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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Goldenglow S.

    Mark Tarbell does it again. For all you Phoenicians you have to try the crisp fried chicken. It even brought back fond memories for a small town girl who grew up on great tasting Chicken dinners. Sending a shout out to all you baseball families, take it from one who is married to a #1Scout and former pitcher, this is the place to grab your favorite bottle of wine from the Tavern Store and enjoy it with a fabulous Mark Tarbell menu. Sooo delicious.

  • Kendra R.

    Great decor and wines - but lacking on the food menu, highlighting too many greasy options. And no happy hour...makes me miss Sportsman's. Would recommend stopping by for a glass of wine only but head to Tarbell's restaurant (or one of the many other great Arcadia spots) for a good meal.

  • Ariana C.

    The lamb burger was nothing short to die for! Perfectly crafted and will be back for more!

  • Beth M.

    Best food and bar in town! My mom, a couple other family members and I went in to get some of their crab gazpacho (which is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth) but the menu had changed for the season. When Mark Tarbell heard us talking about the gazpacho he made sure to tell us they could make it up special for us. They went next door to Tarbell's restaurant to get some crab...and by some I mean a lot of crab...and made us four bowls of the best gazpacho ever. Thanks Mark for making our evening special and exceeding all of our expectations! Oh, and Ryan the bartender is really cute too :). You definitely need to go there!

  • James F.

    What a great place! Comfortable, welcoming and most importantly; delicious! Started with crab gazpacho, smoked salmon and chive grilled cheese, deviled eggs and a tomato/ polenta/avacados salad. All 4 of them were great! I would suggest all 4 of them as starters. For dinner, the 4 of us, we split 3 entrees; the burger, lobster roll and tacos (three fish, one octopus). The burger and tacos were amazing. The burger, may be the best is town! White bun, great meat with the perfect amount of seasoning, the secret sauce with iceberg lettuce. Nothing fancy, but perfectly done. Friggin great!! The fish tacos were huge and soo good! Both salsas were extremely flavorful. I liked the fish over the octopus, but it was close. The octopus was meatier than I expected and grilled to perfection. The lobster roll was ehhh, but take with a grain of salt, as I am not a huge fan of lobster. Tavern only serves beer and wine. This is a top-notch restaurant with very attentive service! I can't wait to come back!

  • Dee E.

    It is unfortunate that we received the wrong order on a to go order, what is more unfortunate is that when we called to speak to a manager, we were told he was too busy to speak. When explained that this order was for someone who was sick, and it was their birthday....all we were told is that they were sorry. We were not asked if there was something they could do to remedy the situation, we were not asked for our number so we could explain the situation to a manager. The issue was the service, not the food. Any food from Tarbells is delicious, but I think more could have been done. Fifty dollars for a to go order, it should be spot on.....Irritating. The rating was for the phone call, and the way it was handled, NOT the food.

  • Giancarlo E.

    Have consistently enjoyed me meals here since the first week it opened and the manager convinced me to try their coconut cream pie (he was so right on with that btw... delish) have enjoyed the lobster roll, burger, appetizers and other items, always well prepared. seasoned and polished. from the wine selection.l to the local beers and good eats I have not been disappointed with the tavern. I like this place for meals with the wife, work dinners and friend outings. has a nice and welcoming vibe.

  • Jeff M.

    What a disappointment. First, from the name we assumed there would be more beers on tap, or that the difference would at least be clear. We were surprised when our beer showed up in a can and an overly chilled pint glass. Well, ok. We made an assumption so I guess that was on us. Unfortunately things didn't really improve. Our waitress had very few suggestions for us on the food, so we made our own guesses and went with the green pork stew and the chilaquiles. These were the only high point of the evening. Both were tasty and rich and presented beautifully other than my tortillas being a bit soggy. Once we were done we sat and waited for another good 15 minutes before our waitress returned. We realized we hadn't seen her at all since right after the food was delivered, so no idea where she went. Other employees passed our table repeatedly but didn't offer to clear the table. It gave me time to look at the decor (nice) and count the many security cameras (6, that I could see). When our waitress finally reappeared, chatting with someone from the nearby wine store, we were closed out quickly. There were five employees all milling about the center of the place near the POS screen and they all continued the tradition of ignoring us that had been the case all evening. Not a single Thanks, Goodbye, or even a Good Riddance. It was like they just didn't care. We won't be back.

