9906 Gulf Dr
Anna Maria, 34216
Stopped at Rudy's to grab sandwiches to-go for four and so happy we did. Great for a beach sandwiches! The Philly cheesesteak was delicious the meat was sooooo flavorful (thankfully not overly salted or peppered like another reviewer below might prefer), tender and prepared perfectly. Super fresh bread. Don't worry about the reference to "marinara sauce" in the menu Description of the philly sandwich. It's served on the side. For me, I'd tell them not to include the sauce next time. The sandwich is perfect as it comes. Don't compare this to Pats or Gino's and just enjoy this for a great and tasty sandwich. Others in my group got roast beef, Italian sub, and tuna. All were happy. All sandwiches were made to order and fast! PIE! Be sure to get the pie of the day. One of the owners makes the pies. We had coconut cream pie and it was outstanding. From what I hear, all of her pies are fantastic. We never order dessert, especially at lunch but I read online before we went to Rudy's that they'd won a pie contest... So we got two slices to share. We wished we had ordered a slice per person! The woman that took our order was fun and kept telling us we were ordering well and making good choices. Cute. We talked with both of the owners and got their recommendations for other restaurants on AMI. They were super friendly and helpful. I would guess that these are the types of people who would be all-business unless you engage them. So for those other reviewers who found them to be unfriendly ... you get what you give. As locals came in, they greeted them by name and knew everyone's order. Cool ladies!
This place is great I love the meatball sub. The soup is great and my son Will loves to go there for lunch. One of the best values on the island.
Love this place! The best subs on the island. The Philly Cheese Steak and the Italian are my favorite. Sally and Julie (Owners) are always friendly, attentive and just all around great ladies. If you're lucky enough to get a piece of their Chocolate Pie you will not be disappointed. Very yummy!

(941) 896-7844


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The Donut Experiment

210C Pine Ave
Anna Maria, 34216
The donuts here are GOOD, and fresh, but not worth waiting 2 hours for. Yes, 2 hours. The line to order the donuts was about a half hour and then we were informed that to actually receive the donuts would be another hour. Ok, so we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and went back to get our donuts right around the hour mark, but ended up waiting an extra 25 minutes on top of the hour they told us. These donuts were worth maybe the half hour wait, but not a full two hours. This is a cool place to go to and try all the different flavors you can imagine on a donut, but I'd highly recommend going as early as possible and eating something before you go!
Yes, yes, yes, 1000 times yes. Made to order donuts with many toppings. I was a skeptical at first but I've been won over to the cake donut side. Tried the sriracha donut as a joke and now I literally crave it. Friendly faces, fun for kids and adults and an easy system to order your donuts and wait for them to be freshly made. Try and bacon maple, a vanilla and fruity pebbles donut and the sriracha one. You won't be disappointed
Fantastic little donut shop at the north end of the island (on Pine Ave.)...though the secret has been out for years, as the place is usually crowded during normal breakfast feeding times. That said, the donuts are "out of sight" and are well-worth the usually reasonable wait. After all, who doesn't like warm, made-to-order donuts? Plus, they've made it much easier (and more efficient) to check off your order on the donut "design" sheets hanging on the wall. You really can't go wrong and should indulge in the many delicious options offered...or create your own donut masterpiece. This is a must-stop on the island and arguably some of the best donuts in America! Worth the wait...become a regular! Enjoy the donuts!!

(941) 896-3172


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Poppo’s Taqueria

212C Pine Ave
Anna Maria, 34216
Food is very good. Like a healthier/tastier/fresher version of Subway, or Moe's. Might have gone for the 5th star were it not for their odd request for a tip when you use a credit card to pay. they say the tip is optional, but you are presented with the choice of 15%, 20%, 25%, or No Tip. So you are unfairly compelled to leave a 15% tip for the No Service. I usually don't tip at places like this. Occasionally I will see a tip jar, and throw in my change or a buck. But 15%? Would you leave that at Subway? or Moe's? It left me with a cold vibe. If you go, pay cash.
Good food, fast...perfect for after a day at the beach, but expensive. So the easiest way to describe this place is a local version of Chipotle or Moes. Walk in, made to order burritos, tacos...sit where you want. Pros: Decent beer selection, really fresh food, laid back atmosphere makes it perfect post beach (sandy, sandals, swimsuits, etc.) Cons: Pricey (more on that in a sec) Suggestions: 1) Menu is really busy/confusing, tough to figure out what they have 2) They have nachos and Salsa, which, given their theme of fresh food, we would have liked to try, but we didn't know that until we sat down and saw a separate ad. Not sure if we missed it on the menu, but goes back to suggestion 1. Price: $27 for 2 burritos, a beer and a coke. WHAT?! Maybe because its close to the beach...but still. It was good food, given the area, we might be back, but we'll probably skip the drinks.
Very tasty. Very fresh. However, they need lettuce! Update: It's been 8 months since my original review. I'm back in Anna Maria, and I have eaten at Poppo's twice in the last two days. It's just excellent. I still wish there was lettuce but the honey lime cabbage is great, and the salsa verde is fantastic. Get a quesadilla with pork. Don't skip Poppo's.

