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Visit below restaurant in Biddeford for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Biddeford for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Lysanne M.

    Great find! This is diner food is kicked up...they've got it down to an art! Anthony Bourdain kinda place!

  • P. And B. J.

    They just lost my business over $0.90. Want to know why, then read on. It's 2015 - take debt/credit. I had to leave my family there awkwardly while I went to the nearest ATM which charges $3.50 since I don't bank there. Nope so I then had to travel and find a credit union blocks away. It's not like the food is cheap it's $15 for a quarter cup of potatoes two eggs sausage and some sand dollar pancakes. As a new local I would love to support but will never spend another $0.01. Rant done.

  • Justin B.

    Breakfast is the price of dinner.

  • Kate M.

    This place is tiny but totally worth the wait! If you don't get the grapefruit that is torched for a creme brûlée type top you will seriously regret it! We were in heaven! The breakfast potatoes rank up there as well! The best corn beef hash my husband ever ate!!

  • Ari D.

    If Willie Mae herself could make her way up from Treme to Biddeford to try the fried chicken these geniuses are cooking, she would cry due to its shear beauty! The best fried chicken, corn beef hash, tuna melt, and service in the universe.

  • Gordon M.

    A+ Best in show. Get the burger, eat all the fries.

  • Bill M.

    So darn good, yet keeps getting better!! As noted I love,love, love their corned beef hash! However, I recently branched out to try there double cheese burger, the Palace Royale and it was a life-altering experience. So tall and awe inspiring, I at first wondered how I would take a bite! Fortunately the thoughtfull owners choose a substantiate roll that can withstand a strong grip yet still be delicious. Oh that first bite! Crisp shredded lettuce warm still melting cheese and rich local beef. Slightly salty with a bit ofcrusty crunch, the flavor just leaps into your mouth like no other burger I have ever tried! So satisfying yet so big that despite my best efforts I was unable to finish this masterpiece. Leaving behind my final bite as well as tears of joy. Ps. The tuna sandwich is one of a kind! Served on Challa!!

  • Michael G.

    Wow wow wow! Oh, man. I took so many photos! First, let me say that this is the first time in a long time that I've given 5 stars right off the bat. This place has everything a 5 star diner needs: 1) It's a complete surprise. 2) The blueberry muffins are the absolute best I think I've ever had. 3) They make everything from scratch!! 4) The owner is fantastic. 5) It's family owned and operated. My meal: - do I have to mention the muffins again? - the "Southern Benedict" may be ugly (the gravy was a bit broken), but DUDE was it tasty. - great omelet my first trip. - homefries were great. Try 'em with the Louisiana Gold sauce. Oh, boy. - Carla loved her breakfast sandwich. Just take my word for it, plan a trip to Maine to visit the Palace Diner in Biddeford. You'll thank me.

  • Amybeth H.

    Excellent, always. Thank you. Amybeth Hurst, Portland

  • Robert T.

    My previous review was for the previous owners. The new people have a different energy altogether, and have changed the menu. It's been simplified and the prices have gone up. I've enjoyed both of the times I've been there under the new ownership, but they still had some of the consistency issues that come with being a new business.

  • Mike M.

    Excellent find in Biddeford. Interesting bits of history as the "oldest diner in Maine". The service was friendly and knowledgeable and the food was great. I ordered the Eggs Irish. The homemade corned beef hash was delicious. They use high quality ingredients and it shows. If you are in the Biddeford area and looking for a go-to breakfast spot, I would put the Palace Diner at the top of your list.

  • Ashley S.

    This. Place. Is. GLORIOUS. I can't even begin to tell you how perfect everything was. Very friendly service and my Irish Benedict was so drop dead delicious I'm tearing up right now due to the fact I know I won't be able to be graced with something so delicious in the morning until the next time I'm vacationing up in Maine. I have never had breakfast nearly that tasty. Seriously. Holy cow! Bless this place!

  • Steven E.

    On the way to Portland from Kennebunkport, hungry for breakfast, Yelp directed us to this gem. To our surprise the Palace Diner is in an actual train car. It has about 15 seats inside. At first glance the menu is pricey, but I considered it this way, if I wanted to eat in a historic train car, that alone is worth a few bucks per person just for admission. The actual food was standard diner fare elevated by using the highest quality ingredients. Run by a bunch efficient hipsters it had an extremely authentic quality and we got a glimpse of what it was like to eat in a diner decades ago. Coffee was provided by Tandem Roasters and my Fiancé and I felt it was perhaps the best cup of Joe we had tasted in recent memory. After a trip horrendous coffee we were very pleased. Thank you Yelpers for putting this place on the map for us. Notes: you may have to wait for a seat, this is not a place for a large group, only cash.

  • Karen J.

    The food is good but the new owners have recently jacked the prices up quite a bit and it is just not worth it.