  • Jeff L.

    Could not be much worse ! Only thing good was the waiter . We ordered the special softshell crab sandwich without Romulad sauce it came drenched in it, 15 minutes later they replaced it after everybody ate their meals. Ordered the salmon burger had so much salt was not edible sent it back. Ordered the pork stew it was cold at that point we just ate it because we needed something on the table. Would never go back and would recommend anybody reading this review to stay away. Went there for Father's Day took my 91-year-old dad what a mistake. In fairness to them they did comp a few of the items but the food is just bad .

  • Beth K.

    Tarbell's Tavern serves pretty much the best tavern food ever along with a great wine selection and extremely reasonably priced craft and import beers. Some of their dishes are the best in town- don't miss the amazing BLT, lobster roll and banana cream pie. You cannot go wrong!

  • Gaby A.

    It was our first time in. Warm welcome. We sat at bar and bartender was very pleasant. We ordered the deviled eggs then we had the grilled corn on the cob. Yummy! Then we split the cheeseburger which was very juicy and tasty but to my linking, should not be rated as best burger in AZ. It was all very good. We had the coconut pie for dessert. Also very good although not excellent. Overall very pleasant time. Nice little place. Good music although it kept playing the same 6-7 songs over and over again. Will come back for sure. Thank you!

  • Cheryl W.

    Love this place! Samuel our server was great! We came in for the lobster rolls and they were amazing! The tavern is beautiful and to the point. Great for date nights or to even impress a first date! My fiancé and I can not wait to come back!! This might be a weekly hang out spot for us :) next to try : Killer corn beef

  • JD L.

    This place is great. Wanted to give it 5 stars but our waitress was weak. I eat about 50 hamburgers a year and it was one of the best hamburgers I've ever had in my life. We also ordered the green chile and it was out of this world. Will come back here soon.

  • Karn H.

    Great we came here last night for my boyfriends birthday! We picked some wine form the shop and brought it over to the restaurant. We has some snacks that were ll really perfect! Definitely be back

  • marcia f.

    Great meal at The Tavern. My buddy and I each ordered the salmon burger. Instead of the usual sides, we each customized: I ordered a salad, buddy ordered fries. We loved our burgers! I loved my salad. But buddy thought the fries were too salty, so the waiter whisked them away and brought her unsalted ones. Verdict? The only thing buddy didn't do was lick the plate!!! The staff was friendly...the atmosphere was relaxed. Having the wine store only semi separated is unique and fun. (I bought two bottles after dinner.) The Tavern is exactly what it should be: a casual neighborhood place you can drop into that even your foodiest friends will enjoy.

  • Terry E.

    As if it could get any better! On our last visit to The Tavern we were told that, instead of choosing our wine from a wine menu, we can go into Sportsmen's next door (pretty much in the next room accessed by a hallway), grab their wine guy to direct us to the stuff we like, check out the bottles in person, grab a bottle, have our server pour it at our table at The Tavern and get charged the Sportsmen's price. Not even a corkage fee. Even writing about it makes me giddy. I do love these guys.

  • Ben S.

    I'm not really sure where to start and perhaps I'm a little too emotional to be doing this right now so I'll be brief and try to hold it together. Their Lobster Roll has changed my life. Gone are the long nights when I would weep myself to sleep only to wake up in a cold sweat. My years long search for a true Lobster Roll here in the Phoenix Valley has come to an end. I take great comfort in knowing the folks here know the true art form of the Lobster Roll and I count the minutes until my next visit. Great vine list, too

  • Michele R.

    Taco Therapy with Octo Tacos and Micheladas on Friday night is a worthy relaxation session. These aren't street-sized tacos, but complete meals. The Spanish octopus was braised to a balanced meaty and tender chew which was appreciated given how often octopus is over or under cooked. A bit more sauce and masa than I expect but the tacos were working hard to hold the generous amount of flavorful ingredients. The manchego cheese & Jamón serrano bikinis from the Catalunya area of Spain were a toasty, gooey adult-kid food (mini-grilled cheese without the crust). The four rating was a combination of the cozy atmosphere (being surrounded by cork paneling and cork colored ceilings gives hints of a wine cave), attentive service and fun food. We'll be back to further explore the menu.

