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Visit below restaurant in Broken Arrow for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Broken Arrow for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Jason B.

    This is not a barbecue restaurant, this is a BBQ joint! I mean this as a high compliment. The ribs were just right. They had just the right amount of rub and no sauce. No frills Q letting the smoke and meat do the talking. The sausage and hot links are pretty legit as well. The fried okra was cooked to perfection. I did not care for the potato salad, as I felt it had too much of a mustard taste. This is how good BBQ should be served. On a side note. I really like that this place features a few Oklahoma state made BBQ sauces.

  • Marcie L.

    This place is great! I love BBQ and have had plenty all over the South. I highly recommend giving smokies a try, the meat has the right smoked taste without a ton of dry rub like other BBQ places. If you are in the mood so something HOT definitely go with the atomic coleslaw. The potato salad is mustard-based and it's really good and the fried okra is another great side! Typical meats that I've ordered are usually hot links, brisket, and chicken with the smoking barbecue sauce. My husband loves the ribs and usually orders onion rings with them. I rate this is the number 1 Barbecue place in Oklahoma. More commonly people like Oklahoma Joe's but I find their product to be over sweetened and inconsistent as well as overpriced. The service at smokies is always super fast and friendly.

  • Jonathan W.

    This is one of the best BBQ places I've ever eaten. It's simple, locally owned and operated, and the service is always friendly. The brisket sandwich was different in that it came shaved instead of the regular sliced or chopped but was delicious nontheless and I think you can order it however you like. The chicken bacon sandwich is legendary.

  • Jim W.

    Wait staff was very friendly and fast. We went in the middle of the lunch hour, but had no issues with seating or service. The food was very good. I got brisket, pulled pork, and beans. The flavor of both meats was on par with any reputable bbq joint, and this was a joint vs. a restaurant (not a bad thing). I don't know how they sliced the brisket so thin, but no impact to the flavor. The pulled pork was very clean and had a great smoke flavor. The beans, while good, were a bit sweet for my preference. Definitely an option for return visits when back in the area.

  • Bob W.

    This is by far the best bbq in Oklahoma! The place smells amazing! Great ribs, Bologna, polish sausages! It's all great! You have to try the atomic slaw!

  • Travis S.

    I tried the 3 meat combo and it was sofa king good that it didn't even need BBQ sauce but they DO have super awesome BBQ sauce just in case you're a pussy. I would love to come on here again sometime and will if I'm ever in broken arrow Oklahoma again lol

  • B S.

    Debated between Smokies, Joe's and one other, but glad this was the choice. A very simple, local spot, but great food and plenty of it. The other bonus, they have beer! Nothing to add that hasn't already been said. Is in my top five for great BBQ

  • Ed K.

    Best Ribs in Town. Competition style many great sauces. Only problem I had was I got full before I could try more. Will be back

  • Alex D.

    Great place in broken arrow. The facility is very small but has a great outdoor area also. The ribs are as good as you can find in the area. 10 times better than burn company.

  • Roger W.

    Three words - De Lic ious ! Amazing smoked meats and great selection of sauces ! Love the relish bar a must for any good bbq joint !

  • Wesley T.

    I've tried all the hype BBQ joints around Tulsa, always walking away disappointed. Until of I came across Smokies!l. I now take home order by the lbs.

  • Thomas S.

    I've had BBQ all over this country. I always use rib to judge, I think dry rub is the best if the ribs are good. I sucked down a half rack and they surely didn't need any sauce. I would highly recommend Smokies. Finger licking it was.

  • L B.

    Great BBQ, best I've had anywhere. Had the chopped brisket sandwich and baked beans.

  • Jake H.

    One of my top choices for BBQ in Tulsa. I've had just about every meat option on their menu & can't go wrong with any of them. Their sliced brisket is cut on a meat shaver (like you see with lunch meat), pretty unique; if your unsure what to get go with the ribs.

  • Vivian T.