  • Alise K.

    Very small diner with a small menu and a big presence. Counter seating only, and if I had to guess, about 13 seats+~ loved the music. It's seems to have a younger, hipper diner vibe. I had the palace royal. Double cheeseburger. Comes loaded (including mayo) and also comes with fries. They had two specials on the board. Fried pork chop and an omelette special. We heard they have fried chicken some days as a special. Hope to be back for that. We saw the grilled tuna sandwich. Looks good and huge!

  • Jeremy H.

    I was up in Biddeford for business this past week and my clients suggested the Palace Diner, as I'm a big fan of old school greasy spoons. The place is so amazing! Small, but cozy. Cute vintage decor, great tunes on the stereo. Super nice staff (Sarah was my waitress and was a pleasure to talk to....she gave me some great advice on what to see in Portland), and the food was superb!! Granted, I only had the bacon, egg and cheese deluxe sandwich, with home fries, but I can honestly say it was THE BEST @#$%&*!! EGG SAMMIE I'VE EVER HAD!! And the home fries....a little salty, but crisped to perfection! I wish I could have hitched this place to my truck and dragged it back to Brooklyn, but nope. It's better where it is. I'll definitely make a return visit sometime soon, though.

  • Sarah H.

    All of these great reviews about the breakfast at the Palace Diner are true! I like just about everything about this place, except that I have to drive from Portland to Biddeford to get there (and I have to remember to stop at an ATM to get cash)! They serve Tandem Coffee Roasters coffee (and you can get it with Allen's and cream), which is excellent. I had the pancakes, my wife had the corned beef hash and we shared the Palace Potatoes (get these, you won't regret it), and our friend had the caramelized grapefruit and 2 eggs with breakfast sausage. It was all really great.

  • Liam L.

    I had very high expectations going in and was quite disappointed. I ordered the Lumberjack Breakfast -5 pancakes, 2 eggs, ham and potatoes. Unfortunately they were out of pancake mix so I substituted for a single piece of French Toast. Boy was that a mistake. The french toast was burnt, greasy and soaked in butter. The eggs which I had scrambled lacked flavor. The potatoes were decent but a bit greasy and salty for my taste. Finally I got to the ham which was delectable. Overall not an enjoyable experience. To top it off my bill came to $19.75! I will not be heading back any time soon unless it's exclusively for the ham.

  • Susan H.

    Excellent food, wonderful ambience. However because your one waitress was overwhelmed, she was unfriendly, discourteous, and inattentive to several customers. In this tiny diner car, she is the face of the restaurant.

  • Inessa L.

    This place is really worth driving out of the way to find. Beautiful and quaint atmosphere inside a old time cafe car. The food is what you would recognize but with a creative modern flare that you would expect in a new up-incoming place in Brooklyn, not in a small town in Maine. Thoughtful and creative flavor combinations. The french toast was the best I've ever tasted -- light dough and caramelized top.

  • Jim B.

    I was told that the Palace Diner is the oldest diner of its type in Maine. 86 years and counting! The new owners, Chad and Greg, were looking for a place to open a restaurant and when the Palace came along, they bit and have definitely been on the food radar south of Portland. Since I was going to be buzzing around Biddeford for the afternoon doing some research, I thought, I'll start my downtown tour at the Palace. So glad I did! This is a counter-only establishment. The word is that sometimes you can't get a stool if it's busy. Luckily for me, I was post-lunch crowd and there were several seats waiting. I opted for the trad cheeseburger and fries platter, for $9 bucks. That's what a burger should be, containing locally-sourced beef (from Farmer's Gate in Wales, ME). The mayo, finely shredded lettuce, with cheddar cheese and a sesame seed roll were el perfecto. While the fries aren't hand-cut, one of the few items that aren't prepped in-house, they do come from local purveyor, Native Maine, and they are the skinny fries, ala McDonald's. This isn't a complaint, but a compliment; they were perfectly deep-fried and salted so that they tasted like the iconic chain's french fries, which in my book, is a plus. The service here is attentive and personal. The owners both were onsite and spend time coming out from the small kitchen and chatting up the clientele. They also answer the questions of inquiring minds like mine, wanting to know all the details. Loved this diner, the food, and the other diners were friendly, too. If you haven't been to the recently revitalized downtown Biddeford, you need to plan a visit and when you do, be sure it's between 8 and 2 (the hours of the Palace Diner). Oh, and bring cash--they don't accept plastic.

  • Jessica F.

    Cool unique diner in a trolley car! We went on a Tuesday for breakfast and there was no wait at all. The flapjacks were incredible- very fluffy with a tinge of lemon flavor. The omelette du jour (zucchini, ham, peppers) did not disappoint either!

  • Clint B.