  • John W.

    I've been searching for a legitimate Lobster Roll here in the valley for quite some time and now, that search is over. The Deviled Eggs were as splendid as the service and the selection of wine was spot on. I for one can't wait to get back !

  • Jennifer S.

    It was hard not to compare this place to Sportsman's, but I wanted to make sure this review was not partial. Nice atmosphere with a large bar, friendly bartenders and an extensive wine list...plus you can buy a bottle at retail next door and bring it next door with no corkage fee. We enjoyed a glass of wine while watching football and enjoyed our experience. I still wish Sportsman's was still here though...I absolutely loved the spaghetti squash as it was beyond delicious!

  • Allison T.

    I am very late in writing my review which is a shame because this was one of the best meals I've ever had in Phoenix. The seating is tight, it was very awkward waiting for our table in a walk way. We were very much in the way of the wait staff and other patrons. We had a large group and we were comfortably seated though. What I ordered... what what I ordered is no longer on the menu... I'm actually really sad because the pasta I had was homemade flat noodles in a homemade apple sausage pieces in this sauce that was a dream. I could not get enough of the sauce and I practically licked the plate dry (well as close to it since It is a nice place to eat and I tried to some some decency). There was also this caramel rosemary cheese cake that was so fantastic that I was sad that no other cheesecakes could compare. I've been writing this review while staring at the new menu that is published on their website. I'm sure what is available now will be fantastic, I'm just also sad I can't go back and re-do this meal again.... it was that good. I guess I will have to go back soon and try the new menu!

  • Mark B.

    Disappointment! Sat at the bar and the bartender would obviously rather have been somewhere else. Should have called in sick with that attitude. "Out" of the highlighted items on the menu at 5:30pm? My wife's chips were stale. My green chile pork was obviously heated up as one portion was cold. The tortillas on the side were wet and fell apart upon handling. It's a shame as Tarbell's never disappoints. Will try one more time to see if it was a fluke. It was Monday.

  • Terry B.

    We went for the Prime Rib French Dip special. We would definitely go back. Get there early, this place fills up fast!

  • Jessica L.

    The ambiance was great and as fans of Tarbell's it is nice to have great food but in a more casual environment. Plus owner Mark Tarbell came by our table to welcome and thanked us for coming in and as the night progressed I saw him do that with each table. That was a really nice touch and I haven't experienced that type of service with any other restaurant in town. We tried 3 of the 4 bikinis on the menu and they were all delicious, made with some of the best tasting bread I have had in awhile. Plus the portions are perfect to start and cut to sharable sizes, that is if you don't eat it all first. I ordered the chicken street tacos for dinner. You get 3 large tacos, which I really enjoyed but it was almost to much food for me, enjoyed the salsa verde the comes on the side. We shared the coconut cream pie for dessert and let me tell you that it was the most amazing dessert I have ever had. I definitely recommend ordering it, even if you don't think you could possibly eat anymore once you taste it you'll be licking the plate clean. They are only open for dinner which is a shame because there are so many items on the menu that would be a great lunch. Definitely plan on going back to try the burger.

  • Jessica H.

    Definitely one of my new favorite spots! The atmosphere is very cozy and quaint. The lobster roll is by far my #1 choice but I always request the lobster to be warmed up and it's truly to die for! If you like lobster rolls you know that there are no good rolls anywhere near Arizona! Tavern offers a variety of food choices and my other top choices would be their tacos and bikinis. Both delicious! They have a very unique specialty drink list with a lot of unusual combinations, which makes it fun to choose something new. I highly recommend this little gem:)

  • Carey H.

