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2737 W Thunderbird Rd,Ste 108
Phoenix, AZ, 85053

(602) 548-7482

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User:Susan Todd Z.

The Greek Pita never fails! I've been coming to this location since they opened and they turned me on to Greek food. They have by far the best Garlic sauce for their pitas. I wish I could buy it by the bottle!

User:Bill B.

Giving it 5 stars. I eat here all the time and i have never been disappointed. From the very minute you walk through the door they make you feel welcome. Great food at great prices. Clean and friendly. Best part I live across the street !

User:Matt S.

Try the "Chicken Gyros" if regular Gyros aren't your thing. Either way, these are the best Gyros in North Phoenix. The place is clean and well decorated, the staff is friendly, just like it should be.

User:Wendy A.

Found this place on yelp, highly recommended by most of the reviews. Ordered the Kefta dish, got to work, started eating it and it was delish. The meat was a bit dry for my liking, but tasty. Then, I went to eat the rice and I look closer and there's a piece of black hair right by the tomato!!!! As good as this place was, I will never go back because of the lack of hygiene. Hair nets would be suitable. I'll be calling them in my break to complain and let them know.

User:Arlin B.

I have not been back to The Greek Pita since my last review and a few things have change. Their food is still very tasty and their restaurant is very clean and inviting. However the quality of their service has gotten worse and they have raised their prices. On this visit I ordered a Gyros combo but wanted them to sub the fries for a salad. They stated it would be an additional charge and with this combo at $7.95 already I was hesitant but went ahead and ordered the side salad. This Kronos Gyros was very good, juicy and full of flavor. My salad was average and needed more dressing and cheese and certainly not worth the extra up-charge. After paying just over $10 for just an average meal that should have cost between $7 and $8 I decided to drop my rating to 3 stars.

User:DS K.

You usually KNOW what you like immediately & why the moment the plate arrives ...Big LOVE for this place.

User:Rand H.

Stopped in here today at the recommendation of friend Arlin B., hungry for "my usual" at a place like this, a gyro & a side salad. I found this to be a small, clean, stylish restaurant with comfortable booths, & a cute, friendly, Greek looking girl running the show. Appropriate pop music (99.9) played at just the right volume in the background. More good: My gyro was large, with plenty of meat. It was a little short on tomato & also Tzatziki Sauce, in my opinion, so it was kind of dry. Once I went back for a little cuplet of extra sauce, the gyro was good. The not-so-good: This place is EXPENSIVE! Here's a comparison with just 3 other places serving comparable gyros with a salad: Here: Gyro $5.25, tiny cup of (necessary) extra Tzatziki Sauce $.50, side salad $3.95=$9.70! Athenian Express: Gyro with side salad, $5.45 Haji-Baba: Gyro $3.69, side salad $1.29=$4.98 Olivio Grill: Amazing ROAST LAMB (no beef) Gyro, called a Souvlaki Pita here, & salad, only $3.89 during off hours OR with their readily available discount coupons!! SO, the high prices here notwithstanding, it's a nice comfortable restaurant with good food & service, & earns 3 Stars. I think all three of the other places mentioned above are better overall though, if value means anything! :-)

User:Arizona M.

All of their food is EXCELLENT but when it comes to gyro sandwiches, which is why I go to a Greek restaurant, they are HUGE with plenty of tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce. I like several around town but for the money I haven't found more bang for my buck as when I went to this place. It is a regular bi weekly stop for me.

User:Anthony J.

I went to this restaurant once and I thought I had a great experience after the second visit. Had very very very poor customer service experience! The food was good but the service was discriminatory!

User:Dr SexTalk

Love this place & have eaten here for 4 years! Best chicken Greek salad in Phoenix. High quality meat if you eat it. Excellent hummus & baba ghanouij and a pink garlic sauce that you will crave! Servings are large, feta is fresh if you like cheese & they have the good thick pita's. They cater to your order & the cooks greet you with a smile... At least they do me because I'm in all the time! Hidden in a strip mall behind Best Buy on the west side it's not easy to discover. They have opened a second location in Tempe Marketplace!

User:Kate T.

Tasty, fresh, and savory!

User:Dominic S.

This place is good!! I'm not saying the best, but I've been there quite a few times now and haven't had a bad experience. The food is good and is one of my favorite lunch spots on this side of town.

User:Melissa H.

