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Visit below restaurant in Helena for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Sydney M.

    Both of my stays in Helena have been steeped in Blackfoot brews, and delightfully so (quite literally: when I open my car door, I'm greeted with a hot waft of a growler's-worth of beer that tragically broke in my back seat, but I digress). Blue Collar Bitter is my go-to, and I'd never turn down a bottle of their Belgian. You can smell the warm, bubbly mash before you even get around the corner. Walking in the door, it is supremely obvious that these folks are really community-focused and I love every bit of it. The age-range is huge (kids to grandparents) and everyone always has a smile on their face and is engaged in conversation. I've walked in to unexpected live music and local non-profit fundraiser nights (apparently these things happen every week?!). Every staff member, both tap room and brewery, that I've interacted with has warmly greeted me and made me feel welcome. A nice porch and abundant (FREE) popcorn win points. Also easy wifi access also makes for a casually lubricated work space...if you get there early ;) Bottom line: If you've been nostalgic for "local pub"--a place where you gather to meet up with anyone and everyone--that is unpretentious, friendly as shit, and committed to their people, welcome home.

  • Julie H.

    Great find while passing through Helena on the Continental Divide Trail. Atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, beer selection was great...LOVED the Scottish Ale! The outdoor porch was the cherry on top! Definitely worth a visit...wish we were staying longer so we could go back for more.

  • Nigel L.

    As far as gems of Helena, MT go, Blackfoot sparkles. Excellent beer selection, I am infrequently disappointed at the various beverages that have been available in past visits. I'm not a huge fan of the Scottish Ale. Their cream ale is a staple not to be missed. I've never done their sampler but others have mentioned that it is an excellent deal with plenty o' variety. Free popcorn. Great atmosphere. Servers seem to enjoy their job and are good at what they do. Only downside is that you can only get 4 beers a visit, but if anything, it prevents them from dealing with trouble. Plus, there's always Millers next door....

  • S L.

    Nice brewery. Nice porter and scotch ale. I love blue collar bitter was great. The staff was very friendly.

  • Sylvester J.

    What every brewery should aspire to be. Great rotation and flagship beers. Fantastic, well balanced seasonals. Packed with friendly patrons. Staff is attentive and insightful. Great location. A bit loud on a busy afternoon. Deck has a great view. The location allows for patrons to walk to nearby restaurants and bars. Favorite taproom in Montana, favorite brewery in Montana.

  • James H.

    Nice joint. Got a real cool hippie vibe. The beers are exquisite and the staff was awesome! They have a cool deck as well. Beer me!

  • Eric S.

    Their IPA is absolutely delicious. Not too hoppy but has a bit of bite. Paired with the free popcorn, a wonderful combo. Staff are friendly and polite.

  • Jenn R.

    One of my favorite watering holes in Helena. I go here about once a week. The beer is fantastic! The only beers I am not a fan of would be the IPA or the cream ale.

  • David F.

    If you like beer, do not pass this place up. And bring a growler because you won't want to leave without more. One of Helena's hidden treasures. Awesome staff!

  • Jeff V.

    A German must surely own, or at the very least run, Blackfoot Brewing, because it's way over-engineered. Be that as it may, it still had a great vibe, I loved every beer offering they had, and it is one of my favorite breweries in the state. Yes, even the IPA was tasty, which I never thought I hear myself say.

  • Michael F.

    I've been to this brewery many times, loved it! Beer is amazing, haven't had one that I didn't like. The atmosphere is very chill and awesome. It's easy to spend an entire afternoon there drinking and shooting the breeze with your friends. Whenever I go back to visit Helena, I usually make that one if my stops.

  • Joseph P.

    Decent beer, not enough seating, selection dominated by IPA, free popcorn is low quality.

  • Andrew M.

    Its become one of my favorite spots in Helena since I moved here. They've got some great beers on tap, I'm a fan of their porter and cream ale, but I always love to see what seasonal brews they have going on. Great place to spend an hour or two, plus they have a pretty great deal on growlers. The staff is all super friendly and they have bowls of popcorn to help keep you nice and salted while you fill up on beer. Be forewarned, its a popular place and can get pretty hard to navigate on the weekends, especially closer to last call. Still, don't let that discourage you from stopping by and giving it a look.

  • Ernie C.

