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Visit below restaurant in Biddeford for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Biddeford for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Nicole H.

    We found Que Huong on yelp while on vacation in Saco. We love Vietnamese food so we had certain expectations and this place is AWESOME! The pho is the best I've ever had, the spring rolls were so fresh, and my husband and father in law absolutely loves the fried noodle. It's family owned which is always so sweet. They accommodated our group of 5 adults and 2 babies with ease. I wanted to go back so much before we headed home but we ate there on our last night. Now I can only dream about it!

  • Malin N.

    Love love love it here amazing I feel right at home since moving from Boston. I never thought a red neck town like Biddeford would have some class but it does, the owner is so kind and fantastic and warm and welcoming. Her mother and daughter run the tiny restaurant but it's fantastic, amazing pho, mei kantang and bahn xeo. Taste like homemade food like my mom use to make so worth your time to sit down and eat and get away ::) from "Americanized" Asian cuisine around the area. So worth the money the quality is to notch!

  • Brian G.

    I admit to not knowing much about Vietnamese cuisine, but I've had a few very enjoyable meals here to date. What I like about Vietnamese food, at least what I've had here, is that it feels a little lighter on the stomach than Thai or Chinese, and is not greasy in the least. I had to try the Pho on my first visit, and I wasn't disappointed. I got it for takeout, and I like how they package everything separate for the customer to mix at home. everything was flavorful and generously portioned. I had a vermicelli dish on my second visit and I liked that even more - very fresh and tasty vegetables stand out in memory. The appetizers have also been delicious, particularly the shrimp shumai. They have a nice clean dining room. The location is on the main strip through town, before you get to the mills and the active downtown area coming from the direction of Saco. It's not the best position as the surrounding businesses are uninteresting/sketchy/abandoned, so it's easy to drive right on by. Don't. It's worth a stop.

  • Jeremy B.

    Unexpectedly good Vietnamese food! We're in maine all summer and this is looking to become a twice-a-week dinner spot. Authentic, fresh, spiced subtly and served in generous helpings -- with a smile!

  • Don W.

    I've liked Que Huong for years and I'm updating this review because I now live close to restaurant and I've had a chance to try a few other things. I like them a lot. It's not quite up to Xinh Xinh in Boston or Pho 88 in Lowell, but it's good enough that I keep going back and I'm always looking forward to my next visit. This restaurant is in downtown Biddeford, which seems to be going through some kind of renaissance. The huge complex of mill buildings across the street from Que Huong is coming back to life and there are several places in town where you can listen to live music in a really cool atmosphere. Coffee shops, cafes, and art galleries are opening up all over the place and it's really amazing. So drop by Que Huong for a bowl or plate of something delicious and then wander up to The Oak and The Ax to hear some music and have a drink.

  • Lauren B.

    My parents are not very adventurous eaters, and they come here every chance they get, that should say something! Home-cooked deliciousness is a good way to describe the food. A really great find in Biddeford. The atmosphere is not the best for a fancy date, but if your primary concern is excellent food and supporting a unique local business, you've come to the right place.

  • John L.

    I'm confused by the few poor ratings on here. Years ago, I was introduced to Pho in Boston (in a restaurant repeatedly voted "The Best of Boston" and now my wife, son, and I try Pho Ga everywhere I travel for comparison and to (hopefully) enjoy the different recipes. With that being said we LOVE heading to Que Huong, the food is reliably excellent, and I can only compare the treatment by the owners as feeling the same as when I used to come home from school. If there was a perfect summary to the satisfaction; my son and I frequently marvel that when we place our orders our expectations are sky high. Yet, when the meal is served, it is still somehow even better than we remembered. Love this place, and if there were six stars I'd use them all!

  • Katie P.

    I was very impressed with this place, great services, good food and the Pho I was just what we were looking for. The view is terrible, but who cares! I just moved to the area and Que Huong gives me hope that there is great food to be found here... They also give you a pile of fun asian candy when your done!

  • Heather G.

    I have been meaning to try this place for awhile and finally convinced my mom to go with me this weekend. The menu isn't as extensive as I am used to from the Vietnamese restaurants in Boston, but all the ol' staples are there, with a few Bun choices and a couple Pho options. The portions were also a bit smaller and prices higher than in Chinatown, but for a Vietnamese place in Biddeford, ME, the food is actually very authentic and very tasty. The pho was light and, on request, they made me a veggie/tofu pho option that was not on the menu. My mom had the spring roll vermicelli which was small but very good. The fish sauce was not fishy (always a positive) but it did have a nice spicy kick to it. We also had an order of spring rolls with chicken and shrimp, which were very light and fresh. For those non-adventurous eaters, Vietnamese is very unintrusively flavored and not weird at all. The one complaint is that they did not have a hot-and-sour-soup on the menu, as Vietnamese hot and sour is one of my favorite menu items. I will go back next time I am in Maine, and it is DEFINITELY worth a visit. Please support this business, as it would be a shame to let them go under!

  • Allison J.

