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Visit below restaurant in Helena for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Helena for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Krys L.

    Huckleberry & Sea Salt Caramel = Delicious!

  • Stephanie E.

    Awesome place for ice cream in Helena! Lines can get long, but its with the wait! Love how they have rotating flavors along with the core menu!

  • Emily D.

    During the summer my family went here quite often. Although you might have to wait in line during their busy times, it is absolutely worth it. I always get the white mint Oreo ice cream, but everything else is delicious as well! Love going to the Big Dipper on summer evenings.

  • Rex L.

    Got the Huckleyberry in a Waffle cone dipped in chocolate as recommended by a local lady behind me in line and it was amazing! Great and unique flavors. Tried the Thai Peanut Curry and it was exactly what the flavor should be, but in delicious ice cream flavor. Also, they are using Square now and seem to take credit card for any amount now, even under $5.

  • Kartik P.

    Who would have thought, a little gem of an ice cream shop lay hidden in the valleys of Montana!!! Wow! We dint have much hope from this place at first, but then oh my we fell in love with big dipper. For many reason, the location, atmosphere, the walking mall area will remain in my memory forever. The ice creams are very much affordable and a huge scoop hurts no one right! Huckleberry flavor one is to die for. Wish I could return to the place again and try the ice cream. Dont loose on the opportunity if you in the area.

  • Oscar B.

    If you come up to Helena, Montana in the summer you must try their huckleberry ice cream. It is better ice cream I had tried from Belgium or any other place in Europe. Unforgettable treats!!

  • Jane L.

    Unique Flavors. On a hot summer day ice cream is everyone's treat. And I do mean everyone because depending on the time of day there will be a line out the door. It's good ice cream with unique favors; no chocolate chip but I am sure you can find something you'll love. We went mid-late afternoon and missed the crowd.

  • Jessie G.

    This is clearly the best ice cream in Montana and some of the best I've had anywhere. The specials are always interesting and they have a ton of amazing looking sundaes. It's totally worth the money. I usually get a kid sized cone because the scoops are massive. I almost always get cardamom, it's the best. The staff behind the counter are friendly and you can get pints to go. Do not miss it!

  • Mike A.

    This place is a bright star in the walking mall. Incredible ice cream. May favorite is the Huckleberry Ice cream. Considering how much the Parrot has declined and their outlandish prices, The Big Dipper is a great alternative. I love this place.

  • Jez D.

    Yummy! Ice cream was super good and the service was friendly. They do use Sysco syrups and toppings. Would be nice to see more gourmet toppings like the salted caramel they offer. The girls are sweet and the way they take the order then make the item, letting the next team member take and attend the next order is unique and efficient. Good sherbets and dairy cream.

  • Crystal S.

    On the Last Chance Gulch walking mall, there aren't many places open after 7 pm. However, on a summer evening, you can always count on a line at the Big Dipper. The ice cream flavor menu is diverse and thoughtful. Some of my favorite flavors include huckleberry, cardamom, espresso Heath, white mint Oreo, and tangerine sorbet. There are usually a few specials ranging from white chocolate raspberry to coffee sorbet, so be sure to give them a peek before you order. I would most heartily recommend a chocolate-dipped huckleberry waffle cone. It's the first flavor I had, and it's a perfect flavor balance. You can get any flavor with chocolate dipped for 50 cents more, so try it out. I also really love their Dusty Dale sundae, which is a scoop of ice cream with fudge, whipped cream, and a generous dusting of malt powder. Now I want to put malt powder on everything. Bring cash. They don't take cards unless your order is over $5.00, and most of the menu items are under that.

  • Sarah S.

    This is, hands down, the best ice cream in Montana. If you're ever in town, you need to stop in and try their awesome flavors. They always have cool daily special flavors that keep me coming back.

  • Shannon M.

    An adorable little ice cream parlor on the Walking Mall. We walked in and it was fairly busy, but we were greeted right away and with a smile. Everyone in the place was so friendly, but who wouldn't be when enjoying ice cream on a hot day?! My husband pointed out the Huckleberry Ice Cream right away, so I can't even tell you what other flavors were on the menu! Guess I should have looked! I got to try a small bit of the sorbet and the ice cream so that I could make an informed choice (love that). The ice cream won out for me today for sure. I got a very generous scoop of the most delectable Huckleberry Ice Cream in a waffle cone. It was excellent! I thought the prices were pretty darn reasonable considering the quality and service. I would definitely go back again! It was fun to sit outside and people watch on the Walking Mall while eating our ice cream!

  • Chris M.

    Great service and very clean. Huckleberry ice cream was AWESOME. Very good value.

  • Zack G.

    I had bad service the first time I went and had Ice Cream, the second time it was a lot better. Must of been an off night. Ice cream is good, not something I'd go out of my way for but if I'm strolling downtown Helena I'd consider stopping.

  • Krissy N.

    Our Favorite Ice Cream! Yummy!

  • matt n.

    Best Ice Cream in the state whether you visit the one in Helena or Missoula. Even if, like me, you're dairy-free- you can get a great treat!

  • Greek M.

    Good ice cream, variety of flavors, but bring your credit card, it's pricey!

  • Gabe I.

    one word... amazing

  • Jessica M.

    Mmmmm, icecream. This place has a great selection of flavors and they rotate so you can always try something new. Beware there is usually a line, even during the day, but it's worth the wait.

  • Keith S.

    Pricey, but really good ice cream!!

  • Brad R.

    This is a fantastic example of a great local business: High quality consistent ice cream served by great people at a very reasonable price. The Mexican Chocolate and Cardamom are my favorite regular flavors. the lemon and tangerine sorbet are the bomb on hot Helena days. The special flavors are both creative and exceptional. Harry Potter themed ice creams for the HP 8 opening weekend, holiday flavors like Candy cane and pumpkin pie. All this and they stay open late enough to grab a cone after an evening movie, and they are located downtown on the historic walking mall in Helena. I think that the Big Dipper is a great addition to our lovely downtown community! Great ice cream, great people, great location!

  • Phil L.

    The ice cream here is rich and creamy and I love the innovation and creativity. This is very good ice cream.

  • mike m.

    I went into this place on July 27th just wandering around. A parade was going to start and I thought a cool refreshment would be perfect. I opted for a shake and they were very amenable mixing the ice cream flavors I wanted. THe shake was thick and creamy. I went outside to watch the parade and they even brought the shake out to me. The staff was really friendly. Don't know when I'll be in Helena again, but I will definitely want to stop in again.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No

Big Dipper Ice Cream

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