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  • Char T.

    WOW!! Just walking in the door and smelling the air I knew this was going to be one good pizza. My nose was right it was definately one of the best pizzas I have had in a long time. Flavorful sauce, thin, chewy, crispy crust, good cheese, and a little italian seasoning on the top...... All put together it's delicious! I had a philly cheesesteak delivered awhile back it was tasty but I think I will be getting the pizza from now on!

  • Henry B.

    Cash only!!! The Pizza here is amazing! I love their sauce. They have a "party" pizza. It's about 28-30 inches. Their Philly Cheesesteaks are good too. Not like what you get in Philly, but it's good enough.

  • Mike P.

    local! amazing! go now!

  • Lety L.

    This is a cash only place but it's well worth it. They also have a huge party pizza that nobody else in town carries. This thing is so big, you can't fit it in your backseat!

  • Eric L.

    I worked at the TV station in Yuma in 2002 and to this day, the only reason I think of going back is to get one of Ronnie's meatball subs. Definitely the best I've ever had.

  • David G.

    Cheesesteaks are good but kind of small for the price. Better than that other place in the Foothills or Mad Greek though. Not even close. Wish it was open on Sundays.

  • Ann Marie P.

    BEST real Italian food in town and a real down to earth, family owned business! I rather get food here than Olive Garden! Prices are cheap to very reasonable. The restaurant itself is very casual and very small, but you can always order to go. Food is AMAZING. I've only tried a few things from their Philly cheese steaks, pizza, to their pastas, and everything has been delicious. Food is packed FULL of flavor. The only draw back, is CASH ONLY. It's still well worth it! I HIGHLY recommend it!

  • Judd M.

    Best pizza in Yuma!

  • Charles M.

    Went here for a chicken cheese steak while visiting my homeboy out in Yuma. Their chicken chesse steak is one to remember. Its filling, and drippy. A true comfort food. One of a kind place if you're ever traveling through Yuma.

  • Tracy L.

    I need to preface this review with my preferences. I am a thick crust fan but I do like thin crust. Okay, now we can proceed with the review. ATMOSPHERE: Very casual and chill. The place is very small! There is a main area with about 4-5 tables and then 1 table to the right of the ordering counter that's good for a litle more privacy. Definitely a "hole in the wall place." Food is served with paper plates. FOOD: Yum! So this place is apparently known for cheesesteaks and pizza. There aren't any specialty selections. You basically choose your own toppics. The only unique topping that I noticed was the garlic and oil. We opted for the pizz and ordere a 1/2 and 1/2. They also serve beer here. 1. Sausage and mushroom - yummy! The cheese was the good kind of cheese. The crust is on the thinner side but not too thin. 2. Pepperoni - really oily... not my favorite. 3. Side of marinara - costs extra. Good for dipping the crust. 4. Stromboli - Pepperoni and cheese. Yum, yum, yum. I think this is probably better than their pizza! SERVICE: You order at the counter and they bring your food out to you. Great service! TIPS: CASH ONLY!! LOCATION: In a small shopping complex next to a gas station and a hair salon called Tease. Ronnie's is not on the shopping center billboard so that's why I missed the turn! PARKING: Lot is small. CONCLUSION: This place has great food but not much of an atmosphere. I will return to try cheesesteaks!

  • Ruth W.

    Let me just say first, that I lived in New York (mid-80s through early 90s). So, I've done a lot of pizzas there. Additionally, I tend to judge all pizza based on my experiences of what a great New York pizza is all about. Got that? First, it's all about the SAUCE. You don't got a good sauce, you don't got any business making pizza. Second, it's the CRUST. You will know when it's the Right One. None of the Pizza Hut cr*p, okay? Third, and this should be a given--FRESH ingredients, people. The mozarella can make or break the pizza, IMHO. You put all these three together and you get Ronnie's Pizza. We order ours XL, and choose our usual toppings of 1/2 mushrooms, extra olive oil, and garlic AND 1/2 with anchovies. The guy who takes our order thinks that's the weirdest thing he's ever heard of. But who cares about what he thinks, huh? Anyway, they do it right. Mouth-watering, you can really enjoy the olive oil taste, the pungent roasted garlic. Definitely not for those who are on a date, unless your special someone is into garlic, too. In that case, what could be more perfect? CASH only, guys. And don't come here if you get your feelings hurt if the guy at the counter (who I suspect also owns this joint) is not exactly the smiley type. Remember, you came for the awesome, authentic, New York-style pizza. Anyway, back to the owner--if that's who I think he is. Sometimes, you might catch him sitting at one of the dining tables, strumming his guitar, simply passing the time. What goes through my mind is that he must be from New York at some point in his life, and wondered why he ever moved to Yuma LOL. Oh, well. I'm speculating, folks, For all I know, he loves it here. Ronnie's has been here even before we got here in 1995. Ronnie's Pizza. Great Pizza. Now, for those of you crazy folks who prefer Chicago-style pizzas, I don't know where you can go in Yuma.