JUST visited the Greek Pita a week ago, after driving past it for the past year and a half. It was pretty worth it! The bf and I have to give it a 3 1/2 stars... 3 from the BF and 4 from me (so it's a 4 on Yelp ;) We each had the falafel pita with french fries. The bf said the falafel was too dry for him, but I found it pretty decent. My only complaint was that there was too much tahini sauce in my falafel, yet not enough in the bf's... we probably should have traded! Other than that, I thought the pita was absolutely delicious. The fries were so-so, don't think I will order them in the future. That said, the ambiance of The Greek Pita is really cool-it's well decorated and nicely set up. Lots of seating, lots of booths to make it semi-private. It's also really cool to see them shaving the gyro meat right in the kitchen! I mean, I'm not a meat eater, but the bf thought it was cool, so you know... if you're into that... It's fairly well priced-- about $8 falafel and fries plate. Bf thought it was a little expensive for the quality, but I would imagine that's about average. We will definitely be going again-- next on our list is the gyro for him, and the hummus platter for me!

User:Brianne B.

Wow. Just wow. This gem is located all tucked away in the back of a strip mall, but holy crap this place is awesome! I tried almost everything but my favorite thing to order is the falafel. One... Because it's like eating a deep fried delicious hummus ball (anything deep fried is better anyway) AND because it's so fun to say. Say it with me now fa-la-fel. But really, their gyro sauce... Deliciousness. I try and go at as often as possible. Only problem is, my eyes are always bigger then my stomach. Please also order the hummus. It's warm and so so SO good.

User:Lisa V.

My coworkers and I love this place for a lunch stop. The food is always fresh, as it is made to order, and very flavorful. My favorite is the #10 - chicken Kebab pita - I get it Greek style which means an addition of tatziki and feta. The chicken is all white meat, which is a something I am huge stickler about. The hummus and gyro are also very good. A lunch will run you about $9-$10.

User:Eddie U.

It's a small joint but comfortable. I was hesitant about having Greek food but once I read what was on the menu...those falafels were all mine! Tasty and held their crunch within the pita bread covered in sauce, along with lettuce, tomato and onions. This Bronx kid's been missing his NYC food variety so this was a welcomed treat. Yummy, yummy, Eddie Machete had food in his tummy!

User:Morgan D.

Delicious!!! Such an unassuming sign out front, you'd never guess the inside held the best gyros sandwiches and chicken salads. You won't regret trying this place! :)

User:Matthew R.

Nice sized Gyro and tasty fries

User:Ann B.

Uggggg----this place is so yummy, but they cannot get a carryout order right to save their lives! Every time I order from Greek Pita, my order is incorrect. I repeat the order, have them repeat it back, check the bag. It is still always wrong. I keep going back because the food is really good. We order out from here about twice a month. They used to forget the sauce. Yesterday, even after the woman on the phone repeated the order back to me twice, they gave us the wrong menu item. Last time they did not give the person picking up the food the drinks that came with the meals. As indicated by my past reviews on other less than par experiences, I will continue to frequent this spot, despite my misgivings. I am truly a glutton for punishment.

User:Ben A.

I have been here twice in two weeks. Gyros are delicious and service is great! Everyone is friendly with a smile. Will be back very soon.

User:Mark H.

My favorite for quick Greek food. Better than My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. No beer though. I love that is is easy to walk fromt the VA. I have only had the salads so far and have been impressed.

User:Jeff L.

Come here sometimes when I have business at Best Buy. Always consistent and tasty.

User:Audra G.

Always friendly, Call ahead and they've got it waiting. I wish they could just know by my # what I always order.

User:Jennifer L.

Best chicken kabobs. I love this place. I crave their food at least once a week. Yummy and nicely priced.

User:Jamie Z.

Been here a few times with my BFF and we really like this place. It is clean, the prices are somewhat reasonable, and the service is nothing out of the ordinary. The food is made to order relatively quick and the Sherwarma Gyro is so delicious... that I feel guilty afterwards. But, it is well worth it! I plan to frequent this place on a regular basis and love the fact that it is fairly close to work. I believe they have the best Gyro's in the Phoenix Metro area. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

User:Carmelo W.

Friendly service, nice clean place, average pricing & yummy Gyros!

User:Marty F.

I went here a few weeks ago for the first time for lunchtime and was blown away. My god, the food here is delicious. I got the beef gyro combo and the mass amount of food was huge. You could easily split it with two people! If you havent been here, you gotta stop and eat here. Great food and great staff!

User:Bill F.

