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  • Dr Yolanda C Leon L.

    Great coffee, great food, quality service! Old country house made from beautiful cypresswood. Very nice staff, wonderful salad bar and variety on the menu. Very reasonably priced for such good quality! Recommend! Ask for Cheryl! Dr Y. C. Leon

  • Adam G.

    Come by every time i pass through Dixie County. Food is always great. Service is almost non existent. Server couldn't tell me enough times it was her third day. Kept wiping her face on her shirt. (ew!). Waited and waited for 3 kids cheese burgers. Finally got 3 hamburgers no cheese and cold fries. Never came back to check if we needed anything. Think I'll look for a new place.

  • Tracy D.

    We've only been here for breakfast, but its solid country breakfast food. Average pricing, friendly service. The ham and cheese omelette I had was very tasty. They have a lunch counter, and buffet, Nice place, and its been around a LONG time.

  • John B.

    We stopped here on our way from PCB to Central Florida. I love small, off the beaten path places...and Cypress Inn fits the bill. We came in for a late lunch...the fried shrimp, greens and slaw were ALL fantastic. Great iced tea...and very reasonable prices. Definitely a repeater.

  • Henry C.

    Stopped here for dinner with the wife while traveling, service was good and very polite, but food was less than stellar. Menu is a lot of southern comfort foods with some gulf seafood as well. We tried the shrimp basket and the special quail dinner. Shrimp were good and crispy, and came with hush puppies. Coleslaw was a bit lackluster. The quail dinner was a very generous portion, with 6 halved quail. Quail were served battered and deep fried, but the breading wasnt too crispy, and they were a bit bland and rather greasy. Probably wouldn't order quail again. Greens were good southern comfort food, mashed potatoes and fried eggplant were not as good. Prices were fair, with dinners in the $10-16 range, with lot of burger and sandwich options at lower prices, but also a few more expensive steak dinners in the $30 range. Location is good, seems like an old hang out thats been in Cross City a long time. Definitely a neat Old Florida place on the highway, but the food we tried was kinda hit or miss. Maybe stick to more traditional southern foods if you stop by.

  • Mike W.

    Cypress Inn is a down-home Southern style restaurant tucked away in the western outskirts of Cross City, Florida in the shadow of a large (and very noisy) sawmill. You smell pine oleoresin in the air mixed with the delicious scent of seafood or chicken frying in the restaurant's fryer as you walk in from the parking lot. The building itself looks like it hasn't changed since the 1960s and salutes the heyday of independent roadside motels and restaurants prior to the advent of the Interstate. A window has been painted to proclaim "Jesus is the reason for the season" despite it no longer being anywhere near Christmas and inside on the menu you'll find "freedom fries" instead of French fries--it's that kind of place and should be embraced for it, too. The interior is beyond description: impressive and liberal use of pecky cypress paneling (hence the restaurant's name), an ancient cash register, local newspapers for sale on the front desk, gumball machines, and lots of taxidermy. Deer heads watch you from all corners and woodwork is plentiful, fitting given its location next to a sawmill. It's dim, almost dark in some corners, yet homey and inviting. My friend Eli recommended the Cypress Inn thus: "don't be a wuss, get either the frog legs or the quail--you can get ribs anywhere". So I ordered quail which came with three sides (but oddly no form of bread at all). I chose greens, mashed taters with gravy, and pickled beets as my sides. The quail was tenderly battered with a frying batter that was spiced with pepper and just slightly with salt and would, frankly, be perfect also for fried chicken. Quail is a small bird and has about as much meat on it as a squirrel, and you have to fight tooth and nail to claw that meat out of the bones around it, but it's worth the effort. The mashed taters were fine, the beets very good--a strong (in a good way) vinegar pickle--and the greens were absolutely the best greens I've ever had. I am really surprised no form of bread was included though: cornbread or a roll or something, you would think. I had a chocolate pie for dessert which the waitress said they made in-house: this was not exceptional but did have the taste that it was homemade, though the crust wasn't that good the chocolate filling was alright. The staff is very nice and friendly though I can see them getting behind possibly on a busy night, like Fridays when they have their seafood buffet which I hear is a big draw. Their breakfasts are legendary locally apparently, too. Check them out. *** Update and Edit: After a second visit on a Saturday when they had their country dinner buffet, I upgraded Cypress Inn to a full five stars. Why? The buffet, while much less extensive than Ole Time Country Buffet (Lake City) or Sisters' in Branford, nonetheless was a steal for around $10, included a variety of desserts (pies and cobbler) and had some of the very best fried chicken I've ever had--plus things that ran low promptly were refilled. And the staff is just super-sweet, like really the nicest ladies. So five stars because you can't beat this for country cookin'.

