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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Kristie R.

    Love this place! Not fancy, but a great neighborhood place that's always clean, prices are good, and the staff is always friendly. The gyro pita is tasty and loaded with plenty of meat to fill you up. Their baklava is awesome too! JT is right around the corner from my father-in-law's place, so I make sure to get my gyro fix every time I'm in town.

  • Estee A.

    This is my go to spot for quick excellent mediterranean food - its not a fancy place - this is a really great neighborhood place - clean with an A rating and simple. The food is tasty and fresh - and the portions are large - i get the 10 house special which is white meat chopped chicken grilled with fresh onion and bell pepper - its laid over this amazing rice that just is so on point. Comes with salad bread and soup! They also have the best babbaganush in town!!! Oh yeah they have gyros ;) but with plates as good as theres thats just a bonus.

  • Tracy L.

    Had no idea they were closing in 30 mins until as we were leaving we were their last costumers.. They were absolutely wonderful to us .. I got chicken and steak rice salad with a warm pita... amazing. . He split my meat meat portions so I could have both.. I got a small hummus yummm with two extra posts.Very good. the combo plate was really good salad is a nice portion with feta olives and jalapeno, plenty of rice and warm pita, beef gyro chicken.. all very juicey. Not dry... Would recommend this restaurant. The price was right for my pockets without leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Tawn B.

    Awesome food. Try thre gyro, one of the best I've ever had. Place is waist and clean. The staff polite curtuius.

  • Ken D.

    The gyros here are pretty good. It's not that expensive. This place is good for lunch. The good things about JT Gyros is that it comes with soup at no extra cost. The place is quiet and there isn't much customers. I wish that this place has more customers because there food is delicious. It's also very clean. This place is great.

  • Jacob S.

    Really like this place, have had the basic gyro, low carb 3 meat salad and the shawerma pita. Everything is good every time. The place is clean, well kept. Service is fast and friendly. It's a bit of a trek for me to get there but totally worth the trip, highly recommend!

  • Jennifer T.

    Tried this little gyro place today and it was pretty good. Didn't hurt that there was a group of hot fire fighters there waiting for their food. I digress. Anyhow cousin had the number one gyro and I had the gyro dinner. Both were good. Son had the chicken nuggets and those were pretty bland, could've made them better at home.

  • Arron B.

    Stopped in here spontaneously because I saw that they served gyros, one of my favorite foods. Unfortunately, I did not get very good food or service. The atmosphere of the restaurant is dull. It was lunchtime and not many were in there. There was no greeting, I just walked to the counter and waited until the woman was there and placed my order. The wait time was also too long compared to other places that serve gyros. As for the food itself, I almost threw up. I got home and opened up the container to find the pita bread was burnt. I thought I could bare it because I was very hungry, but at the first bite I had to spit the food out and gagged. I brought the food back and the woman didn't even seem surprised that I was returning the food (did she know the food was not cooked right and gave it to me anyway?). Overall, very bad experience and I will never be going into this restaurant again. I see there a lot of positive reviews, and I only wish I could have had the experience instead. Sorry JTs Gyros, you have lost a customer.

  • Josh F.

    Pretty good neighborhood gyros stand. Salad and the sandwich are both very good. The only thing that we haven't liked is the free soup that comes with the combo meals. It smells pretty bad and doesn't taste any better. How do you tell someone you don't want the freebie they are including in your meal without hurting their feelings?

  • Tony S.

    Seriously, better than ANY other gyro place I have ever been. The meat is the real stuff, not frozen strips heated up. pitas are hot and slightly toasted. HERE'S THE UNUSUAL PART : Absolutely spectacular fries! If you are like me and hate soggy limp fries, you don't have to worry at JT's. Perfectly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside - the way fries are supposed to be. I usually have to order my fries 'well done' and at other places they are STILL soggy. Not here. I have taken two Fry snobs here to see what they thought and they both gave them rave reviews!

  • Nick R.

