8279 Champions Gate Blvd
Four Corners, 33896
I'm not a fan of fast food. Like, at all. If I were reviewing this compared to other eating establishments, it would probably get a 1- or 2-star rating at most. But, as far as McDonald's goes, this one does taste fresher than the other locations I've been to, and the staff are perfectly fine. I've never actually been inside -- just drive-thru -- but it's a pretty new building in a fairly new area, and it looks pretty nice compared to other fast food joints, so I imagine the inside is clean (always a plus at a fast food joint). Also, it benefits from being one of the few places to eat in the immediate vicinity, especially late at night -- hence why I've found myself here many an evening. If you want other options, there's another McDonald's about two minutes up the street.... Anyway, not a place I would recommend for real food, but if you're looking for McDonald's, this one's better than some I've been to.
They had a 2 for 3.33 sausage egg mcmuffin deal. I used the drive thru so I can't comment on their facilities but they looked new outside. Using the drive thru was a breeze and our sandwiches came out warm and fresh. It could have been worse!
They didn't mark our sodas and we have a full car that is not gonna work! We asked them if we were gonna be on our own for our sodas and she said yes and my parents said oh no please we need them marked and they took the sodas back and we watched them take a drink out of them!!!!!!!! That is ridiculous! Oh my gosh!!!! I am so speechless I can't even believe it. Never coming here again!

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Burgers, Fast Food

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Dunkin’ Donuts

511 Hwy 27
Four Corners, 34714
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Donuts, Coffee & Tea

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