    Damn, what an experience. I somehow ended up in the slums of Biddeford, but if I've learned anything about hanging around the south side of Chicago (which is way worse than Biddeford, for the record), shady areas have some damn good hidden gems. This place is a legit diner. It's a small trolley with literally one row of seating. The place can probably hold like 20 people max. The trade off to a small establishment is amazing service. I was treated like a king before I even sat down to eat. I was offered a to go coffee to have while waiting for a seat, which only took 10 minutes. The menu is small, but everything looked amazing. The breakfast dish I had was perfect. Absolutely delicious. Nothing bad to say. And that service...I got refills like every 4 minutes. It was awesome. If you want amazing breakfast in Biddeford, go here. Even if you have to wait, it's worth it.

  • Julie H.

    Finally got to try this much loved diner. We ate breakfast there and it was one of the best ever. I don't see us going back too often because I feel the cost was just outrageous. Two of us had 2 eggs, home -fries, toast and bacon (only thing we didn't care for...bacon was under-cooked and rubbery) the bill came to just over $30 Way too much to spend on breakfast. The eggs and homefries were perfectly cooked however.

  • Caroline C.

    We decided to get a heads up on traffic and leave Portland early and grab breakfast on the way. We somehow found Palace Diner on Yelp (not knowing it was just a street car). We passed it as it was slightly hidden from plain view and were a bit shocked at what we were seeing. We gave it a chance anyway! It is bar seating only.. fitting about 20 people MAX. The wait was maybe 15 minutes and there are side tables that you can wait at. The food is good from the eggs, french toast (omg Yummy!), corned beef, toast (with raspberry jam). They had a fried chicken sandwich that day which one of us got it was pretty darn good!! Prices are very reasonable and the waitress is super friendly. Service is prompt (as you would expect since there are only 20 diners). Cash only is noted before you enter. Delicious!! Glad we stumbled here.. even if it was by accident! I think it may also be the first diner in Maine. #funfact

  • Amanda R.

    An old fashioned diner under new ownership with great food. To be honest, I've never been to a diner before and I was impressed by this one. I had the corned beef and hash which was so tasty and filled me right up. They don't skimp out on the portion size which is always a good sign at any restaurant. Aside from breakfast, they have donuts, banana bread, and more goodies. My only problem is that it's a tad bit expensive! If the prices were 1-2$ cheaper, it would be great, but maybe it's because of new ownership. However, it's worth having breakfast in this boxcar diner.

  • Brett F.

    A show brought me to Biddeford for the first time. Palace Diner has been receiving rave reviews (including the Press Herald) and recently started dinner service from 5:30-9:00 on Friday and Saturday nights. I couldn't resist. So this review is for dinner only. None of my qualms apply to brunch and I'd love to venture back for that. Palace Diner is a true dining car. Off a side street on Main Street, this is no frills, bar seating only. There are 12-15 seats at the counter, and that's it. At 5:40 we were two of four customers. By 6:30 every seat was full. The dinner menu is comprised of a few apps, three entrees and one dessert. There are three beers, three glass of wine options and one cocktail. Prices are high. Like Old Port high. An appetizer of four fried balls of ham and jalapeño ($7) were tasty but unremarkable. The entree options were a chicken ($24), a clam dish ($17) and the burger and fries ($14). We opted to split the burger and fries, which amazingly (in a good way) comes medium rare by default. And a true medium rare it was, perhaps not for the faint of heart. I'd guess it was 1/3 of a pound, and it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. But $14 for a burger and fries in an old dining cart in Biddeford??? That's just madness to me and I would not go out of my way for dinner here. The dessert, which was essentially strawberry slices with cream and graham cracker sprinkles was light and fine. The gin fizz cocktail ($9) was decent, but paled in comparison to the excellent (and excellently strong) margarita at Bebe's Burrito, down the street, before. A peek at the brunch menu showed far more promise. Many more options at a fraction of the price. I could imagine this as a worthy trip for breakfast, but unless fate happens to take you to Biddeford, there are better dinner options.

  • Damien S.

    The classic boxcar is reborn (as of two months ago) and they're still killing it, breakfast style. Don W, you've dug up something amazing! Can't speak to old ownership, but new management carries the tradition of supremely friendly customer service, and spikes the menu with modern takes on classic diner fare. Specials featured a Taylor pork roll omelet (the Jersey boy in our gaggle lost his mind) and a dense, rightly sweet vanilla bean glazed donut ($2). The Hash and Eggs ($12.50) is straight meat and potatoes, gilled separately and plated with the mix of a middle school dance (read: not at all). But oh my, is that corned beef tender! English is run of the mill; the pickle ain't - house brined? The non-standard English holds the other eye-catching plate on the menu: the bacon, egg and cheese deluxe. A shade under nine bucks may sound hefty for a breakfast sandwich, but this baby is on a sandwich-sized English and is loaded with baked eggs, bacon, cheese and jalapeños, plus potatoes on the side. Our competitive eater couldn't finish half. What a baby. Blunch menu served all day, and they just announced a limited dinner menu Fridays and Saturdays only. Credit cards (oddly) only accepted during dinner. If Biddeford finds itself on a road trip route, I will make it a point to come back. Like, tomorrow. Amazing food, amazing people and with less than a dozen spots at the counter, it's only a matter of time til you'll never find a seat.