My Son and Daughter in Law (DIL) come here frequently and it's close to their work. My wife and I love Greek food and thought this is worth trying. We wanted something different then your normal, burgers, subs, pizza for Lunch. This Greek Pita place is close to Thunderbird Rd and interstate 17. Sort of on the South West side of the two major cross streets. It's east of 30th ave. We went on Wed afternoon about 1:45pm. The place wasn't crowded, probably just missed the lunch crowd, they had a steady stream of people coming in. At any given time around 5 to 7 groups or people came in ordered or stayed and ate their meals. I liked the fact if you stayed, they brought your food to your table. The layout is very similar to a fast food burger or sub joint. our order came out in about 10 minutes. Our DIL said sometimes they are fast, other times it can be really slow depending on the # of people in the joint. It's nice they have high chairs since our 9 month old grandson was with us. What we ordered: 3 sodas with unlimited refills, no charge for refills 1 Appetizer combo (Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, dolmas (3), falafel & 2 pitabread 1 #1 Gyro combo, I substituted onion rings for fries and there was a $1.25 extra charge 1 Gyro pita which meant no fries or drink 1 #11 Chicken gyro- no sauce 1 Dolmas. Total bill for 4 adults including tax was $40 on the spot. Was a bit more expense than a Micky D's combo or Burger King combo which probably would have been about $20 to $25. My wife liked the appetizer platter and loved the warmed pita bread. I thought the falafel on the appetizer was overcooked, the dolmas is served cold, I like dolmas warm to hot. couldn't really differentiate the taste of hummus vs baba ghanouj, but I don't eat enough of it to really say. My Gyro tasted good, they gave enough Tsatziki sauce to my satisfaction. Over all the food was average to good, we all enjoyed it, I would come back for quick Greek Food on the fly.

User:Jay R.

Un-friggin-believeable! In town on business and looking for something different. Where I grew up we had a huge Greek Community and there were at least 10 Greek Restaurants in my area. Tasting the food here reminded me of some of those restaurant. Everything was tasty and fresh. I will be eating there for dinner every day that I am here in phoenix. Great Find!

User:Hilin S.

This place is so good! Every time a friend comes to visit, I always take them here once during their stay. The chicken shawarma sandwich is my absolute fave. There is something about the sauce and bread that makes the whole thing amazing. Their fries are pretty tasty as well. The food gets you pretty full so I think you get your money's worth (under ten dollars for a meal). Check it out!

User:Kayla S.

We order from here for lunch and it is excellent! So far I have had the gyros which is very good, the spanakopita is what you would expect, but my favorite is the chicken kebab wrap. I get it with the tzatsiki sauce, the chicken is cooked to perfection and with the tomato, lettice and sauce in a pita, it is perfect. Great food!

User:Brian K.

I was very impressed by the friendly greeting when I ordered my gyros sandwich, fries and drink. The cashier girl ( very cute by the way) also brought my food out as soon as it was ready. I was very happy with the food and service. I will order the salad instead of fries next time, just to eat healthier. The music was kinda weird, but I guess that a greek thing. I will eat here more often.

User:Jenn N.

I've ordered take out here twice. Both times were very positive. First time I tried it was when I first moved here in the Spring when it was like 100 degrees already. I have 2 dogs that I had to leave in the car (with the engine and A/C on) while I ran inside to place my order. I told the waitress I'd just be outside the door because of my dogs so I'll come in to get my food. Instead of waiting for me to come in to get it....she came out and handed to me!! How nice! Second time I came here was a few days ago when the temperature has cooled down a lot. But, again, I left the dogs in the car with the engine on and the A/C going. And AGAIN!....she ran out and gave me my food! I love their service and their Sherwarma gyro is freakin awesome-tastic.

User:David B.

Fast food Greek. Pretty good considering. I had the felafel plate which was huge. Small side Greek salad, 6 felafel balls, lots of rice, and pita bread. Enough for two meals. Tahini sauce was good. Salad dressing could be better.

User:Jake D.

I'm fairly new to the Greek party, and I've always seen this place kind of tucked away behind Best Buy when I'd drive by. Today some folks from work and I had a Greek craving and wanted to try something new. So I figured why not.... Food was very good, the service was friendly, and the place was pretty full of people. Everyone in our group was satisfied. A great addition to the lunch rotation!

User:Nate F.

I love this place! I can't speak to "authenticity" but I know what I like, I like Greek food, and these guys make some of the best I've found in Phoenix. Who cares if they also have hamburgers on the menu? (I can't believe the things Yelpers will "ding" a business for... come on people, you're not writing for Zagat). Back to the food. I'm a big fan of Pita Jungle, but the food here is better. True, the place isn't big, and it might not be the best atmosphere if you need to bring a bunch of people from work or something; but for lunch, or take-out, or small parties, you'll love it!

