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  • The S.

    Worst wings EVER! Small, ugly & tasteless. stay away.

  • Ritzi I.

    Review is based on an order for delivery through EAT24. I ordered the caesar salad add extra chicken and a 10pc traditional wing; half original hot and half lemon pepper. The caesar salad is delish, the cuts of lettuce are fresh and the chicken is tender and not dry at all. They have good wings here, i looooove the lemon pepper! It kinda reminds of the wings at WingStop, but they deliver so even better! It didnt take a long time at all and the delivery guy was very courteous and nice. Ill be sure to order from here again.

  • Shirley V.

    Used to always go here for lunch before -- when they just opened. It's quick, food is okay (what can go wrong with wings, right?). In and out. BUT - my credit card got charged (again) a couple of months after the last time we ate here. Is there some hocus pocus going on? I had to go through the hassles of calling my card company, disputing the charge, and had to be issued another card, cancel all automatic bill payments I have on the card and you know the rest. Pay cash when you eat here.

  • David Y.

    First time ordering here, we got a large order of 20 chicken tenders with three dipping sauces. I was careful in clarifying the sauces over the phone, they were repeated back to me, and even made it in print on the receipt. However, upon delivery, we only got two of the three sauces. And the smokey BBQ we ordered had a very ketchup-y, vinegar-y smell and taste, it was hard to tell if it was the spicy version or the smokey one. They offered to give a 15% discount next order or I could get a replacement if I wanted to wait. Who knew if I'd ever order here again based on this first impression, so I decided to drive there to pick it up myself. I came in the place and saw my delivery guy sitting at the table with his head in his phone, lol. I should have just had him redeliver it! The woman working there was really sweet and hooked us up with a handful of tenders for free to make up for the mix-up. That was cool. But ultimately, I'm torn on this place. The chicken tenders seemed processed and the sauces were just ok in variety and taste. And the teriyaki sauce I drove there for wound up being a bit too salty. However, the blue cheese dipping sauce they had was very creamy and lots of real blue cheese. Veggies could have been fresher and were a bit scarce. I might try this place again on a pinch.

  • Ellis J.

    This place is def a 5 star thus far for me: 1. Ample space in the parking lot they have. 2. They have deals just like any other spot. 3. Big tv that had the football game on. 4. Service was cool. 5. Food was decently priced for a wing spot and the food came out hot and crisp. This place was a spot I decided to try out and pretty sure this might be my go to wing spot for now on.

  • Liz R.

    I keep taking my friends to try this place and no one had been disappointed yet! Seriously you need to try this place! Little hole in the wall place with tons of awesomeness!!!

  • Wild C.

    Called in and ask for delivery estimate time, (they said 90 mins) asked for takeout estimate time ( answered, 90mim) (monday night) Wings are alright, some were legit sizes some were too small with little to no meat. Good price, so i guess you get what u paid for. But i rather pay a lil more to get a real legit size wings!

  • Danny H.

    Recommend spicy bbq and sweet habanero. First time here,I was satisfied.Good food,just lame customer service. Monday-wednesday is .49 cent boneless. My wings were crispy which is good for me. 2 huge screen TV's to watch game. I'm thinking of coming back with friends.

  • Jose M.

    Today I went to wing house and they had very good service. The wings were one of the best I ever tasted. I would recommend them to anybody

  • Az S.

    This place is good , but lower the delivery charge and don't forget the ranch sauce . The wings are good for delivery , but it takes a while so try to speeded it up. Over all I'm in

  • Lili K.

    Wings are really yummy! Almost comparable to Wing Stop. The flavors are as yummy. Only thing I dislike is the extra delivery charge. I would order again.

  • Rory S.

    House of Wings opened the first week I moved to the valley 2 and a half years ago and was the very first place I ordered delivery from in LA. Not sure if its nostalgia but I really love their bite size boneless buffalo wings and their fries are always cooked to perfection! I usually get take out as its is right down the street and I have had a few delivery errors before. Great late night snack an very reasonably priced. I've gone here for over 2 years and don't plan on stopping, definitely recommend.

  • Chris B.

    It smells wierd inside this building. A few months ago they had a sign posted that the health inspector had shut it down due to RODENT INFESTATION. I had just gone to this place a week before so I was shocked and disgusted. I haven't been back since until now and I'm extremely disappointed. The quality was absolutely horrible, and hot wings are on my top 3 list of favorite foods, I'm not too picky. But this place, the meat didn't taste right service was gloomy and creepy. Just unpleasant. Price was ridiculous for quality. 33 and change for 50 wings. Find another wing place, trust me.

