Marco’s Pizza

6102 Gunn Hwy
Citrus Park, 33625
I've ordered from Marco's a few times. I really liked their "Square Deal" pizza and for a time they offered Old World Pepperoni. These were small slices cut from aged, dried pepperoni and were well spiced. My favorite part was that they curled up at the edges during baking and got super crispy. I also enjoy their sliced meatball topping. They were flavorful and not too fatty. Overall - decent pizza, but no the most amazing pizza ever. Never had a chance to try their salads, sides or breads.
Do not order from these incompetent children. I placed an order and after an hour and half still no pizza. After calling found out that my order some how disappeared.
Honestly, I like Marco's Pizza, I do. The pizza is always well made, and they are generally pretty fast. This location however was pretty terrible. I ordered pizza for my daughters birthday party, after 50 minutes from our call ahead delivery we called in, but no one could seem to give me any information. After 4 phone calls we were FINALLY told the driver would be there in 15 minutes, after already waiting over an hour for the pizza. Let me just say that a room full of 20+ children that have been playing soccer and are needing food is not fun, especially during a birthday party, and especially when it was planned to arrive at a certain time to make sure they had nourishment for their activity. The manager couldn't give me much explanation, and to be honest this experience left a really bad taste in my mouth in regards to Marco's, I'll probably never order from there again.

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BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

8002 Citrus Park Town Center
Citrus Park, 33625
I've had mixed results with eating at thie BJ's Brewhouse. I love the pizza, sandwiches and lunch specials, but every time I get the roasted chicken, it's undercooked. Once i had to send my undercooked chicken back twice, and finally the manager came over to offer me the option of a different meal because his "cooks can't get it right today." I was disappointed because this happens to be one of the healthiest things on the menu, but the manager was friendly and helpful in offering healthy alternative meal options. Overall service here has been decent, and the seasonal beer selections have been fantastic. I love the atmosphere and large menu, and the location is very convenient. I will be back, but I won't order the chicken again.
The food is amazing- when they get it right. The service is awful and the staff quite rude. Don't go if you're in a hurry or if you're really particular.
Great place for wide variety of good eats. The deep dish pizza is great the pork sandwich is very tasty and the hamburger is better then Red Robin. If your at Citrus park mall and need some fuel this is your place!

(813) 852-1910

American (New), Breweries, Pizza

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