Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

305 Rocky Run Pkwy
Talleyville, 19803
I ate here last night with my mother, aunt and cousin and we had the WORST service I think I've ever had at a restaurant. The server, a young black girl with glasses and bleach blonde/orange tips, looked miserable from the moment she came over. She took more then 10 minutes to get drinks, just drinks. When we finally placed our order we waited more then 30 minutes for the food to come out and the order was wrong, most likely because she didn't write the orders down. So it went back to the kitchen with no apology for messing it up, and she came back to the table and asked my mother, whose order she messed up, "what did you want?" Are you serious? Do you train your servers how to address guests? If anything a manager should have come over and apologized for the mistake and compensated something, maybe the glasses of wine that were suppose to be house but she charged us for the more expensive one. We when asked for boxes and the check and once again she disappeared. We waited so long another waiter had to come over and track her down for us and get us our boxes. When he returned with them he said she was just wondering the floors and he wasn't quite sure what she was doing. Bravo Olive Garden you really do a fine job with your employees and ensuring guests have a pleasant experience. We will not be dining here again.
Chicken & Gnocchi soup is good.
I normally avoid chain restaurants. But my partner has kids and they like the Olive Garden for some reason. This visit was just another visit to a chain restaurant for which I don't know its raison d'etre. Bland, soggy food, square pieces of salmon, and lackadaisical service. But again, this is suburbia with its accompanying sterility. The best I could say about our entire stay is... meh... Our waitress forgot our iced teas about ten times. The salmon was overcooked. The broccoli was a green paste. Yes, some good bread.

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Italian, Salad, Wine Bars

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Red Lobster

309 Rocky Run Parkway
Talleyville, 19803
I have always been a fan of Red Lobster. I went to this specific location around noon on a Saturday. Despite having to wait only 10 minutes to be seated, our meals took approximately 40 minutes to come out to us. Not only that, but they placed our small lunch meals on large dinner plates, making them appear empty and unappetizing. Not a great experience and I think I am turned off from Red Lobster permanently.
My Dad likes Red Lobster, im not that big into fish. But I do love their lobster bisque & their cheddar biskets. Will stop by another time Im in the area to leave a more expansive review. Good service though.
I visited Red Lobster only because i got gift cards for my birthday. I am not a fan of chain restaurants, simply because of the food quality and service. We had 5 people in our party and the hostess informed us of a 20 minute wait. As we walked to the bar we noticed empty tables all throughout the restaurant. I got so mad i questioned their rationale of a 20 minute wait. Their response was our serves are too busy to take any other tables, that does not that even sound right. Now on to the dinner. My food was prepared well and my wife love the lobster tacos. we were all pleasantly surprised with our food. But i unfortunately became allergic to something inside my dinner. i needed to take benadryl to counteract my reaction. It ruined our dinner and i would never eat their again i gave RL 2 stars because the waitress was attentive and alert, thus making our dinner pleasant.

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Seafood, American (Traditional)

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