  • Dave G.

    NOT RELIABLE for ordering ahead. I ordered 50 wings two days before a Super Bowl party. I told them I would pick up at 2p on Super Bowl Sunday, I show up at 2:30 and they told be it would be another 30-45min. Completely unacceptable and a giant waste of my time.

  • Remy R.

    First things first delivery is always on time and if not ahead of time.Their Cajun wings and sweet habanero I might go to by far the best but everything else seems to be overly salted thus greatly masking the true flavors of the wings. And my greatest disappointment of this place is when the guy left before I can turn around and hand him his tip shortly after I get a call from the manager or owner grilling me for not tipping him. Never ordered again.

  • Janine K.

    I ordered 35 boneless wings in 3 flavors: Spicy BBQ, Cajun, and Original Hot. I received 35 Original Hot and called the restaurant where they proceeded to tell me "no way we sent you only one flavor." They said they would send out a new order but to return the others. The manager then proceeded to call me and tell me AGAIN that the order had to be correct since he spoke with the chef. As someone who has eaten my fair share of wings, I know the standard flavor profiles. These were definitely the same. Upon the driver returning with the new set of wings I showed him what we got to prove they were in fact wrong. He said "no, that's two flavors." I said I ordered three and go ahead and taste them, they are all the same. At least we got the correct order the second time around. It is no professional to tell your customer they are wrong and I definitely will not be eating here again.

  • Aaron Matthew K.

    This place beckons to me, like the sirens of old. These wings are the sultry songs that feed this tired, old sailor. Okay, joking aside. The reality is that this place serves great wings that are super tasty. OM NOM NOM!

  • Nita M.

    Good food

  • Mandy N.

    We love this place! They have the best wings for sure. My favorite is the garlic parmesan. The Hottie Hubs likes lemon pepper and cajun. The wings are always juicy and crispy, just how I like em!! There's indoor seating and two tvs and there's free parking in the back :)

  • angelina Y.

    We order from this place almost once a week and the food is always amazing. Our favorite flavors for wings are Cajun, lemon pepper, and original hot. The delivery is a little slow, but they try their best to get it to us as fast as possible. We love this place!

  • Victor R.

    Food is okay. The service was bad. The cashier is rude and the food is expensive. Not worth it.

  • Thom P.

    The drummettes are a bit small. The wing joints are perfect. I got lemon pepper and cajun. Their mix is similar to WingStop. I like they keep the fries in a separate bag for transport. And also the vegetables too. It's a decent place. Maybe a few more visits I'll become a fan.

  • Becca F.

    Why all the bad reviews???? I've eaten here twice and totally happy both times. The boneless garlic parmesan wings are soooo tasty and fresh!! The ranch sauce is perfect!! The staff is friendly and cheerful. NOTE: Yes, they are a bit on the salty side, but I LIKE it that way!! :)

  • Joanna S.

    My first time here I loved it! I will be comin back for the lemon pepper and the orignal wings soon! The cashier was a very nice when she took my order on the phone!

  • Jesse L.

    Great wings. Low prices. Good service. Clean. Better go before it gets to popular. Had them for a party and everyone loved them.

  • Latoya H.

    sweet habanero chicken wings are so good and I love that this place is so close to home! Oh and i don't know what type of ranch they use or if its made fresh, but its bomb!

  • Ryan M.

    Boneless wings are great! Always good customer service. Tuesday and Wednesday they have 49 cent wings. If you are looking for a reliable wing spot look no further! Garlic Parmesan is always good!

  • Aric L.

    Come here mon-weds for the special or its not worth it. Guys in charge are super assholes.

  • Michael L.

    Excellent flavor on their Volcanic wings! It's hard to strike good flavor with heat, but this place found it! Nice, relaxed atmosphere, super-friendly staff, and a convenient location. I will definitely be back!

  • Geoff B.

    Got a message from the owner, asked about giving them another chance and offering 10 wings to sway my thoughts. I like local businesses and have nothing against this place, so I accepted and tried it out again. I got the same order as before, 10 traditional wings, 5 Smoked BBQ and 5 Sweet Habanero. The sauces were about the same, Smoked BBQ as a bit better than last time. Might have used a different sauce, but the Sweet Habanero was still pretty good. The wings though didn't seem to improve all too much, I still had about 40% of the wings that were about the size of my index finger and the meat was more than other times tough or chewy. Some reviewers on here said that getting traditional wings here was a mistake and that the boneless were much better, but I remember those being about half bread and half meat. I like traditional wings and both should be on par with each other, especially if a place "specializes" in them. Celery was still slim and very light green/white. Best part of the food was the ranch sauce, it was garlicy and I ended up getting some chips afterwards and used it as a dip for them. Other than that I don't have much to say about the place, the dining room is clean, although when I walked up to the counter I wasn't acknowledged for a while even when they looked right at me. I understand that you are prepping another customer's food, but I don't like being ignored/neglected like that.

