Vienna Cafe and Bistro

5724 S Flamingo Rd
Cooper City, 33330
Going downhill and using cheap ingredients. I have been coming to this place for over 10 years. I had not been in a a while and decided to come out last Tuesday around 7pm. What I have found is that while there is still some semblance of good food left, they are starting to take some cheap shortcuts that are really affecting the quality of their food. What we ate: Mushroom Bisque: pretty good- if not a little overzealous with the heavy cream French Onion Soup: The onion broth is really great, however, it is smothered with waaayyy to much bread (gotta use up that stale baguette) and they used white American cheese for the top! To any that are lovers of this soup that is a huge no-no. Its Gruyere or at the very least a Swiss and Parmesan combo. Why did they use American cheese? Oh, of course, it's dirt cheap. Seafood Crepes (we ordered two of these): Well all I have to say is the cheap continues! These are meant to be stuffed with shrimp and crab. Well they are, technically. The crab is huge chunks of imitation crab meat, and the shrimp are little salad shrimp that didn't taste very fresh. These are all covered in a Parmesan cream sauce that was very heavy. The actual crepes themselves were good, and they were topped with what looked like pre-shredded old Parmesan cheese. Why? They were also served with a heap of steamed broccoli which I doubt anyone who orders this eats. Why broccoli, oh, because IT'S CHEAP! (Do you get the theme?) Now, none of this is what I would call an "inexpensive dinner" for what it is. The crepes were $22 plus extra for the upgraded soups. I'm sorry but for old shrimp, imitation crab meat, and old bread soup that will just not do! They are really trying to cut corners at this place and it is not working for them! With that being said, they do have a very charming outdoor dining area that is nicely landscaped and lighted. It makes you forget this little place is in a strip plaza. Also, service is not the best here, the older woman we had serving us just seemed like there were so many other things she would rather be doing, like sleeping.
It was such a delight! My friend, Liz, and I met up there to catch up on things and what a wonderful suggestion! The food was very, very good, the outside patio was a delight with fans and umbrellas and the tea was just scrumptious! I loved it all and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!
In love with the atmosphere and tea and scones. So incredible. It just takes quite a while for such a small meal to arrive.

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Coffee & Tea, French, British

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Tin Cup Sports Bar & Grill

5050 SW 90th Ave
Cooper City, 33328
My girlfriend and came here for the 1st time... The place was quite just how she like it but then again it was on a Monday night.. the service was ok not the best the hot wings were not the best....It's an ok place I might come back for the karaoke and the beer but nothing else
Came here for open mic night. Had a chicken quesadilla to start. Delicious! Huge pieces of chicken. My husband ordered a burger which was cooked to a perfect med rare. I had the pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw, the meat was super tender. Everything was delicious. The bartender/server behind the bar was great and the owner was super nice. Must try!!!
Since the new owners have taken over all I read were great reviews...our experience was great! Good food, lots of activities, kid friendly and great prices! They have a semi private room for events and birthday parties. We'll be back for sure!

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Burgers, American (Traditional)

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The Roman Oven

8648 Griffin Rd
Cooper City, 33328
I had just gotten out of the hospital the day before ordering from here. I was in a motorcycle accident that broke my leg in half. I went into surgery to have a metal rod permanently implanted to hold it together again... Needless to say, I wasn't feeling too great lol. I came on their website & saw that they had my favorite food of all time listed on their menu - a "Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli" - I ordered mine with hot peppers and onions. This has always been a hit or miss item for me when I usually have to ask restaurants to special make this item for me, so the fact that it was already on their menu, had me very excited! lol. My meal arrived within an hour(which is fine considering this needed to be cooked to perfection). The delivery guy was very kind & helped me with what he could when he saw that i could not walk due to my broken leg/surgery. He placed my stuff down for me where i asked, and was also very kind and welcoming of all my pets jumping all over him lol. Now... The food(if you're still reading this)... I can't just say it was amazing or incredible.. it wouldn't be doing the meal justice. It was so good that it almost felt like whoever was cooking that night understood the pain I was in, and wanted to make me something so perfect & special to rid of all the negativity for the 20-30 minutes it took me to scarf this delicious beast down. As i mentioned earlier, this is my all time favorite dish, and when I bit into it.. I had instant memories of ordering it when I was younger every thursday night on family pizza night. And in the time I sat there eating it I had not a single negative thought about my accident, broken leg, surgery, medical bills or anything that was not 100% positive. THAT IS GOOD FOOD, PEOPLE!!! And when someone truly loves what they do for a living, it shows through their work. This chef clearly has an amazing passion, and I thank him for giving me that positive taste of hope! :) PS - I don't even have a yelp account. I have to create one just to post this, and even though I know i'm dooming myself to more email offers in my inbox... I know this place deserves this review, and I'm glad to do it. Thank you guys again for the PERFECT CHEESESTEAK STROMBOLI last night, I'll never forget you for that.
Roman Oven is the best! Delicious food, great prices and the nicest people!!! A pleasure to go there and order from. Also great for catering!
LOVE LOVE LOVE ROMAN OVEN ! order from them at least twice a week ! You have not lived until you have one of their pizza crust sandwiches! Great management.. Very family oriented. Speedy deliveries