    My wife and I enjoyed a past visit to Tarbell's and signed up for their email list to learn of the two other business Mark Tarbell owns that are actually next door to one another - The Tavern and the The Wine Store. The email I received said that at The Tavern, for this one night only, they are offering "Beer-Battered Georges Bank Cod with Golden Fries, Fresh Coleslaw and Tartar Sauce, and your choice of a Beer or glass of Wine $25 per person (excluding tax and gratuity). Having never been to The Tavern before, I didn't know what the expected wait time might be on a typical Friday night or if there was a dress code. Reservations can only be made for parties of 6 or more. I called them and spoke to 'Charlie' who let me know the place is small, but we will probably have no wait to be seated if we come in before 7:30pm. He asked for my name and said since he wasn't working in the evening, he suggested I ask to speak with "Corbin" when we arrive and to let him know this is our first time there. He also informed me there is no dress code and people dine there dressed up or in t-shirts and shorts. We were seated right away, I asked to meet Corbin, and he introduced himself and welcomed us to the restaurant. My wife and I both order the fish and chips special (the regular menu was also available to order from). I had an IPA beer and my wife a Pino Noir. My wife ordered the deviled eggs appetizer and enjoyed it (I don't eat deviled eggs.) The fish used in the fish and chips was as fresh as I've ever had. The batter was firm and stuck well to the fish, however, it was very bland. Some chefs believe the fish should be bland to pick up the flavors of the tartar, but I like to eat my fish plain. No lemon, no vinegar and no tartar. My wife and I both needed to add salt to give the fish a missing flavor. It was perfectly cooked. The fries were like steak fries, and nothing special there, but not bad, either. We ordered the ice cream sandwich dessert and shared it. It was very good. The total bill was $68 + a $12 tip for our excellent server "Jordan" I think he said his name was... The staff was attentive without being over-bearing. The atmosphere is nice without being pompous. If I could get a Tarbell's pizza at The Tavern, I would be there at least 3 times a month! To eat a similar meal at Tarbell's, by comparison, one should dress nicer than a t-shirt and expect to pay at least another $20-$30 for the dinner tab. In that aspect, its like getting Tarbell's quality food at a discounted price, however, the menu's are not the same. I wouldn't be surprised if the staff offered to get me a pizza from next door, but I wouldn't feel right about ordering something 'special' even if it were an option. I'd just like to see it on the menu. It was a bit loud in there and difficult to hold a conversation at times. But the staff all have personalities and make you feel welcome. Even when the gentleman came out to light all the candles at the tables, he struck up a unique conversation with each table as he lit their candle. Not just an 'excuse me, I'll be gone in a second' attitude, but "Hey, how's it going? Is everything good so far?" and, hence, a nice, friendly conversation as he went from table to table. We'll definitely be back here (and Tarbell's too when I feel like opening the wallet a little bit wider.)

  • Karen S.

    Fantastic and fun food with wine with no up charge! My brothers favorite place to eat with great music playing ...

  • Britt C.

    So I was pretty bummed when Sportman's closed, I really enjoyed that place. I was curious to try its replacement The Tavern to see if it lived up to its predecessor. It's definitely a different concept than Sportman's, it's no longer a Wine Bar and is more of restaurant. The menu offered lots of options from charcuterie boards to lobster rolls. My husband and I weren't too hungry, so we chose the heirloom tomato salad and lamb burger to share, and I had the Shandy for my beverage. They split both orders for us which was nice. The salad had a fantastic pesto dressing and included perfectly ripe tomatoes and creamy goat cheese, it was very good. The lamb burger was fantastic too, it was cooked a perfect medium rare and was quite juicy and bursting with flavor as it was topped with feta and arugula. My Shandy was also good, it included wheat beer with lemon and basil infused syrup. Our server explained that their cocktails are different in that they don't use any liquor, just beer, wine or sake. Our meal at the Tavern was quite good and service was very welcoming and on point. My only complaint is that it's a little overpriced, the burger was $19 and the salad was $15. I guess that's to be expected in the Biltmore area, but it will deter me from coming here as often as I would like. That being said I would recommend trying out the Tavern.

  • Treacy B.

    There are some places you just want to keep to yourself. Tarbell's Tavern is my hot bath, favorite jammies, great glass of wine, crawl into bed, fire burning, book reading, tummy super happy deliciously full ~ kind of place. I'm not even going to discuss the amazing plates because it's Mark Tarbell. Upscale pub. Excellent music, perfect acoustics for the music and hearing the person next to or across from you. The bartender turned me on to a delicious way to finish off my oysters. It' s hard to stump me on the oyster front. Yet, he did. I never would have picked that liquid accompaniment. I could tell you. But, they can deliver it. I am so lucky this is in my neighborhood. But, I would drive, bike, or pogo there anytime if it's wasn't. Thank you Mark for this amazing little gem and the attention to such fine details. except the pens...wood grain would be amazing with the block. Just saying...Cheers!