    Food was amazing!!! I love gyros and these are top grade!

  • Jane O.

    This place always has good food and good service. We were really sad when Mr. Gyros closed, but we found this place and weren't so sad. It's not usually very busy and its relatively quiet. We've only ever gotten their Veggie plate, so I can't tell you if the meat is good. The veggie plate is amazing though!!!

  • Corey P.

    My girlfriend and I almost go to this place weekly. They know our regular order now by my phone area code. We've never had a bad meal, and the food quality puts to shame every other gyro place we've tried here. If you go in and they have a bunch of baklava's sitting there grab one because they are fresh and delicious!

  • Jaime S.

    JT's is your typical gyro joint menu wise, but they're doing it well and keeping it clean. I've ordered from JT's on about 12 occasions and haven't been disappointed, so I'll just give a quick rundown on the standouts: Pita - The bread is great and toasted well, buttery and crisp. Tzatziki - Likely they best I've had from a gyro shop. Gryo - Great, fresh produce. Green leaf lettuce, tasty and never limp tomatoes, onions, etc. Kifta Kebab - Fantastic, the best I've had from this category of restaurant in the valley. Rice - The rice is always tasty, it's cooked and seasoned perfectly with a little dash of smoked paprika to finish Fries - Some of the yelp reviewers pan them, others love them; I'm in the love camp. Always crispy never greasy in my experience. Service - JT is a friendly guy and the one time they made a slight mistake with my order, he corrected it quickly, gave me a discount and comped a drink and some baklava. Cleanliness - this joint is spotless, as proven by their county inspection record. Skip the Greek Pita, the Pita Jungle and the other chains, the food here is far tastier and more consistent. This is my second favorite kebab (gyro) joint in the valley.

  • Tres A.

    This place is near my house. I've gone twice before and it's been okay but not great. The second time, I ordered a hummus plate and was very unimpressed with the quality of the hummus. I much prefer the nearby Greek Pita off Thunderbird and the I-17.

  • Daren C.

    So I could have swore I reviewed this place before.. ahh who knows. JT's is your average Gyro type place. Everything is good and nothing is terrible. Todays was just ok. The pita was a little over cooked and crispy on the outside, the ez onions were loaded in there and the sauce was a little boring. The price was good though, the meat was plentiful. I will be back.

  • James J.

    Came in at 6:50pm. First off I wanted chicken Sharma not an unusual thing to order at a Greek or Israeli or even middle eastern restaurant in general. All they gave is beef Sharma . I wanted to leave but the wife really just wanted to hurry up and eat she was very hungry. So i decided to order the house special #20. It's marinated chicken grilled with onions green pepper with rice salad and pita. I was then informed that they do not have ANY RICE WHATSOEVER. Which ruled out every dinner from the #13 to the #24. The not friendly women's alternative was to offer me extra salad or French fries... no apologies I asked how a place that serves over half there food with rice can possibly be out. She had no answer for other than " I don't know" I made a different selection and was again told that she didn't have something needed to make it. I really wanted to leave . But in the interests of trying to a Pease wife I ordered jus a gyro. And a hummus. After 20 freaking minutes we finally got called to the counter to go get our order. 1 my gyro meat was barely warm and actually room temp in some parts. I didn't even see the tomatoes on the hummus being as how they where almost comely white and non ripe. Also they where grainy. Ditto on the mates in the gyros. All in all over the last two years and 4 visits. I. Just flat done with this place. It can just piss off. There's are 3 other gyros middle eastern restaurants that are sooo. Much better. One even just across the street. All I can say is that at least the place was clean thats. It. Period. Of and the pita was warm yay. I can do better in my own kitchen for a fraction of the cost. Oh and the dinning room. American idle was blaring out of the in ceiling speaker system. Do not come here. It's rally just a roll of the dice and at best you will get ok food. The rice was good I remember from before but being as how they currently have none and I'm being served Tha worst quality vegetables I can get . I mean even the olives where bad. I've never given a worse review thanthis. Even my 9 year old so e was picking apart his gyro and coming get that the tomatoes where gross. I know he s a kid they all hate beggies. But he loves them. He eats them green out of the garden raw. So for him to let it fall out of his mouth. This is deorable. I've eaten better food out of a fold packed MRE.

