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  • Deane D.

    First time in the area and were referred here. Excellent, affordable fair served with a smile. Complete dinners including salad bar mostly under $20. Many breakfast and lunch offerings for less. Ozark Cafe made the "50 State Dinners" list in July 2011 in The New Yorker magazine. But again, prices aren't inflated. Great quality meals. I had chicken fried steak and Boo had the catfish. Definitely worth a stop.

  • Javier V.

    Been here for breakfast twice and the food is delicious and cheap. Service is fast and staff is very friendly. Definitely a place to visit if you are in the area. Their omelets are delicious as well as the pancakes.

  • Gina S.

    Stopped here before our float trip in the buffalo. Really awesome breakfast menu at a great price. The pancakes were delicious and the cinnamon rolls are super sweet and the size of your face. Took a while to get our food, but the staff was nice about it. Lots of signs hanging on the walls so it's fun to look around. Bathrooms are very clean, too.

  • Eric M.

    I can't imagine what else you could ask for. The service was outstanding and the burgers were excellent. Great atmosphere too.

  • Chuck P.

    Great service. Great food.the thing I no it's most about this ace is how the entire staff hustles. They are attentive and alert and even the mgr stopped by twice to make sure I was good. Food was excellent and love the atmosphere.

  • Jeff L.

    What on Earth happened to this place that I used to really like? Made a special trip and drove about 55 miles just to eat lunch here today. Upon arrival at 11:40 AM, I walk in to find most of the tables dirty and un-cleared, except for the large tables for groups. So I sit down at a dirty table. After 3 to 5 minutes goes by, a waitress walks into the room and asked if I've been waited on yet. I said no, she says I'll be right back and walks out. She returns, cleans the table, and gets my drink order. I decided on the buffet, so she brings me a plate. That's the last time I saw her. I was never offered a single drink refill. I was never offered another clean plate for the buffet. I was never brought the check. I finally walked up the front bar-counter area to pay and leave. There was no cashier. Another guy and I waited for quite a long time before someone came to the register. Terrible disappointment this time for only about $13.95. The owner/manager or whoever needs to wake up and smell the coffee before they drive more people away.

  • Kyle P.

    Good food in a unique setting. Seems to get a lot busier on the weekends. My group ate there twice during our stay nearby. Chicken nachos were really good. My sister-in-law enjoyed the spinach calzone. Their shakes are also excellent. I can speak for the blueberry, cinnamon, and blackberry all being very tasty.

  • Jan S.

    The Ozark Cafe is on the square in downtown Jasper. It recently had its 100dreth year celebration. They have a varied menu ranging from burgers and fries to steaks and pasta. My fave is a grilled chicken sandwich that just about beats any I've ever had. But they also have great salads as well including a Greek and Caesar that are large and delicious. The atmosphere speaks to its Ozark heritage and there are old photos that cover the walls showing views of local people and places from the past. On some Saturday nights (check ahead) there is live music often including the hosts of the restaurant Tim and Mona Ray. Check out their web site for a view inside and a look at their menu.

  • Bob W.

    Great place in the Ozarks for a quick meal. I assumed it was going to be a touristy place complete with hillbilly burgers and cowboy coffee...I was wrong. Everyone was friendly, food was good and prices were right.

  • Clayton O.

    We went canoeing the Buffalo river and found this cafe. The place looks kinda like a combination of a diner and an old time soda shop. The first thing that caught my attention was the newspaper style menus, I thought that was a pretty cool idea. I had the grilled shrimp and have one complaint about them being that they were small in my opinion when it was said they are large. Another complaint was that the waitress wouldn't pick up dirty plates as we finished with them(we had soup and salad bar with our meal), so we had an uncomfortably full table. Bella did say her Caesar salad was her favorite of the trip. Heath had chicken fried steak and said it was good. The salad bar was ok but nothing to get excited about. The fruit in the salad bar was clearly out of a can and the waitress admitted that the vegetable soup on the salad bar was out if a can. They do have awesome shakes!

  • Steve W.

    Cute place in a cute little town. We went for the special of the day (fish and chips for me; fish sandwich for her) and were lucky enough to get the last ones. I guess we were at the tail end of the lunch crowd here in Jasper. I'll be stopping in here every time I pass thru.

  • Jessica K.

    My parents and I decided to stop here while on our way to the Arkansas Grand Canyon. There aren't a lot of restaurants in the area, but one of the neighbors had recommended it. Super cute place that has been in business since 1909, and has a lot of old photos and newspaper clippings throughout the restaurant. I had the Southwest Burger, which was delightfully spicy--very good! The curly fries were an added bonus as well. While I didn't try the breakfast, all of the options looked awesome and I'd love to go back for that! I'd definitely go back when in the area.

  • Michelle D.

    We made a special stop to eat here as we do occasionally over the years and was very disappointed. The waitresses were friendly and the place clean but.... once we got our food we didn't see our waitress again. I had to go take our cups to the bar in the other room for refills. My husband ordered the deep fried hamburger upon recommendation. It was very dry and over cooked. My grilled chicken club was just ok. The chicken was pretty dry. I have such fond memories of this place but not this time.