  • Brian A.

    Good prices and a nice lunch buffet. My first trip here was great the food is kinda bland but has a nice southern charm to it. My second trip I came right after the buffet ended and right when the waitresses social lives began. It took 15 minutes to get my drink and after my food came not a sole checked on me but the gals all swapped stories watched videos on their phones and talked about finding other jobs. I just hope not to see them at the next place I eat.

  • Leslie H.

    Great local cuisine, from burgers and fried chicken to frog legs and quail. They offer quite a lot of seafood as well. The waitress was friendly and capable; I felt as if I should call her Mom! I ordered the fried catfish which came with 2 sides. Options included okra, mustard greens, potatoes, applesauce, and many more. My catfish was delicious--crispy outside and tender inside. With 3 large fillets, there was more than enough. There were 3 hush puppies on the plate as well. My husband downed a generous serving of meatloaf. He describes it as flavorful--just like home. This is not a fancy place. Our dinners arrived on china but the "buttery spread" for my baked potato was in a single-serving plastic tub. The salads were iceberg lettuce with some tomato and other veggies. Prices are very reasonable. Our dinners were around $14 each. Burgers and sandwiches are considerably less. Considering that this is almost the only restaurant for miles around, we were happily surprised that it's so good! If we pass through again, we'll definitely stop here again.

  • Anne Z.

    Had lunch at the Cypress inn today with friends. The food was mediocre, the place was filthy and the waitress was unenthusiastic. We all agreed we would never go back.

  • Mike S.

    Recently had a chance to eat here agan after over 30 years of occasional meals while driving from Tampa to Tallahassee on US 19. This is a venerable old restaurant favored by locals, including law enforcement and rescue workers. It is a converted old house and the interior is all pecky cypress, including loft ceilings. Lots of deer heads & antlers offering designer touches. Menu is country cooking stand-bys, lots of chicken, burgers/loaf, fish 'n grits, etc. No pretension and unlikely to offer diet items or even whole wheat toast----but can get unsweetened tea. Friday offers a seafood buffet with swamp cabbage (heart of palm) when available. No beer, wine or wicked spirits. Good solid food...and worth watching for as you blow through the tiny town of Shamrock....remembering the Highway Patrol station nearby and the troopers chowing down blow through at the posted speed limit.

  • Don B.

    Very good Good prices Great service

  • Jan F.

    Fun place to stop as we travelled from the Ocala area toward Tallahassee with lots of local color and patrons. Nothing but good ol' down to earth country cooking here as we sampled the lunch buffet that for our visit featured fried chicken, fried pork chops, or gravied meatloaf with sides of white beans, stewed tomatoes, cabbage, mashed potatoes, rice, and cornbread or biscuits. A salad bar, drink, and dessert are also included. The deviled eggs were good. Price for all was $7.25.

  • Melissa W.

    Great fried chicken and banana pudding! Lunch buffet was really good. We've made this our meeting spot between Tampa and Panama for the grand kid handoff. :)

  • Karl W.

    Great place for good food. Home cooking. Great staff and fun people. Prices are excellent for what you get, and being in a small town is just icing on the cake. Breakfast early and you travel back in time to those days off good people talking and having food together before work

  • Jill C.

    I love this place. Seriously, when we get to Florida this year, this is the first stop on my list. Fried pork chops and peach cobbler are the best. Last trip, we stopped here at 6:00 am for fried pork chops before our flight home. Amazing. Can't wait to go back!

  • Doug R.

    I love the atmosphere and the food. Had a steak on a Friday night and it was the best I had in quite a while. I look forward to returning.

  • Dwight S.

    Great sweet tea! Great food....if your passing by this is a must try!

  • James C.

    Specials were fried chicken or pork strips with 3 vegetables. All of us (6 in all) thought food was very good. We thought corn bread, stewed tomatoes and Lima beans were very good.

  • James P.

    Good plate lunch buffet place on the side of the road. All you could expect from southern cooking. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Quiet atmosphere.


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Cypress Inn Restaurant

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