  • Sarah M.

    A diner as a diner should be: a tiny boxcar with about twenty counter seats and a bathroom that you have to go outside to access. Phenomenally friendly and knowledgeable service (and the waitress had only been working there two weeks!) KILLER pancakes. I'm telling you, they were the fluffiest, most delectable pancakes I've had in a long time...maybe ever?...perhaps made so over-the-top phenomenal by their tiny hint of lemon zest flavor. Apparently this place came under new management earlier this year, and though I can't speak for the diner's old iteration, I have a feeling not much has changed. Props to the new owners for not bougify-ing this place like the beloved Rosebud here in Somerville, Mass. Pro-tip: bring cash! They don't accept cards, at least at lunchtime, and there is no ATM on-site.

  • J C.

    Diner-licious . Great breakfast. Grilled Banana Bread and the fried red potato are must try.

  • Jake and Sharon M.

    I had not had the opportunity to check out the Palace since the new ownership took over. I had the omelet d'jour which was served up with greasy potatoes and toast. The cost was double what other diners charge. I would not have been disappointed had it not been for all the hype in the media. Won't be going back soon.

  • Ashley T.

    Yummy. Some of the best breakfast food I've had in portland. If you come here get the bacon egg sandwhich. I love how they put jalapeños in with the cheese. Also they serve tandem coffee with free refills. Can't get better than that. In addition, their breakfast potatoes are banging. Yep, banging. It was cold out so we squeezed in the cart for a good 40 mins so if you are inpatient and like to be that person who feels like they are the only one waiting don't waste your time coming on a weekend. Try the diner during the weekday or get there early. The music was great too. Our waitress was really nice, I didn't know. How she did it. I wish I remember her name because she did a great job.

  • Brandon A.

    Flat out, this place is amazing. I swear by it any time somebody asks me where to get a good brunch in the Saco/Biddo area. The words can explain how good it is. No matter what you get, it's guaranteed to be unreal. If you're getting a breakfast entree, you HAVE to get the palace potatoes. Just do it like Nike son. Banana bread? Just stop it. I've never had better. The bacon, egg and cheese deluxe?! Too. F*cking. Good. I could list off everything on the menu but you get the point. Make sure you come with an empty stomach because you'll be leaving in a food coma. The staff is dope, great people, the prices are great and yeah this place is just off the chain.

  • Mike B.

    The food was good. The old car was cool, yet the prices were way too much for the location, the style of restaurant, the amount of choices and the facilities. $54 bill for a diner and you don't have ice cubes?

  • Ami M.

    First time in since the new owners. There is really something to be said about owners who work all parts of a restaurant you can feel the love and energy as you walkin.... Unfortunately they are gone :( We were told by the server it's now owned by two guy friends, one was cooking today other one off for the day. The food was good, the palace potatoes were really good. The service was a bit to be desired, when I asked about juice she told OJ and I asked if there where any other choice she told me all drinks are on the menu. Oh well OK! I think she tried to joke with some young men down the counter from us, but with her old Victorian style behavior she didn't seem funny she seemed as a matter of fact. Very short ,not friendly. The food is great but don't expect to be wowed but the service. The energy is gone.

  • Eva S.

    In town for literally one day....skip the free hotel is tiny. Gps almost missed it. Counter seating only. Had their ham cheese scallion omelet....perfection. marble rye my dad rants about the likes of which I never get in NY. So worth it. If I'm ever up here I will definitely make it a point to come back here.

  • Abigail C.

    Palace Diner is divine! The owners are both amazing chefs who put an upscale twist on diner classics. Service is always super friendly and efficient as well, and you can't get more quaint than a historic diner car. Breakfast: I'm sure everything is amazing, but I always get the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Deluxe, which is incredibly filling, perfectly spicy with jalapenos, and comes with a side of the impossibly perfect Palace Potatoes. Lunch: If you like burgers, and you see the Palais Royale on the menu, order it. Do not ask questions, just do it. It's a huge double cheeseburger, the top of their buns are packed with sesame seeds, the patties themselves are pressed perfectly so it's not completely unwieldy, and it comes with tasty french fries. If it isn't on the menu, their regular burger is marvelous as well. I've also had bites of the tuna melt, which was delicious even though I'm not a huge tuna fan. The coffee is Tandem, $2.50 for a mug with free refills, which is amazing. Just remember to get cash, though there is an ATM a block away on Main Street. There can obviously be a wait at times, since there are only 15 seats, but it's well worth it.

