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Visit below restaurant in Bass Harbor for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Bass Harbor for healthy meals suggestion.

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  • Jessica F.

    The view for dinner could not be beat. We were really satisfied with the food we ordered- the Seafood Casserole, Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo, and Calamari. We left completely satisfied and really enjoyed the meal, which was very reasonably priced considering the location on the water. The wine selection by the bottle was also very reasonably priced. The experience probably isn't worth it unless you sit outside- the inside of the restaurant seemed a little musky.

  • Sharon B.

    Service slow but friendly. Beautiful setting. Food below below average. Lobster roll bathed in mayo with small serving on stale bun. Fries came to table ice cold. Expensive for quality. You certainly pay for the view. Kids meals 8-12 dollars, but come with drink, side, apple sauce and sundae cup.

  • Amy H.

    The children's chicken tenders were over 10$. My dad's burger was not med rare as requested but over done....charcoal ed. The haddock was over cooked and rubbery. The waitress was very nice and helpful but then got busy inside and ditched us. The front of house needs some bed side manners! Would never recommend this restaurant to anyone. The only time I might eat here again would be to take out the delicious homemade bread....I do not like leaving negative reviews but this was our experience.... Bummer.

  • Erin M.

    Delicious food with a beautiful view. Class Maine offerings (clam chowdah and lobster) and a few neat ones - such as the fish with coconut and mint relish ( I think this was the special) . A few miles away from Seawall Campground on the quiet side of MDI. We've been back year after year.

  • Evan A.

    This is a great, off-the-beaten-path restaurant if you want real Maine food. Somehow, if the restaurant is nearly empty it only adds to its authenticity. If you've ever paid $30 for a boiled lobster outside of Maine, you'll appreciate how great this place is. The food is *fresh* and it's far enough from Bar Harbor that you aren't being treated like a tourist. Highly recommended.

  • S L.

    Delicious lobster roll! Hubby got fried clams and they were the best clams I have ever had. Scenic view of the harbor and friendly service. Definitely worth a visit!

  • Gary B.

    Stopped by for lunch with my girlfiend back on 4th of July weekend for holiday from NYC. Overheard some people discussing lobsters and Maine last night at a bar and I realized I should rate this place before I forgot. The proprietor of the cabins where we stayed in bar harbor told us to stop by this place if we were to drive around the southern part of the island. It doesn't look like much from the outside but the outdoor seating out back was perfect during the hour or two before sunset. It is wide open and overlooking a small harbor. We both ordered lobster (duh) which was delicious and both had appetizers which I recall were both delicious and plentiful. I had some blueberry beer and we ended with a delicious cake (which I recall was made by one of the waitresses?). Either way- a great place to go if you're off Bar Harbor's beaten path. Enjoy it!

  • Dan M.

    My family and I recently went to Seafood Ketch after being turned away by a restaurant in Southwest Harbor because we didn't have a reservation. (FYI Seafood Ketch doesn't take reservations.) There were four of us and we seated ourselves outside. The waitress was friendly and the appetizers were good, but the rest of our food took at least an hour to come out. The waitress apologized several times and offered us free dessert. This would have been fine, had she not claimed that the kitchen was 'backed up' because of how busy it was. There were many empty tables around us. I can only imagine the service when it's actually full. Plus, the food was less than good. We ordered the seafood casserole, fried shrimp, broiled haddock, and the swordfish special. All were disappointing. For our free desserts we ordered two slices of pecan pie and a slice of chocolate cake. The pecan pie was good, but the waitress complained about how much she disliked when customers ordered it because it was so hard to scoop out of the pan. The chocolate cake was nothing special at all, after being described by the waitress as "amazing." We then waited another twenty minutes for the check, which was delivered by a completely different waitress because our original one was "busy." Definitely never going back.

  • Betty S.

    The food wasn't great, with orders of fried seafood and grilled chicken sandwich. But the service was great and the view was great!

  • Fred M.

    Everything said is true. One of the nicer restaurants in Bass Harbor. Had dinner. Nice atmosphere & great views. Sampler with plenty of clams etc. cooked lightly & tasty. Indian pudding ok :(

  • April B.

    Food is great and the waitress Denise was more than outgoing and friendly. Definitely recommend

  • Hilary J.

    Awesome service. Glorious lobster roll. Best spinach and artichoke dip ever. Giant wedge fries fried perfectly. If you're in Bass Harbor, drive ten minutes out of your way and sit on the ocean front deck.

  • Erin S.

