The Golden Greek


7126 N 35th Ave
Phoenix, AZ, 85051

(602) 841-7849

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    Hot Appetizers & Soups Saganaki
    Hot Appetizers & Soups Keftethakia
    Hot Appetizers & Soups Kalamaria
    Hot Appetizers & Soups Tiropita
    Hot Appetizers & Soups Pita Beead
    Hot Appetizers & Soups Shrimp Saganki
    Hot Appetizers & Soups Domathes
    Hot Appetizers & Soups Spanakopita
    Hot Appetizers & Soups Augolemono Soup
    Hot Appetizers & Soups Pita Basket
    Cold Appetizers & Salads Tzatziki
    Cold Appetizers & Salads Melintzano Salata
    Cold Appetizers & Salads Taramosalata
    Cold Appetizers & Salads Feta Cheese & Olives
    Cold Appetizers & Salads Dolmathes
    Greek Specialites Mousakas
    Greek Specialites Kalamaria
    Greek Specialites Lamb Souvlaki
    Greek Specialites Chicken Souvlaki
    Greek Specialites Pork Souvlaki
    Side Orders Spaghetti
    Side Orders Meatballs Or Sausage
    Side Orders Garlic Toast
    Dessert Baklava
    Dessert Rice Pudding

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User:Joel C.

In this area (35th Ave & Glendale Ave) there aren't that many options for good mom & pop restaurants. The Golden Greek has broken that stigma. The food and value definitely make this a place worth visiting at least once a month. The place is small and quaint and clean. The food was simple yet amazing. On our first visit, we tried the Gyro Plate and Baked Lasagna. Both absolutely delicious. For those who love a nice gyro, don't be thrown off by their pita bread. It looks like a typical roll, but gives the gyro an awesome taste. Their tzatziki sauce is very fresh. Although it's a Greek restaurant, the Italian fare here is worth a try.

User:Bess S.

The hummas is delicious! Mounds of feta cheese on the Greek salad and friendly service. Well worth the wait, I will be back to conquer the rice pudding!

User:Emily B.

This is a cute mom and pop Greek/Italian restaurant. The food was delicious. The gyro comes on their homemade bread instead of pita. Delicious! The spanakopita was great too. They are a small business, so not super speedy, but worth the wait!

User:Taran P.

This place does it right. Small unassuming location with no frills but great authentic mom and pop greek food.

User:Patrick M.

Showed up at 7:38 to place an order to go. I walked in and they told me they're closed. Their sign says open till 8PM. Annoying

User:Daniel R.

This place is awesome! Reminds me of home. Very small but welcoming. Will be coming back for their salads.

User:Mia R.

The food here is fantastic and as authentic as it gets. The service is sometimes hit or miss, because they're a family run buisness and usually only one person on staff to serve. It's also very small indoors, but honestly WORTH IT for the food. I've tried several things on the menu, but I always go back to the gyros (usually the sandwich). And if they've got it, try the hummus. Best I have ever had, it's hard to resist licking the bowl afterwards (I am not a barbarian so of course I use a piece of homemade pita bread for that).

User:Shawn W.

This place isn't much to look at from the outside and you may be questioning yourself as your approaching the strip mall exterior. We walked in on Sunday just before they opened at noon (we didn't know that) and not a soul in there. It quickly filled up and when we had our first bite we knew why everyone kept coming through the door. We ordered the combination plate, not being familiar with Greek food, and everything, I mean everything was delicious! All the food is homemade we were told. We had a good bottle of Greek white wine, they said it was a Chardonnay, but tasted more like a pinot grigio for only $17. Good value, great taste. We'll be back!

User:Sheri K.

The prices are great. The homemade pita is excellent. The service is wonderful. Small, perfect dining room. Quick delivery of food. We enjoy our occasional lunch here with friends.

User:Rem C.

I go here about once a week and I always get the Chicken Apollo. They're feta cheese in this chicken sandwich is really good. The dressing is awesome too.

User:Daniel B.

My wife has been talking about this restaurant for two years so we finally a chance to make it down there and we will definitely be back...before two years! It was excellent! It's a hole in wall mom and pop place, and very laid back. So if you are trying to be wowed by ambiance or maybe even excellent service, think Greek roots....maybe not service oriented.....But! The food is awesome so it is worth it!!!!!! We had the Lemon rice soup. Yum! Hummus with lots of pita bread. Yum yum yum!!! For entrees my wife had the gyros sandwich with the Greek salad and I had lasagna. It was all beyond delicious! The portions were perfect or more than we could eat by the time we were finished. The prices were great!!!!! I cannot wait to go back! My wife talked about how good about their baklava is with their honey Rosehips drizzle. We will definitely have it next time!

User:Kathryn M.