  • Ashley W.

    I found this place by accident one night when I went to Del Taco across the street and they were out of chicken. With my immense chicken craving I decided to go across the street to Popeye's, where I stumbled upon this gem of a restaurant. I've been going there pretty consistently for about a year now and it's pretty decent food. Typically when the boy and I go he gets the steak kebab plate and I get the chicken kebab plate. It comes to about $20 and we take it home to eat. Their rice is always delicious, the meat is always cooked perfectly, seasoned well, and served with speed. Their fries are perfectly crunchy and the pita....oh the pita. YUM. The family that runs the joint are VERY nice. It's a place I'll go back to again and again, and to think...if only Del Taco wasn't out of chicken...

  • Valerie M.

    If you are a vegetarian and you love Greek food beware of Jay's Gyros their vegetarian selection is overpriced and tastes like trash. I understand the name of the place has Gyro's in it so I can't say that their meat selections are bad. The hummus is tasteless and runny, the dolmas taste like pine sol, and the falafel is bland I just couldn't believe I paid $9 for a dinner I couldn't eat. I will stick with Greek Patio and Pita Jungle for tasty Greek food."

  • Dean-Ryan S.

    Today I visited JT Gyros for the second time and decided to write a review for it. I completely agree with a previous reviewer with the place warranting about 2.75 stars. Maybe 2.5. It's not that great. Actually, now that I think about it they're getting a 2 (folds arms and nods). Yesterday I got the vegetarian plate to go. I'm a big fan of this style of cuisine, with my favourite being Greek Wraps on Bell Rd. I love dolmas, falafels, shawarma, kibbe, tzatziki, hummus, baklava.. you name it I drool over it. And I've had lots of veggo plates from mediterranean places before, decorated with all sorts of dandy unique items like pickled turnips etc. I was quite disappointed with the meal from JT's. To start with, it certainly LOOKED appetizing. All the pieces of the puzzle were there; hummus centrally punctuated with kalamata olives, a nice arrangement of dolmas and falafel (hockey-puck shaped on a bed of lettuce, as opposed to the more traditional shape which always reminds me of the haystacks in Monet's "End of Summer, Morning") on a bed of lettuce, surrounded by tomato and cucumber. That's almost where the attractiveness ended, I'm afraid. From best to worst: the hummus was great, very tasty although they went a little too heavy with the accompanying oil and the topcoat of paprika; the falafels were just okay (didn't taste near as flavorful as the fresh stuff from Greek Wraps - Ryan C got it spot on with the observation that it tasted like out-of-a-box mix); the dolmas were WARMED (I cannot STAND the taste of warm dolmas, especially the ones with meat in them - these didn't have meat, of course) - dolmas MUST be served cold as far as I'm concerned, although I understand that this is very much a personal preference; the lettuce had turned wet and soggy from the dolma juice, the pita bread was sub-par and was almost as tough as shoe leather when it cooled down slightly (I had to growl and wrestle with it to rip off a chunk like a feral animal); and finally.. oh my god, the so-called "tzatziki" was absolutely ~disgusting~. It was actually closer to coconut cream than anything else, except less flavorful. OK, imagine mixing 1 part flour with 10 parts skim milk. Or a container of raw Church's Chicken regular batter mix. That's what this stuff was. I paid almost ten bucks for a meal that left me highly dissatisfied in flavor. I polished the entire thing off apart from the not-even-close-to-tzatziki sauce, which indicated that it wasn't a complete turnoff, but still. Seriously, if my meal didn't have good hummus that I was able to just drown the flavor of the dolmas in I'd be mildly pissed. Won't be coming back. It's entirely worth the trip further down the road to Greek Wraps. Did I mention Greek Wraps yet? That name again: Greek Wraps. As for JT's, it gets this week's steaming dog's egg award. (claps hands twice) (light turns off)

  • Timothy M.