    Went here in early July 2015 and had an amazing dinner, complete with a beautiful sunset. This was our last meal in Maine after a week long trip and it was truly the best. I had the seafood bake, which was basically crab, lobster and scallops in a casserole dish with a creamy sauce to it. It was so different, but really really good. My husband had the mediterranean haddock and raved about it. We sat outside right on the water, the particular night we were there it was high tide which was just beautiful, felt like you were sitting practically in the ocean. Our service was 'okay', very attentive at first but slow towards the end, we actually had to flag another server down to grab our server so that we could order dessert. Overall though I would highly recommend going here if your in the area, prices were on par with other places we had been to and the food was unique and flavorful. Plus you cant beat the sight of the sun setting over the lobster boats, very maine. Make a trip here and you wont be dissapointed!

  • Mike C.

    We've been coming to Seafood Ketch for a few summers and we've always enjoyed the experience. The harborside location and friendly service can't be beat. However, on this, our first trip of summer 2015, we were very disappointed. The restaurant must be doing something right judging from the numbers of other diners, but we think the kitchen is uneven or perhaps the head cook was on vacation. We both got the Cap't Seafood Plate, a fried seafood sampler, something we always get at this restaurant because the flavor and the frying are superb, at least they used to be. This just wasn't the same meal we've had in the past, the portions were extremely small, and the prices were higher. Also, the shrimp were tiny and soggy, exactly what you sometimes expect from using a poor frozen product. For a place to sip a beer harborside on a sunny afternoon, we recommend this. For the seafood, we felt that the quality was off and the pricing heartless.

  • Jeff S.

    Great food. They offer a good lobster roll, great chowder and calamari and the best coleslaw around.....I won't tell you the secret twist that makes it so good but definetly give it a try. The server was low key and extremely friendly. It kind of felt like we were guests having dinner in her back deck. If visiting Bass Harbor, give it a try.

  • Chuck D.

    Ketch fries were tasteless and burnt. Burger was dry and over cooked. Server was nice but not wonderful. Took a while to get our check. She brought everyone theirs at the same time. Seafood bisque was good. (I love fries and couldn't eat the ketch fries)

  • Armando M.

    Great lobster rolls. Everybody in our group of 10 all loved their lunches. The island spice was also a great unique taste, fixed it a try. I would recommend this place for anyone. Staff was friendly too and very accommodating fire a large group.

  • Mark G.

    The fried clam sandwich was superb. My friend said the lobster roll was the best he had in Maine. Friendly efficient service.

  • Christie L.

    Doesn't get much better. Reasonable prices, friendly service, and some of the best food I have ever had. Lobster roll was perfect, ketch fries to die for, and clam chowder was excellent.

  • Brian H.

    Grew at view and the food was good. Wait staff is on the ball and did a fantastic job. They have kids meals with ice cream and burgers and stuff for any non seafood eaters in your group. Highly recommend this place and it was only $125 for 4 adults and 3 kids.

  • Blake K.

    Such a nice, solid choice when you want something a little fancier than a lobster pound, but still quiet and off the beaten path. Deck seating was spectacular today. The bread is so good I have bought it separately for take-out. "Tempter" fried seafood appetizer platter is fresh and phenomenal. Always something very drinkable on tap.

  • Nancy B.

    Eat here! This is a hidden gem! Fried Scallop roll had the most delicious, plump scallops I ever had. Fried perfectly. I had the Ketch fries which are big slices of fresh potato which are tasty! Much better than french fries. I will eat here again! Wonderful service and outdoor seating. Super fresh seafood from Maine!

  • Tom J.

    This place was recommended to us by a local and we enjoyed it very much. The people were nice and the food well prepared and delicious. Give these guys a try certainly.

  • Joe M.

    This place is ok if you don't mind inadequate service, Ordered the "Surf and turf" The steak was Stone cold upon arrival, The server gave me a totally empty bottle of A-1 steak sauce..We also had to ask for untensils and napkins..They also serve your water in not so clean glasses...Their clam chowder is not good compared to other places in the area.

  • Steve L.

    In for lunch. Whole lobster with all the fixings. $21. Spinach artichoke dip with crab is delightful. Great view. Service very good. Pair with a blueberry ale and all is good for the afternoon.

  • Rosie and Tigg K.

    Have eaten here many times. Food always good, love the fresh mini loaf of bread. Had bisque, mussels, crab cakes, and bar harbor real ale on tap. Everything hot and yummy. Cannot go wrong here. Very consistent, hearty, and well prepared. Owners in the shop so service is excellent. An out of the way gem.

  • Hilga J.