  • Ray P.

    Delicious, delicious, delicious!!! And the fact they offer a side of fried chicken at 8am made my day. The best fried chicken I've ever had. If you haven't been you're missing out. Go out of your way to go, it's well worth it... Oh yeah did I mention they serve Tandem Coffee.

  • Derek H.

    The food was delicious! I had an omelet with potatoes, and a slice of French toast, and could not have liked them more. The potatoes were flavorful and crispy, and the French toast was so good on its own I did not use any syrup. It was fun to sit at the counter and enjoy the old time feel.

  • Hillary S.

    By far the best breakfast in all of southern Maine. The staff are all super friendly. I hadn't been there in a year and they remembered me. They make everything from scratch. I always have an internal struggle between the pancakes, the southern benedict, and the Irish benedict.

  • Don W.

    They're back. The Palace Diner is now open again for breakfast and lunch, and they're going to try doing dinners soon. The food is delicious, the hash and eggs are as good as ever, but at $12 it's expensive. The closest thing to a problem with my meal there was that one of my overeasy eggs was a little too well cooked, but that's it. I love this place. The new owners took their time about re-opening, thought it through, and have done a great job in getting one of Biddeford's crown jewels going again. Seriously, don't miss the Palace Diner when you're visiting the area. There are only maybe 12 or 15 stools at the counter so try to time your visit so you don't get there at the same time as everyone else. Quick edit (4/21/14): They've opened for dinner of Friday and Saturday nights and they don't take reservations. I haven't tried their dinner but it looks interesting, just remember that all of the stools face the counter so four people might have trouble conversing. Quick edit (12/27/14): The dinner thing didn't seem to work out but breakfasts are awesome. Today's potatoes were a little too salty but I look forward to going to the Palace Diner.

  • Paula B.

    Fun friendly cool little diner.. Food was very good! Not really the best place for kids as there is only bar seating but really fun place. Lots of locals. You want the local experience this is it! You won't get the cheap prices so be prepared to pay more than regular diner prices, but totally worth it. We needed to wait to be seated as there are only about 17 seats but if u aren't in a hurry its AOk!

  • Violette B.

    Thank god there are still restaurants where people know what they are doing and actually serve quality delicious food like this. I got their breakfast sandwich with baked eggs, bacon, cheese, and jalapenos on an English muffin, it was the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. We also ordered the lumberjack breakfast and upgraded it with fried chicken, best decision ever. The pancakes were so fluffy and had a hint of lemon, the fried chicken had a great coating, eggs cooked perfectly, and potatoes are seasoned and crispy! We were so full after but didn't feel gross because everything was real and fresh. I would literally drive hours just to get here and it's worth it. Pictures just can't do all this flavor justice. And a warning that you will be forever spoiled because every diner you go to after this will be a disappointment.

  • Nate Y.

    A traditional boxcar diner, it has been two months under new management at the time of my visit. I had breakfast, but they also serve lunch, and just added dinner on two nights. I ordered the french toast made Challah bread and a side of thick cut bacon.They provide real Maine syrup. All delicious. Pricing was a little high, but to me this was fine for two reasons (1) the service was the friendliest and most courteous I've experienced and witnessed. This is not only with customers, but with each other. (2) the music was great playing old time blues and soul. I could have stayed there all day.

  • Ellie B.

    This place was EXCELLENT! Everything we ordered was delicious. It's refreshing to go to a place where they do justice to serving delicious quality food, not to mention one of the owners spoke with us and was extremely nice. The tuna melt and French toast where the bomb. Next time we are going to try the burger!

  • Brian S.

    The oldest of the old The Palace Diner calls itself the oldest diner in Maine. Not sure if that is true and I bet they are other places that claim that honor. Whether or not it really is the oldest or not, it was started back in 1928 so it definitely is old. Not doubt that this is old school. Really old school in fact. It looks really cool from the outside and just oozes history and ambiance. Once you walk in the door you are indeed transported back in time. All kinds of cool old things are hanging on the walls and they even sell crummy T-shirts and other souvenir thingies. Just being inside this place is such a cool experience. The food is basic but quite good. I imagine the menu hasn't changed much over the decades and really hasn't need to. Just really good omelets, pancakes and of course some fantastic Maine blueberry muffins. The employees here were great, very talkative but in a non intrusive way. I have the feeling they love working in such a cool old diner and appreciate the history. Even if the food wasn't that great this diner would still get five stars from me. Such a cool place, it is a true part of Maine's history.

  • Chris R.

    UPDATE - Closed Sadly, Elvis has left the building, and the Palace is closed as of Sept.1, 2013. Tantalizing hints of alternative proprietorship have been dropped, so watch this space for a new review should the Phoenix arise from the ashes. Till then, adieu to my beloved Ragin' Cajun :(

  • Debrin S.