(941) 254-7941


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Two Scoops

101 S Bay Blvd
Anna Maria, 34216
We were staying in Anna Maria for the weekend and the sun was HOT. The perfect ice cream kind of day. After reading reviews on Two Scoops, we decided to swing by and check it out. Apparently so did the rest of the island. It was packed! I gave this place three out of five stars because, to be honest it wasn't that impressive. It had your typical ice cream parlor flavors... Superman, cookie dough, birthday cake, mint chocolate chip, etc. They also had newer fun flavors like black raspberry and trash can (snickers, Reese's, Oreos, chocolate, vanilla and other candy bars all mixed up together). I got the muddy sneaker (snickers, Reese's and vanilla) in a waffle cone. The title alone had my mouth watering, but once I took a bite the excitement subsided. It was very bland. If I was blindfolded I definitely wouldn't have been able to decipher the flavors. Was it a little underwhelming.... Yeah. But did it satisfy my sweet tooth? Of course! So I guess mission accomplished.
Best ice cream on the island! My favorite was the black raspberry and the muddy sneaker! Their cones are great. Usually they get mushy and don't taste that good but these ones were awesome it can get really busy after dinner but beside that it's awesome
OMG BIRTHDAY CAKE ICE CREAM ON A WAFFLE CONE!!!!!! That should be enough to get most kids in the door and some adults that still enjoy great ice cream, so many great flavors and giant scoops YUM!!! I couldn't decide I understand why the kids have such a tough time making their decision. The owners are great and have lots of patients for those of us who walk back and forth in front of the glass case trying to decide. Located right across from the beach and City Pier its impossible to miss. Lots of room inside to sit as well as lots of benches around the strip mall. The store has great decor and is very clean. I definitely will return again and again hope to try the food one day but only if there's room left for lots more ice cream.

(941) 779-2422

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Harry’s Grill

9903 Gulf Dr
Anna Maria, 34216
We stopped in for breakfast. We opted to sit on the patio as were most of the other people dining that day. Service - was far from stellar. The waitress did not seem happy to be there. If you want a side of "Huff" with your request this is the place to go. Ask for ketchup the answer is sure with "huff" sound. The sound effects were outstanding. Each table had a six-pack container with condiments in them. However, ours, along with most of the other tables weren't properly stocked. How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? That's great as you have a choice on how your eggs are prepared as long as your answer is scrambled. The portion sizes were huge. The standard 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, hash browns and toast was more like 3 to 4 eggs (scrambled of course), 3 to 4 pieces of bacon, a huge serving of hash browns and two slices of toast. My husband ordered the 3-egg meat omelet, which seemed more like 4 or 5 eggs and the meat selection was sausage, bacon, and ground beef. The ground beef part was a little strange. I ordered the Egg and Cheese Croissant, it was ordinary, solid but no outstanding. At some point they put on music for the patio. We sat for a few moments and after everyone on the patio looking at each other and asking "Am I hearing what I think I'm hearing.." we indeed confirmed they had turned on Christmas music. Nothing gets me more in the beach mood than Christmas music. It took a few minutes for them to realize the error of their ways and the music was changed to more appropriate beach music. So, if you want a little Christmas joy with a side of "huff" with your meal this is the place for you. When I return, I'll walk a little further down the main street and try a different breakfast spot.
Great place to eat hear good music and check out cool art - wings are fantastic - burgers are great as well - try it You won't be disappointed
In Anna Maria for a trip with the girls from high school (we graduated in 1974). If possible would have given 6 stars. We had the chicken Cesar salad, chicken quesadilla, burger, chicken club southwest and BLT. Everything was EXCELLENT. I love BLTs and have had many, this was awesome. The fries were also great, seasoned well. The chicken quesadilla was unbelievable. Stuffed with cheese, chicken and fantastic sauce, a bit spicy. The burger and chicken club were great as well. The chicken Cesar was delicious. There wasn't a bit of food left. The service was excellent. We will be back.