  • Gary M.

    had a beer and a cheese steak. beer was very good and very very cold. cheese steaks are the best... get them toasted with jalapenos.

  • Nicole R.

    This is definitely the best pizza in Yuma. In no way is this pizza anywhere near as good or like NY pizza..I am from NY I can tell you it doesn't come close..however, for AZ its good..the best your certainly gonna get in YUMA..... Looks like a hole in the wall as another poster said but the pizza is good. Really not much else to say...I have only had regular (cheese) pies from here.

  • Edward T.

    Lured and loyal to the chicken cheese steak and pizza here! I crave it!

  • Ed M.

    A total dive, this place is a hidden gem in Yuma. When I come here, I always get the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich - it is perfect. The only downside to this place is that it only takes cash, however, they have arranged a deal with the Circle K next door so that you can get cash back from the cashier without paying a fee or making a purchase. If you live in Yuma, or are eating at only one place in Yuma, then this is the place to go - you won't regret it.

  • Katie N.

    Very friendly. Cheesesteak excellent. Pizza had a topping wrong, but not a deal breaker. Way too gooey in the middle, but great flavor, some of the best I've ever tasted. Decent prices. Definitely will be back.

  • don t.

    Recenly stopped in at Ronnie's on the way back from Phoenix. Exactly the atmosphere I prefer that's small and has a lot of character: posters, music playing, people in/out for call in orders. Pizza was excellent and while not NYC flavor, very, very good. Wish they had a San Diego location. Ronnie came to our table and we talked shop. I will be back and just recommended a friend headed to AZ soon to eat here.

  • Jeff L.

    Best pizza in Yuma, hands down. I hate that it took me years to actually come here! All of the good reviews you see here are there for a reason. I cant wait to try the philly cheese steaks which apparently are also notorious around here!

  • Melissa M.

    Their pizza is the best and the best Philly cheese steak I had they are fast and provide great service

  • Paul J.

    I went back and tried the meatball sandwich. It is fantastic! The bread is soft and the homemade sauce is delicious. There were large chunks of meat and I opted to add grilled onions, mushrooms,and peppers to be put on top which was a fantastic topping.

  • Michael H.

    Dont care for the place. Prefer Round Table Pizza. Small place, bad service, bad beer selection, only takes cash. Pass.

  • Barbara G.

    Anti Pasta looked like it had been tossed. Stromboli was awful. I don't think the meatballs were made from meat :(

  • Liz B.

    They just never fail to please!! My favorite pizza ever!!! Not to mention great service!!! We've made it our Friday's a must!! We Ronnie's

  • Judy M.

    Oh my gosh! Love this place! My only regret in moving to the southwest was the lack of good Italian food and pizza. Ronnie's is real "back East" pizza. So delish! Out West with pizza or Italian it is so over seasoned and has too much garlic but Ronnie's has just the perfect balance OK....all the pizzas are good. The stuffed rigatonis and garlic bread are heavenly (and they aren't chintzy with the marinara sauce.) You like Stromboli? You'll love theirs! I always order the pizza Stromboli with pepperoni,mushrooms and black olives. So good. Their wings are surprisingly good. Don't be afraid to try them. The Philly style sandwiches are yum It's a small place but has a large impact for those of us who hunger for REAL pizza. The best pizza I've had since moving to AZ 9 years ago. Buy lots cause you'll want some to heat up later.

  • Richard K.