    Old school setting. Makes you nostalgic (even if you werent even born yet) for 1920s. Tiny inside stool/bar set up only. Very best breakfast around this area & then some. Great menu. Everything we had tasted as good as the menu described it. Personal service, well aquatinted w the details of ingredients & preperations. The Maine blueberry muffins are insane! Moist, big, full of tangy sweet blueberries. Red potato hash browns were a bit salty but nicely seasoned & fried crisp. I loved the fluffy Mexican omelet w the side of chunky avacodo, cilantro & olive oil, salsa & sour cream. A favorite of our group was the poutine w cheese curds & sausage (incert shocked face). Excellent homemade Hollandais sauce. Good portions. Bottomless cup of joe! Obscure flavored sodas. No rest rooms.

  • Sada N.

    My boyfriend and I were visiting from Portland, OR. We read about the Palace Diner in Down East Magazine. I had the corn beef hash which was solid (even if a little salty). My boyfriend had the deluxe breakfast sandwich which was delicious! He said it was the best breakfast sandwich he'd had in a long time. They serve Tandem Coffee which is really good. The owner was super friendly and told us about a great place in Portland for drinks, The Bearded Lady's Jewel Box, which we went to and really enjoyed. All in all a great breakfast experience. We'll be back for sure!

  • Aaron B.

    The Deluxe sandwich and potatoes is the most indulgent and perfectly executed breakfast possible. Their potatoes are baby reds, which they boil, cool, split, lightly smash and fry - perfectly. Dusted with kosher salt, they're the best combination of crunchy and salty and rich smoothness you can conjure from a root vegetable. Washed down with tandem roasters coffee, this place is crazy good. Kind of spendy for breakfast, but worth it. Hash is also massively satisfying. Don't go with more than two in a group - counter seating only.

  • Burl H.

    Terrific breakfast selections and great burgers make for a tasty breakfast or lunch stop. They have home made granola and glazed donuts! For the local foodies assuming they have to dine in Portland, try the Friday & Saturday dinners complete with a select cocktail of the evening. The griddled chicken is amazing! The menus are short so the quality is consistent and the diner atmosphere is intimate and friendly. The owners focus on local quality ingredients ensures even the simpler dinner menu selections like the marinated olives are delicious.

  • Samantha L.

    A little torn writing this. Cute place, the owners and operators are nice guys and they're super friendly. But- I ordered a breakfast sandwich to go not knowing the price. It cost me about $4 and change for an english muffin, egg ham and cheese. Yeah, they tossed in a few home fries that come with the order (maybe 8 small pieces of potatoes). But it just wasn't worth the $4 when there are so many other local shops down the street that make breakfast sandwiches for $2 and change and they're of the same size and quality. I mean if you want their other items, yeah I think the prices are pretty good, but just a breakfast sandwich in the Biddo area, $4 is too much to me.

  • Ross K.

    My favorite kind of restaurant. Small place run by a family that loves what they do. Excellent food, friendly service. Will definitely be back to try their breakfast if we come back to Maine. If we weren't leaving today I'd probably go back tomorrow. Loved it!

  • Lincoln T.

    This place just became my new go-to for a big breakfast and I'm looking forward to sampling the lunch options. I had the home-made hash which was awesome and the service team was extremely welcoming and helpful. Per the new owner, the eggs are local, they only use original butter, and the maple syrup is real. Bottom-less coffee as well. Highly recommend.

  • Kelly A.

    Yelp is gonna censor my review anyway, but maybe I can get a few minutes of prime time to get the word out. I have tasted the future of dining in Biddeford, and it is almost 100 years old!! That's right, the Palace Diner, built some time in the '20's (that's the 20th century, folks), has reopened, once again, just last week in the pulsating heart of Biddeford (Biddeford is the new Brooklyn??), and the two new hipster avatars running the 11-seat diner car are experts in the art of "food bending". I don't like to write restaurant reviews from single visits, but we were 5-mouths strong and basically ordered half the menu in one sitting while taking up half the diner for one half an hour. Let me put it this way: The best corned beef sandwich north of Manhattan, potentially. An omelette with pork belly and cheese filling and vast swaths of buttered wheat toast with impeccable Bratkartoffeln. A PBLT (PB = Pork Belly) to write home/mom/Yelp about. Cheeseburger and fries, homemade pickles, Borscht was not great but they served it at least, and the pie looked so good, but I don't care for vanilla custard. This restaurant is not going to find any problems thriving with cooking like this, so go grab a stool while you can. I cannot wait to try their corned beef hash, the croque-à-cheval, tuna melt, or the grilled cheese on rye, cuz I know they are all going to light up my senses with joy and hope for the underappreciated Biddo dining landscape.