  • Johnie F.

    house of wings got some of the best wings in my area exceptionally fast delivery service and affordable prices I come here very often

  • Joe C.

    BEST WING I HAVE EVER HAD! Super super fresh. AMAZING! I continue to want to go to this place because everything feels like it's made specially for you. Truly amazing wings and mozzarella sticks.

  • André D.

    This place is good!!!! Before I found this place Big Wangs was my only option and that place has horrible customer service. Thanks god I found another wing spot with good service and great food! The lemon pepper wings are my favorite!

  • X Z.

    Ordered delivery from this place through ... got 10 original hot and 10 mild bbq, curly fries, and drinks... the flavor of sauces were on point and despite being delivery, wings were still hot and crispy, not soggy... i cant stand over sized wings you can barely bite into, so i thought the size of the wings were perfect. THE RANCH IS KILLER! I actually got blue cheese because thats what i prefer with wings but it wasnt that good. not chunky like i like and it was sweeter than it was savory, so i decided to try the ranch that was included. Im not even a freakin fan of ranch and i went through 2 sides of it... AMAZING RANCH. I think it was better than your chain wing places because the fries were not overly salty or seasoned and the wing sauces were just the right amount of flavor, not overly salty either. Anyway, will def order from here again.

  • Alex F.

    This place is amazing!!!!! I was not sure about this place but I live down the street decided to try it . I think there better then buffalo wild wings and big Wang's. The quality of the food makes up for no beer . The jalapeno poppers were ok I just didn't like the cheese but the wings were on point . I was speaking with the guy at the register and he said something to me that made me appreciate this place so much more . I asked do you guys play sporting events here he said sure sometimes "whatever the customer wants . It's all about making the customer happy". I work for a dealership and this is drilled into us . When he said that he gained my respect and business NO more buffalo wild wings or big Wang's . Take it to go grab a 12 pack done

  • Jessica O.

    Ironically the house of wings has the worst wings I've ever tried. Suuuuuper dry, barely any flavor, and way too much salt. The Jalepeno poppers were good not too spicy which personally I loved. The fries were also Alrighty. I'll stick to wing-stop for decent priced wings for now on.

  • Eddie R.

    I would normally give a restaurant 3 stars for this service and quality of food. It just wasn't anything special, and they had terrible rap blaring loudly in the dining area. I've got nothing against rap, as I am definitely into hip hop, but this was that Drake/2 Chainz crap. But since it's a mom and pop, I'm giving them 4 stars. Boneless wings are small as heck, dudebros. Let's work on that. Good fries, good original flavor wings. Garlic parm were bland, but the chicken was alright. I'll give them another shot. Si se puede.

  • Mike M.

    Would not pick this place over Big wangs or buffalo wild wings that's for sure, but I live down the street and sometimes when im craving wings I like to make a quick stop here. The wings here are okay, they are not the best and taste varies sometimes wings taste very good and juicy other times salty and dry. Customer service here is not the best, I seen many employees sending a final text before they finally get to you. Service can lag. There is no beer here or any alcohol of any kind. Kind of sucks, wings and beer go hand to hand and are as compatible as it can get. What I find most annoying of this place is their tuesday and wendesday special of 60 or so cents per wing. Pretty stupid special as you have to buy about 10 for it to apply not like BWW when you only need to buy four. This place personally I believe is over priced for wings that aren't exactly anyone's first choice. I think I'll stick to big wangs happy hour instead.

  • Cruz C.

    Start by saying they were the worst wings I've had.. They were dry, small and just tasted like they were sitting around and heated in a microwave. Also not only was that bad my order was completely wrong. One order of wings was the wrong flavor and the pizza I order had all the wrong toppings, ha what a joke definitely will never order here again nor will I recommend anyone i know.

  • Tanya L.

    The worlds best wing place! Victor is the best! Always a pleasure to see and always happy.. And come at least 1 a week! I am not big on wings but the boneless are amazing! I highly reccomend visiting

  • Robert Z.

    worst wings place ever! SALTY, SALTY, SALTY! i ordered a salad and it was frozen. Customer service is acceptable but they also know the food isn't good. You definitely have to go to a different wing place if you are craving them. You will surely be disappointed.