(941) 567-5999

Breakfast & Brunch, Burgers, Sandwiches

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Ginny’s & Jane E’s Bakery Cafe

9807 Gulf Dr
Anna Maria, 34216
Amazing cinnamon roll! It was the best I've ever had...buttery, gooey deliciousness That statement was a result of our first visit. We came again for breakfast this husband couldn't get away from the cinnamon roll, and I had to try the lox bagel. Wow - an everything bagel, red onion, capers, tomato, cream cheese, and lox. We will definitely be back! This place is amazing!
Cinnamon roll is a must have and big enough for 4 people. Yum yum... The French toast burlee is a must have.. WOW!!! so good and I'm sure it was healthy; lol. I'd also recommend the 3 egg platter..
Pluses: whimsical, colorful, inviting space with seating for large groups. Veggie omelette was good as were my scrambled eggs and toast. Many fresh baked goods like Danishes, scones, and muffins. Of course the giant cinnamon bun was a hit. Chill and relaxed atmosphere. Minuses: Cappuccino was made way too quickly. Water ran through in 10 seconds...therefore thin, tasteless. Cashier steamed about 1/4 gallon of milk at a time. Training needed. The proprietor asked how everything was; I said great except for the capp and she offered to correct it with a new one. That was nice. Unconventional tables and seating looked fun but many low tables were impractical unless you are a small child. No receipt given! - one star NB: water is available in a red dispenser to the right of the register on the right. A conspicuous silver "manly" mannequin with sequined rainbow chest vest and bejeweled banana sling might be a great family photo op. Or not.

(941) 778-3170

Bakeries, Comfort Food

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Island Ocean Star

902 S Bay Blvd
Anna Maria, 34216
It's a very nicely decorated place on the pier. The staff is very pleasant. They have a bar, one hibachi table, a sushi bar, several tables and booths. This review is only on sushi because that's all I wanted. The tuna wasn't fresh but most of the times it a hit and miss. Fresh tuna looks red and it melts in your mouth. However, the tuna I got was just chewy and dark in color. I got the spicy tuna roll, the hong roll, and the dragon roll. The best one out of the three was the hong roll. The rest were just mediocre. They taste blend and nothing really stand out to the taste buds. For example, the spicy tuna wasn't spicy at all. It just taste like tuna with rice. A good spicy tuna roll will have a mild spicy taste with a hint of tuna. This review is only on the sushi so they might have really good entrée. This place is worth trying if you are near by. I have really high expectations for sushi so this place is ok. It's worth a might like it.
I'm a transplanted New Yorker living in St. Pete & was visiting friends on the island. The sushi here blew me away. I have not yet found anything comparable in Tampa Bay. Granted, most of the places I have been are in St Pete Beach or St Petersburg. There are a couple that are ok. This place is utterly epic. Other suggestions welcome.
Food was delicious. The only complaint is the service was a bit slow but well worth the wait.

(941) 251-6940

Sushi Bars, Japanese

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Sign of the Mermaid

9707 Gulf Dr
Anna Maria, 34216
I kept hearing about this place and how good their key lime pie was. It was not only good but the best I have ever had! AMI is a very special place and Sign of the Mermaid is a special place as well! My wife said the owner was very nice to her so that's just bonus points! Cannot wait to try their other food.
Just wait 36 minutes at a table where we were not acknowledged except for a glass of water. Bummed. The menu looked great!
Went for Breakfast with mum on our holiday to Florida. I had been referred to this place by the owner of the place we were renting, and had also seen great things on Yelp. We pulled up at 8:55, not realizing that it didn't open until 9, but we knew it was opening soon because there was a line forming at the front door! I ordered my usual, coffee, orange juice, and Eggs Benedict, Mum ordered a milk, grapefruit juice and Creme Brulée French Toast! The juice is freshly squeezed by someone near by, and oh my goodness, I have never had such fresh Florida orange juice. The eggs Benedict were done to perfection - solid whites, liquid yolk, just the right amount of holandaise sauce. I had a bite of the Creme Brulée French Toast and OMG it was delish! With two small slices of baguette (i think) stuffed with creme brulée and 3 types of Berries, it was such a great breakfast treat - though I suggest having a serious sweet tooth or craving if ordering for breakfast. Too sweet for me! The artwork in the restaurant as well was just fantastic! They sell hand painted cards and most of the paintings on the wall are also for sale.

