know if I could get a distinct taste from it. I enjoyed it, and made it into a mini open sandwich with the piece of bread, parmesian, and salad it was served with. It grew on me more and more after each bite, it was also quite an elegant cut, very thinly sliced. I also had the Loaded Wedge salad, this was the most confusing dish to me. It was literally a wedge of salad. If you wanted an easy go at it, you needed to cut it up prior to trying to eat it. For the entree, I went with the Filet Mignon. That too 'melted' in my mouth. I have never had a piece of meat executed so well. It was so easy to cut and filled with so much flavor (juicy too). For my side, I tried the Wonder Bar Signature Hashbrowns. The only thing I had to compare it with was George Webbs hashbrowns, which in hindsight, makes me laugh now. These blew those out of the water. This is a must order side for anyone. Best part of the meal was that I left full. My biggest worry about restaurants like this is that the portions are smaller, which if they have great dessert options, good. But usually, you're not interested in a dessert as well. Dear Wonder Bar, While I doubt to visit often, I do know that I will have to come back again and I will tell my friends about the 'wonder-full' time I had. Sincerely, You're new fan p.s. I heard The Wonder Bar is haunted, I will have to explore that more the next time I visit.

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1241 S Federal Hwy
Ft Lauderdale, 33316
Service was good. The food was pretty undercooked. Hash browns were mushy, and bacon was limp. The grits were overlooked as well. Our waitress was very attentive, and nice. Made sure we were well taken care of and the coffee was always topped off.
I'm giving this a generous one star because our server was delightful and very good at her job. The food, however, was a disaster. It started when our food was delivered and the server had to tell us that the cook didn't see our son's order on the ticket. My husband and I ordered garden omlets. We noticed the broccoli smelled putrid when the plate was set down. Upon further inspection, it had gone bad. Since our toddler was getting increasingly fussy with his wait, we started to give him our toast only to discover that a couple of the pieces had mold on them. There are so many good places to eat, I hate that we wasted time here.
We went yesterday with my bf, he ordered an omelet and he found I hair on it... then the waitress ever come back to ask if we need something... she just walk by the other tables... when finally I called her and I asked for my check, we had to wait 25 min for her to bring it to us... I understand if that happen when the restaurant is busy, but was only two more tables

(954) 779-7599

Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)

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Papa John’s Pizza

800 SE 17th St
Ft Lauderdale, 33316
Just ordered off their app and it worked as advertised. No complaints! Pizza was S ordered and ready when I showed up.
This papa johns sucks. We went there to pick up food and it took 15 minutes before we were even allowed to order food- and then took forever to even have it made because they only had one guy working. The food was good (only reason there are two stars instead of one) but the service was slow. Now that- we could have gotten over- if not for the next time we called at about 1:20 in the morning on a weekend. I talked to an employee there about ten minutes, the whole time telling me he would deliver the pizza and specifically explained they only had thin crust cheese pizza they could give us. Perfect! That's all we wanted. But when I told him that and asked him to place the order... He suddenly realized that they were closed- 20 minutes ago. I asked if we could pick up that pizza he said was already made- and he then informed me they actually did not have any pizza. Which makes no sense... Cause he told me exactly what they had. He then immediately hung up on me and did not answer after that. We decided to give them one more shot, because again, we did enjoy the food te one time they allowed us to eat... We ordered delivery. The guy on the phone was not friendly at all... And was rude when I just have him the hotel name and asked if they knew the location. We are literally ten minutes walking distance from papa johns. It took almost an hour for our pizza to be delivered- after being place on hold about 4 times within our difficult ordering process. All in all, we really enjoy the Parmesan garlic breadsticks (although not as parmesany the second time) and the pizza is yummy too- but... If you want good service... I would not suggest going here. TLDR; food good, service sucks. Thanks.
I don't have problem with the taste of the pizza is hot and in good condition, but wow the delivery guy always call me like 4 times because he get lost or for the gate code. And i wait like hr and half to receive my delivery. And the last time my order was $29 dollars and was having $40, so I ask the delivery guy for change and he told me that he don't have. So have to cancel the order and die hungry at my house. That happened to me 2 times. I don't understand how they don't have change...that is very irresponsible.

(954) 522-7272


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Cafe Martorano Hard Rock Hollywood

5751 Seminole Way
Ft Lauderdale, 33314
Randy the manager is a great host. Our server Brad have us a great presentation and great service. Looking forward to going back.
Not sure why this place has so few/ and bad reviews. I had only been here once before and had a good time with a larger group then. This time, it was just my wife and I on a slow weekday night. We sat right down, got our drinks right away and had a great tine. The food was very good and our service was good as well.
Worst place ever. Bad service rude staff. What a waste of money. The food was overpriced and undercooked. They have no concern about keeping customers. Every single staff member was not friendly including the manager.

(954) 584-4450


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