  • Matthew N.

    They have always been very nice, to the point of chasing us down the street when we leave something. Open late, tasty array of flavors, ample parking, what's not to love? Umm that's it

  • Avocado L.

    The worst wings in the neighborhood...very unfortunate. We order here once in a few months or so but yesterday it was the worst experience ever. Apart that these wings are ALWAYS DRY, my husband got an insane rash all over his body right after he ate them. (A person who NEVER has allergy, and eats pretty much everything.) We've ordered these wings before but yesterday it was a shocking experience for all of us. On top of that, everyone who ate these wings in my house got a diarrhea and stomachache. I have no idea how they make their wings but sure enough it is my last time ordering there. I'd rather drive a long distance next time I crave some wings. I will never recommend this place to anyone. They really need to step up their game.

  • Allyson C.

    I've ordered from this restaurant thought eat24 a couple of times and have had no significant problems are than the fact that they take a reaaaally long time to get there. The wings themselves are pretty darn good, so good that I ordered a 50 count through eatstreet for super bowl Sunday, because I wanted my friends to know how good they were too. Sadly that never happened. Placed the order and got a confirmation email, tried calling the restaurant to confirm as well and it literally just rang and rang off the hook. 45 minutes later I decided to just go to the restaurant to pick it up and low and behold.... My order was never even received. I was told there were too many orders before me so if I wanted to place an order now it would take another hour to get my wings.. Even tho I had technically placed the order an hour ago already. Insanity. Meanwhile, as the man is basically telling me to eff off.... I'm hearing the phone ring and ring and ring as 4 guys are standing around in the back. Maybe if someone had actually picked up the phone when I called I would have had my wings..... And I was witnessing the same horrible service happen to whoever was on the other end of that line. I'm sure a random craving for wings will bring me back here again... But definitely NOT on super bowl sunday.

  • Maria G.

    Parking is a pain in the rear end. Why do employees park in the parking lot? Anyways found parking and came to eat here. Wish I went to Subway across the street! The girl cashier (maybe Russian, maybe Armenian?) and cook we're talking and were having a deep personal conversation. I was not greeted at all and finally cashier came and just waited for me to order. I told her 20 piece of regular traditional wings 10 hot and 10 garlic parmesan. She took my money and headed back to the kitchen without washing her hands. They have TV's, nothing too special, the inside décor is not welcoming and just blah. There was no one in the store, just me. So I waited for 25 minuets with two trips to the coke machine. Finally got my food to go with bleu cheese dressing. When I got home, I realized they only gave me one bleu cheese dressing for all my 20 wings. The wings were OK size, nothing too special. The celery sticks were too skinny but fresh. They need to dip the wings better in the sauces so you can taste them better. The garlic parmesan was a bit off, some wings had no flavor like mild. My husband liked the hot but they were a tad dry. I would give them another chance because they are so close to our house. Also the cashier had a accent and its hard to understand her at times.

  • Mariyam M.

    Worst experience ever. Came in one night and ordered 20 wings. And then waited. And waited. And waited some more. There was a another diner who had been waiting for 30 mins for her 5 wings, she finally went up to the counter and asked what was up and everyone seemed confused as to what happened to her order. When we finally got our order, we regretted going there. Oily, dry wings.

  • Terri R.

    Love the food but the service is TERRIBLE. Waited over an hour and half for our delivery. They called and said to pick it up or it'd take even longer for delivery. He actually said he didn't know how much longer it would be.

  • Art S.

    Another excellent experience at house of wings. Called before to order, decided to eat inside. Super fast service, very friendly staff, clean environment and I couldn't ask for a better dining experience! Get the regular or lemon pepper wings, those are the best, highly recommended!!

  • James M.

    I love this place!! I live around the corner and I eat here all the time. The staff all remember me and greet me like so, every time I re-visit. Its not a huge fancy restaurant. I love this place because i can go get wings and eat them in a timely manor and i don't have to dress up. I'm not worried about going out for the night. Sometimes i just want some wings with out tryin to impress people or make it a night out, haha... T

  • Danielle Y.

    Horrible customer service. They took forever to prepare our order. When we asked about it, they had to look at the receipt and scrambled to put it together. When we checked our order the cashier forgot to charge us for one item so we left without it. I want amor to wait even longer. So we get home and or wings are wrong now too. Call to ask them to fix it and deliver what we ordered. Said they would call us back. That was a halfway hour ago. This place sucks. my boyfriend called them back the next evening and they resolved our issue with wings.