(941) 778-9399

American (Traditional)

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J Burns’ Pizza Shop

308 Pine Ave
Anna Maria, 34216
I love Pine Ave as its unchained, and I was excited to have a pizza place on the street open up. We are here every summer, and last year was the first year I tried it. It was a pretty decent pizza!! Living in Chicago, and from the east coast, I would say I have reasonably high standards for pizza. I think for Florida, it was pretty good, and I'm not going to argue about the slightly higher price. Everything on Anna Maria island is a little high when it comes to food. (Even the Publix is a bit gouging). Its the price you pay for being here, and its not a tourist tax. Its just expensive to operate here. So why 3 stars. Capacity. I think my house has a bigger oven. Simply put, they can't make pizza in any reasonable time frame, given the demand- and they have demand. I gave up this year, when I went in twice, and they said it would be a 1.5 - 2 hour wait if I ordered for pickup. So, although I am willing to pay a premium for pizza here, it is not good enough to say I will waste two hours of beach time for a slightly above average pizza. I just ordered from Dominos, and low and behold, I had an average pizza, at a good price in 12 minutes. I love supporting local, but come on. A pizza place, needs an oven that is bigger than an over sized apartment range.
Delicious pizza- try the Deluxe! Service was phenomenal and the prices were great!
Fantastic garlic rolls!! Good pizza, at first too hot, but cools down quickly enough to easy. Cut into bite sized pieces. Very yummy! Probably the most charming thing is that if you order it for delivery, the pizza arrives via bike. Ah, beach life!

(941) 251-4070


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Oma’s Pizza and Italian Restuarant

201 Gulf Dr
Anna Maria, 34216
Small. Noisy. Crowded. Don't let ANY of those things keep you from enjoying an authentic Italian meal at Oma. First, the building. This is the worst aspect of this restaurant. It is small and loud and they are incapable of seating more than 6 together indoors. The service was excellent. We came with a party of 11 and the staff made it work as quickly and well as they could given the restaurant's layout. The food was not super fast, but again the waitress took note that we had hungry kids and was able to expedite our apps and spaghetti to help get the kids fed a bit sooner. Despite the fact that our large party disrupted their restaurant's traffic flow, everyone was extremely friendly and accommodating. We ordered a pepperoni / sausage pizza, mozzarella sticks, spaghetti, manicotti, and the grouper fradiavolo. All were excellent. The pizza had authentic New York style crust and the cheese was excellent. My only nitpick would be that the meat toppings were thinly cut and somewhat bland. The mozzarella sticks were nice and crispy and the accompanying homemade blended marinara was very good, with just hint of acidity. Our side spaghetti was served with a nice meaty version of their tomato sauce. Our kids devoured it. My wife enjoyed her manicotti which was topped with melted cheese and bathed in the same blended marinara. My grouper was outstanding. The large piece of fish was cooked nicely and the tomato based tutti mare sauce that it came with was packed with seafood and bursting with flavor. My only other small nitpick was the side salad that came with our entrees. It consisted of iceberg lettuce, onion, a single slice of cucumber and a single slice of tomato. Not much to it. That said, the accompanying house made vinegarette was fantastic. I found their pizza quite affordable and the dinners a bit expensive. The portions were generous, though. If it were possible to give 4.5 stars, I would. Given that I can't, I think Oma's cones closer to 5 stars than 4.
Killer stombolis! Good service! The house salad dressing also is amazing. Highly recommend this place while on your Anna Maria visit.
The pizza here is always fantastic! It is not too greasy and has good flavor. My favorite thing is the dough, which is between a thin crust and hand tossed size. We usually get carryout here and do not eat in. For right now, just for the pizza and fast service we get from carryout, I will give this place 5 stars. I will try to eat inside and try the other food later, then update this review. If you are in the mood for pizza and want to eat at home, I recommend Oma's over the pizza chains.

(941) 778-0771

Pizza, Salad, Beer, Wine & Spirits

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