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Marola’s Trattoria

5822 S Flamingo Rd
Cooper City, 33330
I am on the fence with this place. 1st time I went I was not impressed. Driving 1 hour to get there certainly put me in a bad mood to start. This 1st experience was not bad, it just was not anything to write home about. I do/did like that the atmosphere and staff is warm and friendly. My second time, the food seemed better. I wish there was an alternative to the star rating. Like maybe a timer so you could rate how long of a drive this place is worth. I would give it a solid 15 minute max.
Wow! Some of the best Italian food I've had in a long time. Great staff, so friendly. Really great experience. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for genuine Italian food. Tiramasu was heaven on a plate.
Good food but mediocre service.... this is my first time being here & I wanted to try out my new place we went early lunch hour or what we thought would be but there were almost closing. The restaurant was pretty empty and even still the waiter was not very attentive. He rather text and play on his phone then taking care of the customers that were currently there. I would go back because the food tasted good but I would have to go when they were busier to C if the other servers are better.

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Italian, Pizza

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Alfredo’s Pizza & Restaurant

4718 S Flamingo Rd
Cooper City, 33330
A true NY style pizza! If you are looking for an awesome slice of pizza for a great price, look no further, Alfredo ' s has the best pizza in the area!
Great pizza, very generous toppings. Super service. Will definitely be back. This place is a great hidden gem in the Ft Lauderdale area.
I don't normally write reviews but Alfredo deserves this. I've stayed in Chicago and New York but I always look forward to coming home to the delicious crust of Alfredo's pizza. His ingredients are fresh and the taste is authentic. Best takeout in the area.

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Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches

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The Melting Pot

5834 S Flamingo Rd
Cooper City, 33330
Hands down the best Melting Pot I've ever been to. There's a reason this location has survived so many years in a strip mall in a quiet family friendly town. Server was attentive and helped speed our meal along since daddy wanted an entree and the little one and I only wanted cheese and dessert. The Wednesday night magician was great... Stayed late to make sure he got to perform for all the kids. Manager very attentive as well. Great specialty cocktails! Will definitely be back for both date night and girls night out!!
The beautiful and romantic place! The food is very good The service is very good But is very expensive
I was surprised that I actually liked the food from here. It was a perfect ending for the night. We were seated immediately and our server attended us as soon as we sat down. The server we had was so personable and attentive. She explained how the restaurant worked and gave us a couple of recommendations. The only down side is the strong odor that lingered in the restaurant. The place was also extremely cold but luckily once I got my drink I was able to somewhat heat up. I would definitely give this place another try though!

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China City

9552 Griffin Rd
Cooper City, 33328
China city is a very small but special place! The service is by far friendlier than any other Chinese restaurant I've been to. The dine in area is quiet and homey, a perfect place for a date or for a writer looking to get some quiet time.
Lily makes the freshest Chinese food around. Fresh veggies. The wings are the best. Kung Pao chik is fantastic. Well recommended.
UNBELIEVABLE! Are you kidding me? It takes 1.5+ hours to deliver an order (at least, would've been two if we actually wanted to go through with the order). Since your delivery driver got lost, here are the directions. Take Griffin Rd down to Davie Rd, turn left onto Davie Rd and drive down. It took me a total of 5 seconds to pull it up on Google Maps. This is not even a review of the food because there was no food we could review. I'm really not sure how you ended up with 4 stars, but it's a shame we won't try your food because of this experience. Not sure how you find it acceptable to want to still charge me full price (52+ tip) for food and accept the food after an hour and a half + of me waiting for it. It certainly didn't help telling us that you sent your driver out with three meals and ours was the last. I understand a bad night, I even understand maybe being 15 minutes late. But when you tell me 45 minutes and it takes double+ that time, come on. To add insult to injury, you want to blame me and tell me I don't live in Davie? I gave you the address before you even took my order, how does that even make sense? Best part, "Oh no don't worry you didn't get charged I didn't even run your card, you check online it won't show up". Right, didn't take you very long to charge me for food you can't even deliver. No redemption. Maybe it's not much, but you won't be receiving our business or anyone we know.

