Dunkin’ Donuts

18714 NW 67th Ave
Country Club, 33015
I'm usually makings my DD stops for Coffee and a sweet breakfast or as an afternoon pick me up since I'm not a fan of the sandwiches, they feel very processed and heavy. They do have THE best guava filled "donuts" around so if your local DD has them, get one (or two)! If you like your pumpkin coffee flavorful like Starbucks, ask for extra flavor :)
My local Dunkin' Donuts! There's something about a warm cup of joe and a fresh donut that can get you going early in the morning. I usually come here for the most part either at two different times of the day. Either early in the morning to pick up some great coffee ( At a fraction of the cost of the Bux! ) and either having a toasted coconut donut for myself " You can't go wrong with toasted coconut " or buying a dozen for the office to enjoy. One of the features I enjoy about this location is there is a drive thru. No need to get out of my car, I can listen to my tunes, talk on the phone, or even get some work done via my smart phone while I wait... " Kids don't try doing homework its way more complicated then adult work I swear " The line here usually moves fast and the attendant is friendly and courteous. During the night the tide shifts. I don't believe it's a person problem it's more of a management problem. Every time I come there is an older african american man who runs the show here. This man is a one man wrecking crew god bless his soul, but 1 person can only do so much, this man takes the order, serves, rings up customers, I've seen him clean up, the list goes on and on. I know the night shift can be slower and It's clear management attempting to cut cost and maximize profitability but get the old man some help... Because of this the line sometimes backs up and you can wait a while for your order. Hopefully they can add an extra person to the shift, or if there is a manager on staff he can contribute.
I moved near this DD almost a year ago. I can safely say that I have been to this DD every weekend since I moved and Not ONCE has my order been correct. Why do I keep going? Because I really dislike Starbucks and this is the only drive thru DD for miles. I have a four month old and can't take her every morning to a DD. I finally reached my limit a few weeks ago when I order 2 large coffees one with no sugar and one with regular sugar yet they gave me both with extra sugar, mind you one was for a diabetic. Then I order three biscuits and asked for them toasted. When I get home they were frozen. I called and spoke to the girl who handed me the order (which btw I was at the window so long, I know she went to an Xmas party with her mom and was out all night!) after I spoke with her I asked her to have the owner call me and well it's been weeks and I haven't heard. Save your selves the trouble and just get off at another DD.

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