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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Vladmiri D.

    First time coming here; and I was really AMAZED by the quality of food, quickness of service, and decent pricing! I ordered a nice sausage/italian beef sandwich; got a side of marinara and some au jus sauce... and the lady got a eggplant parm with spaghetti and a side salad. Her food was a huge portion; and looked pretty damn delicious. My sandwich, and I kid you not, was a huge, monstrous carnivores dream! The marinara is some of the tastiest sauce I've had in a long time as well. This sandwich was impossible to finish; the sausage specifically was amazing. Im not in vicinity to this location usually, so Im gonna try the tempe location soon; probably for pizza as thats a good barometer as to quality of food. But its not easy making a good sandwich like the one I had, it was obviously fresh ingredients and someone back in that kitchen knows what the heck they are doing. Fit for a king, budgeted for a peasant. Im down with that!!! Rosatis' was a pleasant surprise as I'm definitely hitting them up again.

  • Yara V.

    Pretty good pizza, and I really like that it arrives piping hot! I had it with anchovies ( not every one favorite topping:)and mushrooms or just with sausage. I have only tried the thin original crust, which is crispy and just a little chewy. Sauce is flavorful and the sausage was great quality. Is not cheap though, but worth it.Check your mail as they send out coupons from time to time.

  • Sean M.

    Phoenix has pretty slim pickings when it comes to good pizza, or at least pizza that I'm accustomed to. Rosati's, while not quite what I'm used to, is the best representation of Chicago style pizza that I've found. The Chicago style deep dish is good. The toppings, especially the sausage, are plentiful and tasty and the sauce is good. I think the crust is what is a bit off. Overall, Rosati's is still my choice for pizza in the valley.

  • Ty M.

    Such a ripoff!! This pizza is not worth half the price they're charging for it. A large cheese thin crust pizza is 20 bucks. Do yourself a favor and check out Sal's Pizza in Tempe. It is far more delicious and a much better value. Eek! Methinks not.

  • Plumeria S.

    The thin crust pizza's were good, would liked to have more veggies on the vegetarian though. The buffalo chicken wings didn't come with any celery, but at least they were cooked well. A little pricey though. Friendly and clean atmosphere. The server was very attentive. Will go back again.

  • Sophie M.

    So this is my second time getting pizza from rosati's delivered. I got the deep dish a couple of weeks ago. It came in about an hour. It was hot and it looked good....but it was bland and way too cheesy. The crust was good though. Tonight, we got the thin crust. It was the same experience. Too much cheese, almost no sauce and it was bland. I gave it two stars because I liked the crust.

  • Adam F.

    So I'm flying solo this trip out west. My friends got this to go and by far the absolute best Chicago style pizza I have ever had. Not over cooked or burnt like I've had in the past. This was outstanding.

  • Mike Z.

    Recently "discovered" Rosati's in Ahh-wuh-too-key. A friend (a former New Yorker no less) ordered us some thin crust, and I was surprised to find good ol' squares instead of slices. I was even more surprised to find that it's the best Chicago style thin crust I've had in my 6+ years in the valley. How have I not run across this place sooner? I wish they had a "junk" or "garbage" pizza special, but the Classic Sausage will do. Nice spicy hunks of sausage in almost every bite Avoid the wings though! Horrible. Wings should be deep fried or grilled . . . maybe I got a bad batch, but I think they actually BOILED them? Is that possible? Irregardless, they were terrible. It's a huge kitchen with a small counter area for takeout, so don't plan on eating there. It's in the strip mall with CK's . . . I wonder if CK's would let us bring in Rosati's pizza while we drink and watch the games . . . ? Wings aside, it's my new Go To for pizza

  • K F.

    I saw all the mixed reviews... I had a very different experience than some I guess because the Pizza we got was full of premium ingredients and one of the best I have ever tasted, including my own pizza. We all agreed on that, so...

  • NiNi L.

    A-freaking-mazing! I feel upon this place because I did a Google search for Hungry Howie's Pizza that's just up the road from me. It was one of those days where cooking was not an option due to laziness. So, I saw the number for Rosati's Pizza and called, ordered a spinach, tomato and mushroom 12" pizza and had it delivered within the hour. Pros: The best tasting pizza I've had in years. Its good quality ingredients which gave it bold flavor. It taste like someone knows how to cook and cares about what they serve to customers. Im thinking the cook should try out for Master Chef, give Gordon Ramsey a taste of this pizza. The delivery was quick and the pizza guy was nice. Menu is online with lots of choices, even dishes other than pizza. Crust was A+. I reheated it the next day in the toaster oven and it was still delicious. Cons: Cost. Ok, I know its commonly said that you get what you pay for which is true in the case of the cardboard pizza impostures that sell pies for $6 and flavor their crust...Yuck. Yet I spent over $20 to have the12" pizza with three toppings delivered less than a mile away. That's a hefty penny for pizza that size even if the ingredients are good quality. That stinks cause it will make me order less often. Overall, this was a good find and you should give it a try.