  • candee s.

    Met a friend last night for a glass of wine. Although we didn't eat, I plan to go back soon as the menu looked great. Service was terrific even though we were just having wine. My only concern is that the price point for wine is just a little high. I understand why--but my comfort zone is always closer to 8/9 for a glass. Anyway-they did a great job on the interior--still has some of the sportsman's feel and still just as warm and inviting. looking forward to trying the food.

  • Suzy H.

    Really enjoyed it. My tip is to get the cheese plate. Beautiful presentation and plentiful. Also tried the crab cake with apple and arugula. Very good. Can't wait to go back. Nice wine by the glass selection too.

  • Noelle N.

    As regulars of Tarbell's, we had high expectations for the Tavern. And it totally delivered! Braden was our server, and was was fun and knowledgeable about the menu. One of the staff saw that we had be sitting for a moment or two waiting to order, and he brought us a plate of Truffle Bikinis which were delicious little grilled cheese mini-sandwiches. I ordered the cheeseburger with house-made potato chips - best burger that I have ever had! For dessert, I had the coconut creme pie and a glass of champagne - which was also delicious. So, it was pretty easy to give the Tavern 5 stars. Once again, Mark Tarbell produces a lovely ambiance, delicious food, and excellent service. High five Mark!

  • Brad B.

    We had a wonderful time at The Tavern. The wine selection is what we have all come to expect from Tarbell - excellent. I would highly recommend the tomato and goat cheese salad. Exceptional staff and a very welcoming atmosphere. Great place for a happy hour - need to get a happy hour menu!

  • Shelia C.

    We had the pleasure of visiting this new restaurant on a beautiful evening in May. The restaurant has a great atmosphere - lots of natural materials, comfortable seating, and a large bar area. We enjoyed perusing the cocktail menu - all of the cocktails are either beer or wine based and it was interesting to see the creativity involved in devising and executing the drinks. Our bartender - Joe - was very knowledgeable about each item on the menu. He even provided a wine-by-wine description of every white Burgundy on the wine list. He demonstrated an amazing command of the restaurant's offerings. We sampled quite a few things on the menu: baked kale chips (yum!), tomato and goat cheese salad (yum! yum!), crab cake (yum! yum! yum!) and the ham and pickle bikini (swing and a miss!). I think we were expecting more of a cuban sandwich vibe, and it had a chopped ham texture. We also had a taste of the spinach and crab dip which is one of their signature appetizers. The service was spot on. These guys execute flawlessly when it comes to making their customers feel special and appreciated. Not surprising when you realize that Ty is one of the managers of the restaurant. Ty is already a powerhouse in the greater Phoenix area in terms of hospitality. Just wait - he will accomplish great things! Visit, be adventurous, and enjoy!

  • Sarah P.

    Until tonight, we have been Tarbell's Tavern fans--only good things to say. Tonight was different. Nice to see this place is doing a good business, but concerned that the service has slowed way down--10 minutes until we got our drinks, another 15 before our companions' drinks arrived, and over an hour until we received our food order. My "Big Plate" Scotch beef was uber salty, not so big, and mostly about mashed potatoes, which the menu does not even mention as part of this order (had I known, I would have substituted veggies). The lamb burger a companion always orders arrived minus the usual caramelized onions (the waiter explained that "they weren't popular," though they remain in the description on the menu). Other toppings listed on the dish were forgotten. Our "on tap" prosecco arrived flat. We were happy to be able to send it back & switched to the wonderful "by the bottle" option the Tavern offers. (Though we did have to remind the bar staff to hand over the corked bottle. We also had to ask out waiter to remove those glasses of flat prosecco from our bill.) No other way to say this: not up to expectations. Big disappointment.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :4:00 pm - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Valet, Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Music : Background
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Thu, Fri, Sat
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes

Tarbell’s The Tavern

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