    This is the epitome of BBQ shack: 1. It literally looks like a shack. There is a lot of wood in the decor, so it gives off a strong country/BBQ vibe. 2. Everything smells like hickory smoke. This will include your hair and clothes after you eat. We ate outside on the back patio in the open air, and I still smelled like BBQ after we were done. But more importantly to true BBQ fans, how was the food? Smokies = well-smoked meats. We tried the ribs, the chopped brisket (on its own and on a sandwich), and the sliced pork. The ribs were by far our favorite; they were tender and well-seasoned with their dry rub. The chopped brisket was my second favorite; they had smoke flavor, but the beef still came through. The sliced pork was okay. I liked how thinly it was sliced because it was different from a pulled pork texture, but it didn't have as much flavor as the other two. For sides, we tried the fries, the beans, and the regular (not atomic!) coleslaw. The fries were crispy and delicious. These were the kind of fries that have a thicker, seasoned coating around the soft, potato-y insides. The beans were also good. They had a sweetness to them, and also had some BBQ meat mixed in (so watch out, vegetarians). The coleslaw tasted homemade, but I can't remember anything really outstanding about it. Smokies also has the aforementioned atomic slaw, which has habaneros and fresno chiles. I wasn't brave enough to try this, but heads up, spice fiends. Smokies has a complimentary pickle, pepper, and onion bar, which is parked conveniently in front of their dessert case. You can stare at all the different varieties of cake ball they offer while helping yourself to pickle spears and onion slices. As others have mentioned, they don't have a house BBQ sauce, but offer a bunch of locally made ones. I'm glad they had Head Country because I wasn't too impressed by the other offerings. Service was good. We sat outside, but our waitress still came out and checked up on us and refilled our waters. While we were there, we did hear another waitress talk to a table of regulars, and they mentioned how they were always charged different prices for the same thing, so it may be wise to check your receipt. TL;DR: Smokies is a BBQ shack in every sense.

  • Brett V.

    I had heard great things about this place, and I have to say that it lived up to the hype. When we entered the establishment we were lucky enough to run into the owner Mark Latsos, and asked if he would mind showing us around a little. You could tell by his enthusiasm that he had a love of barbecue. I was happy to see a real pit, and stacks of real wood. The smell of the smoke was enough to get my mouth watering. After our tour we took our seats, and the staff couldn't have been nicer or more attentive. I ordered the lunch special: a pulled pork sandwich, potato salad, and a drink. I also tried a rib. As a Master Judge for the Kansas City Barbecue Society I have been spoiled by eating barbecue from some of the greatest cooks in the world. Most restaurants are a disappointment, but I was very happy with the food that I received. The pulled pork was smoky, flavorful, and tender without being mushy. I always get pulled pork the first time I eat at a new restaurant to see if they know what they are doing. I was completely satisfied with the taste, tenderness, and appearance of the meat. Not an easy task for a restaurant. The potato salad was creamy with a little bit of tanginess that worked well with the spiciness of the barbecue. I was happy to also see that all the barbecue sauces were from right here in Oklahoma. The rib had a great smoke flavor that for me was all I needed. I didn't even bother to put any sauce on it. It was tender, cooked properly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The next time I go I will definitely get at least half a rack. The name of the restaurant is fitting because they understand that the star of the show is the smoke. I am often asked to recommend a restaurant to people, and the place that I will tell people to go to in Broken Arrow for the best barbecue will be Smokies BBQ. Mark said that they were looking to expand, and get more pits going. I think that is a wise choice because I only see this place getting more, and more popular. I am sure with as it does there will be times I will have to wait, but it will be well worth it. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to many happy returns. Brett Varnell Founder and President Oklahoma Barbecue Society Kansas City Barbecue Society Master Judge

  • Travelin1 M.

    This place is great!!! Beautiful smoke ring and unbelievable flavor. It's not my Texas BBQ but a little slice of home! I believe it's the best BBQ place in OK. I make it a point to stop by every business trip to Tulsa! You have to try the Atomic coleslaw if you like heat and flavor it rocks!

  • Sherri S.

    What do you get when you mix a monster smoker and a log structure together? Smokies! This place is as BBQ as it gets. This place is yummy, family friendly, personable wait staff and everything else in between. The price is a little up there, but when you take the consideration of time and skill to make the perfected fall off the bone ribs, succulent smoked pork and all the fixin's it's worth it. If you take nothing from the aforementioned, at least take this: If it is busy, be prepared to wait. There isn't a whole lot of seating and is quite the popular joint. However, well worth it all. You won't be dissatisfied.

  • Joe B.

    Order takeout from a person by the name of Lindsey, really nice and very professional! Atmosphere was great they offer military discount which was a plus. Best Bar-B-Que in Broken Arrow, Oklahoman so far!!! Thanks Smokies!!!