"You get what you pay for" here means in terms of quality. It is a family-owned business and true to form for the other less-than-stellar reviewers on here. We had the brother greet and seat us. He then dropped off menus without a word. It was sometime before he came back and we then could order our beverages at the same time as our meal. The sister delivered drinks and food. We really didn't interact with the staff. The food. We were not interested in trying the Italian, but if a side of spaghetti and meatballs is $3.50 it might be worth a quick pasta fix. The Greek salad was good. I loved the dressing which reminded me of my favorite Greek salad from Easy Street in Columbus, OH. The herbs were nice. The salad was lacking a bit and could use pepperoncini, thinly sliced red onions, dryer feta, thin sliced green/red peppers. I thought the pita was strange. It is nothing like any I tasted before and I've eaten at many Greek restaurants. It would have done them well to dress the gyro sandwich. It was terribly messy because of their strange bun-like pita, and only came with tzatziki and onions. I asked for the gyro to be extra crispy. It wasn't burnt, but it was dried out and not very seasoned. I would return just for the salad. My husband appreciated the salad and lemon/egg drop soup. He didn't touch the pita. It was unclear in the end do they take our check or do we walk to the cash register. After some time of standing at the cash register we were finally paid and left.

User:CrickitaBonitas M.

Stopped here 2day w/ a dear gf of mine 4 a nice lunch while we caught up 4 a couple hrs. She'd never been here & it had been awhile 4 me even though I'd previously dined a handful of Xs. I luv the family owned oper8ions & this 1 has been here 4 @ least 20+ yrs that I know of. This small li'l hole in the wall is pretty much the Best place in the whole shopping plaza & as far as Greek goes, it's been a fave tho I have not had 2 many other Greek experiences 2 make comparisons (hey, get ur mind outta the gutter~talkin' bout food)! The decor is nicely themed 4 it's size & have 2 admit I kinda like hearing hollering of orders & family rel8ed antics (it's kinda like getting free entertainment while ur w8ing) which I feel is part of what makes it the cultural experience 2. We started w/ the greek salad complete w/ the authentic kalamata olives (careful of the pitts) & special made house dressing, mine sans the feta cheese. We shared some hummus & an order of spanikopitas. I also tried a side of their lentil soup & we already had our heart set on some baklava 4 dessert but un4tun8ly they were out. (or none was made, or in the process there~of). I know it takes awhile 2 make but dang, baklava goes in~hand w/ Greek excursions! Salad was good, lentil soup was very good as was the hummus (perfect consistency tho needing a li'l spice/flavor) ALL generous portions 4 the $$ but both of us agreed the flaky crispily scrumptuos Spanikopitas = AHhhmazing & made it worth our visit in itself!!! In fact, when we come back we may just order those & of course the baklava we missed out on... that's IF they have it (& why it's 4 instead of 5* rating). Also, the service is good & efficient, just don't expect kissy~face kindness (also part of what I refer 2 as part of the authentico experience). Besides I find it more unnerving/nause8ing when some1 attempts portraying/sounding like a real sweetheart but is always blatantly obvious when it's an Act. B prepared 2 b given an uncomfortable once over (looking u over up & down). Felt like being sized up if worthy enough 2 b seated, but guess we were (or our $ was good enough 2 take). A poor lady stood there w8ing 2 b seen 4 about 10 min while our server was sitting down right across the way from her reading something. I felt bad 4 her (even while engrossed in girly's convers8ion) & almost wanted 2 say some1 would b w/ her so she'd notice her, but feared a lazer~eyed glare my direction turning me 2 stone. Maybe I could b a statue 2 greet patrons @ the entrance. Yikes! Just kidding, or am I? She finally got seated only After a party was leaving ready 2 pay. Another reason not Perfect 5* but I'll enjoy coming here 'once in awhile' calling b4 hand or ask prior 2 bn seated 2 c if baklava is available whenever the next while happens. Overall a Gr8 li'l place!!

User:José C.

Was dragged here by a friend who was a friend of the owner, quaint little place with a intimate setting. The owner herself served us and the reason why I gave it 3 stars was because she was out of basically all the things I wanted to try (Thursday night) the food I did get to try was excellent (Domathas (sp?) was incredible). Will try one more time.

User:Sarah C.

I was introduced to this place by my boyfriend. It's a small, family run restaurant that has been in the neighborhood for decades. Have been coming here for years now and have never had anything remotely bad. The spanakopita is to die for! The gyro plate is my favorite. Their soups are great. Their pitas are homemade. The baklava....mmmmm!

User:Stacy Z.