  • Mike V.

    This place was fantastic, but they changed there sauce and now it's just mediocre. The sauce has little garlic flies in it. I ordered the pan pizza little to no sauce on it. I thought it was more. I think that now it's just over priced. I don't think I'll be ordering from here again unless something changes

  • Sophie B.

    This place has really gone down hill! I ordered 2 pizzas and when I went to pick them up, one was burned. They said they could redo but after 15 minutes they said it was ready and the pizza was not even cooked through. I had ordered ravioli there too and the pasta was doughy and sauce was burned. You should avoid this place at all costs. Their answer to a complaint is "we'll give you a free 2 liter bottle of coke." No manager or any idea of what customer service is!

  • Kristin S.

    Horrible service. We ordered 2 pizzas for pickup and they had no record of it when we arrived 30 minutes later. Confirmed on my sister's phone that she called this location. They offered to put the order in at that time and we asked for it to be delivered, thinking that might be faster than going home and coming back. WRONG! Pizza arrived 1 hour 20 minutes later and they didn't even waive the $2 delivery fee after they messed up.

  • Becki S.

    By far the BEST spaghetti and meatballs I have ever in my 50 years had. My son had the meatball sandwich and couldn't get enough. One of his meatballs dropped to the floor and boy was he bummed!!! He stole my last meatball. I wanted to stab his hand with my fork, but he used it to steal my last meatball! I would love to have their recipe, but am afraid it is an old family one. If we ever come back to Phoenix, we will definitely order delivery from this restaurant again! Boy, I wish you guys were up here in the Reno area!!!!!

  • Paul T.

    Firstly, I don't hand out five stars casually. Secondly, I'm going to first comment on a few reviews that I just read. And I'm going to do it in my own review space instead of clicking on the other reviews because it's more fun: Jillin W.: Dissatisfied with but justifying a long wait time for her order, Jillian submits, "'s probably made from scratch". Um, yeah Jill, this is a pizza restaurant. There is prep involved (yeast added to flour and bubbling of tomatoes- perhaps at a central site, etc.) but I suppose it depends on where in the process you define the word "made". A frozen box pizza is actually made from scratch somewhere. For these review purposes, I'm going to sub the words "assembled and baked onsite" as "made from scratch". I'm sorry that Jillian wasn't satisfied with her purchase at one of the best pizza stores in the world but I'm not judging her. I'd be mad too if my Easy-Bake Oven light burned out and the LED bulb replacement won't get hot enough and I had to ask my Mom to drive me for take out. Thomas S.: "...deep dish pizza under-cooked...". Hmmm. Thank you for this Thomas. I kill for bread, crust, anything with gluten and yeast- but I've yet to try this at Rosati's. In fact, I may be confusing deep-dish with double-dough if in fact those options are available. I simply couldn't risk a Rosati's visit on anything but the regular thin and I'm a Chicago suburbanite (Wheaton). Speaking of....does anybody remember Peter Piper Pizza (no, not that one) located just across Gary Avenue from the Wheaton Bowl at Geneva Rd. back in the 60's? My memory tongue can taste the fennel and crumbled sausage. The store is long gone but the shack remained when I was home last several years ago. (Hmmm, Rosati boys' competition; Mr. Piper's body ever found? Connection? Coincidence? Yummy Pizza? Just asking.) Becki S.: She stabbed her own son's hand for making a move on her meatball. I died laughing and I forgive her for spelling her name like that. Maybe she could bring her Barbi's over some time. I've got the tree house. --- My review: Small green salad, med. sized sausage thin crust, Italian beef sandwich, sm. order of hot wings: Home run, home run, home run, home run, respectively. It's been too long since my last visit and I was just very impressed. Sandwich was especially better than I recall from long ago- just wonderful- served with deliciously oily hot (by choice) peppers and the fancy word for "ahhh juice" that I can never spell; wings were perfectly hot, spicy and vinegar-ee; pizza piping hot and succulent, packaged, of course, on the crust screen to keep it from becoming part of the box. Brilliant and rare in the to-go world. Pleasant, eager young lady took my phone order for pickup; I arrived maybe 5 minutes before suggested wait time and everything had just been assembled and bagged. A familiar looking dark-haired gentleman brought the order to the counter as the young lady processed my Amex card. As I drove home thinking, "Where have I seen that guy? On TV maybe? Some years ago?" BAM! It hit me: The flour'd clothing of the dark-haired person of interest wanted for questioning in ...wait for it...wait for it... THE MISSING PIPER CASE !!!!! Whatever. The meal was awesome. Extra fennel. Mmmmmmm

  • Thomas S.