    Seafood Ketch is my kind of restaurant. It's a little pricier than the name or the decor would let on, but I guess it's because you're sitting right on the harbor. There's a big deck with umbrella-ed tables and several tables indoors with big windows. Casual deliciousness. We showed up at an odd time, about 3:30, so we were the only ones in there till about 4, when some oldies showed up. Our waitress was hilarious in her sassy New England broad kind of way. We split a salad ($4.50) which was perfectly good with a well-emulsified balsamic vinaigrette. We also split a lobster roll ($16) and smoked seafood platter ($8, an appetizer special that day). Holy moly, that lobster roll was good. Served in a thick slab of homemade bread, split like a hotdog bun and toasted in butter, those giant hunks of lobster with a little mayonnaise and a leaf of romaine were a force to be reckoned with. I like how they leave the lobster in chunks, as opposed to chopping it up or just using tiny, picked-out bits. It was perfectly good, but not as sweet as some lobster. It came with three (only three?!) fat, crispy steak fries and a li'l cuppa coleslaw. The smoked seafood platter was good, too, if you like smoky stuff. I do, but maybe sharing a whole plate of smoked seafood between two people was a little much. It came with a two slices of salmon, a pile of small shrimp, three mussels, and about six small scallops. It was served with four toast points (could have used a couple more) and some awesome spicy tartar sauce (did they call it remoulade?). We saw the dinner specials for that night being written up as we left. A whole lobster dinner for $18.95? We are totally going back for dinner.

  • William T.

    A great spot to sit on the patio to enjoy the beautiful harbor view in a classic ME coastal setting for lunch or dinner. Come on a nice day - you want to be outside. The food is straightforward and generally good and the service is friendly and accommodating. To really enjoy the experience, however, dine outside.

  • judy b.

    We have been going to this restaurant for years. Its always good and we recommend to our cottage guests. Yes the prices are a tad high but for the view, it's worth it. We always go for lunch. The fried clams were delicious, crispy and not greasy and the seafood chowder was yummy. One HUGE complaint.......the tartar sauce was terrible and I find that a bit unforgivable since, let's face it, we're only talking mayo and sweet pickles. This was kind of gluttony and had no taste. Thus 4 stars instead of five. Otherwise, love it.

  • Michael C.

    You just have to eat here. Really. It looks like a little hole in the wall and is a little hard to find, but a local suggested it to us years ago, and we come back every year. The muscles steamed in garlic is so different and delicious we have them every time we are here. The seafood bisque, the clam chowder, the fresh seafood and sitting out on the patio literally on the water's edge. There isn't I nicer place on the island.

  • Mary G.

    Maybe we caught them on an off day but . . . When my family and I entered, the hostess handed me a pile of menus and told us to find our own table outside. Possibly this was meant to be informal and welcoming but came off as abrupt and lazy. When we got outside, it smelled so bad that we almost left immediately. Maybe it was low tide? Whatever the smell was, it was stomach-turning. We opted to eat inside instead. Our table had no bread plates, and we had to ask our waitress to bring them after our bread was served. The bread was actually really, really good. By far the best thing we ate there. The salad that came with my entree was also quite good. The "Ketch" fries sounded great but were soggy and bland. My husband and I both had the seafood casserole. It was bland and pretty dry although the seafood seemed fresh. Mostly we were bothered by the abundance of flies in the dining room due to a screen door that was too small for the door opening. The dining room also does not seem overly clean.

  • Kate L.

    Slightly overpriced but solidly good food. Try the lobster-seafood casserole. It's always well made.

  • Timothy S.

    This is by far one of your best choices on Mount Desert Island. The food is honest, straightforward and very Maine. You'll discover the limits to the higher end places yourself, but you'll come back here got sweet service, excellent seafood, and a Bass Harbor view that can't be beat. Be sure to have the mussels if they are a special.

  • n t.

    Its my second visit to Seafood Ketch - and I think I like the outdoor deck best of all. The food was good - but definitely pricey for the value. Starting with the crab cakes - which were full of crab bits - but way too soft for my liking. They were served with seafood newburgh, which I asked for on the side - it did add something to the taste of the crab cakes, but no help with the texture. I ordered the fried 'ketch' of the day - it was haddock and the waitress mistakenly brought the fried fish sandwhich - a small piece of fish on a bun with three 'steak ' fries. When I said I ordered the dinner she was apologetic and ran back with the plate saying it would just take a minute. Meanwhile my husband was already served his fried clam dinner - I tried to tell her I would take the sandwich but she was already out of earshot -so he ate his clams (said they were yummy) and a few minutes later my dinner plate came - no bun, but with an extra piece of fish and an extra steak fry. Admittedly, the fish was really tasty - not fried like you would think, but very lightly floured and sauteed - all seafood flavor - no grease. So, overall - the food was good - the outdoor atmosphere was great and and the service was pleasant but a bit scattered. I think we may try someplace else next time.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
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    Good For : Lunch
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
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    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes

Seafood Ketch

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