  • Bridgette S.

    Great wings! Great hospitable service. Delivery time is always shorter than what they quote you. Love, love, love it here!!!

  • Nick G.

    People hate on this place. I think they're ordering the wrong food or have too high of expectations. After my bitter break up with Big Wangs I needed a place locally for quick fix buffalo wings. This place is way more consistent than Big Wangs. I wouldn't exactly stop here to catch a game but it's not bad for a takeout wing spot. I've always found the staff to be pretty friendly and the wait times pretty typical for a wing joint. Prices I would say are a little lower than the chains, but only a bit. First off- the correct thing to order here are Boneless Wings. This is important as some wing places are known for bone-in. If you prefer bone-in this will not be your best bet. If you dig boneless as I do, you may like it. Some sauces taste better on boneless wings than others. The food is always prepared well. This is one of my major beefs with Big Wangs as theirs is always a gamble. At House of Wings The boneless wings are always fried to the right crispiness. They are evenly sauced (again something Big Wangs struggles with). They are of average size- a little larger than bite sized. You could probably get an entire one in your mouth at once if you were so inclined but I probably get 3 decent sized bites out of each wing. The sauces aren't all that original but adequately tasty. I do like Wingstop better but in this part of the valley I doubt there is a better/closer option than House of Wings. The ranch dressing is alright but nothing special. I think the biggest problem with this place is that it lacks originality. I think if they experimented with some different sauces or spiced up the recipes of the current ones they might make more fans and carve out a little niche. For it to be great they need better sauces. If you're looking for truly kick ass wings or bone-in you'll need to go elsewhere but if you just want a reliable modestly priced boneless wing place in this part of the valley I would recommend it.

  • Luc H.

    I just ordered from here for my first time and it was very mediocre. Wings took an hour to get delivered which is fine I guess. Based on the price of the wings I wasn't expecting much. They were OK at best. The lemon pepper which are usually my favorite at bww and wing stop were the worst ever at house of wings. Very oily very little good flavor. Well cooked but worst flavor wings ive ever had. I also got regular hot wings which were very regular if you get me. After delivery and tip it came out to 25$ for 20 wings and a drink. Worth it ehh not really. Going to wingstop or bww next time forsure.

  • Momo M.

    Food was better when the shop first opened. Came about a couple months ago and wing sauce tasted very different and had bearly any meat on it. never came back again. Also the prices went up from the last time I had came.

  • Matthew M.

    I consider myself to be a wing connoisseur of sorts. I've traveled the globe in search of the perfect wing. I have tried the fancy wings, I have tried the normal wings, I have tried the boring wings, I have tried the exciting wings. I have been to the buffalo wing festival in Buffalo New York five separate times on separate years. Just so I could experience the best wings in the country. No I'm not saying that these wings are the best in the country. But what I am saying is these wings lived up to the expectations of a place that might be called house of wings. They deliver what you would expect. The real deal. I got the hot buffalo wings traditional style with blue cheese it was served the celery and carrots. Just like it should be. The original wing came from a place in Buffalo New York called the anchor bar. I've eaten at this bar many times. This wing at the house of wings is similar in flavor texture and taste. It's not as good but it is really close. For a Los Angeles San Fernando Valley wing spot I give them four stars.

  • Juan G.

    Wings are my JAM, This place is not. Service? I think not. The sauces are fine but no matter how much sauce these wings are floating in (which they weren't), they are small and tasteless. Bummer. If you are looking for an alternative to Buffalo Wild Wings, you haven't found it here. Best leave the valley and head over the hill for your wing fix.

  • Jeff W.

    Ordered hot wings for delivery. They arrived on time and still hot and delivery man was very nice. That is the only positive I have. The wings were not wings they were chicken strips drowned in the worst wing sauce I have ever had. Tried to scrape off the batter and sauce but they were inedible. Luckally the fries, celery, and carrots were edible. UPDATED: The manager contacted me today and apologized for the mix up. He has assured me the problem with the order was the phone app. He has also asked me to give it one more try. I was very sincere and I will update this post after I try them out one last time.

  • Lady L.

    :) This place is delicious, great pricing and nice and clean. I am sadden about the bad reviews, we frequent this location about once or twice every other week. Not a bad location, and the wings are VERY consistent. I mean I enjoy it much more then Big W. As the service is friendly and just right on time :) Thanks House of Wings for your Convenience!!!!

  • Sam W.

