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Visit below restaurant in Winslow for healthy meals suggestion.

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  • Chris C.

    The Asian cafe is fantastic! I travel a lot And the food here tops what I get in New York or Philly, and they deliver! A big plus for China Maine! Everything from Thai to sushi to Pho!

  • Sam L.

    Love this place! I've been enjoying the food here since I first moved to maine. Always fresh food. Lovely atmosphere and delightful staff.

  • James D.

    The fact that two other people ae the only ones to review Asian cafe tells me two things... 1) Waterville is completely out of the loop technologically and 2) they have no idea of the incredible food they have in their town! Asian cafe is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt the best "restaurant" in town. The staff are incredibly friendly, the food is out of this world good! (I travel the world and I have never tasted asian food this amazing) and the prices are great!

  • Christine N.

    Not that great. Used to be a good place but got pad thai recently & really pretty bad. New ownership in the last year.

  • Tracy Q.

    Wow, I see all the good reviews and wonder if it was just an off night. The dining room had about five tables occupied when we arrived, and the waiter was friendly, but the more customers who arrived - a few more sit down diners and a bunch of take outs - the more overwhelmed the staff became. It got hectic, chaotic, and the service was frenzied and then slowed to a crawl. For some reason, as it became busier our waiter disappeared and that left one person to handle all the tables, the take out and the register. It was cacophony. So I see good reviews of the food and wish I had something good to say. The complimentary spring soup was light and fresh. Then came my crab rangoons (imitation crab). Pretty tasteless, but crisp and not greasy. But then my entree arrived. First of all, my entree came a good 7 minutes or so before my dining companion's. No explanation. But mine took a long time, so maybe they didn't want to prolong it further by bringing both at once. It was definitely not worth the wait. I ordered crispy pad Thai. Usually that means that the rice noodles are pan fried instead of steamed. Instead what I received was a plate heaped with deep fried bean threads with peanut sauce. A few anemic shreds of chicken, a couple of bean sprouts (hide and seek), a barely visible egg and some ground peanuts completed the dish. No veggies at all. It was very heavy, oily and had and an overwhelming peanut butter taste. No other taste profile. I poked around for the meat and sprouts and left the rest, feeling hungry but bloated from the oil. I just moved to the area and was excited to have an Asian restaurant nearby. But I've had my last meal at this place, unfortunately.

  • Jessica M.

    Whenever I am in Winslow I stop at the Asian Cafe! I have never ordered here and been disappointed. It is always the freshest ingredients! They cook the tofu perfectly. As someone who does not eat meat- that's important! The delivery is very fast too. Love Asian Cafe!

  • Steffanie B.

    Fantastic food in the little hole in the wall. Prices are reasonable. Wait staff friendly and efficient.

  • Emma G.

    Exactly what you want on a cold night....steaming hot delicous wonton soup with the best broth I've eaten - followed by a perfectly juicy AND crispy roast duck with lots of veggies and a wonderous bimbimbap...bursting with toasted spicy rice, egg, sprouts and tasty beef. Can't wait to go back

  • Rebecca W.

    Great little spot with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The spicy tuna and shrimp tempura were delicious. The drunken noodles were delightful as reccomended by other yelp users. The Thai iced tea is a must try. They do takeout delivery and have a cute restaurant with excellent service.

  • Flora F.

    I'm sorry to give this restaurant a low score because the staff were so friendly, chatting and bringing out a complimentary appetizer*, but the food just wasn't good. The summer rolls were loaded with lettuce and showed no signs of shrimp. My friend's pad thai tasted funny and had the pink tinge of ketchup. My tofu green curry was loaded with thick chunks of undercooked vegetables, and I couldn't taste any seasonings in it--no fish or soy sauce, no hot pepper, or any of the other flavors I usually associate with green curry, just coconut milk. Maybe I just chose the wrong dishes--the drunken noodles seem to be popular--but I don't think I'd give this place another chance. *even if it was a soup of clear broth, chopped lettuce and/or cabbage, and carrot shavings, on a hot day when the AC wasn't working

  • Adam L.

    I've only had pu-pu platters and drunken noodles from this place, but I know that those are good! I mean, not amazing, but definitely better than some other Chinese places in town. A Chinese foreign exchange student I knew swore by their food, so I guess that's good, right?

  • Richard C.