    While this pizza shop doesn't seen to have the best pizza I've had, still is pretty good. Ordered a medium pepperoni and sausage pizza, as well as some bread and cheese. The bread and cheese was marginal at best, overpriced for what it is. The pizza on the other hand was good. Particularly liked the sauce and the sausage. The sausage was actually a tad spicy, which I liked and didn't expect. The crust was a little rubbery, but this could've been because it was a little cold by time got back to eat it. Reason for the four stars was the general quality of the pizza, but more importantly the ambiance of this place. Really enjoyed it as seems like they really cared about the product that's put out. Granted, not the best I've had but few things meet that level of yumminess. Subtracted star for the bread and cheese. That should've never left the kitchen.

  • Angel F.

    Best pizza in town hands down. Try the phillycheese steak and chicken sandwiches. Burgers look boom. Open 6 days a week for most of the day. No reason not to give them a shoot. It's cash only but if you forget you can get cash from the gas station atm for a small fee.

  • Aj R.

    Being from Jersey I'm pretty particular about pizza and this place nailed it. My only complaint is that it's cash only requiring you to visit the circle k across the lot, if you don't have the funds available. Will be back again!

  • Fred W.

    Great pizza! Equal to any Neapolitan pizza I've had anywhere. Eating in is a little sparse, but okay.

  • Cara H.

    So good. Best pizza in Yuma. And I was raised by a Brooklyn-ite so good pizza is in my blood.

  • Kaysha R.

    I've traveled far and wide and Ronnie's Pizza is still my favorite pizza. Granted, I have a few close competitors for that title- being the pizza lover that I am. My go-to used to be their standard, Pepperoni Pizza and after I stopped eating meat that became the cheese pizza with black olives which doesn't at all lack the "oomph" that the pepperoni had. You just can't beat the flavor of those massive, Ronnie's Pizzas! Word for the wise - their pizza's and slices run on the huge side, and you can snag a beer on tap to go with your pizza!

  • Judysue F.

    Delicious. The Philly Cheese Steak and the Antipasto are worth the drive. Fresh quality ingredients. The prices are reasonable. Cash only.

  • NIcole H.

    Love the food. Being from the east coast it is the closest to New York style pizza you'll find. Not to mention cheesesteaks and Stromboli. The downfall is they only take cash and their signs can come off as being a little rude. Overall friendly place and love the food.

  • Susan R.

    Good quality pizzas! ALWAYS fresh with fresh ingredients made JUST the way you like it! The prices are a little high, but you're getting what you pay for. Years of consistency!

  • Tyler B.

    Their cheesteaks are good to eat if you like getting instant diarrhea. Pizza is mediocre, and not in a cool Mad Max: Fury Road "MEDIOCRE!" way. They're also cash only; 2015 and a cash only business where you'd spend around $20 on a visit?

  • Mary S.

    No more pizza by the slice- ordered a small cheese bambini and it was delicious. Got a large cheesesteak w/ peppers, onions and mushrooms- very good. Meatball sub was room temp and mozzarella cheese was not melted at all, disappointing. Service was good, food came out fast.

  • Cashina R.

    Yum, yum, yum! This place is the real deal. It's a tiny little hole in the wall kinda place with an old Hobart that makes a thick chewy crust and an old pizza oven that crisps up the bottom to a delicious finish! We ordered a large pesto chicken pizza, and cheese breadsticks with marinara. The marinara is homemade deliciousness and the breadsticks are covered with cheese, olive oil, garlic and oregano. The pizza has a good amount of chicken and cheese, with a delicious pesto. We're so excited to have found our pizza place here in Yuma! Make sure to bring cash, they don't take cards.

  • Paula K.

    This is the closest thing to real New York pizza I have had since I moved west in 2007. Not the friendliest welcome I have ever had coming in the front door to a restaurant, but Dr. Phil was on the TV so I was happy to sit down and wait for my pizza. The place was relatively clean and smelled as delicious as the pizza tasted. This is going to be my new regular pizza place!

  • Amiee H.