User:Rich M.

Awesome Greek food and wonderful service. It's a family run business and the food is fabulous. If you're in the area and craving Greek food, this is the spot.

User:Wiley F.

Great food, good people. The Greek salad is da bomb. Just saying.

User:Rachel R.

After visiting my lovely sister and new nephew at Thunderbird, we were looking for a quick and easy place to eat. The Greek Pita hit the spot! We had hummus and gyros - Yum! Hummus was flavorful, and the meat was tastey. The pita was a little stiff, but that was the only complaint. Next time we're in the area, we'll stop here for quick eats!

User:Wes N.

Pretty good fast food Greek chow spot in NoPho. Nothing so amazing that it has me running back or craving it randomly. Good selection of iced teas. Tasty hummus & dolmas. I'd like to see a non-falafel meal option for vegetarians. Perhaps a greek salad/pita & hummus/rice plate?

User:K S.

I eat from here at least once a month, and I absolutely love their Souvlaki plate. The portions are huge and the prices more than reasonable. The place itself is small and always busy, which is why I usually take my food to go. The employees are all very friendly and promote a great family atmosphere for casual dining. I would definitely recommend this place!

User:Sarah S.

UGH! Why am I such a masochist that I keep trying this place thinking it will get better? This place is close to my office, and there aren't many good "healthier" options nearby, so I've been here a handful of times over the past year or so, but I'm putting up the white flag and surrendering, I will not be going back. First, they put way too many onions on their gyro. Don't get me wrong, I love onion, but I think they only buy the stinkiest, strongest flavored onions available. I feel like I wreak for at least 24 hours after eating a few pieces of those puppies. Second, the falafel is SO SALTY! I can't even bring myself to consume one entire falafel. Also, on at least one occasion, there was a hair in the falafel. Enough said. Third, prices! Hello! Have you heard of a lunch crowd? I really don't want to pay $10 for a salad outside of a sit-down restaurant, and even then it better blow my mind. Salads are also, unfortunately, one of the most edible things served here. The veggies are fresh and the oil and vinegar dressing is good and simple. The chicken salad would earn 3 or 4/5 on its own, but not for $10 at lunch! I must try to keep this a little positive. The pita bread is delicious, served warm and soft, but unfortunately, cannot save the rest of my bad experiences here. Eat at your own risk!

User:Matt B.

Went here for lunch. They were very fast with the preparing the food. It has been a long time since I had a gyro and this one did not disappoint. Small sitting area for dining in. It cost $8 for a gyro, fries and a drink. I will definitely be going back here.

User:Emily H.

This place is amazing. Chicken Gyros was perfect; fresh flat bread, shaved seasoned chicken, and the creamy cucumber sauce make quite a meal. The fries are always crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, and fresh fried. A little pricy, but very worth it.

User:Kimmie K.

It's a little hard to find, but it is a treasure to be found! We go here at least once every other week! This is a family owned business which makes it even better, but our favorites are the traditional gyro, chicken or steak schwarma and especially love the garlic sauce. Out of all the gyro-type places we have been to, this is our absolute favorite, nothing else compares! The prices are a smidge more than normal, but it is well worth it! We are for sure customer's for life!!

User:Peter L.

YUMMY #1 Gyro meal!! Tasty, quick and excellent service!

User:Brian G.

The Greek Pita is a must try. Great food at a good price, and the service is quick and friendly. I eat here at least once a week.

User:Crystal L.

Okay so we go in one day after looking at best buy for a controller my boyfriend had to have for the ps3. We decided lets get something so he goes to port a subs and I go to the Greek pita which I though ah ill try it. The place was small but cozy staff is friendly and take out Woot. Needless to say I loved this place. My boyfriend hated port a subs was dissapointed. So we decided to come back so he could try it. He loves this place now too. We've been back several times and we've told friends about it. Awesome food!

User:Dave W.

Had heard from an employee in nearby Best Buy that this place was really good. Today stopped by to see for myself. Yep! She was right in spades. Had a gyros sandwich. It was tops! Real Gyros is made from lamb or lamb/beef mixture. Some other places leave out the lamb or lamb and beef and replace it with pork 'cause most people don't know the difference. Lady taking the order was very nice and efficient. Prices were very good. The sandwich with fries was almost more than I can eat and believe me, I can eat. Menu was also very extensive. Hard to know what I'll get next time but do know this: "I'll be back." That you can take food out helps on those days or rather evenings when we're all huddled around the TV watching a football game or something.Everything was really great.

User:Keagan H.