    Was fairly ehhh. Got the deep dish style.. I think it was undercooked. It was very difficult to get a slice out of the box, without everything disappearing off the slice, onto the cardboard. Going to Full House tomorrow.

  • Jamie J.

    I wish I was able to review the pizza here, but alas, I never even got a chance to try it. I called to place an order and was put on hold twice. The person that finally took my order was very pleasant and told me that they were busy, and our food would be ready in 40-45 minutes. We arrived an hour later, only to be told that our pizza hadn't been put in the oven yet. We asked when that would happen, and were told "I don't know." We inquired, "well, how long does it take to cook a pizza?" and were told "I don't know. The oven is full, so whenever there's room, I guess yours will be put in." We waited around 5 minutes, asked again, and were told again "I don't know. Yours isn't in the oven yet." We would have loved to speak to someone that actually knew what was going on, but the only person in there over the age of about 18 was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Yes, it was a Friday night, yes they claimed to be busy. But there were a total of two other customers in the place. The restaurant is incredibly poorly managed, and staffed by a bunch of people that couldn't care less if you ever get the food that you ordered. Basic questions, such as "when we my pizza be ready?" are met with a blank stare and "I don't know." I wouldn't have minded waiting for my pizza if I was told an actual time it would be ready. My first job was at a pizza place, and I still remember (several years later), that our oven took 14 minutes to cook. Oh, and to top it off, the place is incredibly smokey and I know smell like I've been sitting by a campfire for hours. Get it together, Rosati's. Pizza isn't that complicated of a business.

  • Leticia R.

    I have had this place in the past. Never disappointed. Sweet chili wings are very good. The customer service was also great.

  • Jillian W.

    This place is slow and the pizza sucks. I think it just might be this particular location, though, because I used to go to another one in chandler by where I used to work and it was amazing. So my boyfriend and I ordered a SMALL pizza and one order of bread sticks. I called in my order and she said it would be ready in an hour. And hour? For a small pizza and bread sticks? Okay, well they probably make it from scratch so we'll be patient. 5 minutes after I ordered, the girl called me back and said they were out of bread sticks. Out? How are you out? Can't you make more? She offered garlic bread instead. Alright, I guess. An HOUR later, our food arrives. The garlic bread was hard as a rock and tiny. The pizza dough was under-cooked and tasted like crap. Super expensive($32 with tip) and poor quality. Rosati's needs to look at this location because every other one I've been to was much better.

  • Anna G.

    I suggested Rosati's Pizza for a work lunch we had and everyone was really impressed. We got 4 varieties of the thin crust pizza and garden salad. The crust was amazing.. flaky yet a little chewy, their sauce- not too much or too little and all of the toppings tucked under the cheese. The dressing for the salad was great too. The man who helped us, without a question, supplied plates, plastic wear packs, and tons of extra dressing. Very impressed! Everyone needs to try this pizza

  • Amanda R.

    We considered this location for a business lunch, it would be perfect but it's too far west for the majority of our attendees. The food and service on this and a subsequent lunch we're both superb. I would love to come back more often, it's a little far from my home but it's an option for a special weekday lunch.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
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    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
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    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
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    Caters : Yes



Pizza is a famous Italian dish savored around the world. The entire credit for the popularity of Pizza in the United States goes to the chain of pizzerias all over the country. While the base and the texture of Pizza remains same across the globe, it's the toppings that differs from country to country. In the United States, you will find the top pizzerias serving pizzas with the toppings of mainly beef, bacon, chicken, ham, and sausage for the non-vegetarians. Other than these famous meat options, Pizzas with veg toppings such as mushrooms, pepperonis, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, etc. are also famous in most restaurants in the United States.

Irrespective of your locality, you will find a variety of different restaurants in your cities offering pizzas of all different types. Pizza is hot favorite among people of all ages in the United States. A large size pizza is enough to feed a family of 3 or 4 at large. Pizza is also the most preferred food whenever a group of friends is hanging out together. Pizza gained popularity in the United States after the American soldiers stationed in Italy returned from World War II.

Over the years, different pizzerias in the United States have developed their own respective regional variations. Pizza gained popularity as the iconic dish in the United States in the second half of the 20th century. Whether you prefer thin or thick crust pizza, you can find a pizza of your preference at the best pizza restaurants in your city.

Rosati’s Pizza

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