    Small restaurant, in a small plaza, with a small parking lot. It's a total hole in the wall, but I love it! IT's very small and humble. There are probably less than 10 small tables inside this crowded place. Once you walk into the restaurant, you are at the counter, and someone's there to help you if you are ready to order. There are a few sizes of pizzas you can order and I like how they hang an example platter to demonstrate exactly how big the pizza sizes are going to be. The menu is simple and easy to follow. Once you order, you pay and cross your fingers there will be a table available for you to sit and enjoy the pizza. There actually wasn't a table available on the Saturday night I decided to go, but the cashier guy was so nice and opened up a table that was reserved for management for us to sit. Food: 1) Margherita Pizza: delicious! The crust was perfect! The cheeses tasted really fresh! The olive oil spiced up the flavor of the pizza! 2) Pizza with Olives, onions and mushrooms: Also delicious! Great crust with good/fresh toppings! 3) Salads: came in a moderate sized Styrofoam bowl, the lettuce, carrots and tomatoes seemed really fresh, like they just washed and chopped it up on the spot. Ambiance: Very small and cozy. The walls were lined with a cowboy theme. It was loud inside but that helped highlight how busy and cozy the place was. It definitely gave off a hole in the wall feeling. Feels like a place that you'd find in the middle of America, like if you were on a road trip or something. Service: The cashier guy was very friendly and nice. He was opened up the reserved/management table for us, what more can I ask for? Price: Reasonable for a pizza. I like we got two small pizzas and each was about $19. The small pizzas were pretty BIG too! They were 12" pizzas. We couldn't even finish both the pizzas. Overall: I liked the pizzas here! I wouldn't mind coming back! I heard the cheesesteak sandwiches are really good! Can't wait to try those next time! Warning about this place: *CASH ONLY, be sure you have CASH before you come here!!

  • Corey S.

    Struck out twice. Went to Ronnie's on two different occasions. Crust was soggy and floppy..and had aftertaste to it. Maybe it was just bad luck but will not be going again.

  • Laiza I.

    Called to order a pizza at 9:40pm and they answer the phone like this, "Ronnie's Pizza we're closed!" "You're closed already?" "We close at 10pm, oh it's 9:40. F*ck it. We're closed." This phone call happened on May 30, 2014.

  • Joaquin N.

    The pizza may be good, and I love supporting local businesses, but unfortunately you won't have any more of my business until you start accepting credit and debit cards. Charge a service fee is your have to in order to cover the cost. For God's sake, it's like the dark ages.

  • Theo S.

    Excellent hole-in-the wall place. For me there's not a whole lot to do in Yuma; considering I came for a visit from San Diego. I was really hungry and my friend recommended that we stop inside for a bite to eat. And I am glad we did. The food was great!! I had the Pizzasteak Sanddwhich...OMG that was mouthwatering!!!!!! The decor...ehhh, who cares. The place is clean, staff was very friendly and the food was great! I am looking forward to going there again. I spent 4 days in Yuma, and these people at Ronnie's make me want to move there! Thank you!

  • Nomadic T.

    Ok, so I stopped by and got the famed cheesesteak. Yes, it was a good quality cheesesteak. The thing I like the most is that it was well made, not sloppy, dripping wetness. I could've eaten it in a car and stayed completely clean. I called it in so it was ready when I got there. The dining area is a trainwreck. I couldn't believe people were actually eating there, essentially sitting right on top of each other...This is a grab and go place and a very good one. 7-2-2015. Update. Owner's son (store manager) is "allegedly" a confederate flag waving homophobe. I won't be back.

  • Joseph F.

    I don't know what the deal is with all these place s in Yuma getting 5 stars! WTF? This place right here, though, deserves it! Best Pizza and Cheesesteaks in town, and from what I hear from my friend that went to Philly a few years back, it's better than the go-to joints Gino's and Pat's. I don't know about his testimony, but I know that they're comparable to Daglio's in Tucson. The staff is always friendly, downside: I think the max capacity is like 12! (Seriously i think they have like 12 chairs to sit in) and it's cash only. I only get the Cheese steak with mushrooms, onions, extra cheese and extra meat. Why deviate from perfection? My wife tried the pizza steak and it was awesome. Their maranara is some of the best i've ever tasted. The wings are very tasty too, they kind of have a grilled, smokey taste to them.

  • J. Ann J.

    BEST pizza in town! The staff is great. Yeah, the dining area is VERY small but this is more of a take-out place anyway. The parking lot is also a pain because it's very small and awkward. But once you get past that, it's totally worth it. They DO NOT take credit cards, ONLY cash. Kind of a bummer but it's nothing that would keep me from eating there.

  • Brian Q.

