Co-Op Grill

18300 S Old US Hwy 80
Arlington, 85322
Ate lunch here with my lil' family. As we walked inside we walked thru bar area first & than the dining area, has wooden benches & wooden tables. You can feel this place has history. Very clean establishment, the food was excellent. The generosity of the server's made this place welcoming. Defintely will be back for some more great food.
We visited the Co-op based on one posted review. It was good food and the restaurant was very clean. It is also a very nice alternative to driving east to grab a meal. We both had steak sandwiches which were cooked to order, soft drinks and shared a huge basket of fries. The tab came to $32 with tip. They have a dance floor, outdoor seating and an arena out back. Country music was playing on the jukebox and the bar area was full of local ranchers. I felt like I was back in Indiana except the patrons were wearing cowboy hats instead of John Deere ball hats. We will be back.
Okay so the hours of this place change, SO CALL BEFORE YOU GO!! The burgers are good. Garlic fries NO! Garlic fries should not have raw garlic! However definitely worth going to for the burgers. It has a nice country town atmosphere. A juke box love it! Room to dance, they make fun allowed! :)

(623) 327-2131


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