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Visit below restaurant in Lincolnshire for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Lincolnshire for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Kristen D.

    I used to be a HUGE fan of Noodles & Co. until their menu changed. My favorite was always the penne noodles and marinara sauce with flaky parmesan cheese, but they don't even have that option on the menu anymore. Stopped at this location today - Penne Rosa is spicy!! Got a side salad for $1 extra but there was quite a bit of dressing on it. No me gusta. My favorite part of this was that I received the "Most Polite of the Day" award! I am assuming that he was the manager, but he complimented on how polite I was and let me have a sweet treat because of it. It absolutely made my day :)

  • Susan S.

    Free noodle on my bday . 4 cheeses with mushroom spinach chicken and tomatoes . Tomato basil bisque is always good I do like to add milk to it at home a little heavy on the salt . Giant cookie yum

  • Jason S.

    Simply good. Something quick and not half bad. The entire family gets what they want.

  • Rider M.

    Service was terrible, make that awful. First the clerk skipped us in the order line. The food was slow. After 30 minutes we started trying to get their attention. They gave us credits for future meals. After 45 minutes they gave us our money back and promised our food was ready. Some of it was. Many tables sitting dirty, not picked up for 30 minutes. People were walking out unserved. Phone-in customers were waiting 30 minutes. Food quality was poor when we finally got it. Manager (?) was visibly incompetent, not directing the staff.

  • Haley M.

    I love it so much! Wisconsin Mac & Cheese. It's a little high priced for noodles but they are oh so good!

  • Shailesh J.

    Good place.. Soup was fantastic ...Seems they use frozen protein in the dishes ..Chicken pieces in the noodles were still a bit cold.. Prompt and fast service was the stand out point of this chain ..

  • E G.

    Tried Noodles & Co. after a few disappointments on my first few nights in town. They seemed to have a good mix of international flavors including Thai, Italian, Indonesian, American, etc... I saw a good 4-5 entrees that looked enticing but I was tempted by their soup and sandwhich deal for $6.99 which was an amazing deal! I ended up with the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and a Thai Curry Soup. Ordered online and picked up no issues. The food was fresh and hot. In the restaurant the place was very clean and organized, staff was very helpful and welcoming. I got back to the hotel and started with the soup. It was everything that Big Bowl wasn't Tasty and flavorful. The soup was authentic tasting and had a lot of flavor but not any one which was overwhelming. It was a great appetizer size to pair with the sandwich. The BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich was also very good. BBQ came on the side and had a lot of flavor. Pork was plentiful and ciabatta bread was nice and warm yet crunchy. The food was the best of the bunch I had so far and for the price, it is amazing they don't charge double. I will definitely be going back for those entrees.

  • Chris M.

    I really like Noodles and the concept is clever. I can choose Asian, Italian or traditional American type pasta cuisine. You can somewhat customize the dish by adding from the list of proteins. Timing is everything at this place (and others in the same strip). If you plan on coming here between 1130am-1230pm park in the lot directly to the North. You will probably not get a spot at the high lunch time crowd. Call ahead and take out works well. Today I called in my order and parked in the "pick up" parking space, walked in, in and out in under 5 minutes. Food is better than decent.

  • Devin O.

    This place serves food that is basically a step up from packaged ramen. The noodles were overcooked and the flavoring tastes like powdered packs. The chicken was pretty bland and everything was incredibly salty. The vegetables are the only thing remotely salvageable. The interior design is alright though, nothing to write home about.

  • Audrey R.

    I could eat here everyday and be happy! My favorites are the Japanese pan noodles w/ sauteed beef and penne rosa with either beef of chicken. The first time I tried the mac & cheese, I loved it. The second time, however, it was pretty bad and I couldn't even taste any cheese on the noodles. In addition, I really wish the portion sizes were a little bigger. I mean, a "regular" sized bowl w/ meat will cost you almost $10 and I always finish it feeling like I didn't get enough. Perhaps the noodles could come with garlic bread or a roll or something. I'm addicted to their rice crispy treats, however, it seems like they are cut in different sizes every time I go there. Sometimes they're big, sometimes they're small. During the lunch rush, it is almost impossible to find parking in the ridiculously small lot . You may have to park in another lot and walk.

  • S T.