  • Honey D.

    This place is unbelievably amazing. Visited in Early August. Owner was great at giving advice on area,history of diner and what to see and do in acadia (since we were on vacation there). Food, wow. My boyfriend had homemade corned beef-delish and I had the blueberry pancakes- which had yummy wild bluberries. Truly unforgettable.

  • Kaelan N.

    Oh.My .Gracious. This place was PHE-NOM-I-NAL! Since my family and I were just traveling through Maine, we saw this was a place to stop-so we did. I don't even know where to begin. Just the outside was perfect to start. Then you walk in to a quaint little Diner and a huge smile on Nick's face. Nick's family owns it...I believe he said they bought it two years ago and sort-of re-vamped the ordinary breakfast menu. Boy did they do it right! Nick was full of knowledge and great personality. At one point I think I even leaned over to my husband and said I'd like to be friends with him...could he come back to TX with us? The blueberry muffin was out of this world. I wish I had one now. I got the Southern Benedict and walked out ready to puke. That's how good it was. I kept eating it until I was completely miserable. All of us in our party were 500% satisfied and IN LOVE with the food (and Nick too). PLEASE do yourself a great favor and eat here. It deserves much publicity and success!

  • Len A.

    Love this place. Tiny hole in the wall with great omelets, texas toast and home fries. Seats about 20 people all bar stools.

  • Larry L.

    We are vacationing in Maine & used Yelp to assist us with locating a good breakfast eatery. The search revealed the Palace Diner with glowing review & tons of ambiance. We found the train car diner perched just off Main St on Franklin in Biddeford. Upon entering we received a friendly greeting from the staff as well as current diners. The 4 of us ordered two orders of blueberry pancakes - 1 w/bacon & 1 w/sausage, regular pancakes, & monkey bread french toast w/bacon. Everything is fresh & homemade. The coffee was truly excellent (New England brand coffee) as was the history lesson of the diner. The best pancakes we have ever had, hands down. The monkey french toast also received 5 stars. No skimping or corner cutting in this great food establishment, which is confirmed when the food arrives - portioning, taste, quality all received 5 stars. Palace Diner serves the best food in the world - 15 seats at a time...... It is, after all, a diner with limited seating. Truly a must stop in the Biddeford area.

  • Mike E.

    I have lived in the area and found out about this place just this morning and am glad I did. I got there a few minutes before they closed and was greeted warmly. I ordered the Irish Benedict and was completely blown away the homemade corned beef hash was amazing and the hollandaise sauce was great. The waiter was extremely friendly and the food came out fast. I just found my new breakfast spot and am very pleased.

  • Steve M.

    I ate at The Palace for the first time this morning. WOW! Great old time diner atmosphere and the food was perfect. I had the eggs benedict and left fully satisfied.... I will become a regular customer for sure.... Steve Miller

  • Jay P.

    Near perfect diner experience. Teensy place with twirly seats my kids lived. Charming proprietor. Irish Benedict was amazing. My wife loved her biscuits & gravy and the blueberry muffins (get em grilled) are not to be missed.

  • Howard B.

    We are local residents and have visited this fabulous, original 1927 dining car many times over many years. It has gone through a series of owners, but was always a reliable, very inexpensive place to get a good, traditional diner breakfast or lunch. When we read that new owners had taken over and were upgrading the menu, we were very excited. This is good for locals, and downtown Biddeford can use all the help it can get. Our first visit was over the July 4th weekend for breakfast. The car itself is worth 2 stars, the food was worth another two stars. This is only a two star review, however, for two reasons. The price was too high, for anywhere, let alone downtown Biddeford. Our bill for four, before tip, was $80. And then there was the waitress. She made us feel most unwelcome, gave poor service, borderline rude. We'll try dinner to complete our experience, but will first checkout the counter server to make sure it is someone else.

  • Monica L.

    This place is amazing, from the friendly greetings, to the service, delicious food, and prices!!!! I expect to become a regular!

  • Ronald D.

    The historic Palace Diner in Biddeford has reopened with Chef Chad Conley at the helm. My wife and I were huge fans of his cooking at Gather in Yarmouth, and now he is sailing his own ship. The Palace apparently opens officially in March, but they served breakfast today from 8-1. Chad is putting his unique spin on old breakfast favorites, but I opted for the Croque Madame which was the curveball in the standard diner repertoire. Holy cow, it was tasty! Basically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, Palace's version featured layers of thick cut home baked bread with cheddar and ham in the middle, topped with a three cheese sauce, and crowned with an over easy egg. It was cheesy, ooey, gooey goodness! And the ham was a revelation. It is a specialty processed ham from New Jersey that is grounded with fat and allowed to pickle, like a more refined version of Spam. Thin slices are seared on their flat top and the rich meaty flavor is ethereal! An amazing combination of flavors and textures whose sum is greater than its individual parts. CRACK MADAME..... it's addictive! And fans of Portland's Tandem coffee will recognize this terrific bargain...... $2 mugs of Tandem coffee with free refills. Can't wait till dinner service begins in March. Bring your flask.

