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  • C T.

    We have been coming here off and on for breakfast for 25yrs and it NEVER disappoints!!! The pancakes are SO HUGE! It's sorta dicey inside but that's what gives it it's charm!!! Highly recommend!!!

  • Glenn H.

    Good place for Breakfast when heading north. Nice lady there. Food was very good. Had steak and eggs, big portion, very tasty. Good service as well.

  • Ronnie C.

    I was skeptical at first but we were all hungry for breakfast and there was nowhere else without a drive so we ventured in. It was like you were setting in her kitchen. The breakfast was fast and everything was good except the steak with the eggs. I definitely recommend this place for good old fashioned breakfast. Also the pancakes are twice the size of the plate so only order one for two or three people.

  • Rich S.

    I went based on the reviews on Yelp and was very disappointed. My wife and I were on our way to Flagstaff for a weekend in a B&B and I wanted to get breakfast on the road. We found the directions OK and when we pulled up out front we were the only car in the lot. The owners apparently were outside smoking when we pulled up as they went back in and ultimately the lady waited on us and I assume the guy was the short order cook. We decided to split the large pancake and what a mistake that was. Yes it's a giant pancake but the inside was not fully cooked and was gloppy and tasteless. My wife of course looked at me and said "great choice!" The coffee was terrible and we left without finishing. We got maybe a block away from the restaurant and there was another restaurant were the parking lot was packed with cars. Unfortunately for me the 3 or 4 star average for the 4 bees was way off the mark. I would not recommend this establishment.

  • Dog D.

    Old school, home cooking in a small town. Feels like mom is back there making breakfast and their pancakes are huge and tasty! Don't expect a ritzy place and be prepared for very small town, locals only type feel. Don't worry, the ladies are very friendly!

  • Diego S.

    If you're a size four with aspirations of a fourteen, this is where the magic begins. Forget that stupid little Egg McMuffin on your way out of town this weekend. You can get one of those gut-bombers anytime. What you can't get anytime is a breakfast that'll morph you from Buddy Love into Professor Klump in one sitting. I present Four Bees. A place where the pancakes are so huge, they drape over the plate much in the same manner as how ones muffin-top precariously dangles over skinny jeans. It gets better. Afterward, on the drive up to Northern Arizona, you'll only get as far as Cordes Junction (40 mi.) where you'll need to blow up the bathroom at the Chevron station, as if you were a human thermonuclear shit experiment. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Four Bee's does have a bathroom but it's outside in the rear of the restaurant and exposed to the elements. On the day I attempted to use it, I noticed a huge spider under the sink. And the toilet looked like it was circa 1929, making me doubt its flushing power. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the proprietors take ghoulish delight in guessing which diners will try to hold out for the Cordes Junction Chevron.

  • Christie D.

    Bad coffee. Huge pancakes....that did not taste very good... Disappointed and hungry when we left.

  • Sean M.

    If Discovery Channel ever did a special about colossal pancakes in the wild, this would be a prime shooting location. Before our annual backpacking trip at Clear Creek, we always stop in here. Mostly because we won't be eating anything decent for a few days and want to fill up on some awesome food and be surrounded by some colorful people. Again, one order of pancakes could easily feed a third world country... Twice. Eggs, bacon, you name it and they do it right.

  • Chris E.

    Inimitable Hub Cap Hot Cakes Served 'til Eleven. Biker friendly. Will deliver meals to Javelina Crossing. I issue yet another Yelp* Rural Challenge My distant cousin 2nd Lieutenant Julius M. Hummel and Jane his wife brought me to 4 B's for lunch some years ago. Joe and Jane, may you behold the splendors of Our Creator from the loftiest mount. Sometime since, Cindy and Lee bought the place, Lisa assists. I stopped there March 3, 2011, eating the lunch special and a slice of apple pie A La Mode. What DOES A La Mode mean? I think it's French for "Sell More Ice Cream." You will leave the 4 B's full, you will not spend a lot of money. Your menu choices will be American Diner/Comfort food. It will be cooked from scratch. No canned gravy here for your home made biscuits. You'll likely dine with Black Canyon City local character. I teetered between three and four stars here. The hot cakes weighted the eval to four. You eat a stack of six, you eat free. YOU know what that yellow flag say, "Eat free and Die!" For the kind of Man or Woman out to show off their finest carbohydrous features, stopping by for a WoW! or just eager to feast on pancakes NOT bigger than your face, but big around as a Mini Cooper left front tire, this is your place. Bring friends, about six. The next Yelp* Rural Challenge. As I've challenged Yelp*ers to post pictures of themselves sitting in the Bouse Store Very Large Chair, I challenge you my Yelp* brothers and sisters to "Be the Bee." I didn't think to take my pic in the Bouse Big Chair. But today Lisa snapped me Beein' the Bee. 4B's has one of those painted plywood sculptures where you put your face in the hole and get your pic snapped. Yes we can be Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, or Barney in the right locations. In Black Canyon City you get to Be the Bee. Be the Bee on your way to the Saint Michaels Hotel or Kykotsmovi Store and post it here. I give my bee shot one star. I've seen some pretty interesting people (and pets, and ?) pics on your pages. I know people can be extremely creative bees. So Do Bee a Do Bee and stop by the 4 B's for a little Arizona desert country flavor. Lets us know how you liked it. And post your pic.