Love this place, we've been coming here since we moved to the Valley. I nearly always order the gyro sandwich. Any time I've ordered something else I love it, but I wish for the gyro instead. The bread they serve with it is amazing- wish I knew how to make it. Their flaming cheese isn't really flaming, but it is awesome anyways, as is the lemon rice soup (also not flaming). Service here varies. If you're a regular and they know you, you'll get great service. If you're new, it can be a bit spottier. This is a family-owned joint, and there are LOTS of regulars- it backs up out the door at dinnertime. Tess, the waitress, takes orders without writing them down, then rings it all up at the register from memory. Again, she's great if you're a regular but can be a bit brisk if you're new. Oh, and they're closed on Mondays, and for about a month during the summer.

User:P. H.

Best Greek food on the West Side of town. I really like the soup and cheese appetizer. This is the a little place hidden in a strip mall but a hidden jewel.

User:ER Y.

Fantastic!! I enjoyed the Greek Combo immensely!! Served with soup or salad, lunch for two of us (both had combo) was just over $20 and there was a lot of food. I hope to return some day.

User:Steve R.

disgusting the owner she was very rude the service was the worst I ever had the bathrooms were nasty just like the owners personality she act like she was doing you a favor if you're looking for that type of food is a wonderful place right across from QT on Glendale Avenue and 35th they stay open till like 12 a.m. and they had wonderful food and a hell of a lot better service check them out first but this place is disgusting there's too many nice places in the area to give your money to the golden Greek they don't appreciate it and they're bitte I've never seen a place that's so rude like she was and believe me they need to spend some money to clean the place up there look like mice droppings in the bathroom I would never ever recommend this place do yourself a favor and go to the place across from QT the Middle Eastern place it's delicious and thanks to the owner for being so rude but I understand that's just the way she is rude

User:Christopher B.

Let me start this one by stating that I've lived in Greece and I have a tough filter when it comes to giving 5 stars. All that said, the Golden Greek passed my test. The Gyro Special was enough to fill a grown man such as myself after not eating for 24 hours (literally!). The special obviously included a Gyro, but I was surprised that they used homemade bread (which turned out to be excellent) and gave such a generous portion of Greek-inspired salad (not exactly Greek Salad as it had lettuce) since the menu referred to the salad as being "small." As my picture illustrates, once the Gyro was open, the meal barely fit on a normal-sized plate. The service was decent (a bit slow, but that's part of the experience- this is NOT a "fast food" joint) and they play some Greek music. The restaurant lacks some ambiance as it is small and a bit outdated, but that's not why you should come here. You should come here if you want a real taste of Greece smack-dab in the middle of Phoenix!!!

User:Chris Z.

Best Greek food I've had in the valley. Whenever I order a gyro anywhere else, I'm disappointed. The only reason I'm not giving a 5 is nit picky items: This is a family owned restaurant that has many regulars. If you are not a regular, you may not feel quite as... welcome? That said, the staff is great when you get to know them but it may be a turn off for new customers. I love grape leaves but thought Golden Greek's was just mediocre. I'll take a gyro dinner here over a many other more expensive meals at "nicer" restaurants. And after going here for 8 years I still have never tried any of the Italian... maybe one day.

User:Derek S.

My favorite Greek Restaurant!!! Great Greek Salad and Gyro. Amazing appetizers too... and the price oh the price!!! To die for. seriously though; hands down best in PHX... Better than Crazy Jim's which is a four star joint in its own right.

User:April R.

Always heard great things about this place so I was really looking forward to eating here. I took my parents and unfortunately we were very disappointed. The waitress/owner seated us and then sat down and had a 10 minute conversation with someone at another table, when she finished she came over and took our order. The food was bland and under-seasoned. My gyro tasted like one of those pre-made frozen ones you put on the spit and serve at the county fair. The funniest thing was my mom is a vegetarian and under their "Vegetarian Specialties" category on the menu they have one item listed as containing chicken broth...well maybe they think of vegetarian as not having big chunks of meat...who knows. She was not a fan of the hummus she had or the Greek salad. How can you mess up a Greek salad? Serve it with a limp iceberg and a bland dressing, that's how. The only reason I gave them 2 stars was my dad said the Souvlaki dish he had was OK. I had a taste of it and thought it was a bit bland and greasy, but he seemed to enjoy it. I would skip this place and go elsewhere as there are much better Greek restaurants in the Phoenix area.

User:Lupe C.

Best Greek food in Arizona. The owners are Greek so the food is authentic. Family owned. I love the chicken soulvaki. I usually get the greek salad with chicken. The pita bread is homemade. I've been coming here for about 15yrs and even though it isn't the fanciest place I've never had a bad meal. I do let my friends know that the owners/servers aren't being rude they're just busy.(they can seem a bit short at times) went for about 3yrs and then realized they are super if you talk to them. Can't say enough good things about this place. If you like good food you'll love this place.

