La Paloma Restaurant

5183 E Clifton St
Solomon, 85551
First let me say that there was a time when, in my opinion, there wasn't a better Mexican food restaurant in the state. The red sauce here is amazing. Back in the mid-90s when Rachel Pena was cooking in the kitchen and Anna was serving tables this place was rockin. It's been through a couple of ownership changes since then. Rachel and Anna are long gone. Though the recipes are supposed to be the same the food doesn't seem quite as good. The red sauce is still amazing though. We make a point to visit this place during every trip to Safford. The shredded beef enchies are great with the 3 chimi combo (beef) coming in second. I would definitely choose green chili over red at this establishment. I was a bit disappointed that I had to add salt to my plate on my most recent visit though. The salsa is also very good. This is the first place that I ever had fried ice cream, and it is amazing. I think I'll try some next time I'm in town as I haven't had any in years. I hope it's still amazing. Come to think of it, this is the first place where I ventured away from the standard bean burrito. La Paloma holds a special place in my heart as I developed my love of Mexican food eating here. Having grown up in the South, to me Mexican food was Taco Bell until my later teen years when I moved to the Southwest. I guess it's like a first love. You never really forget. They definitely had some rough times but seem to have pulled it together now. You aren't going to find over-the-top friendly service here though so let's get that expectation in line right now. Service is competent yet reserved. On my recent visits, I've not had a problem with long wait times for service or food and every table has been full. Matt S - you should give em another chance.
La Paloma used to be our go to place for Mexican food when I lived in Safford, and I seem to remember it being better. We had lunch there today, and there was a lot to like (crushed ice for the drinks, low priced lunch specials), but overall it just wasn't as good as it used to be. The salsa needs to be kicked up a notch, because the spicy version wasn't very. My chile relleno was kind of small, and while I didn't notice it, my brother said the beans had a funny taste to them. I liked the enchilada sauce because it wasn't too bitter, but it needed a little more flavor. Overall, I was a bit disappointed, but am willing to give them another try next time I'm in town.
Terrific Mexican food with creative menu items. Handy location just off the highway and in a cute building. Staff is friendly and helpful. A great place!

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