Opa! Souvlaki


4568 E Cactus Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85073

(602) 796-7777

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User:Gracie B.

By default, food in a mall food court is supposed to be greasy and leave you counting down to a heart attack. Opa is in a food court, but the food isn't like that. I had the gyro wrap with a greek salad. Both were delish. Not greasy and full of flavor. The gyro is perfect and the salad is romaine lettuce topped with lots of bell peppers, tomatoes, cukes, and olives. The guy making the plates up was friendly and confirmed what I wanted in my wrap. It's a little more expensive than other places, but is well worth the $2-3 difference

User:Maggie M.

WHAT HAPPENED!?!?! They're gone!!! The best gyro I've ever had! So sad... it is a sad sad day.

User:Micah B.

I know, I know. Why would I hit up a mall food court for Greek/Med style cuisine and expect it to deliver? I was in the PV Mall, hungry and ready to eat and this appeared to be my best option. I scanned the menu and went for the pork pita sandwich. I was promptly informed that they did not serve pork. I asked it they were out as pork was featured all over the menu. I was then told they no longer serve pork. A posted sign or an updated menu would work wonders. No big deal so I order the beef/lamb combination. The sandwich was made and then it sat behind the counter awaiting the fries. After standing around about 5 minutes I was informed it would be a "few minutes" for the fries. I expect fresh food and don't mind waiting a few minutes but why prep the sandwich this early when there was still a significant wait for the fries? The fries were good but the sandwich was mediocre. The pita tasted dry, perhaps even stale. The meat and other fixings tasted generic. Overall the food was okay but at nearly $10 for a sandwich, fries and drink there is no value to be had. Update the menu, find more attentive staff and drop the prices a bit and this place could be a 3 star joint. Mall court food will never be great quality but they can at least attempt to rise above food court mediocrity.

User:Cadence C.

omfg no. I ordered Baklava and they NUKED it on a STYROFOAM dish for me. The insides were still cold and it tasted like cancer :/

User:Cassie N.

There are limited food options at PV Mall these days so when I saw Opa I was thrilled! A gyro sounded better than McDonalds or the traditional Chinese food options. The gyro was average and the service was slow but once again - food in a mall food court -one shouldn't expect more.

User:Samantha C.

My boyfriend and I eat here every time we shop at PV mall. It's funny because when we show up there are no customers, but after we get our food and sit down it seems like people flock to the counter! I get the souvlaki meal that comes with your choice of gyro or chicken, Caesar or greek salad, a few triangles of pita bread, rice and roasted potatoes. The last few times they didn't have potatoes but substituted delicious french fries. It is somewhat pricier than other food court options, but the quality exceeds your expectations. 4.5 stars!

User:Steve W.

The gyros are first-rate! Pricing in line with other Greek places. Service is quick n friendly.

User:Lydia S.

Awesome. One word says it all

User:Michael P.

Food was OK. Service was OK.

User:Georgia R.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who had reservations about eating Greek food at the mall. In fact, I bet you're silently judging me right now for eating mall spanakopita. But it was I who had the last laugh. Opa! Souvalki is good. It's cheap too, so it makes it the perfect stop for lunch or dinner when you're shopping. They make their pitas fresh (or so they say) and they offer gyros, spanakopita and baklava. Their baklava is really good, which suprised me yet again. All in all, I found Opa! to be, well OPA!



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