    I used to live all of 200 feet from this brewery and the taproom, and it's one of my favorite breweries. I love their IPA. The new building is amazing. The old building (in the same location) was much smaller, and had the character of being a small town, local brewery. The new taproom has double or triple the seating, and is well lit, with lots of natural lighting. A very warm feeling, yet still maintaining much of the original charm of the original. I had the good fortune to get to have their Imperial IPA, a seasonal brew that was $5 a pint and described: "This is the traditional method of Real Ale dispensing in Britain. Unfiltered, unpasteurized beer is lightly re-fermented in a cask (in our case a firkin) to produce natural carbonation. The ale is then served at cellar temperature (approx 55F). The beer is pumped with a "beer engine" which pulls the beer from the cask and creates a dense natural head on the beer. This traditional method of service (without CO2) allows the very subtle flavors and aromas of the beer to come through. Imperial IPA at 9.7% abv" The other pints are $3.75 (limit 3 a day due to Montana laws regarding taprooms), and are all delicious. This is also a great place to run into locals, and a fair amount of unofficial business occurs here over a pint or two. One of the best parts of living here was getting growler fills - $7 on Wednesdays, and you get a free pint too! (Though back in the old building, they were a true steal at $5.)

  • J M.

    The beer is ok...but it's not as flavorful as it should be in my opinion. It's a cool atmosphere and great location but has a yuppy feel.

  • Buzz G.

    Always something different on tap! Beer is great and the taproom has a nice vibe to it. During the warm months, a view from the outdoor balcony is a must! Downtown location is a good start to your evening in Helena.

  • Matthew H.

    I haven't been to Blackfoot in a long time, but when I lived in Helena, I definitely enjoyed their beer. For my own tastes, they have the best micro/craft beer I have ever had. I now live in CO, good beer in Colorado, but I have not yet found anything quite as good as Blackfoot. I really like how they make (or made?) specific beers for businesses in Helena. Blackfoot Bitter was my favorite. They didn't have food (well, they did have popcorn) but Millers is next door, for a food alternative and Mediterranean Grille a couple spots down. I hear that Millers doesn't play music anymore? What the **** is up with that!

  • Shea D.

    Easily one of my favorite places in Helena and will always hold a special place in my heart. One of the major reasons I was never able to consume atrocities like Miller Light and Budweiser with a straight face is Blackfoot River. This brewery epitomizes everything that it means to be a brewery. The beers they produce are always top-notch and their taproom gives you the opportunity to taste their selections, enjoy a few pints, and take some home in growlers if you so choose. Most importantly, they *properly* seal your growlers so the beer remains fresh until you open it (something that it seems NYC breweries have a hard time understanding...). I have fond memories of forking over $5 and receiving a growler AND a pint of whatever I wanted on Wednesday nights. I know, right? Unreal. My personal favorites are the Scottish Ale and the Porter. While I have a found a similar East Coast equivalent in Dogfish Head, I have never found anything quite as good as Blackfoot River. I miss this place. I want it here. And damn straight I will always pay a visit anytime I'm in Helena!

  • Fred G.

    Great local brewery serving up world class brews.

  • Andrea F.

    Excellent beer, the ipa is bar none. Really love woolly bugger season. Wish there were more room inside, more consistent service, and better popcorn but none of that matters as much if the beer is good ;)

  • Daniel P.

    Stopped in on the way home from a brewfest. They had a killer deal for filling growlers on Sundays. So I grabbed a fill of the Single Malt IPA (always good), they even pour you a complimentary 12 OZ while you wait. Very civilized.

  • TL S.

    I like their community support, but unfortunately this is about the beer. In what crazy universe do you make an Amber Ale that's unfiltered?? I prefer to not have to chew my beer and therefore will not be back.

  • Elliot L.

    The best IPA in the west! Relaxing place to hang out at and fantastic beer. Don't underestimate this small brewery in a small town. This is one you want to hit if you are a beer enthusiast.

  • Dave C.

    Great Place, Plenty of varieties on tap, lots of room, free popcorn, just a great atmosphere. Dark beers all have a nice rich flavor. A definite to visit.

  • LiElla K.

    Comfortable place to meet friends and the beer is great!

  • Dan P.

    Great Beer. We really enjoy the community experience.

  • Alan Y.

    Loved this place! Went here on a Sunday night and it was full of nice people, great live music, and tasty brews- what more could you want!?

  • Dennis T.

    Consistently outstanding. Great service. Community gathering place. Good beer for every taste.

  • Mark P.

    Great beer, fun atmosphere. Helena's two microbreweries are both among the best in Montana, which is definitely an under-the-radar but great state for beer. Their Single Malt IPA is my favorite in a hop-crazy part of the country with lots of options.

  • Taylor K.

    The Blackfoot consistently puts out the best beer in town. I have yet to try a beer that I haven't liked. I am especially fond of the Scottish, Bitter, and Amber. Definitely worth your money. The staff and atmosphere are both exceptional as well. There is no place I'd rather be on a nice day than the Blackfoot patio sipping a delicious brew.

  • J A.