    In town for work and as always, gotta find a pizza place. Read the Yelp reviews and people in our office said it was good also. stopped in a little after noon and ordered an XL pizza. We picked 1/2 Pepperoni & Banana Peppers, 1/2 Sausage Onions green peppers, also picked up the Garlic bread with cheese. Was excited that they make there own dough (saw the mixer in back) and own sauce. Garlic bread came out first and was REALLY good although it didn't seem like much to go around (only 3 of us) so i was a tad disappointed but at least the pizza came out right when we were finished. Pizza was VERY large, wasn't expecting that and contained PLENTY of toppings so i was pretty excited. the sauce had a good flavor to it and the dough was nicely rolled out and even. Biggest complaint was the cooking. the center 2 or so inches was soft and a tad undercooked, but the rest was nice and crispy and cooked perfect, but it was easy to overlook. very friendly mom and pop style shop. Talked with Ronnie (jr?) for a bit about pizza, burgers, BBQ, etc around town and the state so that was nice. They don't accept Credit or Debit (CASH ONLY) but that doesn't bother me since i know how much fee's are charged and i'd rather cheaper food (and always carry cash when i travel. Overall, i'm glad we stopped. i should have grabbed a cheesesteak to go :)

  • Trevor W.

    Had a large pepperoni pizza and an 11" cheesesteak with onions and jalapenos. Overall very good food, greasy and filling. Price is pretty good too. The pizza is cut in big slices and its greasy and good and i love the crust. Just have cash ready, because that's all they take. Definitely my favorite place to get pizza in Yuma...and it might be my favorite place for cheesteaks in Yuma as well.

  • John S.

    Amazingly delicious. The 3 cheese pepperoni is awesome! Can't wait to try the cheese steak.

  • Miguel R.

    I grew up in Yuma and had pizza here growing up. I now live in Phoenix and have been craving Ronnie's pizza and stopped in. I was not disappointed. The pizza was as great I remember it being. Bummed that I didn't make another trip to have the stromobli, which I also recommend. Out of towners, heads up that Ronnie's is cash only.

  • Jud S.

    This is my favorite pizza joint. it's all done right, even the price. I have one suggestion, add anchovies to your pie! Update: Ok, so you want it brought to you? Cash only, delivery after 5:00pm, $3.00. So as it turns out an $11.75 medium, 3 topping pizza is $20.00 all toll. Travelin Shoes does love the pizza here. Walk in, burn some of the pie off beforehand, It justifies having an extra slice.

  • Tracey M.

    The best pizza in Yuma. The best meatball subs in Yuma. Pizza dough is throw in house. Great atmosphere to relax in and eat a slice or three. If you are feeling adventurous you can buy and bake your pizza at home. Bring cash.

  • Jamie S.

    Oh emmm Geee..... Best damn Stromboli I've had... EVER! We've lived here a little over 2 years and now I'm pissed that were about to move and tonight is the first I've had Ronnie's Pizza (Official). Seriously though.. I just ate 2/3 of this thing all by myself!!

  • Michael J.

    It was ok!! Cash only!!

  • Jerry S.

    Wanted some delish food so I found this place on yelp rather than going with tried and true passing thru from the beach home. We got a cheese pizza and a cheesesteak. The cheesesteak was fantastic. One of the best I have eaten. The pizza was pretty good, pretty greasy but it is cheese pizza so that wasn't a huge turn off. The reason I gave it only 2 stars is because it was pretty gross in there. Outdated decor, cheap fold up chairs, the one high chair was broken, tiny but they had old video games adding to the cramped quarters, all would be ok if it were clean but it is just grimy. Ripped handwritten signs not to put paper towels in the toilet. But no toilet paper...and instead of soap they had hand sanitizer which was also empty....and I am sure that is also employee restroom. In need good restrooms, cause it is a pit stop town. If I lived in Yuma I might do take out if I could get past the grime. Great food, I just don't want to worry about the cleanliness of how it was made

  • Kyle R.

    Ronnies is fantastic, if you have cash. A hidden gem in Yuma that gives you a taste of what most would point out as "back home" the pizza is fantastic and the cheese steaks are absolutely to die for. If you're ever here whether it be on business, travel, or vacation, Ronnies is a place you need to go to before you leave. I rate this 4 stars on the account of having to run to the circle K ATM next door to pull out cash to eat here.

  • Kelly J.

    for some home style pizza that's greasy and for the whole family the only prob I had was they took along time for our order but the pizza that came out was huge! deff NY style pizza!!!