    I do not understand the bad review this place is getting. I ordered the following: 20 wings (Original Hot and Garlic Parm) Curly Fries 32 oz drink This came in at roughly $26 with tip. And I ordered it delivery. Said would be an hour til delivery but it came in about 30min. very nice. Wings we real good. Did not notice any difference in wing size compared to big wangs, hot wings café, buffalo wild wings, etc. I go to a lot of wing places haha. Both wing sauces real good. Hot was good. Garlic Parm was comparable to Wingstop which I am a huge fan of. So ya, overall real good experience. Will definitely order again in the future.

  • Andrew V.

    So this place is a 5 minute drive away, the workers were friendly, interior was clean, and prices were standard, which is great to have but those things don't make up for the quality of there chicken wings. There wings are the size of a ketchup packet which is unacceptable to me. The wait time is 15 - 20 mins on a non busy day. Disappointed to see that the wings have not improved on my third visit there, so here I am. Pizza hut and wing stop is about a 10 minute drive away, and about the same price. I'll drive a little bit further for better wings, and a more satisfying experience. Giving it one star for convenience.

  • Tiffany L.

    Ever since this place opened it has been my go to wing spot! I've never had any problems whatsoever here, the traditional wings are so delicious, I can say I've tried almost all flavors and they have been so good! And the customer service is amazing! I really enjoy coming here, the entire staff is so friendly and professional, and the environment over all is very pleasant and comfortable. And the place is clean at all times! I highly recommend stopping by here! Oh and not to mention very affordable prices! :)

  • Frank M.

    Every once in a while I like to try new places and support local businesses. Sometimes that results in a great find and a restaurant that you become a regular at. Other times you end up at House of Wings. Located in a small crappy strip mall that has seen many other restaurants come and go very quickly, I noticed this place for the first time last weekend. I had a craving for some chicken wings today so I decided to give them a try. First I will say the girl at the counter was very nice. I ordered the 6-piece combo which came with fries and a drink for $6.79 (plus tax). I opted for the boneless wings which were really chicken nuggets. And when I say nuggets, I mean they were smaller than the chicken nuggets you get at a certain fast food restaurant with a clown for a mascot. They were also over cooked and hard. I am not exaggerating when I saw they were the smallest and worst boneless wings I have ever had in my life. I got the mild buffalo sauce and mild was an understatement. It had no kick whatsoever. The fries were actually fine, nothing to write home about, but certainly not bad. The restaurant is small, but seemed relatively clean except for the fact that there were 3 large bees inside the store. Not flies mind you, but actual bees. Maybe that means their honey sauce is really fresh, but more than likely it means the store isn't as clean as it appears. Considering the track record of other restaurants in this location and the (lack of) food quality, I wouldn't expect this place to last. I should have checked Yelp first. Live and learn.

  • Kai M.

    Wow you guys,I'm not sure what most of you guys are even talking about- This place has nice workers, Clean interior, Good prices, Great wings!! I had: teriyaki,sweet habenaro,Cajun,and lemon pepper- really really awesome!the way wings should be!nice crunch & just enough flavor to coat,not drench the damn things! And honestly people,wings are small to begin with,so really unless your eating frankenWings; these wings are good sized.not super small,good amount of meat on them-good frikan job for a wing place!! :D happy one month to House of wings,welcome to noho & see you guys again,no doubt.

  • S D.

    Time to give this place an unplanted generic review from a Yelper who has more than one review. Appearence is meh, nothing decorative on the walls or anything with a sporty feel to it. (Which is what I associate wings with..sports.) Since it's more of a grab and go kind of deal the wings took quite a while to get ready. There were no other customers who came in and the people who came in were phone orders and their food was ready. Time for the real judgement..the wings itself. Dun dun dun. My bf and I got the 20 piece wings and a side of curly fries and flavors of Smoked BBQ & Original Hot. The order came with 2 celery sticks, 2 carrots, & 1 small container of ranch. I don't know what makes them think 1 container of ranch would suffice 20 wings!!! Opened the box of wings and these things are freaking mini wings good for kids!!! Completely upset when your mouth is craving some juciy wings. The taste was good, but the size of their 2 inch wings turned me off. I feel like they buy their wings at their grocer's freezer section, cook them, and then make their own sauce. The fries were okay, nothing special about them. I live by here and tried this place out instead of going to Big Wangs where I know I'll be a satisfied customer, but i wasn't happy at the outcome here. Heck, even Pizza Hut has better wings then this place. Sadly, I finished my meal with a hungry stomach and an unsatisfied wing craving.

  • Liz B.