User:Theo L.

Been visiting since 1988, great food, lunch gyro special is the best! Homemade pita, sauce is awesome. Yes, you will here the family screaming in the kitchen, yes pans and plates crashing but its has been this way since they have opened. If going to lunch, go early , same for dinner, all about timing here!

User:Colby R.

No this place is not aesthetically pleasing, but the food is tasty, pretty cheap and the service is friendly. The lamb souvlaki is good but the lamb seems to be more gristly than others I've had. The rolls are amazing! I gave it 3 stars because there is better Greek food out there, but this quite good for how cheap it is.

User:Morris K.

I love family owned establishments. I just ate here for the first time. It was great!! By far the best Mediterranean food I've had in Phoenix. The quality of the service and food was excellent. The food was presented well, very tasty and enough portion size to leave me walking away stuffed. I was joined by my wife Carol, my 22 year old grandson Michael and our friend Kathy R. Kathy R. had eaten here before. In fact she has been coming here for years. She said at one time or another she has tried everything on the menu and just loves their food. Today she ordered the Moussaka. Which she aid was toasty, & creamy. (Basically Moussaka is a lasagna without the noodles, the eggplant in it adds the right amount of bitterness to balance out the great, intense flavor of the sauce.)Although I didn't try a bite it looked great. Michael got cheese raviolis and an antipasto salad. He didn't say much about either dish but they looked good to me. My wife & I got the Pork Souvlaki (Tender chunks of pork served over rice). My wife ate her plate clean which she rarely does so I know she liked her meal. She told me when we got home she wants to go back there so that told me she really enjoyed the food. Like I said for my dinner entrée I ordered the Pork Souvlaki . But before I did I ordered a Greek Salad as a starter. It was much bigger than I expected for a side salad. The salad was very fresh. The lettuce was crisp and the tomatoes were extremely tasty. I didn't know my entrée came with either a Greek salad or Agolemono soup. Since I had already ordered and eaten a Greek salad I opted for the Augolemono Soup (chicken stock, egg lemon soup) my soup was absolutely outstanding!!!! All meals also come with a vegetable of the day and homemade pita bread. You could tell the pita bread was homemade. It tasted fresh and came out hot. OMG it was delicious. I almost forgot with dinner Kathy R. wanted us to try the spaghetti with meat sauce so we could see what it was like. It was a small side dish. Kathy raved about it so I thought why not try it. My wife said she liked it and would order it. I thought it was just OK then again I grew up in Rhode Island in a very Italian neighborhood so it may have been good for a Greek restaurant but not to my taste. Back in Rhode Island the Italians and Greeks cooked many similar dishes including pasta dishes. FOOD: All of the food was great. The food was so good! I would definitely come back for more in the future.PRICE: . SERVICE: "staff" consisted of a mother- sister-brother team. The mom wasn't there today. The brother sat us and brought us menus. He was very friendly. The sister was our waitress and server, she was attentive and friendly. AMBIANCE: A cute little family owned restaurant tucked in a small strip mall. The atmosphere in the restaurant is lovely. It does look like it has been there for many years but the place is NOT as Nadia C, said "Dumpy". CONCLUSION: We were seated immediately. Food was excellent, service was spot-on. My recommendation: if you want authentic, come here for an outstanding dining experience!!! This is a very special neighborhood ethnic restaurant.TURN FACTOR: 100%

User:Ali R.

Here go lunch had gyro sandwich very simple meat on a chibata bun? But the meat was very tasty with the extra sauce. Salad was ok. Service was adequate decor is kinda tacky but food made up for that. Not the best but definetly not the worst.

User:Julie K.

Greek Salad with grilled chicken was yummy! Call ahead and put in a take-out order so you don't have to sit and eat in the place...thumbs down for ambiance and loud employees/owners yelling at each other; the ballistics may have been a cultural thing, but I felt like running out of the building at one point!

User:Suzanne S.

Who could possibly give this place a bad review? Are you mental? This is Greek dining at its best. The gyro meat is savory and fresh. The taziki sauce is tangy and addicting. Even their pasta dishes are hand made by the Greek Gods themselves. Granted, the restaurant is extremely small and not exactly the most current in decor. I will even agree that the service is slow. But man oh man, the food is worth these minor obstacles. Any time my husband and I can eat at a place for less than $20 and leave feeling as though we have gorged all day is A-OK in my book. Ignore the scary strip mall it is located in and forget that the neighborhood is stuck in the 1970s... just go with an open mind, empty belly, and time on your hands. The owners are 100% Greek and if you are lucky, you can hear the mother and daughter arguing in Greek! I personally find that entertaining. If I weren't already married, I would consider eloping with this restaurant!