    Like one of the other reviewers, I had passed this place several times and kept meaning to give it a try, but it took me a while to actually stop in. Boy, am I glad I did! Biddeford isn't a place known for it's ethnic food offerings (or much of anything, really), but a growing immigrant community has resulted in a slow but steady increase in the dining options available. Biddeford now boasts an Indian restaurant, several Chinese places, Thai, sushi and Mexican and now Que Huong, for people craving Vietnamese. I've been twice in the last two days, once on my own and again with a friend who had never tried Vietnamese food before. I had the pho both times and found it rich, flavorful and filling. The owners do the cooking and waiting themselves (it's a very small place) and were very friendly and attentive. On my second visit, I had the fresh spring rolls- I don't eat shrimp and so left those aside, and one of the owners told me to tell them whatever I wanted in it next time, and they'd be happy to make it. Very accommodating, and the prices were quite reasonable, I thought. I also have to recommend the ca phe sua da. I had never tried this Vietnamese coffe before, but it was so good that I immediately went out and bought coffee, condensed milk and a Vietnamese coffee filter so I could make it at home! My friend, not am adventurous eater at all, enjoyed both the meal and the coffee and wants to go back. Vietnamese food, particularly pho, is a bit do-it-yourself in terms of spices and condiments, so newcomers can be as adventurous or cautious as they want. Que Huong is a great addition to Biddeford's dining options, and I hope they have a long and successful future!

  • Lana H.

    Did not like the Pho at all... Overcoked noodle and the broth was not good at all. I think I can make better Pho than this when I have the time.

  • Samantha L.

    I am confused by the other reviews. I'm not sure if they've never had amazing pho before. But this is not the place to go if you'd had great Viet food before and want to relive the experience. I've eaten Vietnamese food in NY, Boston, and homemade... this place was not only a let down, some of the food was hard to even eat. The ladies were very sweet so I thought I'd give it a try, but $15 could have gone to a nice bottle of wine or something. I ordered the medium beef pho (#20 I think). All you could taste in this broth were the star anise which made me think, okay maybe this pho will be decent because they were serving it with the typical beansprouts, basil, lime, all the necessities in a good bowl of pho. Then I got to the noodles. You could instantly tell from the first bite that the noodles were NOT freshly cooked. But instead REHEATED and no less in the microwave presumably (I saw them utilize the microwave 4 times in the 20 minutes I was there...). The noodles were MUSHY. I got to the point where I almost wanted to gag because of the texture of the mushy noodles. The other dish ordered was... #15? It was the rice noodle combo of the fried spring roll and "grilled pork." I say "grilled" because I heard no sizzle of the grilling while waiting for my food. The pork was forgettable, no grill marks, or taste of any kind of caramelization. Again, the rice noodles used in this dish was obviously reheated because again, texture was an issue and the noodles were simply TOO wet which watered down the entire meal. The fried spring roll was not very crispy or a golden brown but at least there were the standard glass noodles, carrot, and pork in it. I can say the food is authentic, but just not good.

  • Debrin S.

    Authentic surprising little gem! Run by the females in this family & serving tasty Vietnamese food. Solid menu. Great sauces - particularly the chunkier hot fish paste. Variety of Pho - seafood, beef & pork all accompinied buy fresh basil, cilantro, lime wedges & bean sprouts.Not as many veggie or tofu options Loved the cold shredded chicken cabbage salad w cilantro & a limey fish sauce dressing. Good portions. Shumi & dumplings were tasty too. Also, they serve fruit smoothies - even Dorian fruit- which if you can stand the smell & go straight to the taste then it was excellent! Tiny interior. Well kept. Serves beer too.

  • Julianna H.

    This is the best pho I've ever had, hands down. Bowls of pho are always accompanied by heaping plates of bean sprouts, lime, cilantro and basil. I get tofu/veggie pho (not listed on the menu) and it's pretty magnificent. For not having meat, I am always so satisfied with how flavorful their broth is. Just add some sriacha from the assortment of sauces on each table (regular sriacha, chili-garlic sriacha, soy sauce, hoisin, etc) and it's pretty magnificent. Their fried spring rolls are also the best I've ever had. I don't know what they do to make their spring rolls so much better than any other spring roll. If it were socially acceptable, I would be tempted to just get 3 orders of them for my entire meal. The interior is nothing fancy, but I really like that. I like when the kitchen can speak for itself and have amazing food without a frilly, fancy dining room. Plus, it's very clean and the women that run it are very sweet. A+

  • Alan P.

    I've lived in a lot of places in the world being a military brat and then enlisting in the US Army myself after HS. In all the places I've lived Biddeford, Maine has absolutely the best Pho in the world. I would have to state that going into Que Huong "Native Village" is just like walking into a Vietnamese village and having one of the elders cook you some soup! Seattle had the largest variety of Pho restaurants, A place in Portland, Maine has more Pho variety but Que Huong is the best tasting around! I turned my girlfriend on to it and it was an immediate hit with her as well!!! Thank you Que Huong for being a great Pho restaurant!!!

  • Robert T.

    Que Huong is my favorite place to go for lunch or dinner in the area. The owner is incredibly polite and accommodating. The Pho is good, as are the vermicelli dishes and the bahn xeo. I start every meal off with spring rolls and a lychee drink. Typically an appetizer, 2 drinks, and an entree cost me about 15 dollars, before tipping. You can usually faintly hear Vietnamese music coming from the kitchen, otherwise, it's quiet.

  • John M.

    While staying in Ogunquit, my friend and I had a craving... Pho. Being that it was cool and rainy, we decided that Pho was the way to go. Now the question remains... do we head all the way into Portland, or go somewhere closer?? The choice was a great one! The large Pho is LARGE!!!! Very filling, very tasty, and the staff nothing short of exceptional. This is a very small restaurant (maybe seats 20) but it is just soooo darn quaint! Im looking forward to returning to Ogunquit for Christmas by the Sea, and when I do, I will once again be indulging in their Pho.


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Opening Hours

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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Que Huong

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