    My wife an I have eaten at this restaurant since it opened it was a weekly stop for a while. Original owners were fantastic people and the food was really good up until the last few months before the sale. We were ready to write it off due to the down turn in food quality. We did not know it was being sold. We came back after the sale and actually found the food was better than ever. Most recently we brought a couple with us that one had never had Thai food and the other had never been to AC. They both loved it, some comments included best fried Rangoon he had ever had, and the entrees were delicious. My meal was excellent as always and my wife who always orders Drunken noodle at every Thai place we visit always compares it to her favorite at AC. Couple of tips the spicey ratings are a bit milder than typical Thai. Also don't trust the owner when she says it's just a little hot! :)

  • Joyce B.

    I am sorry to say that this place has gone down hill since being sold a while back. You cannot depend on them to get your order straight. A month ago on my way home from work I called in an order for our Friday night dinner. Luckily I looked in the (stapled shut) bag before driving the 8+ miles home and discovered they had left out part of the order. Back I went into the restaurant to stand for fifteen minutes in the tiny waiting space by the front door while they prepared it. Today, after an exhausting day, I again called in an order from work to pick up on the way home. This time I didn't bother to tear open the bag to check it. My mistake. When I got home I found the "vegetarian" entree I had ordered was filled with chicken. Frustrated I gave them a call. I got an apology and an offer to back the cost of that entree off my credit card which I accepted. But, I was shocked that after I told them I now had nothing for dinner they didn't offer to drive me the correct meal out. Don't you think that a place that offers free delivery would do so? Well, screw up the order once and I figure it's an honest mistake. Screw it up two times in a row? That is just shoddy business. We won't be ordering from them again.

  • lillian M.

    Absolutely delightful! Really nice place, helpful service and really great food! Will definitely go back!

  • Melissa B.

    I don't understand why Yelp is restricting reviews on this place. It deserves every 5 star it gets. The staff are all super friendly and every time I come here the dining experience is pleasant, even when they're packed. Only once have I gotten something that was so-so (over-cooked squid ordered when they were busy) but otherwise the food has always been hot, fresh, and delicious. I drive out to Winslow JUST for their veggie soup when I'm sick (and yes, you can order a large size of it!). This is arguably the best Thai restaurant around.

  • William S.

    THey are always happy to make special orders (if you want something not on the menu, but within their ability to create), and the prices are very reasonable. STRAIGHT UP THE BOMB. EAT HERE.

  • Seth M.

    Asian Cafe is my favorite restaurant, and it's not even a close race. While I now live in Maryland, not a week goes by that I don't wish I could visit this restaurant. From the owner, Daniel, to his charming wife and two sons who are always smiling, the service is always excellent. The food is made with fresh ingredients that always blend together perfectly. I made it a mission to try as much of the menu as possible, and I never found a dish that I didn't love. For the adventurous: try Ok-dol bibimbab... for those that like the standards: the Pad thai and Drunken Noodle dishes are phenomenal. Attention is always paid to the presentation of the food which just adds to the enjoyment. Ask Daniel to show you how he carves flowers out of the carrots, and he'll gladly show you. Ask him to perform a magic trick for families or those on dates, and he's always more than happy to oblige. Bottom line: excellent food, attention to detail, great service, and an affordable price. If you stop in, tell him Seth says 'Hi!'

  • Claire C.

    Currently I live in Hawaii, a place known for asian food, but nothing compares to Asian Cafe for me! Anyone from the area can point you in the direction and give you food recommendations, this place is a local favorite. The food is amazing! It's a family run restaurant, they are so friendly and welcoming and the food is ALWAYS above par. Very fresh ingredients! I'm a huge fan of special ordering and they will definitely tailor the order to your request. Definitely an add for the MUST DO list! It's not a place to go for a drink, aside from the Thai coffee and iced teas, they do have a few Thai beers to choose from. They deliver too.

  • Jon M.

    This has to be the best Asian restaurant in the State! They use fresh ingredients and don't overcook their dishes. They also don't soak their food in grease and sauces. Everything I have had there has been excellent. They have amazing Sushi as well. You will not be disappointed. The owner and staff are the nicest people you will ever meet.

  • Sue H.

    We have just returned from an excellent dinner here! the staff was so friendly, the food plentiful, excellent and promptly served. We often don't have dessert but the coconut ice cream was worth the splurge.

  • Fatty F.

    Okay, so I've been to the Asian Cafe twice now. And recently on Sunday afternoon in a room of happy diners. As the name of this place suggests they have a wide selection of Asian food. You know like Thai and regular old Chinese stuff and a lot more. And did I mention they have Dr. Pepper! No MSG is what they say and all the food I've had is just yummy. The food I saw other people eating looked just as grooven too. Daniel is the owner and if your in there with someone he knows, he will stop by your table and be charming. He might do a magic trick for you (seriously). Any how. Go there its lovelier than a lovely fest my lovelies.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Dogs Allowed : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Asian Cafe

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