Awesome menu selections! I have eaten at the place several time and it is VERY delightful! Its worth the drive if you live far! Check it out!

User:Tracy T.

Yum! My husband and I go twice a week. The food is authentic, fantastic and prepared by the owners, a nice greek family. Casual dining, order at the counter and they bring it to your table. Clean, modern decor. Great prices. Everything from the hummus to the spanakopita and baklava is delicious. May I recommend the veggie pita? You can thank me later.

User:Jonathan S.

Bland food Over-priced Don't need to say more

User:Daniel S.

Small - family owned - FRIENDLY! All the food is from their special unique recipes... including their baklava! A must have if you've never been before. FOOD IS AMAZING! Gotta go. Just go. Do it - you'll be happy you did. Promise.

User:Thee D.

Bad service and rude employee. She made mistakes with our order and made us feel unwelcome. Like it was an inconvenience to fix the order and refund the overage. Anyone have a good falafel place for the north valley?

User:Serianna T.

o...m...g amazing!!! I tend to stick to their beef items but everything I have had is amazing. It's a garlic lovers paradise with their garlic rice and Tzatziki sauce and their portions are HUGE. My only gripe is their fries since I am not a thick steak fry person but I just get their plate meal that comes with entrée, small greek salad, garlic rice and a pita with a side of Tzatziki sauce. The dining area is small and the place can fill up quickly during lunch but totally worth the wait!

User:Margaret D.

Since this place first opened its doors, hubby and I frequent Greek Pita at least once a week. The food is always delicious and I love that they have vegetarian options for me! Falafel and appetizer plates are my favorites. Service is always fast ad friendly. According to my meat eating husband, the meat options are also tasty. Don't forget to save room for baklava, its heavenly...

User:Biviana P.

If you are a fan of salads you should stop by The Greek Pita. I absolutely recommend their chicken salad. It's the best!

User:S H.

AWESOME place for great favorite is the chicken shawarma, which is served as a plate of hummus with wonderfully-marinated tender chicken bites, not wrapped in a pita as it often is. Their 'greek salad' is to die for, and this makes my favorite meal when wanting to go to my 'happy place'!! Self-order, delivered to table quickly and efficiently. Prices are decent, and food has always been great no matter what we order. Willing to drive half-way across town for it frequently!

User:Anisa Y.

I just went in for the first time because I was craving some hummus. The place was clean but reeked of the smell of grease from the fryer...I just showered and now my hair smells like old french fries! The food wasn't bad, I got a falafel pita which was pretty good, they put a little too much sauce on it, though, so by the time I brought it home to eat the pita was kind of soggy. For me, the hummus was missing something, it was a little on the bland side. I don't think I'd go back for the hummus, but I'll probably go back and try some other things on the menu.

User:Mia J.

Great food. Incredibly friendly service. Can't wait to go back.

User:Todd W.

Great fast pita / mediterranean / gyro / shawarma place. Every time I've been the food has been fresh, tasty and terrific. Friendly staff and clean, comfortable surroundings. Enjoy before or after your run to Lowe's, Fry's Electronics or Best Buy!

User:Kelley M.

Really great falafel. Staff is courteous, and you get a lot of food for a reasonable price. The portions are big enough to be shared. I recommend the #2 and the falafel plate. If you're feeling particularly glutinous, order the Greek fries. Excellent rice.

User:James M.

I eat here almost once a week (probably 3 times a month) with my coworkers for lunch and it never disappoints. In fact our running joke is that one of us will always say "that was so good" when we're in the way back to work. The #9 (chicken shawarma) is hands down the best imo. The #1 (the gyro) and any of the hummus dishes are also excellent. The price is reasonable with the amount of food you get and the fries are surprisingly good. As someone else already mentioned, it's a hidden gem in the valley. Don't hesitate to check it out!

User:Howie C.

It's cool and dark inside. Perfect when it's 120 out. It's clean and modern, the staff is friendly enough. The food is tops. If anything, you get a lot of it, and that makes it decent value. I got a gyro, as per usual. The meat was a little bit thin but it was cooked well and there was a whole lot of it. The taste is good and the pita was relatively soft. The fries are boring, but they're not bad. I just feel like there's room to do SOMETHING more, even for the basic fry. It's no Haji Baba but it's definitely my new favorite gyro place near work. So not a must have, but definitely a first choice come lunch time.

User:Robert N.

Place was great again. Ordered the steak shawarma wirh fries and a drink for $9.50. Good value and food for the price. Not a large place so get there early. Place is always clean and the restrooms are clean. Thx

User:Robert S.