User:Anne S.

Amazing delicious Greek food with wonderful friendly service. I look forward to eating there again! Next time I may try the Italian food. What I saw being served looked yummy and smelled great

User:Brian R.

An old style family restaurant. A very good value for the money. My entire group liked the food. A little bit of everything for everyone. We ate Greek food, they also have Italian. Can not vouch for the Italian as we all ate Greek Food.

User:Alex S.

I'm surprised there are people on here, who think they're treated rudely and abruptly at the Golden Greek. What makes you think you're so special?! EVERYONE here is treated that way! Food at the Golden Greek is something akin to what hospital patients in Athens would eat. While some of the food is really good (like the kebabs), some of it is unbelievably "alien" to what I'm used to: gyro meat like leather straps; all the Italian dishes insulting to even the rattiest Italian homeless man; and everything -- and I do mean 'everything' -- served with a side-vegetable dish of chickpeas, carrots and peas in tomato soup sauce (to be fair, the lemon soup is good as are the baklava, when they have them). Along with the chickpea-tomato soup veggies you'll get enough rice to send your blood sugar readings into the 500s after dinner. The service ... well, what can we say about the service: picture a Greek wedding where the bride and groom already hate each other before the ceremony's ended: the wait "staff" consists of a sister-brother-mother team. The brother doesn't do a whole lot of anything except scowl and mumble and, thankfully, spends most of his time outside ignoring your desperate pleas for more water to drown out the starchy rice stuck in your throat. The sister CAN be charming ... just like rattlesnakes don't HAVE to bite. Don't be surprised if your dinner is cooking a second time under the heat lamps while she holds a chit chat with elderly guests, who just flew in from "I have nothing better to do with my life than talk endlessly" Land. But the real workhorse in that place is Mom, a stocky, incredibly muscularly built woman with calves every man at the gym would die for, who cooks, cleans, and is the only one with a sense of humor ... she especially loves to laugh when you complain or drop something on the floor. And speaking of dropping something on the floor, DO enjoy the many screams and crashing plates you'll hear in the back of the restaurant from the three of them while you're trying to enjoy the bland food: think of it as ethnic entertainment straight from the Greek version of "Married With Children". All in all reasonably decent food, but the yelling and attitude have more spice than the mousaka.

User:Albert H.

Odd that they're a Greek place yet they have ravioli, texas toast, and other Italian items. This place does have a locals only feel. I felt that when I was waiting to place my order while the only server chatted about her granddaughter with a local woman at a nearby booth. Interior has a few Greek-themed pictures on the walls, but the booths date back to the 70's or so, and the chairs probably as well. As other reviewers noted, this appears to be a sketchy part of town, so it can make one a bit uncomfortable. Hummus was a bit gritty/lumpy, tasted a bit bland, and for some reason took a good 10 minutes or so to arrive even though the only other table in the restaurant already had their food. Pita was dry, chewy, and tough. Maybe next time I'll go for the texas toast and ravioli instead.

User:Nathan O.

First time I went there, I felt they were rude and quick. Waited a year to come back. Then I started to come regularly, and I am treated fantastically. Food is outstanding. Also super cheap. It's really one of the best places to go, you get a lot of food, it's really delicious, and you can't get out of a place any cheaper than this. The best. If you can get past the initial service.

User:Andy S.

Excellent food. Service was a little slow, but the atmosphere is entertaining.

User:Matthew B.

What makes a great restaurant? The food? The ambiance? The service? The Golden Greek, found in an inconspicuous strip mall on the west side of town, is a valley treasure. It is a treasure because its encompasses the best of all the traits listed above. Yes, now that I live in Arcadia its a long drive. Living in North Scottsdale, it was even worse. It just doesn't matter, this restaurant is where its at. Run by the same family, for what seems like the past 30 years, the food is always amazing, the service always kills, and the vibe/mood of the restaurant has never changed. Only ten or so small tables in the dining room with minimal Greek infused music playing on the speakers and a few pictures of the Greece on the wall. The sister of the family runs the floor and has watched much of the valley grow up eating from her plates. There are both a list of hot and cold appetizers. I always get the calamari and the smelts, they are both outrageously good. My mother usually has the cold appetizer platter, which has mounds of grape leaves, feta, taramasalata and many other treats. For dinner, I always get the same thing, the garithes scorpios. Its a plate of large shrimp cooked in lemon white wine sauce over a bed of rice. I could eat this every day of my life and be more than content. They also serve some Italian staples like pasta, ravioli and lasagna, but the genius of the restaurant are the Greek delicacies. Thank you for staying in the Valley and gracing us with your presence, you get the highest rating, Five Stars!

User:demetri h.