  • Nathan S.

    $32 for a large, three topping and a small cheesesteak. A little pricey, but not too bad. The pizzas are large and I was hungry, so I didn't mind the cost. I am not a cheesesteak aficionado, but Ronnie's seems to know what they're doing. It wasn't bad, but probably won't win any awards. The pizza crust was thin and chewy, with a nice flavor and texture. The sauce was tangy and sweet and didn't distract from other elements. The cheese and toppings were also of adequate quality and taste. I chose to give Ronnie's three stars because of the chewy crust and price. However, I would still recommend purchasing from this establishment instead of eating at Da Boyz.

  • Fred F.

    My favorite cheese stake and pizza joint. So delicious. I like that they dont load the cheese steak up eith peppers and onions, it has a gteat mixture of everything

  • Kathleen J.

    Stopped here passing through from San Diego to Phoenix and had a delicious Stromboli. Being from Philly, it's hard to find good stromboli's, cheesesteaks and pizza, but Ronnie's seems to be doing it right. The place is a dump though, but again, being from Philly I know most good pizza places are dumps, so it doesn't really matter. CASH ONLY

  • Jackie P.

    Best pizza I've had since being on the east coast! Nice staff, chill place but by far best pizza in town. Yuma doesn't have many options for good food spots, so happy we found this place!

  • Laura S.

    You find a parking spot. The lot is small, but if you go in the evening the other shops are closed so you almost always get a spot. When you walk in - it's narrow. Not a lot of standing room. If you make your way up to the counter, a guy (or gal) will write down your order. It's cash only. It seems a little chaotic, but don't fret just yet. You order from their hand written menu. Make sure you know what you want because they are moving and will expect you to hurry because you're not the only one in line (or waiting for their food). A lot of people take their food to go and enjoy somewhere else. You may be lucky enough to stay and take up a table. There's about 6 tables with chairs total. So it's a cozy place. Someone brings your order to your table. With the chaos, I don't know how they figured out that it belonged to us. It's all up here (pointing to my head), I'm sure. When you get the food, it's fresh out of the oven/off the grill/out of the fryer...depending on what you order. My hubby and I order (1) cheese steak, (1) mozzarella garlic bread, and (1) order of onion rings. GOOD: - cheese steak (perfect for satisfying two people). Cheese was melted perfectly and the steak was equally "melt-in-your-mouth" good. - Mozzarella garlic bread (enough to feed a small army - aka, 2-3 people). So much cheese. I LOVE CHEESE. If I was lactose intolerant, I would be so depressed. Luckily, I'm not. I apologize for those who are. Lots of cheese. The garlic was not overwhelming. The bread was crisp. Yum. I will order that again. NOT SO GOOD: - I was a little disappointed with the onion rings. They were soggy. They didn't have that "crispiness" that you look for with onion rings. Won't be going to Ronnie's for my onion ring fix, but I will return for many other reasons. Drink selection was ok. They didn't have a ton to choose from. But they had a few different flavors of Arizona Iced Tea in a can, which was cool. But no refills.. soo yeah. Can't wait to go back. :)

  • Alan S.

    We stopped in on a recommendation from Siri when we were passing through town. We were skeptical, to say the least, when we saw the place, but the packed parking lot and steady stream of take-out convinced us to stay. WOW. Absolutely fantastic. It took a while to get our order as they were very busy, and I would definitely recommend calling ahead and getting take-out if you can, but the pizza was absolutely great. Not, shall we say, the greatest atmosphere for eating in, but who cares when the food is this good. We would have stopped in again on our return trip, but it happened to be Labor Day and they were closed. We don't make many road trips that far south, but the next time we're passing through Yuma we will definitely be having some pizza there again.

  • Iliana V.

    They best Philly Cheese Steak in Arizona! I have been going to this place since I was in High School (about 14 years now). I haven't been there in a long time, since I moved to Phoenix but I can't wait to go back and try the Philly with mushrooms and Jalapenos again!

  • Fahad A.

    Excellent pizza and cheesesteaks with great service.

  • Sam J.

    They close early but it is delicious!!!

  • Eliud R.

    Best pizza I've had in Yuma, perfect little hole in the wall. Food is priced right. Large pizza is huge! NY style slices. Will definitely be going back.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : No
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : No
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : No



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Ronnie’s Pizza

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