    Blackfoot River Brewing Company is one of the finest brewers of hand-crafted ales in all of Montana. The Blackfoot IPA is quite possibly the best beer I have ever had. The quality of the beer is second to none, though ever since they moved into their brand new, much larger location, the consistency of the flavor is prone to a little more fluctuation that I would like. Sometimes the IPA is a little more bitter, sometimes less hoppy, sometimes more hoppy. All in all though, it's a fine, fine brew. The staff at the Blackfoot is smiley and friendly. The place can get pretty crowded after 5 p.m., especially on "cheap growler" night (Wednesday) and Fridays. My one complaint is the price. Their beer prices went up on the order of 75 cents during the "great hops shortage of 2007," and then never came back down when the price of hops stabilized. Brewers across the state justified this jump in price due to the hops shortage, but then they never returned to their much more reasonable beer prices after hops prices came back down. I think that's a little disingenuous and I've always been a little bitter about that. overall though, Blackfoot is quite possibly the best of Montana's plentiful quality micro-breweries.

  • Sarah M.

    Montana has great microbrews. Blackfoot ranks up there with some of my favorite. The brewery serves beers from 2-8 every day (unfortunately Montana has some weird liquor laws), and you can only get 3 pints (again with the laws). Just order the Scottish and you'll feel like you drank 7 Millers. Great outdoor area upstairs, popcorn, and friendly people.

  • Zack G.

    The beers at Black foot are great!!! I love the cream ale, I wish the seating was better but overall they have some of the best beer in Montana. Worth a stop in for a beer!!

  • Michelle C.

    Tasty Centennial IPA. Friendly and prompt service.

  • Jesse D.

    Blackfoot River Brewing Co. is what MT is all about. It was my home away from home. You get to know the locals fast, then you become one. I miss you BRBC. Great beer, made and served by great people. Nothing better than a Kolsch when its 103 on a July afternoon, or a Porter when it snows 3 feet! (or a Bitter any time) And when your done with your 3 pints, go next door for more+some whiskey

  • Ryan V.

    Possibly the finest beer made by the finest Folks. This was my favorite place to go when I lived in Helena. I was particularly fond of the Scottish Ale and highly recommend it. Also, its great to go on Irish music night. Don't forget your growler!

  • Larry L.

    Wonderful brewery with many excellent beer choices. Their Single-malt IPA is one of my favorite beers on the planet. Had a seasonal Citra hop version of their Single-malt IPA last week and it blew my mind. The place even smells of malt when you open the door (Heaven on earth for a beer guy)! NIce brewpub with a great view of the brewing facilities. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  • Jim H.

    Blackfoot hits the spot! The quantity limit is a little weird but these brews pack a little more punch so I guess it's not a bad thing. Atmosphere was great, the upstairs patio was just right and there's nothing wrong with free popcorn. Prices are higher than other beers in town but it's not going to drain your wallet.

  • Wayne F.

    The Blackfoot River Brewing Company is probably the best watering hole I have ever been to. They serve several of their hand crafted beers on tap. This is a tasting room and as such you are limited to three, but three is about the max anyway as any more would probably put you on the floor. Great atmosphere, great place to meet other locals, not a pickup bar. Heck, families come to this place. They do not serve food, (ok, well popcorn and it is free) but they do allow you to bring your own food to enjoy with their great beers.

  • Mike A.

    Beer has gone down hill. Some of thier staff even hangs out at the new Lewis and Clark Brewery in town.

  • Angela M.

    If I lived here, I'd be a regular. Friendly staff, great beer and ample space to mix and mingle with the locals. Will definitely be back next time I'm in town.

  • Mat M.

    Terrific beer and a great atmosphere. Definitely make it part of your trip to MT. In a state with a number of great local breweries, this one is likely the best. They throw in a nice variety of specialty brews on top of their regular lineup. Favorites: IPA, Scottish, and Porter.

  • Truth S.

    A true gem from Helena, MT. From it's unique and welcoming architectural features, to it's delicious handcrafted beers. A place I enjoy visiting every chance I get. Sample until you find your fancy, then fill your tummy with 3 pints.

  • Norman H.

    Some of the best craft beer in the Pacific Northwest. Excellent beer, excellent atmosphere. My only complaint is that it is almost always crowded... don't ever come here during the Montana Legislative sessions... the legislators might as well caucus here and they are here ever night!

  • Brad R.

    Great beer brewed and served by great people. I don't get there soften as I like, but the beer is always excellent and the place is always packed. Theirs is one of e best - if not the best - IPA, stout and porter in Montana. No food available except popcorn, and a three beer limit. Both of those are due to state laws being arcane and obsolete - so don't take it out on the staff. This is a must see if you are in Helena. Don't miss the Helena Fold in the rack wall behind the brewery if you are into geology. Totally cool!


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Blackfoot River Brewing Company

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