I ate here with my family the other night, 7 of us, for the second time and once again found it to be an exceptional place. With Athena's gone, The Golden Greek in my opinion is the best Greek restaurant in town. Being Greek we don't often go out for Greek, because we can usually get better at home, but TGG is worth going out for. Everything on the menu is solid if not excellent, in our 2 visits we've tried most of the menu. The dishes that stand out the most are the Lamb Shank, it's a special- not sure how often, and the Garithes Yiouvetsi- shrimp baked in tomato sauce w/ feta. I'm not a huge lamb fan ( I never order it, but tasted someone else's in this case), but this shank, slow cooked in a tomato sauce, was wonderfully tender and flavorful, I would go back just for that. The tomato sauce that the shrimp were cooked in was very garlicky and delicious. There were quite a few shrimp in the dish, more then you'd expect for $10.95. The homemade bread is just made for dipping into the leftover tomato sauce. W didn't get dessert this time, but had the rice pudding last time and it was very good as well. Prices are unbelievable as well. Seven of us ate, w/ a couple doggie bags, for $85 including tip, great, great value. One of these days we'll have to try something from the Italian side of the menu. Tip- you can view their whole menu on

User:Dane H.

My girlfriend and I have eaten here about a dozen times in the last 6 months or so. Being fans of both italian and greek foods, I try to eat something different every time. So far, I haven't had anything that was less than delicious... Service is great, and the customers are usually loaded with character, too... Two thumbs up, for sure...

User:Dan M.

My family has been going to this restaurant since I was in high school in the 80's. This is by far the best Greek food in AZ. I'm Greek myself, have been to Greece. This is as authentic as it gets. Bess the waitress is great. I have read about the service on other reviews, just like in Greece....Once you have been here more than a couple of are family..I crave the food when I have been gone for too long.

User:Ldyinluv M.

Love this little family owned place! The food is always great, low priced, and everything is homemade...cant be beat

User:Don C.

This place is the perfect example of don't judge a book by its cover. The area might not be the greatest but make no mistake about it. This place has the best greek food. Ive passed by this place for years and I never even knew it was there. My girlfriend introduced me to this place about 3 years ago and ive been hooked ever since. And I get the Gyro sandwich every time and its the best. Tried a new shrimp dish last night that was topped with Feta cheese and I think I saw GOD! Bottom line go check this place out. If u don't like it then ill give u my address and you can stop by and slap me for the bad recommendation.

User:Tom S.

This is one of our favorite neighborhood spots. At first, the service will seem a little cold or distant, but as you come in more often, you will almost be treated as a member of the family. My advice is to be patient, because the food is worth it. You need to know that they go on vacation every summer, for most of July and early August. This year they re-opened on August 8th, so it is safe to check out now. I'm a huge fan of their lentil soup, and both the Greek and Horiatiki salads are truly excellent. My daughter really likes their hummus. My wife and I agree that the tastiest stuff on the menu is the Pasta El Greco. Well worth checking out if you are in the area.

User:M G.

Good food at reasonable prices. Most everything is under $10. Although the service is slow and the woman (Tess) can act rude and nasty. Not a large menu. I usually stick to the Greek options, although the Chicken Marsala is tasty. The stuffed grape leaves and moussaka are both excellent. Baklava is my favorite dessert and they do a good version with plenty of orange blossom syrup, but they frequently run out of it, so don't arrive too late.

User:Michael L.

This little restaurant is a place we go to when shopping at 35th Ave. Sew & Vac. As you can see from the photo it is in a very dingy strip mall and you might not ever think of checking this little gem out. Do, you will not be sorry. The inside of the restaurant is an odd piece of work too. Very old fashioned bad taste in decorating, but I think this makes for an even better experience. Each time we have gone there is only one table waiting for us and the rest is filled. Odd huh ;-[) The woman who I assume is the owner waits and who knows what else. She is not really friendly, but nor is she unfriendly. All I can think of calling it is very focused with the real desire that you are enjoin your food. The food is just wonderful. I have tried several dishes both Greek and Italian. Each has had such dead on flavours you just mutter to yourself, God this is good. I mean even the very basic salad that comes with some of the plates is always COLD crisp lettuce and a variety of other veggies with a great dressing. I hope when you all try this place you find it just as I.

User:Fred J.

So this place had good reviews and its in my neighbourhood, I love Greek food. Sooo disappointed, meat is very dry feels like jerky, they forgot lemon juice in their hummus and its not pureed very well. Horrible wont ever go back.

User:Emily Z.