  • Daryl P.

    We thought we would try this place regardless of some of the bad reviews. We sat down and opened our menus only to find them filthy. Bathrooms are outside and in bad condition. We paid for the coffee and left.

  • PJ O.

    This place is a hoot! If you want LOCAL flavor, local people sitting near you and a fun adventure, have breaky here. It's NOT a 5* restaurant, it is FUN! I had pretty standard breakfast food, eggs, hash browns, toast, and helped friend eat some of the GIANT pancake -- as big as a pizza. One pancake is enough for two people, maybe 3 if you're getting other food. Atmosphere relaxed and local clientele interesting. I'd definitely go again. Was happy that food tasted like standard basic simple breaky stuff =3*, atmosphere and adventure totally fun= 5*. We were happy to support a locally owned business. Location: it's between Phoenix and Sedona, about 30 min north of PHX. Just do it! (and yes, I'd go again, for breakfast or to try lunch menu too)

  • Maria K.

    I was hesitant to write a review about this place because I wondered if I just didn't get it, but I think I get it. I wanted to like my experience more, really I did...maybe if I would have tried breakfast here I would have liked it better. Judging from the other reviews, I would stick to this place if you are looking for a pancake breakfast to put you into a mini food coma. :) The waitresses were friendly and attentive and I appreciated that it seemed to be a family operation with three generations cooking the food, serving it and running the restaurant. But the quality of the food was just not there for me. For my lunch, I started with a salad (which was very large in portion size), but the leaves were going bad and it was not fresh at all. On top of that, it was garnished with strips of that type of cheese that makes you wonder if it was man-made or indeed derived from a milk product. My main dish (a hamburger) was not bad, but nothing outstanding either. The prices are fair, but for the quality, it seemed a little overpriced to me. At the end of the day, I think this place does it's thing and has it's own personality, maybe it's just not for me. How many restaurants can say they have wood cutouts for photo opportunities right outside their door? Probably not many, so in that regard, maybe it is pretty fabulous.

  • Sean S.

    Why 5 stars? Because it is a COMPLETELY white trash, broken down, duct-tape-on-the-seats, beat to h*ll, filthy-rag-to-wipe-off-the-table travel trailer atmosphere - not even single wide - we are talking travel trailer with wheels atmosphere. You feel like you are in a meth lab... and you kind of are. No kidding - last time i was there, I went outside looking for the bathroom and saw 4 used needles in the kitchen trash outdoors...whether the cook(s) were slammin or were diabetic, i do not know, but both options were clearly possible in this joint. Waffle house employees call this place a trailer park sh*thole. In short, it's a skeevy, herpes infested, divey dump.....that serves unbelievable food. The sausage patty must be a pound. I can't eat the pancakes since they touch the filthy table when served - you have to eat the inside of it, without touching the part laying on the table. I have only been here for breakfast, so i can't comment on lunch - but i have been coming to this place since 1989. Experience the trash - the white trash.

  • Matthew D.

    There is nothing fancy about this place at all, but they have some pretty damn good food. I went here in the dead of winter with my wife, so it was pretty empty, but I can believe the stories about this place being packed frequently. I ordered a hamburger, and it had a yummy, smoky, greasy taste that just got better and better as I ate more. My wife had a reuben sandwich that was there one minute and gone the next (i.e. it was so good she inhaled it). Don't let the small size and rustic appearance fool you--this place has first class food if you're into burgers, big breakfasts (REALLY BIG from the stories I've heard), and great sandwiches. Come see what the buzz is all about.

  • Julie P.

    I understand that the original owners (two couples) have sold it and in doing so, much of the charm has been lost. I have not been here since the sale, so I cannot comment on that directly. If you go, please know that my recommendation may be out-dated. The Amish kitchen just down the street is a wonderful option if you don't want to take the chance.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Loud
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Four Bees Cafe

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