    My husband and I love this place we order from here all the time. I order the 20 piece buffalo wings 10 regular hot and 10 plain. The wings are delicious and the size of the wings are the same as any other restaurant. I see that some people complain about some of the sauces but you can always ask to sample the sauces before you order. Friendly service and reasonable price.

  • Tania J.

    Best wing in town and also good service I don't know why people hate this place .if it has everything great service and also great food the price is right.

  • Erica H.

    I liked this place. It was very similar to Wing stop in selections. Good service. It is pricey for not being wing stop.

  • Koko B.

    Nice place clean and good food!

  • Elizabeth H.

    Came here for the first time with my boyfriend who is a wing fanatic. Was pleasantly surprised. Ordered combos that came with fries and a drink. Order was done pretty fast and served hot! Prices are very appropriate and wing favors was a good variety. Ill be coming back!

  • Tawnya J.

    My boyfriend turned me into an avid chicken wing lover, and I couldn't be happier. That's why when House of Wings opened up around the corner from us, we were stoked to try it. So, we finally did. And it was great! But I can only give them 4 stars, and I'll tell you why. When I did a google search to order online, two different sites came up, and they were different prices, so that was confusing. But, we figured it out (it was the more expensive one, of course! lol) and we placed our order for the 35 piece, with choice of 3 different flavors. We chose lemon pepper, original hot, and cajun. I also ordered onion rings, as the pictures I saw showed the "good" frozen kind, you know, the battered ones as opposed to the breaded ones. I love me some battered onion rings. I would drive an hour to a place that did fresh beer battered onion rings, they are that good. But, I'll take the frozen battered ones in a pinch. So, after we ordered, the website said it would take 20-25 minutes for pickup. We got there 20 minutes later, and the order was ready. Ample parking, friendly workers, and a clean restaurant. There were 3 tables occupied by customers when we picked up at about 7pm on a Thursday. The woman who gave me my order asked if I wanted any ranch or bleu cheese, and how many I wanted. We were in and out. We get home and pull out "the goods". And the wings didn't disappoint. They were normal, chicken wing size, and the sauces were AWESOME. The cajun was my favorite, Very spice-spicey, not just heat spicey. You could taste all the individual spices, together, working very nicely. The lemon pepper were just that, lots of lemon and pepper, and the original hot wasn't just Franks Red Hot sauce. It was spicy and vinegar-ey, but not chemically like pre-bottled hot wing sauce. Now, why I only gave 4 stars. The ranch and bleu cheese dressings were nothing. They had no taste, what so ever. Everyone knows you need a good bleu cheese with wings, and they had no taste. They need a zing, a bite, that isn't too overwhelming so you can still enjoy the taste of the wing itself. But this just tasted like a creamy, bland, mild garlic sauce, and wasn't flattering. It tasted like they made a big vat of ranch, being light handed on the spices, then just added cheap bleu cheese crumbles to make it bleu cheese dressing. Not good. And one more general gripe, not against them, but restaurants in general. When I opened the onion rings, they were soggy from sitting in the styrofoam container. That just totally rained on my parade. Scientists need to invent a special container so you can transport onion rings and they don't get soggy!! End rant. So, we will definitely be back to try some of the other offerings they have, as we were very satisfied with the wings we got! And next time, we'll probably eat there, so my onion rings will be crispy and crunchy, like they should be!

  • Alan D.

    I'm not sure what all the hate is about but my family and I love this place the wings are crispy and I'm not a fan of oversized wings cause they are usually extra fatty, the size here is a good size and the sauces are great. Phone in your order and come pick it up and your experience will be fine. All in all better then Big Wangs and Wing Stop.

  • Ashley S.

    One star for the lovely staff and close location. The food on the other hand ... Not enough for the price. Also pretty sure I could have gone to target and bought my exact meal ... With a lot less grease. Everything was too heavy and oily. Fries were the best part of the family pack we ordered ... I'm a sad panda ..

  • Sandra A.

