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Visit below restaurant in Biddeford for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Brent T.

    The tasting room is open! Judging by the smell of urethane it is brand new. The beer is fresh and served by the owners/brewers. Good stuff! Worth a visit.

  • Laura S.

    The banded horn is awesome! We go in every week or so to have a draft of their super delicious beer and fill our growler! One day we forgot the growler and He let us take one on the honor system! We returned it the next day, and we're so grateful :) they're constantly expanding the tasting room and the brewery, it's so fun to go in and see the progress :) Also I heard Ian took up welding just to build stuff for the brewery which is pretty cool!

  • Don W.

    My review needs an update. The tasting room is open (currently on Wed and Sat only) and Banded Horn beer is sold all over the Portland area. Last time I was in the tasting room, there were 7 or 8 different kinds of beer available and they were all made on site. If you're into beer, don't miss this local craft brewery.

  • Tom J.

    Banded Horn is a local brewery with seating to try their brewed on site masterpieces! Staff is friendly and the beer great! Enjoy a flight or a pint. This place is pretty cool sitting in an old industrial building and you are supporting a local growing business doing it right! Well worth the visit!

  • Paul R.

    Top notch beers- low to high ABV- so something for everyone! Go outside your comfort zone and hit this place. Staff will not beer shame you, they want you like their product and are more than helpful. Come as you are and have a great time with some great local beer.

  • Joe R.

    I think I am totally done with traditional bars. I love the vibe of breweries. Especially Banded Horn. The environment feels more like a hangout place. Not a dive bar. Not a polished brew ha. I'm personally not into plasma tv's and wings n things bars. I'd prefer beers with friends and lots of games. That's Banded Horn. Corn hole, foosball.... galore. Plus the space is amazing. High ceilings and very industrial. Oh and the beer is great - had a few Pils last night.

  • Flint H.

    This is great place opened a year ago by an independent owner/brewmaster who is always trying out new mixes. Friendly staff, Delicious beers that run higher alcohol content than store-bought. Try a flight, take home a growler! Kid friendly. Check online for hours and events.

  • Steff D.

    Banded Horn embraces the industrial space that they're in, and I think that makes for a very unique atmosphere. As such, it's earthy and dark and gritty and raw... but the addition of the board games, cornhole, and table tennis make it a destination stop when checking out the breweries of Maine (and the proof is in the vast demographic they're attracting: there were empty-nesters having the time of their life playing cornhole, twenty-something girls pouring over their beer trail maps, and families with kids just stopping by for a quick taste). The flights to sample four different kinds of beer are $10. A little on the steep side if you ask me. The beers we chose ranged from pedestrian to mind-blowingly delicious. We got... - Pepperell Pilsner: possibly the most generic beer-flavored beer I've had in a long time. It was extremely underwhelming and went unfinished. -/+ Bineary Double IPA: at 98 IBU and 9.1% ABV it was too much for me personally, but my counterpart couldn't get enough. So, if you like hops for days, be absolutely sure you try this! Smell those pine and citrus notes? Yum. -/+ Jolly Woodsman Coffee Stout: sure, it tasted like a stout. But nothing more or less. It's supposed to have wood-roasted espresso in it, but I couldn't taste those notes at all. Maybe the batch we got was old? Really disappointed by this beer. + Eldir: IVENEVERTASTEDANYTHINGLIKETHISBEFORE. It was so delicious and extraordinary that we actually got into a (very quiet so no one could hear us) argument over who was going to finish this. The beechwood smoked malt makes it smell like a summer BBQ... basically, it's an experience I've never quite had with a beer before. Absorb it with every sense! I think the thing that bummed me out the most here was the girl working the counter. She was a total drag. I've been a taproom employee before - people visiting breweries are usually lovers of beer (from how it's made to what's in it to the story behind the names). When you come off as surly and disinterested as this girl did, you feel totally unwelcomed. We didn't get the chance to ask her any questions about the who/why/what/where of the business because she was so obviously not into being there. Sure, it was a sunny Sunday afternoon, but... try to act like you care. We'll DEFINITELY come back: I'd like to see the equipment in use, I'd love to talk to the brewmaster, and I think I'm already going through withdrawals from lack of Eldir in my life!

  • John C.

    Love this place! Lot of parking around the brewery. Even with a beer bus the wait for a pour of some of their offerings is minimal. It would be nice if there was a place to have a drink outside in a nice day but that is just me.

  • Rich M.

    Best brewery in Maine. There, I said it. I really hate to write that because I'm afraid people From Away will hear about it and start crowding the place. I don't care that they don't serve food or have convenient parking. I don't care that the seating isn't top-shelf. I don't care that the atmosphere is one of being (literally) in the brewery itself, in full view of the operation in progress without so much as a single pane of glass between you and the brewers. What I DO care about is how PHENOMENAL the beer is. Once you've had it, you'll know why I said that. And the guys who run the joint are awesome - very down to earth and great to hang out with. If you want food, walk next door to Portland Pie. If you want kick*ss beer, go here....

  • Ariel Z.

    Fun place! Definitely recommend the sampler for just $10, I think it's called a beer flight? You can easily share with a group and then decide which ones to get. I prefer the Ghost Window, which is a French Saison and leans more toward the fruity/citrusy variety with some malt undertones. Similar to an Oktoberfest beer, but with much more complexity.

  • Jim B.

    I wanted to update my Banded Horn experience. Perhaps the summer visit was just an aberration, or I was having a bad night, I'm not sure. We made a day of Biddeford for Valentine's Day, including hitting the tap room at Banded Horn. Glad we did, because they were launching the bottle release of their The Jolly Woodsman, their coffee stout. It's been available for awhile on tap, but Saturday was my first taste--they were even serving donuts with it, which was a nice pairing. The tap room was hopping about 4:30-ish and we had a chance to chat up some first-time visitors to the brewery and Biddeford. I love their Pepperell Pilsner, and their Eldir, a German rauchbier makes you feel like you are drinking it around a smoky campfire. I had a growler filled of the Pepperell Pilsner, and it's sitting in my refrigerator at home. Biddeford's got it going on, and Banded Horn is definitely part of that new energy downtown, in the mill district. It's also a great place to experience the ambiance of the redeveloped Pepperell Campus, with its spaces that are finding new post-industrial uses these days.

  • Josh M.

    My favorite brewing company to visit. The guys are all cool and fun and the vibe is laid-back. It seems like the kind of place that could come off as pretentious but is actually just authentic.

  • Todd D.

    Very different not fancy old mill building pretty much just as it was musty smell and all beer is very good at least the ones I tryed check it out u can almost hear the old mill workers

  • Taryn S.

    This is a great brewery! They had a great selection of beer (eight beers at the time) and there were several that I thought were really delicious. The price was also great; this was our fifth brewery of the weekend and the cheapest. The vibe was relaxed and fun. They had badminton, card and board games, and corn hole and the tasting room was industrial and wide open. I only have two small complaints. First, I like when a brewery has munchies. These can really be anything but when you are drinking sometimes you just need something. My other critique would be the lack of outdoor seating (although, in fairness, they could have had seating that wasn't open yet). Either way, it was a great place to go and we will definitely go back.

  • maria g.

    I love this place! The beer is amazing. It's clear these brewers know what they're doing and take great pride in their work. I stopped by their tasting room over the weekend with my husband and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. I love to support small businesses and this is definitely one that will be on my regular list. Of all the breweries we've toured in New England (and my husband and I are brewery-obsessed!), this one left us with the best feeling. Talented people, amazing beer, great vibe. My favorite beer was the coffee stout.


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Banded Horn Brewing Company

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