  • Conogher C.

    Cool little place with a friendly staff and a big menu. This 100+ year old restaurant is nestled in quant Jasper Arkansas on the town's square. Tasty food, quick service, and plenty of nostalgia. Our party of four all ordered something different. (Blt, beef taco salad, chicken fried chicken sandwich, and chicken fried steak sandwich) All the ingredients were fresh and the portion were gigantic! See photos

  • Erin C.

    Awesome lunch! Everything was delicious, the zesty burger, cheese fries, catfish sandwich, and chicken fried chicken platter were all great recommendations from our waitress. Loved the atmosphere. Will definitely come back here if we are in the area again..,

  • Steven G.

    the heart of the ozark moutains. great food, friendly staff, and history covers the walls dating back to the good ol days. top it off with a large bowl of ice cream and grab and cafe tshirt to make the memories last.

  • Jim P.

    Great atmosphere - definitely worth stopping by if you passing through Jasper. Huge menu to choose from - breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Our lunch was good - not great - but we enjoyed the experience!

  • Barb S.

    On the advice of a conservation agent in the Buffalo National River area, we ventured into Jasper to sample what was described as the best food in these parts! We were not to be disappointed! First of all, the ambience of the place is so warm and homey, yet has an upscale flavor about it. Despite the fact that we were there late afternoon on a Tuesday, the cafe was well staffed, and customers were abundant! There was even a table where it seemed that locals drifted in and out to have coffee and chat. We enjoyed the Ozark burger and fresh cut fries. The burger was generous, well dressed and seasoned uniquely. The fries themselves ate reason enough to visit this place...absolutely delicious!! We also sampled the hand breaded dill pickles which were among the best I've ever had! The Ozark cafe staff is young and hip and so friendly! Enjoy a drive through the beauty of the Ozark Mountains and enjoy the Ozark Cafe!!!

  • Cassie M.

    Enjoyed a fabulous breakfast here on a rainy Saturday morning. Big breakfast of eggs and bacon with great hash browns that were not too greasy and the best homemade biscuit and gravy. I even topped it off with a huge pancake. Just one-I couldn't finishe it! I would eat here for breakfast again when we are in the Buffalo River area for sure.

  • Shelly D.

    LOVED this place. We had the fish sandwich and fish and chips. Fantastic food, great price and service. The chairs were those plastic covered ones we had as a kid. Will definitely go back if ever in Jasper!

  • Ryan W.

    Excellent place to bring the family or if you're just passing through. Food is always plentiful and not over priced. The walls are lined with historic photographs. And at anytime throughout the day you can find a table of "old men" who are locals and are more than happy to speak of yester year.

  • Michelle D.

    The Ozark Cafe was in of 3 places owned by the same person. When they sold out to the new owner he closed down the pizza place and the coffee shop #FAIL. While I like that he cleaned up the cafe, and the breakfast is the same as before (although higher prices - up from ridiculously low), we just went in for shakes this weekend and they are now made with soft serve ice milk instead of hand scooped ice cream. The server told us that all the servers love it because its easier but everyone else says they dout like the taste. Um, I think the goal is to please your customers. I hope cutting corners isn't the new trend. I still recommend the place but skip the frozen treats unless you like tasteless soft serve ice milk.

  • Crystal H.

    OMG, the burgers are so darn good here. I think this diner is really cute and has a ton of history. Had a slice of peanut butter and banana cake it was huge and super moist. The coffee is really yummy too. Do yourself a favor and eat here if you are in the area.

  • Carrie C.

    Disappointed. We stopped here for a late lunch while driving thru the Ozarks. My husband and I had burgers. They lacked flavor and were really over cooked. The only redeeming factor was the blue cheese on hubby's black and blue burger. The service was slow. Generally feel like it wasn't worth stopping.

  • Ricky B.

    Great place for a pit stop during a great motorcycle ride. Great burgers and fries, I had the Cajun 1/2 burger, very tasty. There were lots of bikes parked all around the square in jasper.

  • Val T.

    No thank you.....we came because of the other review a and were very disappointed. Cheese fries---small hand full of pitiful fried with hardly and cheese melted Blue cheese burger-----great sauce, but burger way over done Chicken fried steak-----ok, I've had much better Salad bar-----food wasn't cold, warm cottage cheeses not my thing, there was some kind of chicken salad that the waitress couldn't tell me what was in it (fatty chicken) It took forever to get our drinks refilled and our check...flies everywhere...we won't be back!

  • Mike G.

