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  • Brent R.

    Carne asada over done and poorly trimmed. Fish tacos clearly made with the worst fish possible. Terrible flavor and also over cooked and probably for good reason. Chips and the salsas were good though. I will not be returning to this restaurant.

  • Polly W.

    Stopped for quick lunch on a road trip. Excellent tacos, chips and salsa.

  • Nat G.

    Friendly staff. Shrimp tacos are delicious. Carne asada is nothing to brag on. Salsa bar is good and guac is available on request.

  • Christopher B.

    Las Palapas is kind of like a dive-y Rubio's in that they have small portions of Mexican food for fairly high prices but lack decent seating & their building is attached to a Chevron gas station. However, the carne asada burrito was pretty good, filling, and only $4. There is also a nice bar for toppings. I wasn't too pleased to find out that they charge $1.39 for tortilla chips. You'd think that you'd at least get one small basket for free. The fish tacos also tasted rotten and might have been made with meat from a skunk.

  • mike r.

    Not good. Beans were cold and they didn't have guacamole in the salsa bar even though their sign says that they do. Not real friendly staff either.

  • Francisco V.

    Not as good as the taco carts down the road on Fortuna but its okay. The food is pretty similar to Rubio's in California. So if you like your seafood heavily breaded in your tacos then you will like this place. I personally prefer it without. Besides that its an okay place. The shrimp tacos are more breading than shrimp. The fish tacos aren't too bad. We went there right when they opened up at this spot and were disappointed because the food tasted old (i.e. stale tortilla chips). We have since tried it two more times since then and it is much better. Its a nice place to go to get some tacos with the family and to beat the heat. Its kind of like the McDonald's/Burger King of taco places in Yuma. It isn't incredibly tasty, but its okay.

  • Michael V.

    My expectations were alot higher but the food wasn't horrible. The burrito grande isn't even big so just get a normal burrito and save some cash. Only reason for three stars is great service and its very clean.

  • Del O.

    Tried this place out for the first time and I was NOT impressed. Being that I just had kick ass tacos the day before, coming here was just a huge disappointment. Expensive and mediocre are words that come to mind when describing the food here. The only reason I decided to come here was...air conditioning. Had it been cooler, a trip down the road to a real taco joint would have been my destination. Seriously doubt that I will ever be visiting this place again. I mean, even the drinks from the drink station were watered down. Wow.

  • W J.

    I love it! I don't have a clue about what some of these reviewers are talking about. Great food. You can have a beer. In the category of restaurants where you are expected to clean up your table and put your waste in the trash bin on your way out, this place is great!

  • S T.

    Attached to the Chevron on Fortuna Road. It's a bit a pit stop but the tacos aren't bad. Being from the East Coast the prices seem cheap to me but I could have a skewed view. I like Las Palapas and stop in when I have the time.

  • Alexia S.

    I have been eating at this restaurant for yrs. I remember going to the one on 16th, the tacos were 1.00! I think the food is great and I love the salsa bar but the prices are now to high. I still eat there every once in a while but I sure wish they were a little cheaper being I have four kids and they love their tacos!

  • David S.

    Walked in stood at the counter listening to the crew having a good time, after about 4 minutes one of them comes to the corner of the counter, looks at me, and goes about his business. I gave him an excuse me", he looks at me and says give me a minute. Then some girl comes around and finally takes my order. They seemed nice enogh, but I think you should be greeted as you walk in, at least acknowledged that you're standing there. But hey, it's yuma, can't expect much from customer service or here.

  • zio t.

    If you're gassing up here on your way along the 8, just go ahead and eat here. You'll be happy you did. Very good and very affordable.

  • Tj R.

    I always stop here on my drive from Tucson to San Diego. It's a great alternative to the fast food options just off the I-8. Their fish tacos are so good.

  • RV T.

    There is a sign that says voted Yuma's best tacos 7 years in a row. I find that hard to believe I got three different kinds of meat on 4 tacos all of the meat was dry and cold. The refried beans we're so old they were crusty and the rice was rice. You won't see me in there again.

  • Mandy H.

    I've been quite pleased with the food each time I've eaten here. I ordered the carne asada tacos, and the grilled chicken tacos. Both tasted really fresh. My husband, myself, and my son's dinner all came out to be about $20. The price is a little higher than I'd like it to be, but I'm still willing to pay it. I did order a combo, and I couldn't even begin to finish it. Three tacos, beans and rice, and tortilla chips proved to be a little much. I think the three tacos alone would be more than enough to get full. The inside is always clean, and orderly. There is a patio area available outside. There is a lot of traffic coming through for the Chevron, but all in all it was pretty pleasant. They do have a salsa bar where you can choose your own sauces or salsas. It's buffet style, which I'm not really a fan of just because you're never sure who had their hands on the spoon before you. I guess that's where hand sanitizer comes in handy. I didn't have a problem with the tortilla chips tasting stale, but they are a little thicker than your normal mexican restaurant tortilla chips. My son loved his kids meal. It was a cheese quesadilla, chips, beans and rice, and a churro. Staff was pleasant. I actually would have given it 5 stars, had it not been for the price.

  • Ruben Y.

    Stopped here on my way home to San Diego. My wife and I were really hungry being that we didn't eat lunch. I order two fish tacos and a quesadilla withe carne asada my wife ordered carne asade tacos with rice beans and chips. Too start my fish tacos were OK maybe because I was starving. You could tell the fish breading had a burnt taste along with old cabbage that was turning brown. My wife's tacos looked like a kid cut the meat with a butter knife. Fat and gristle in every bite the cabbage was also brown in these tacos. And I didn't help that they came out cold. The only thing that tasted fresh were the chips. Everything else seemed reheated. My quesadilla had huge pieces of poor quality meat and a sprinkle of cheese. Honestly I couldn't believe they would serve us what they did. I will never stop here again. Also on another note how about sweeping and mopping the floor it looked like it hadn't been done in a long time. I would of throw my own trash out but I just left it on top of the can because the trash cans were practically over flowing. And there was only 4 people in the whole place. So not like it was super busy. You should really take down the sign you have outside because I don't know how you were voted the best. Clearly it wasn't recently.

  • Kelly C.

    Quick stop on a road trip while we stopped to get gas at Chevron. The prices were high for what we got at this Mexican place. Cabbage in carne asada & pollo asada burritos? Yep, that's what you get here. Not my style & I wouldn't go back.

  • Taralyn R.

    Stopped in here on my way to San Diego for lunch. They had a decent salsa bar and I ordered a fish taco, a shrimp taco, and a chorizo quesadillas, and all three were delicious. A lot of other reviews say this is similar to Rubios, but I disagree. I don't like Rubios and I liked this place! I wish there was one in Tucson to enjoy. I will most likely stop in on my next drive through town.

  • Gary B.

    The most greasy fish tacos and burritos I've ever eaten. Queasy for the afternoon after my meal. Never again.

  • C. H.

    Two stars may be too much. It was almost ok. I had the fish taco's and they looked great, but there was no flavor at all. It had cabbage and some kind of mayo sauce, but still no flavor. I added lemon juice and 3 salsa's and cilantro and still, no taste. My husband had the pastor taco's and he said the same thing, meh no taste. I have to admit we had the churros for dessert and those all by themselves rated a star. Hot greasy donut, yum. Don't bother with the actual food.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes


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Las Palapas

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