Eagle Lake Diner

185 5th St S
Eagle Lake, 33839
LUNCHES I love their meat entrees and their southern vegetables. I always am pleased as I begin eating. I usually take my lunches to go. I drive from Bartow, where I work passing by all the other restaurants to get to EAGLE LAKE DINER. If you are reading this, to know what the place is like... give it a try, you won't be sorry. Sometimes, I wanna take a peek in the kitchen to see if my Mama is in there. :) I know she's not, she's in heaven, god rest her soul. If you are reading this and you've been there to eat, You know what I'm talking about. spend about 2 minutes of your time and give this restaurant a review. My favorite meat entrée is their Shepherds Pie, favorite side item would be the cornbread dressing. Sarah
Eh.... Had Reuben, was just ok. Took it home to jazz it up a bit. Won't be back, I found it to be mediocre.
After 5-star YELP reviews, I expected much better. There was a steady influx of people and plenty of help on hand. We chose to bypass the $9 brunch buffet and order from the menu. I received the WORST BLT of my life. Dried out small slices of rye, over-toasted, flavorless cold bacon left over from breakfast (or a poorly heated buffet), tomato so thin and dry it was hard to know it was there. It was not a $5 value. A pickle or a few chips might have added "flavor". My friend had fried green tomatoes she couldn't eat--overbreaded with cornmeal and no heat to the tomatoes-perhaps due to a server walking up and down aisles for many minutes trying to figure out who ordered them, then their slipping them onto another plate once they figured it out and bringing it back to our table. Four slices for $3. Her French toast was decent. The waitress was not friendly, too hurried and "threw" stuff at us on the fly by. The guy next to us was a regular. He special orders potatoes with onions (.75 extra) and asks for them to be extra done--these looked great. Waitress at the check-out stand was snotty and shouting her personal business to anyone who would listen. She wouldn't take our check until six people had gone through her first from the buffet bar, though we arrived at the register first. While we waited, we watched people who "special ordered" breakfast get served by the cook slopping their eggs and grits and bacon from the food off the buffet. Shocking. Lunch food on the buffet included very watery cabbage, canned peas, breaded pork chops, bbq chicken, shepherd's pie, country fried steak. Definitely overcooked and fried southern food if you are into that. It's my view this place is popular because of its lack of restaurant competition in the area. Period.

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