I've been here about 15 times since they opened years ago. Today the service was distracted but okay. The falafel was a little bland for my taste. The Tahini was bland as well. The gyro plate was about average. The portion sizes were a bit small for what I paid. A bit "pricey." The salad was the best part of the meal but was not as fresh as in the past. The bananna pepper was a bit rank in the salad. The rest of the salad was fresh. It was well air conditioned which is good. They forgot to give me the tahini that I paid for but they were quick to get me some after I brought it to their attention. I had to wait in line for a few minutes to ask for it. Overall it was okay. I will probably come check the place out again in another year or so to see if they've gotten any better. Lol.

User:Matthew H.

GREAT Gyros, the place is clean, friendly service and they move quick on the take out orders.

User:Keith S.

The shawarma and gyros are delicious. The fries are always crisp. Counter service is generally very good.

User:Chris M.

Love the gyro salad. Location is clean and cute. Staff are always friendly. The selection looks amazing, they did a great job with their big picture menu. Someday I'll try something else, but I keep going back for my favorite salad!

User:Brian G.

They were sitting at the table looking and continously laughing and we're very unprofessional ...and we're too busy being on there phones and burnt my gyro ...I will not come back to this establishment again

User:N B.

It's delicious! The people are great and very friendly. They're quick at having your food ready without falling short on quality!

User:Beth H.

Best Greek and Mediterranean food I have found in Arizona so far. Sis and her hubs love this place, so we had to try it before leaving. Falafel is fresh and real! Prices are very reasonable. My only bad note would be the garlic sauce. It's not garlic sauce. It might be garlicy pink runny tarter sauce. It's not true garlic sauce I was craving it. But oh well. the sandwiches, and falafel was excellent. The staff was so friendly and I commiserated with the counter gal over our purple hair highlights. It looked like they were really busy too. Thankfully we caught the end of the rush and could get a seat. I see why they are so popular. Really great place.

User:Stephanie H.

Always a hit. The gyros are so, SO good. The staff is so friendly, and the service is quick. I honestly can't imagine why anyone would award less than five starts to The Greek Pita. The price is right and the food is delicious, every single time!

User:Donna S.

Always my favorite Giro. Super friendly. On the way to hospital tonight for friends mom. They took my order just as they were closing and they waited for our arrival to grab it on they way. Dinner was ready and waiting. Thank you so much for great service and kindness.. a great to go meal too..

User:Kevin L.

This is a quality spot! Food is fresh, people are friendly, prices are pretty fair. Pitas are delicious and fries are above average, I will be back! Have not tried the hummus, but its hard to beat Pita Jungle!

User:Jo C.

I love this place! I usually get the #1 or the chicken gyro(forgot the number). I also really like the chicken gyro salad! So filling, I never finish it. Also - The staff is always great. Place is always clean.

User:Rosie H.

The food is good but it's hard to notice when getting screamed at by a crazy blond (poor dye job) woman named Nadia. It was my brother's birthday and we decided to order catering from these guys. We looked up their website and found that half a tray of gyros was $55. We called to place our order and nadia asked what kind of meat we wanted, we said half chicken half beef. Apparently that makes our order $15 above the original $55, which is fine, except she didn't tell us the price was different and neither did their website. (Hopefully the site has been updated) We pick up our order and take it home only to find a stack of chewy pita bread and a box of dry meats. Nothing else! I'm pretty sure gyros usually come with more than that, and the bill was over $75. We called the restaurant and asked why our order was like this and nadia got on the phone and started screaming that we were stupid $!#@, %#! $ idiots etc. After cussing and screaming at us, she hung up. We called back asking for the manager and left a voice mail because they couldn't get them on the phone. The manager gave us a refund of the $15, but that crazy woman was there when we came to pick it up and she started to argue and got crazy again. Finally the manager told her to stop it and go into the back. We used to love the food here but we feel like we can't go back because they will probably spit in it. The crazy woman made it very clear that she knew my family's name and she would be watching for us. Honestly, I feel we were lucky that we weren't physically attacked as well as verbally assaulted.

User:Mike K.

Surprised at so many great reviews. The restaurant was clean, the workers were friendly, and the food was fresh... unfortunately the steak shwarma pita was dissapointing. The flavor, saltiness, and toughness of the meat specifically is what was so dissapointing.

User:Amy B.