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Taste of The City

9940 Griffin Rd
Cooper City, 33328
This places is right around the corner from our son's school, and is the best breakfast ever!!! Inexpensive, abundant, delicious, super friendly, and convenient for us. The eggs are always cooked how we want them, the home fries are incredible, today we are trying the pancakes, and they look really good too! This will be our breakfast date destination, because it's totally worth it. Oh, and the coffee is strong and delicious. Definitely a neighborhood spot that you have to try!
Great little diner for breakfast! Be sure to check it out. My husband and I thought the staff was very friendly. The place is nothing super special and it is small. But they have really affordable prices for energizing and refreshing breakfast choices. He got coffee and I got a mimosa. Pretty good- made with freshly squeezed orange juice, so it was a thicker consistency than I am used to because of the pulp. I enjoyed it though. If you are not a pulp lover than maybe the mimosas won't be for you. We both ordered bagel breakfast sandwiches that had egg, sausage, bacon, and cheddar cheese on them. The bagels were toasted and fresh, the sausage was smooth and light (no disgusting chunks of fat in the patties like you find in some diner's sausage), and the bacon was crispy- not too greasy. The eggs were also light and airy, but cooked well (no runny scrambled eggs! Yay). My husband gave them his stamp pf approval, and he's generally very picky. So that's a big deal! Overall, we will be back. Can't beat coffee, mimosa, and breakfast for two for $15. Oh, and use the yelp check in deal. 10% off your total check. Nice!
Went there during work lunch time around 2 PM and glad to not have been rushed out since the store claims it was closing at 3 PM, usually other businesses would either have their servers turn away and close kitchen or be in a hurry with service and order, but this one actually let us feel welcomed and pretty good American Diner food. I went for Chicken Club with avocado sandwich w/fries and a cup of chili= it was great! Liked the chili, pretty filling with cheese and onions, and I even had one half of the Club sandwich left over for snack later which I was still able to enjoy and didn't need to reheat or anything. My co-worker had a breakfast special and he also enjoyed his meal very much. We would recommend this place to others and return if possible. Closing time does make it more difficult but it is a great place for breakfast/brunch- therefore the hours are perfect for that crowd.

(954) 434-9245

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch

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Havana’s Cuban Cuisine

8600 Griffin Rd
Cooper City, 33328
I can't believe i haven't been here sooner. It's hard to find good Cuban food especially in cooper city/ Davie area. But this place is amazing. Our server, Ralphael was very attentive and great. We could see he was juggling many tables at once and still gave us excellent service. For those who are complaining about the prices, stop. They give you a very generous portion of everything you order. Keep up the great work! Definitely will be back.
this is not a fancy restaurant but for it's class of restaurants it is great! clean, modern vibe and really good food. I will put this into my restaurant rotation!
Lechon asado. 5 stars. I am from San Francisco. I can be extremely critical of food. It was the best I've ever had. Haven't been impressed with other types of food out here, but this for sure was amazing. Moist, tender, juicy, firm, not overcooked. Excellent flavors. Well prepared.

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Toss Up Salads

8616 Griffin Rd
Cooper City, 33328
I love this place!!!! This is a small but lovely restaurant.If you like food that it is a quick, tasty and healthy food option, Toss Up Salads is the restaurant for you. The service was great. I was greeted with a friendly smile, very accommodating and friendly. The clerk was eager to provide some great suggestions. I ordered the Terri's Toss which was a vegetarian option and had fresh everything mixed in. This restaurant offers fixed menu as well as create your own wraps and salads. They even offer a gluten free wrap at no extra charge. They open early and offer great, healthy breakfast choices and smoothies. Put Toss Up Salads on your list of restaurants to try.
I go to Toss Up Salads all the time. I love that they let you choose your own wrap or salad ingredients, but I learned that they are better at choosing what foods go together better than I am. I could eat the chicken pesto wrap every day! And the Mediteranean Salad is also to die for. The food is all so fresh and the cold plates and forks are such a nice touch. If my rating was based just on the food 5 starts no question! My only complaint is that there have been a couple of times that they were busy and the food came out litterally 1/2 the size it normaly does-they offered to make me a new one, but I had to get back to work. (It should have been done right the first time).
First time visit. Ordered two salads and a smoothie. Both salads were worth the cost. One the two salads was actually really big. Smoothie was very refreshing. Will return

(954) 440-4140

Vegetarian, Salad, Juice Bars & Smoothies

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