  • Chad K.

    I've tried their ribs, brisket, pork, chicken, and hot links. Ribs are very good. Right amount of smoke flavor. Also, they're not overcooked. With ribs, the meat should never "fall off the bone" as that means it's overcooked. Instead, the meat should cling to the bone, but pull cleanly away from the bone when you bite it. This is precisely how their ribs are. They also have a great rub that makes them very enjoyable even without BBQ sauce. Brisket is very juicy and flavorful and sliced almost deli thin. The thin slicing makes it excellent for sandwiches, but I'd prefer a thicker slice for eating it by itself. Chopped brisket is also available. Pork is like the brisket. It's thinly sliced too. Most people are probably used to pulled pork in BBQ restaurants. This is sliced pork. It's still good. Tasty. Chicken is very moist. That's a pretty hard accomplishment in the BBQ world as BBQers frequently serve dry chicken. This was very moist and flavorful. No need to douse it in BBQ sauce to give it enough moisture to eat. Hot links are very tasty. Though, I'm not quite the hot link aficionado that some of my friends are. Just give me a hot link with the right amount of heat and some good spicy BBQ sauce to dip it in and I'm happy. For people who obsess over such things, ALL of their meat had the tell-tale pink smoke ring. They don't have their own barbecue sauce. Instead they have a selection of local off-the-shelf favorites. I recommend the Head Country Hot BBQ sauce, but I wish they also had Selmon Brothers BBQ Sauces (also an Oklahoma product). Fried Okra, onion rings and beans are all very excellent. Though, if I recall, they purchase their okra, onion rings, and fries frozen, so their great onion rings and okra are more a testament to their choosing a good supplier. That sounds silly, but considering how many terrible onion rings there are out there they deserve credit for picking some good ones. I would love to see them add homemade potato chips as a side. But then, I'm a homemade potato chip junkie. I don't eat coleslaw or potato salad, so I cannot comment on how good theirs is. Service is very friendly and attentive. I don't think I made eye contact with a single waitress where I didn't receive a smile. Genuinely friendly staff, so tip well! Restaurant is clean and well-maintained. Nice cozy atmosphere.

  • Phillip P.

    Made my first visit to Smokies BBQ yesterday and I must say it was simply amazing barbecue. I was there for lunch so I had the chopped brisket sandwich and fries. The fries were delicious. I will try the sidewinders next time as my side as they looked wonderful. For the main course, the chopped brisket had a wonderful smokey flavor to it. I could still smell it on my hands when I went to bed last night some 10 hours after eating it. Very moist and flavorful. The ciabatta bun was definitely a help too over the standard hamburger bun. A perfect combo of flavors. The wide variety of sauce was nice as well. I am normally a big fan of head country but decided to opt for one of the other choices. All of the sauces are made in Oklahoma, which is great as well. Overall, it lived up to the hype and I will definitely be back sooner rather than later.

  • Ashley H.

    Absolutely love this place! Best BBQ (at least in BA.) The staff is always so friendly. Sometimes I wish the dining room were bigger, but then again, I like the cozy back porch feeling this place has. I've recommended this place to several people and they all LOVE it too!

  • Brent C.

    I have no idea what place the rest of the reviewers ate at but the Smokies I went to was not good at all. I mean the service was good and the place was a cool BBQ shack but the food was not up to par with most of the other BBQ joints in the area. I now understand why they have 6 different sauces, it's because you need a lot of BBQ sauce to choke this stuff down. The sliced brisket was like deli style shaved brisket which tasted like Arby's. I like Arby's no offense to the roast beef people but if I go get brisket I don't want Arby's. The Ribs were undercooked, tough and had little to no flavor at all. The Pork was not pulled but sliced as well and had NO flavor at all you had to douse it in BBQ sauce. To my dismay I could not tell the chicken and the pork apart at first the only way really to tell was the texture of the meat. I hate to say such bad things about something I love and am so passionate about but this place was not good at all. However, it still was not as bad as Knotty Pine, so at least they got that going for them. I doubt I'll eat here again just because it's to far out of the way.

  • Jennifer S.

    One of my husband & I's favorite go to restaurants. Food is amazing (ribs and bologna are our faves) & service is friendly. Has gotten much busier over the past year or so, but it's definitely worth the wait if there is one!