    One of the best gyros in Phoenix. Only reason not 5 stars is because of the one refill policy. Not a good idea. Also, the sauce cups are too small.

  • Freddie M.

    Picked up a rental car and headed towards the 101 and got lost. Ran into JT Gyros, had a nice salad with great meat. The baklava was absolutely wonderful. Staff very friendly. If you are a Pita Jungle Fan this is a good alternative if it is packed and you won't pay the price.

  • Pete M.

    This place is fairly clean, but the service is very cold. We didn't feel welcomed at all. The quality of the food, including the baklava, was below average even for a quickie gyro place. We definitely will not be back.

  • Claudia InA Z.

    Have always passed by this place and finally decided try it. I was thinking I made a mistake the particular day I went in because the customer service was very poor and almost unwelcoming. I felt like I was bothering them just placing an order and was so glad we were getting takeout. Once we got home, I decided yes, I'd definitely go back again. The food was delicious and fresh - everything we got was great and the flavors were wonderful.

  • Ryan C.

    Upgrading to 3.75 JT's menu seems to expand everytime i go; it's quite extensive. When you get it in sandwich form, they toast their pita bread a little more than other places and I really dig it like this. They always have super fresh bright green leaf lettuce here - not pale, lifeless iceburg. JT presented my falafel sandwich without sauce so that he could offer a new sauce on the side for me to try. He described it as a little spicy, but sweet, too, since it was made with mango. I can't remember the name. I'll just call it chili-mango sauce. It tasted a little like Taquis

  • Morgan D.

    JT Gyros is a great little shop in a nondescript center that has been struggling to stay alive because of construction. Actually, I'm glad this place survived because it is one of my favorite neighborhood gyro places. That says something about the food, because JT Gyros was surrounded by construction tape and closed stores and still people found it. The center also looks great now that the renovation is complete. Anyway, about the food: The Vegetarian Plate is my personal favorite and I'm not a vegetarian! It comes with dolmas (rice stuffed grape leaves), falafel, baba ghanoush, hummus, tomatoes, and a pita bread that is not fried. Sometimes I substitute for the pita used on the gyros because it is so good. Also, the owner is really nice and he is always there workin' hard- and he always remembers me. I say go and try this place if only to help support a local business. In a final note, the restaurant is always very clean and tidy. Update 4/17/08: They had a Dean's list award for cleanliness presented by Channel 5 News the last time I went!

  • Honest R.

    This place has the best Gyros and Pizza Puffs I've ever had. Their menu is a little pricey and I have to say that I wasn't thrilled seeing the 1 refill note on the soda machine. Note to: JT Gyros if you read this I would suggest removing the sign from the machine and allow your customers free refills as you will lose customers with this since other places allow free refills.

  • Amanda B.

    Sometime during the past month, I was alerted to the existence of JT Gyros. There's a major lack of nice sit down Mediterranean restaurants on the west side of town. There are a number of little fast food style gyro shops, but nothing spectacular and I'm always left feeling slightly disappointed. JT Gyros is a step above most of the little places in this area despite the counter-shop vibe. The interior was far nicer than average. My sampling of the evening was saffron rice, chicken kabob sandwich, and hummos. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The weak spot: As fundamental as this sounds, the pitas. They're a little too thick, bready, and oily. The strengths: The slightly blackened chicken and saffron rice. Both were cooked and spiced to perfection.

  • Liz L.