Really great little unassuming place located off Thunderbird. I've eaten here a few times now and it's really good food. Plenty of menu options, clean, with booths that are big and comfy. I get my usual when I come here, which is a Gyro, fries (sometimes) and a drink. It's always tasty and made just right. They could put some more of the white sauce on it, but overall it tastes fresh and delicious. They also have a few desserts, but I usually never get any because I'm so full when I leave. I really enjoy eating here from time to time, probably one of the better places to get a good Gyro in town.

User:James B.

I can't speak for the majority of the menu, in all the times I've been here, I've always managed to order the same plate. Gyro pita combo. It's awesome, every time. This has to be my favorite stand by.

User:Lala L.

Never disappointing. Anything you order is delicious, I've tried everything on the menu, with the exception of the hamburger and the hot dog. Favorite dish is the chicken shwarma. Sandwich or plate. DELICIOUS.

User:Kara C.

This is by far my favorite gyro place! My mom lives right down the street and I miss coming here! I come back whenever I am in town, their food is excellent! The restaurant is always very clean and bright and the customer service has always been extremely awesome! I cannot say enough good things about this place, I hesitate to eat gyros anywhere else! My mom swears by the chicken gyros but I'm a purist and love the #1

User:Todd S.

Clean and efficient restaurant with some good food. I had the Souvlaki (sp?) and an appetizer of hummus and a Greek salad. The pork pita was awesome and I fully recommend, but the hummus was only OK. I cannot put my finger on it, but I have had better tasting hummus and bread elsewhere. The taste and texture was not what I like and am used to. The bread was better than the hummus. The salad was fresh and tasty. A little pricy, but worth it.

User:Bruce K.

Yelp strikes again. I knew I needed to stop here to hit up Fry's (reviewed elsewhere) but I wanted a nice sit-down meal. Not fast food, not a chain and not expensive. And so Yelp pointed me here. I went with the gyro platter, which arrived with a large pile of sliced lamb, excellent rice (soft, not crunchy), a toasted pita, a pot of tzatziki sauce and a large greek salad. I ate ALL of it. So yummy. Comfortable store front restaurant. No free wifi, but my hands were full with fork and torn pieces of pita. I'm assuming the music that was piped in was Greek, but I don't know. Some strange anomalies on the menu. Sure, gyros and kefta and felafel. But why are there burgers, hot dogs and fish & chips??

User:Jo N.

Chicken Schwarma Salad served with a warm fresh pita bread-heaven. They give you a LOT of food for your buck, and it is so delicious. I am still trying to duplicate their pink garlic sauce, I love that stuff!

User:Allan A.

We ordered the Gyro's. Quality Great food. Satisfying portion size. Prompt service. Being from the East Coast and having eaten gyro's many times and from many places I can highly recommend this establishment. I'll go there again.

User:Amanda A.

I thought this place was decent. It's my first time stopping in today and I got the #1 which is a beef/lamb mix gyro with Greek fries instead of regular. The gyro was good, that's about all I have to say about it. The fries were extremely Limey/lemony (not sure which they use). I've had Greek fries only one other time and they were delicious. Can't say the same for this place. They were also $2 extra. Really? For feta and lime? Whatever. I might stop back in again if I'm in the area, but I probably wouldn't recommend this place to anybody. I enjoyed it though.

User:Amera S.

I feel like I'm one of the many to stop by this place after leaving Best Buy, but thankfully I did because I just loooove this place! I ordered the chicken shawarma combo (chicken shawarma sandwich, fries and a drink) and out of all the Mediterranean restaurants I've been to - this place definitely serves the largest portion. I mean, HUGE portions of meat and a basket of fries - so because of that, I can understand why their prices are a tad bit more than your usual gyro shop. Side note: they charge you for the sides as well ($.50 each). The food is great and it's unfortunate this place is tucked in a corner behind Best Buy. The best part of the whole restaurant is the lovely girl who takes your orders. She's not just nice to you... she's nice to EVERYONE who walks in - just a very bubbly, energetic, sweet girl. All in all, I wish this place was more popular because they deserve it.

User:Vincent N.

Why is this place using paper plates?

User:Kristen H.

Clean, friendly staff who seem to take pride in the restaurant, good prices, good food.

User:Beau C.

So much good food! I'll admit, I initially started going here because of the Avengers, but I'm really glad that I did. The atmosphere is comfortable, and they have a pretty good selection of items for kids. Wish that there was more of them around downtown so that I could have work carter them sometimes.

User:Jay D.