  • BK R.

    Generally a good BBQ place. We had the baby rack ribs. Very good smoke ring, shows they take their time smoke the ribs. The beans were excellent and we got more to go. The potato salad was ok, maybe just not my style. Definitely a "where the locals eat". I say, give the place a try!

  • Liz V.

    My husband loves BBQ and he liked this place. It was extremely packed, we got the last empty table inside and they had only been only about 15mins. The atomic cole slaw was pretty awesome.

  • Paul C.

    Great BBQ, friendly service. I also buy some take out for diner. Their Atomic coleslaw is very spicy! Good !! Trust the name...

  • Dan R.

    I was in Tulsa last week visiting the family and on my last night I rolled the dice and took everyone out to Smokies for some BBQ. Now I have never been to Smokies before and I am known for frequenting a lot of hole in the wall joints. My parents who moved to Broken Arrow about two years ago had not been there either. My wife thought taking the family out for a blind audition was pretty stupid as well. As soon as we opened the door and everyone walked in their attitude instantly changed from oh my... to looks interesting. We asked about specials and were told everything they do is special and quite frankly it was. Having traveled the country and sampled all the varieties of America's great BBQ, as well as living in Texas for the last few years I know good Que. He had several different things, multiple 3 meat plates and everyone was duly impressed. The brisket was served thinly sliced rather than Texas style but was buttery smooth and smokey. The ribs were great as well. It was nice everything was served dry so the choice of sauce or no sauce was an individual matter. One of the things i liked best about Smokies is they don't seem t o be trying to mimic someone else's style, they have a style of food and presentation that is all their own and for that I applaud them. And let's not forget to mention the price, the bill for six including several beers, fried pickles, multi-meat plate dinners with ribs and a couple of desserts was under $100 bucks! As a bonus my folks took home enough left overs for dinner the following night. A great meal and a bargain at that. To paraphrase Arnold... "We'll be back!"

  • Lea M.

    Had the razorback sandwich; pulled pork, smoked bacon and jalapeño slaw on a Chibotta bun. It was terrific! I used the smokin sauce, yum!

  • Chad M.

    This is simply the best BBQ I've ever tried in the Tulsa/BA area. And I've tried a lot. I had the Bad Back Ribs - WOW. Dry rubbed, tender, bursting with flavor. Amazingly delicious. What a great find. You have to go. A lot. This place is awesome. The customer service is quick, friendly, efficient. An all-around great experience. We Will be back.

  • Rachael S.

    5 Star Rating says: "Woohoo! As good as it gets!". I agree. I am writing this because we looked at the ratings beforehand. I want to agree with what has been said and REITERATE/add to/confirm anyone deciding to go or not. GO. If you are looking for a classic BBQ--family friendly, tasty meal, great prices-- it is here. All around: great service, great food, great place (decor to environment to seating options (inside/outside)). Definitely going again; cannot wait!

  • John B.

    I have eatin here several times now. Great food and service. Every meat is VG but the sliced (pulled) pork is excellent in my opinion. This is a best kept secret place in Broken Arrow.

  • Kimmy D.

    Just moved to Broken Arrow in October. This is one of the few places we enjoy. Best BBQ ever and the service is exceptional. The atomic coleslaw is FANTASTIC and their Hot BBQ sauce is just perfect. Hot links are to die for. I look forward to many more meals here.

  • Heather M.

    Good BBQ just off the Creek Turnpike. Convenient when we are driving through Tulsa. Good beef, pork, etc and huge baskets of fried pickles, onion rings, okra. Too much really. Cute rustic place with good food.

  • Chris Baker C.

    Awesome bbq, great smoke flavor,all food here is great , and by far best onion rings in tulsa metro area!!!

  • Record S.

    it is the only place we go for bbq in oklahoma and thank goodness its only 3 miles away. great service great atmosphere and great food!

  • Mike Y.

    This is, by far, my favorite BBQ joint in the area. They smoke all of their meat in-house daily. I highly recommend the pulled pork.

  • Randy L.

    Serious BBQ peeps here - we stopped, sampled, bought and snarfed as much as our tums could hold - excellent sauces meats sides - all six of us enjoyed every bite!!!!!


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  • Mon :11:00 am - 8:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Smokies BBQ

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