    It is a new place in the neighborhood; so decided to give it a try. When my father and I walked in there was absolutely nobody in the restaurant; we were looking through the menu because we were not sure what we wanted to order. Then a gentleman walked in and we let him go first because we still had not made our minds. We ordered after him. Since my father payed with his debit card and they swipe it as credit; the cashier needed my father's signature, well she was running around looking a for a pen. Then, she told us to wait fifteen minutes for the wings to be cooked. As we waited, customers started to arrive. Eventually, all the tables were full and I noticed they do a lot of phone orders. Well, we continued to wait and then we see her DELIVER the customer's order to his table (The customer that ordered before us). We assumed our order was up next. We waited another ten minutes, meanwhile the cashier chit-chatted with one of her friends. The cashier had another order and was walking to another table. It was a dine-in order; and she was delivering it to the last customers to order. My father and I were confused and a bit upset. I guess they told her the order was not theirs because she walked away and walked towards our table. She just paced the plated on the table and we told her that it wasn't our order because we had ordered to-go. She looked very confused. I told her we had ordered that but it was to-go. She started going table to table asking around whose order it was. It belonged to nobody; she went to the back and talked to the other employees. She went back to the counter and place the food in the white boxes and yelled across the small room, that Sandra's order was ready. I asked her if my food was still warm and she said yes, and I asked her if she had put the sauces in there as well and she said yes. Well, I didn't check and left. When I got home; only four minuted away, the food was not warm anymore and she had not put the sauce either. I was so angry; so I called her. To my luck she answered and explained to her what had happened, and all she said was, "So what exactly do you want me to do?" in a very rude tone. I asked to speak to a manager and she said he was very busy helping other customers, which I didn't believe. She hung up on me. All I know is that the food was not so good, the customer service was terrible, the waiting time was an eternity, and the cashier was extremely rude. I hope they work on that because if the don't, they will not be there for long. One of the main causes why businesses go out of business.

  • Arrik M.

    Been here 3 different times and each time was a good time. Go here after my games on Sunday. I like the wings. They aren't the smothered in sauce type but they still have a kick to them. A perfect spot to just sit and eat. They got great service as well.

  • Randi S.

    absolutely amazing wings and the price was the best in town. ordered regular wings amazing flavor cooked and smelled perfect. even the veggies carrots and celery was super fresh and crunchy! Im hooked. Highly recommend!!!!!

  • Will R.

    Great little place, good portions for the price been going here since it opened a few months back and it's really close. Everyone who works there is really nice

  • Tina A.

    If I could give this place 0 stars I would! What a joke they are! We have been ordering from them since they opened. We just placed another order for delivery today an were told it would be here in 40-50 minutes. They called us an hour later saying "your order is going to be delayed because we're busy". Really?! What an inconvenience for a family who is sitting around thinking that their food is about to be delivered! We asked to speak to a manager (Luis) and he was as careless as it could get! I give this place very little time to go out of business!

  • Sandra E.

    I got the boneless wings.. Other than the fact that they were weirdly shape they were also really tiny and they didn't taste good either. I took a bite and all I could taste was the grease. The fries were good though.

  • Star M.

    If I could give no stars I would. We were told our order would be here by 8:30pm. Its now 9pm and no food! They have terrible customer service. We called a ton of times before somwone picked up the phone only to find out the mimimum for deliver is $20! Insane! They need better management asap before this place goes down the drain. Food tastes great - maybe because by the time they deliver your foos you are so hungry anything would taste great. Sad.

  • Levon O.

    AMAZING! Better than Wing Stop, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Hot Wings Cafe. NO JOKE. hormone free Wings! Very nice and caring employees. Always Clean!

  • Esteban T.

    The two stars are for the nice, young girl who took my order and has excellent customer service skills. The wings? *shakes head....EP! (epic fail) I was getting wings for myself and my roommate and was hesitant to get the 20 pc order. I thought it was too much for two people; I think we're average eaters, we try to eat in moderation, work out and what not. Well, shoot, when my order came out, I couldn't believe it all fit in ONE box? WTF? So I took it, paid $14.95 for this tiny thing and went to my car to inspect it privately. Holy mother of Christ! I needed a microscope to find the wings! they were the size of my thumb... :( I ordered the lime flavor and the spicy,-boneless. The lime ones were actual wings, the other ones were balls of bread with a pebble of chicken in the nucleus. If this is not a rip-off, I dont' know what is. I do not recommend you spend your hard-earned dollars at this place. Sorry, I expect a little more value for my money. The owners should take all these bad reviews into account and change the way they do business or prepare for an imminent BK. ;/

  • Kyle B.

    I have been here a couple of times before. I couldn't finish my wings, the first time, because they were so huge! I wasn't so lucky about 2 weeks ago. My wings were so small, I couldn't help but feel bad for the little chickadee they must have come from. Anyway, I came back today... they apologized about the last time, thanked me for coming back, and even gave me extra wings! That's awesome!

  • Freddie J.

    If you want some good wings, even late @ night...they got your back/taste buds on lock...ya Boy!!! $.P.U.K.

  • Dre s.

    terrible size wings and they taste like they were frozen, i really want this place to get it together and succeed


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 11


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes

House of Wings

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