If you're not looking for this place, then you'd probably miss it since its location is not necessarily a heavily trafficked area, off to the side as you enter the Best Buy plaza on Thunderbird and I17. The place is small like the typical Gyro places that dot the valley but it's not plain looking like others. They've definitely put more effort into the decor. The menu is nicely laid out above the counter with plenty to choose from. Most of the selection are combo items but you can certainly buy individual or a la carte items. The kitchen is open just behind the counter which was a nice touch because you can see the staff prepare your food. Today I tried the #8 - Steak Shawarma meal consisting of the Shawarma, fries and a drink. It was delicious with a generous portion of meat. I can't quite describe it exactly at first bite, but I think it was the flavorful tzatziki and the meat cooked just right that sent this Shawarma over all others as compared to similar places around this area. Overall, thumbs up and worth returning to in the future.

User:Terry S.

Wow, I'm so glad I happened to find this place by accident one day after going to Best Buy. I'll admit, I'm not sure what traditional 'greek' food is to be honest, but I know I like this place. The gyros are EXCELLENT and their hummus is THE BOMB! Big servings, clean but small place, and quick. I can get in and out of there in about 30 minutes, so easy for lunch. I've seen some comments on the prices, but the prices are fine with me, especially considering that this stuff is grade A quality fresh. You know, on that subject; one thing I've noticed is that a lot of white people...and it is mostly white people... white people with money...tend to beaaach a lot about prices in ethnic family owned restaurants. Whether it be Mexican or Greek, they sure to like to complain about a few extra bucks. But by golly get some funky new hamburger joint, like five guys, where they charge over $10 bucks for a hamburger and fries (no drink), and they just LOVE the place (must be those damn peanuts...) Seriously folks, quit being such whiners about the price of food when it's anything but your standard American corporate white food. Whether it's Asian, Mexican, and evidently now Greek, you are a bunch of cheap buggers who have no problem dropping money on some 'currently in and hip and new' hamburger joint (or any other corporate restaurant that is currently dropping their loads via new chains all over the US), but pay an extra buck or two for something scream about getting screwed over because of the price. Give it a break folks, and stop being so damn cheap. Also, the staff is friendly, and I think they are actually greek... which is a good thing I guess. They're all kind of hot also, including the guys...which never hurts.

User:Cj E.

We go to Greek pita weekly. We drive across town for the best counter service greek we can find. This place is always fast and friendly.

User:Trevor C.

I decided to get some gyros here last night for dinner since no one wanted to cook after a long hot day of work. My wife and I both ordered the gyro combo and our daughter had a corn dog meal to go. All of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals. None of us could finish the fries though just because there were so many of them. It's a shame because they are really good especially with a ketchup/sriracha sauce on them. I have to say, this is the best Greek food I've found in Arizona so far. It is extremely good and very reasonably priced. My wife drew my attention to the Greek fries after I had placed our order. I think next time I will have to try those and she wants to try a falafel. It is certain that we will be returning customers.

User:Katrina K.

My sister brought me here and it was bomb! Got a whole meal for around $8 with a huge delicious gryo with amazing sauce. Friendly staff a plus! Definitely will be back it's right in my area!

User:Kristy R.

BEST Greek food in town! Im very picky when it comes to Greek/Mediterranean food and this place nails it. Everything is wonderful right down to the sauces. If I could eat here every day I would. The staff is super friendly and the prices are fair. If you are ever on the west side of the valley and want a delicious sure to stop by The Greek Pita!

User:Will G.

Pretty good food but falafel has too much cumin and is bitter. Everything else is great!

User:Steven A.

This place is real authentic, I would know as I was raised eating Mediterranean food. First you have to see are they really carving the lamb? Yes, I saw it being carved from the meat rotator. The cashier girl was really nice, the music was authentic mediterranean music, the food was great. It was a heavy load of lamb gyro, which I love because I left feeling full. The only thing is, I wish there was more taziki sauce on my gyro, other than that, excellent overall.

User:Richard M.

The shop itself is fantastic looking and very well kept. The food on the other hand is average at best. The gyro meat was overcooked, the tzatziki sauce was sort of bland and the fries were nothing special. Judging by the amount of to go orders I assume their other menu options are better than the Gyro. I personally wouldn't come back for a Gyro with all the options close by but give them a shot if you craving something Greek. Having said that I tried their Chicken kabob pita and it was awesome!

User:Ashley S.

Fantastic! We took gyros and the app sampler to go. Fast service and incredible food!



Opening Hours

Mon :10:00 am - 8:
Takes Reservations : No
Delivery : No
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Good For : Lunch
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Good for Kids : Yes
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Casual
Noise Level : Average
Alcohol : No
Outdoor Seating : No
Wi-Fi : No
Has TV : No
Waiter Service : No
Caters : Yes