  • Albert H.

    Yes, another rave for the Palace's A1 breakfast. New owners for the last year have done a great job presenting old favorites like biscuits & sausage gravy and new spins like their Mexican Omelette. Don't miss home made corned beef hash; among the best ever! And that sausage gravy is unlike any you've had. Wish I could have gotten back for lunch, but had to get in two breakfasts in a short visit! Also, the nicest people work and eat there!

  • Patti G.

    4 of us stopped in for breakfast on our way to Rangeley on the 4th of July, 2012. We were very happy with our choice! The owner was friendly and clearly very invested in his business. He explained how the food was prepared and seasoned for different dishes and was very attentive to everyone's needs, even though the counter was pretty full at 10:30 in the morning. Although there were many locals there and we were from Massachusetts ( no, not there!) everyone was really friendly and we felt quite at home. Finally, the best part - the food was so incredibly delicious! The corned beef hash and the home fries were the best I ever had! Not greasy and so fresh and flavorful...I have been cooking for the family for 36 years and this beat it. The Monte Crisco was rated superb by my son and his fiancée loved the hollandaise sauce on her eggs (and the entire entree). The family members doing the cooking were dedicated and proud of their work and it shows. Best place for home style cooking we have been to in years. The bill was approx. $38 for all of us- worth the price considering the quality of the food and the huge portions plus we all got coffee.

  • Jon A.

    Awesome place! We had the Southern Benedict which I totally recommend. Super friendly family run place. We came after breakfast hours but they kindly served us breakfast anyway. They even decorated our to-go boxes with a hand-drawn "thank you"!

  • Rebecca C.

    Yum! We found this classic 15 seater train car diner via LivingSocial and are so glad we did. If you like diners, this place has the perfect mix of old school charm with updated menu items. You can still get the classic diner breakfasts but there are so many other interesting options to choose from. My husband had the Irish Benedict which features homemade corned beef (not the canned stuff!). He loved it! I had the Cinnamon Pancake special with bacon. The pancakes were quite possibly the best I've ever had - thick and fluffy with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. Coffee was great and the guy behind the counter was super friendly and informative. We will definitely be back!

  • Ben E.

    The PD as we call it is one of my favorite breakfast places in Southern Maine. I'll give you a couple reasons why: 1) The opening hours are in French 2) The portions are always big. For example, my date once ordered 3 eggs scrambled on the side. We both couldn't finish them, and I can tell you that those were no 3 eggs scrambled, probably more like 6. 3) The prices are Biddeford-tastic. Which for those of you from away means, cheap. You can easily eat a very large breakfast for two for under $10 including tip! 4) It's a real diner, one of the last few originals, so there is only the diner counter to sit at. Service is quick and always friendly. 5) The Dog Dish! Go order it to find out what it is! But it's one of my favorite menu items. 6) Other things I and friends have had are French Toast (thick and luscious), Homemade Corned Beef Hash (spectacular), Pancakes (thick and fluffy), and again the Almighty Dog Bowl. It's closed Sundays and is only open till 1030 anyway, so you'll have to make a concerted effort to get in on time if you like to sleep late, but it's well worth it, and you can always go back to bed afterwards with a well-filled tummy of breakfasty goodness.

  • Emily C.

    Stopped at the Palace Diner on our way out of Biddeford to grab a bite before hitting the road again. We were greeted with a big "GOOD MORNING!" by wonderfully warm and friendly faces. Not only was the atmosphere pleasant, the food was delicious and came out super fast. We will definitely be recommending this place to friends who pass through Biddeford, and will be back ourselves! Thanks Palace Diner.

  • Esther B.

    Had a great breakfast w/hubby before day of packing. Greeted warmly by new owners. Had fresh veggie omelet w/freshly sauteed peppers, onions and mushrooms w/great homefries. Shared yummy blueberry muffin w/hubby too. He wisely chose the crepes special-complete w/whipped cream and fresh blueberries/strawberries. Definitely a place to get fresh tasty breakfast! Wish we weren't moving away--would come more often!

  • david d.

    a fine little establishment with new, friendly owners. the atmosphere was comforting with both the staff and patrons engaging in conversations. the food was great (and well portioned). the prices were very fair.

  • Gareth H.

    I've been visiting thi Diner since 1999. It has always been good and under the new owners it is exceptional. Diners are the vestige of American egalitarianism, this place exemplifies that, you are treated well no matter who you are.Great food great service


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :8:00 am - 2:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : No
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Street, Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : No
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Palace Diner

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