Another hole-in-the-wall Greek restaurant, delicious! I took two of my less adventurous girlfriends to lunch here. I think they were a little scared by the neighborhood, being that we live in North Glendale, but once we were inside they felt a little better. Total Mom&Pop joint, which let's admit are usually the best! One of my girlfriends had their chicken sand-which and another had a salad. Both looked delicious. I had their gyro pita and asked for feta on it. This was the BEST looking feta I've ever seen. Just a nice big square of it cut and added. It was delicious and I would definitely go there again being that my Grandpa lives down the street. One of my girlfriends brought her chill 5 month old and they were very accommodating and welcoming to them both, even playful with her. \ Also, a man in a electronic wheelchair came in towards the end of our meal. The owner/cook/waitress seemed very accommodating to him, although he sounded like a regular. Overall, good place to go!

User:Fred M.

My family and I frequented Golden Greek at least once weekly growing up, though I hadn't been in at least 5-8 years, until last night. It's EXACTLY how it was 10 years ago. It's a dive, neighborhood hole in the wall. Small, quiet restaurant, with basic and tasty Greek and Italian food. I had the Pasta Napoli last night and it was tasty, as were the spanikopitas and the garlic bread. Our hummus was very watery and chunky... would not order again. The people who run the place, and have ran it forever, are completely indifferent. They slam glasses and plates on your table, say "what do you want?" and tell you "good customers get their own to go boxes." It's not that they are unfriendly, but they just have a different way about them. You're in the restaurant and they treat you as they would family or friends, rather than kissing your ass for being in their place. I like that charm a little bit. I don't think anything here is really home-made, rather they are just putting together ingredients they have warmed up, but it is good! And CHEAP!

User:Wes N.

Golden Greek is a diamond in the rough and I find myself craving it often. The place is one of my favorites, if not my top Greek restaurant in the valley. All of the food is made from scratch and absolutely delicious. I think I've liked pretty much every single food item that I've tried there, the hummus & pitas, the greek salad, the spankopita, the pasta de greco. Love all of it. The service can be slow at times, but the fantastic food is definitely worth the wait. Prices are low, so the meals are easy on your wallet. If you want some spectacular Greek food, this is the spot for you.

User:Dave W.

Have been going to Golden Greek for some 5 or 6 years. Food is always good and salads/greens are always fresh and good. Tip: the place is always full in the evening so get there early.

User:Karen D.

Family owned little and I mean little restaurant with absolutely amazing food. Very authentic. I'm pretty sure the owners are right off the boat. We dine here as often as possible.

User:Boyd B.

when in phx...first dinner is always at the golden greek. absolutely the best gyro in az...and the waitress has a great g.greek.....flaming cheese is the best......g. g......i luv u........

User:Gene G.

Not bad. This place is down the street from where I work. The Greek food is actually a little on the bland side. Excellent service. If you go, order the lasagna, it is wonderful.

User:Brian K.

I first went here in 1986. I have gone back off and on ever since. I stopped today for dinner. Still the best Greek food in Phoenix. Get the gyro plate and enjoy. The Golden Greek is back in the rotation of my favorites. I will never go more than a couple weeks now without this wonderful food!!

User:Craig C.

Great food!!! Love the Gyro sandwich and greek salad for lunch!!! I know the owners the and they are very friendly to everyone.

User:Ashley M.

This is a small neighborhood restaurant, well worth the trip from the out regions...say downtown. It's not trendy but it is sincere. The service isn't fast. It is a family restaurant: Mom, Dad, Son and Grams. So if you are in a hurry you may want to go somewhere else. I will admit that Tess (the Mom) can be a little stand-offish at first visit. Trust me go back and she will remember your face and the service is much better. I have eaten from both the Greek and the Italian menus and both are delicious, especially the home made pita and the Pasta El Greco with shrimp. Do not miss the rice pudding! Did I mention that it was cheap as H E double L hockey sticks?

User:Lisa S.

Please do yourself a favor and visit this diamond in the rough. The service in mediocre at best, but it honestly doesn't matter when you're getting such a delicious meal at a good price. The bread is definitely home made and I could probably eat it all day. I could die in it and be happy. Its amazing. I eat here a lot with my mother on her lunch breaks and we love it.

User:Deanna B.

This is a WONDERFUL authentic Greek restaurant. I've tried many other Greek restaurants, and I haven't found one as good as The Golden Greek. Although it's not a "date" place, it's the perfect place to meet someone for lunch or even takeout. The staff is very friendly once you get to know them. The food is the best! I find myself always getting the Gyro Sandwich, which comes with a small greek salad. They close down for the month of July, and I always find myself craving it while they're gone! If you haven't tried this diamond in the rough, you're definitely missing out!

User:Kayla S.

My favorite Greek place in the Valley. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu, they serve the best calamari I have ever had. The Italian food is good as well. Service is slow, so plan on awhile and it isn't served with a smile, but it doesn't matter, the food is that good.