    Was getting kind of hungry when I rode the Harley into this little burg and see motorcycles lining both sides of the street in front of this place. I always like to eat where Harley's are out front. Sat at the counter like a bar/soda fountain. Newspaper menus and soda syrup were where there would be liquor bottles lining the back bar. Perky high school kids are the staff. I asked Brigitte if I should get the Club Sand or a burger, she said everybody gets a burger, try the club. It was special with lots of bacon and great thick toast. Luv this place in the middle of nowhere that caterers to the motorcycle crowd. The staff wore shirts with the bar & shield logo combined with the Ozark Cafe name. Must stop for hungry motorcyclists, she tempted me with a shake, maybe next time.

  • Ben S.

    Hard to criticize a place that's been in business since 1909. There's not a lot of cuisine on offer in Jasper, but the Ozark Cafe is reliably good. I usually have breakfast there, and it's a no-frills affair...impeccably prepared Southern breakfast, with one of the most delicious gravies I've ever had. Cheap prices, great atmosphere...hard to find anything wrong with it.

  • Emily H.

    This place is on the New Yorker Magazine list of Top 100 Restaurants to visit....but I'm not sure why it's on there. We swung by here on our trip to the Arkansas Ozarks / Buffalo River Valley area because it seems to be on all the travel guide itineraries. Yes, the place is one of the oldest restaurants still around (est 1909), but the food was just average diner tasting. We ordered the chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken, both were bland and only tasted better with the gravy. The mashed potatoes and gravy and the green beans tasted like something you'd get from your school cafeteria. The salad bar was pitiful with iceburg lettuce chunks, a few carrots, broccoli, and lots of canned fruit (peaches, pineapples, etc), some cottage cheese, and then fatty dressings. Yuck. Now, don't get me wrong, the food wasn't gross....it just wouldn't go on my list of Top 100 restaurants in the U.S.

  • John M.

    3rd time eating here 1 st time good, 2nd time fair this time not so good. Waitress was fine but tried to hurry us to order. Selected the 1 lb burger with all the fixing + fries. The burger was overcooked and would have thrown it out at home. I would find some other place to eat which is possible in little Jasper.

  • Chris S.

    Good home town food. Had the Saturday breakfast buffet. Overpriced, small selection, some of it cold. So why the four stars? Great staff, friendly service, felt at home. Would probably eat there again and get the same thing. Just think if they food was fresh, they had more to choose from, and the price was reasonable. Don's stay at the Ozark Inn. See my review about that. Stay at the Oxford Inn. Will stay at Oxford every time I ride the Pig Trail (which by the way was beautiful). Make sure you visit Post Winery and Rivertowne Bbq Inc, and skip Wiederkehr Wine Cellars Inc.

  • P H.

    Sometimes you come across a place that has been around forever, and its just mediocre; there's no excitement or passion as the same old things are served over and over, and the locals take it because there are no other options. Ozark Cafe is certainly NOT one of those places. Though it has been around forever, and some of its menu items probably haven't changed much during the last century, the locals (and tourists) flock here because the atmosphere is delightful and the food is Great! We were informed that menu items are added regularly, and I got to try a couple of the new items. While I wasn't too thrilled with the interesting flavors in the green chile burger, it was an inventive twist to a classic burger. I was blown away, however, by a pasta dish with marinara sauce which was simply spectacular! This is definitely THE place to eat in Jasper. It also seems to be the place to grab a beer and enjoy some live music.

  • Yin L.

    Stepping into Ozark Cafe is like stepping back in time into the early 1900s. The walls and tables of the original section of the cafe are plastered with classic black and white photos of people in old western clothings. The menu is printed on a newspaper like material which adds to the quaint ambiance. This cafe has been in operation even before the titanic sank! The choice of food here is pretty extensive and you may get overwhelmed deciding what to order. But hey! Choices are great! The grilled chicken & vegetable pasta with Marinara sauce is sooo good! The green chile burger was interesting but not something I would order again. BTW the huge sundaes and pies looked really tempting but my tummy left me no room for dessert :( Definitely a great historical cafe to visit!

  • Jim B.

    What a place. Wide selection. Good food, good service and good value in a beautiful part of the Ozarks. And live music!

  • Patty V.

    This is a trip back in time,but in the best possible way! Great home cooking and friendly servers and regulars!! I performed here last night for a charity kickoff event and it was fun! If you happen to be in the area,stop in, have something to eat, sit a while and chat with the locals....you will have a blast! Save room for the carrot cake....so delicious! Also..if you are planning on staying a night or so, get a room at The Front Porch Inn.Owned by the same people who run the Ozark Cafe. The suite we stayed in was adorable,clean and very comfy.Oh...very reasonable as well!

  • James B.

    I don't know if I just caught them on a bad day, but..... It took 15 minutes to order, 1 hr 5 minutes to get our food. Both of our burgers were burned. By burned, I don't mean very well done. I mean they both had the burned flavor to them. Crazy crowded. But that is to be expected during a bike rally. We wanted pie, but the waitress said it would take forever to get some so we decided not to.

  • Michael C.

    As good as it gets is an understatement. Love this little place deep in the Ozarks. Been there more than several times and never disappointed. Love the decor. Love the down home feeling. Their not perfect, just good people cooking good food.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :7:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Ozark Cafe

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