    Went here Saturday afternoon for lunch. Walked in and knew all we wanted was a Gyro and some fries so easy, didn't even have to look at the menu. I walked up to the counter in the middle of the restaurant and I'm not sure if it's cause I'm short and she didn't see me right away, but the women working the counter didn't say hi or even acknowledge I was there for a couple of minute's I can honestly say I didn't get the warm and fuzzy invite to return soon. I said Hi and placed my order to go. We sat down at the card looking tables and chairs and waited for our meal to be done. They had a nice flat screen in the corner of the room so we were watching the college football game on TV. About 10 minutes later our meal was handed over. We walked out and got home to start our lunch. The Gyros had a decent size but the dough was a little tough, and my fries were of the large cut kind. Half of the fries were overdone and half of them were perfect, so I'm not sure if I got a little of two different batches or not?? I bit into my Gyros and the sauce was nice and creamy, and the meat was seasoned OK. I've had better gyro's in town, so I probably will skip coming back to this place in the future.

  • Bryan B.

    First off, before I get into the JT review, a big honking one star or two thumbs down or a 'you suck' goes to whoever listed the restaurant profile on here. The Sunday hours are NOT 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. So I got there too early, which totally f'ed up my karma for the whole day leading to the Cardinals losing. Okay, rant over. I had been to JT's once or twice before. I had decided I was in the mood for gyros for game day and was going to head out around noon. Then I happened to look at the reviews on yelp and I saw they were open at 9 am on Sundays. Nice, I figured maybe they opened up for people going out to tailgate (note: It's amazing how many sub shops on the way to the stadium DON'T open early on game day for people wanting to pick something up for a tailgate). Anywho, I got there around 11:40, they were closed, tried to go to Mr. Gyro's at 35th/Bell but they are closed on Sunday's, and ultimately went back to JT's, since I didn't know if Chicago Gyro's was open on Sunday. Rolled in right at 12:00, and my order was taken quickly. Filled my cup with some wild cherry pepsi (kind of flat) and sat down to watch some football while my order was being prepared. Unfortunately, I couldn't do this, because for some reason the TV was showing some comedy central...or should I say 'comedy'... Anyways, my order came up and I headed home. The first thing I noticed when I opened the to go box was that they must have been using the fries from last night. I mean, they were kind of hot, but generally they weren't crisp. I would expect the first batch of the day to be pretty good, but these were definitely subpar. I grabbed the gyro and noticed that the pita had been toasted on the grill and was pretty dark. This gave it a great flavor and a great crunch! The gyro meat was great and the tzatziki was quite tasty as well. If I had only gotten the gyro, I would be debating whether or not to give JT's four or five stars. But since the soda and the fries kind of suck, I'm giving it 3 stars. I'm sure I'll be back at some point...I'll just be sure to call ahead to make sure they are open.

  • Tracy M.

    JT's exceeded my expectations when I ordered the gyro plate the other day. Very generous portions and the plate is nice crispy fries (they know how to operate a deep fryer!!), gyro meat with griddled pita, rice and salad. Really, this was enough food for two but I couldn't take the leftovers unfortunately.... The pita was just about perfect and the tzatziki was pretty solid as well. I wouldn't say I was a fan of the salad, as it seemed there was no 'ette' in the vinaigrette (read ALL vinegar) but I'm sure it would be well received by others. I'll visit this shop again and determine whether they knock Chicago Gyros off the my-favorite-gyro-shop throne-and that is a very high standard!

  • John P.

    Two days and two trips to the spinning meat sticks of happiness. I have to say that I'd already ordered the dolmas when I sat down to read the reviews and sadly Valerie's take on them isn't too far from the truth. Dolmas seem like pakora , within Indian restaurants, in that they nearly all have them ( except for the insane places that have them only at weekends) but you never quite know what you're going to get. What I got looked the part, but apart from the citrus smell it was hard to pull any real taste out of them. Out of the 8 5.5 were left. So now I'm getting a bit worried about what's coming out next but thankfully I didn't need to worry. The gyro salad was large, fresh and the meat was plentiful. The pita bread decent and the accompanying sauces within expectations. My partner had the Gryo pita basket and the damn thing was also good, decent fries served with it too. I'm certainly going back based on the strength of the entrees and without the dolmas would have been a four


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 8:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : No


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JT Gyros

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