User:Mark L.

For greek food this is the place in Phoenix, If your in a hurry forgetaboutit. No one thats in a hurry or impatient need apply but great food is always worth a wait. Little quaint restaurant with fresh made greek food, the italian is pretty good as well. I crave it all there great homemade bread is amazing I cant get enough. If you love greek food you must try...

User:Nadia C.

ohhhhhhh, I am craving The Golden Greek right now. SO since I can't eat it, I will review it. I have not been in some time but as far as I can remember it was one of the best Greek meals I have ever had. The ambiance is hmmmm.... how do you say this? Dumpy? But the food is just so fabulous that you forget you are sitting in a booth with duct tape holding it together. The gyros are excellent. Give it a try if you are in the area. The price is affordable too.

User:Shawn M.

Authentic, excellent food! Looks like a dive, and the neighborhood is old, but the food and the prices more than make up for that. Obviously a popular place because the line was almost out the door

User:Lori C.

The Golden Greek is awesome....the food is authentic and is run by a family from Greece. My family and I have been going there for over 25 years. The food is AWESOME, the service has been described to me by others to be a bit cold, but after you have dined there for a while you become like family. Go for the's amazing the prices are excellent as well. The chicken sandwich for lunch is wonderful and comes with a salad and tsatsiki sause, dinner has souvlaki (both chicken or lamb), and the shrimp yvesi is the best. The Golden Greek is just NOrth of Glendale Ave. on 35th ave in a small shopping will not be sorry.....I would eat there every day if it was possible..if you want the real thing...then go see Tessi and Phillip at the Golden Greek.

User:Susan P.

This is a family run restaurant that takes pride in it's delicious food. The gyros sandwich, made from grandmas home made pita is sooooo good. Get a Greek salad for a side and you have a wonderfully inexpensive dinner. Yes, it may look like a hole in the wall, but the food is what you are there for.

User:Scott W.

Earlier in the week one of my customers from Wickenburg mentioned he had just come from lunch here and when he lived in town it was a regular stop for him. So I Yelped it while he was here and found not a single bad review. After a disappointing time at the MVD I needed to treat myself to something good. Ambiance - OK so this is not a place to impress a date. It's a bit, OK a big bit, dated. But it is really clean. A total of 11 tables and 3 of those could be moved and joined for a party of 10-12. Most of the customers were regulars for a Friday lunch and 5 tables were in use. The waitress (owner?) doesn't smile much but she is pleasant. Service - After being asked my party size I was told to pick a table. As soon as she had finished serving another table she brought over my service and a menu. She gave me a couple of minutes and then came and took my order. When my iced tea was running low she appeared at my table with a pitcher. There is a quiet relaxed feeling to the whole place and if you go with that vibe you will find the service to be quite good and actually faster than it feels when checked with a watch afterward. Food - This is the fourth star! I had Chicken Apollo, chicken breast with sauteed spinach, feta cheese on fresh baked bread. The bread as listed is pita but it is something different and better. It came with a "small" Greek salad that took up a good portion of the dinner plate with basic iceberg, large chunks of tomato and cucumber and a couple of Greek olives topped with feta cheese and an oil/vinegar dressing. With iced tea and tax the bill was $8.93. Definitely a place to put on the list for more visits to try other menu items.

User:Jason G.

Golden Greek and it's owners are fantastic. I have been going here for the better part of 20 years even as I have moved in and out of the general area. My parents still live near here, so anytime I drive in from Surprise with the kids we hit it up! The family who owns/runs this has both Greek and Italian background thus the menu selections. I am a big fan of nearly everything on both sides on this menu. On weekend night you have to get here early, there are only about 10-12 tables in the place and I've never seen anyone other than the one lady as a it can get slow. Also they close from the end of June through early August every year, I always forget that until I have a craving for their food and show up to see the sign on the door to burst my bubble. lol! This is probably one of the places I recommend most in the entire valley, I hope they are here for many more years to come.

User:Deb L.

Wonder where a Greek would send you for authentic Greek food? Wonder no more, my friend from way back , sent my husband and I over here so we could taste his favorite greek food from the old country. Mr T has been here quite a while but he swears this place reminds him of home..not sure if home was in a strip mall but nether the less , he loves the joint. Food was hearty and tasty not sure exactly what each thing was but we had a combo plate that was big and tasty. the place isn'tmuch to look at and the owners run the place by themselves which always seems to be the hallmark of "real" food.



Opening Hours

Mon :Closed
Takes Reservations : No
Delivery : No
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Good For : Dinner
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : No
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Good for Kids : Yes
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Casual
Noise Level : Quiet
Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
Outdoor Seating : No
Wi-Fi : No
Has TV : No
Waiter Service : Yes
Caters : No