    Very dirty. Came in at 5PM. Very few patrons. All 4 booths were covered with old plates and bowls from prior diners. Had to ask to have them cleaned off. Worker brought out filthy rag from the back, stacked old plates on another dirty booth, and wiped top of table with the dirty rag. Pot stickers were coated with large black speckles from the pan grizzle. Other locations are much better.

  • P M.

    This is a great restaurant it has awesome service and the manager was really focused on our satisfaction. The restroom was out of service and the manager had arranged with another nearby restaurant to allow us access. He 'comped' us 2 drinks. When the penne noodles came back a little burned, he promptly replaced them and gave us a free desert. The place is immaculately clean and pleasant. Gets busy in the evening. I love this place!!!

  • Brad S.

    A good chain. The kids like it a lot. This one is very clean and the staff was very helpful even when the kids changed their mind on two of the dishes.

  • Marie H.

    This is the worst Noodles & Co location I've ever been to. It's poorly staffed during peak times. Orders were messed up. Is not worth the wait & will not return to this location.

  • I H.

    Not as well kept as the other Noodles & Co. Besides the piece of wood that was inside my pot sticker, I also slipped and fell in the bathroom. There was toilet paper on the floor and wet around the toilet area. Falling and seeing 'nastiness' is not a good way to start lunch.

  • KM I.

    DEERFIELD location on Waukegan. We have been to many Noodles locations that we love and this one was horrible. All of the food was made wrong. I sent my dish back and that was still wrong and it also was made with hair. Gross. Bad food happens but food with someone's hair in it is unacceptable. What even more unacceptable is the managers annoyance with me. Is making the wrong dish and cooking it a second time with a sprinkling of hair annoying to you? It sure is to me. These employees were all totally unapologetic and just didn't care. Unfortunately Noodles is going to be tainted for us for a long time.

  • Jacob J.

    Garbage. Fake Asian food for the masses, up-charged to the max, guaranteed to rip your wallet or purse a new one. When they built these strip malls they went looking for any chain company they could find. Chain doesn't always equal good. Like in this instance the cuisine is noodles. Asian, American and Mediterranean. It's the Asian noodles prepared here that bothered me, no real Asian style, just ingredients tossed together. Regular portion $5.25. Add protein for an extra $2 dollars. I had the Japanese pan noodles and added chicken breast. The chicken was bland and pan seared and laid atop the noodles after preparation. If I knew that's how it'd be served, I would've asked that it be chopped up and thrown in while cooking. A small order of pot stickers ($2.95) and a bottle of water ($1.50) Spent almost $12 and half dollars for a weekday lunch. Bleh! Pot stickers seemed to be made "in house", couldn't care much for it. And usually I love a good pot sticker. This is Chicago! Well Chicagoland, you can get good Asian food, just not around here it seems. Lactose intolerance? Careful what you order. Price versus value, I could go back to try the Italian dishes. Why pay $5.25 for Mac and cheese? And add meat for $2 ?

  • Steve K.

    First time at this one, just as good as the other one, GREAT...I love these guys!

  • Tita P.

    This was my first visit to Noodles & Co. I have been curious about it for a while but never had to opportunity to try it out. Tonight on lovely Valentine's Day i decided to try it out. My first impression was this is NOT what I expected. I thought this was an Asian inspired place. So I was surprised to see that you had an option of Asian, Mediterranean, and American. The next thing I noticed is that you really have no area to stand when waiting for your to go order. Not sure if the design of this place is the same at each location but I felt very uncomfortable standing in the middle of room while everyone ate. That being said the service was good. The noodles were good. Not the best but if you want to go to a place for a quick bite than this place is fine. Other than that fine an authentic place to enjoy your noodles.

  • Merilee V.

    Horrible. I've driven by this place several times & have been curious. We tried it for the first time yesterday. I told the staff it was my first time there...but they were absolutely no help to me whatsoever. There was 1 staff member who was nice, the others were terrible. The food......horrible. Waaaaay too spicy, noodles were stale & I couldn't stand to eat even 2 bites before I threw it in the trash. Husband's food was just as bad...vegetables way too overcooked. For the kids we got their "buttered noodles" which my kids wouldn't even touch. It was all horrible & we will never be back.

  • bert l.

    Iv'e been to many noodles and company restaurants ranging from Chicago to Deer Park. This is by far the worst noodles and company there is period and i mean it by far.To start of the parking lot is very small(good luck finding parking on a Friday or weekend night)Once you enter the restaurant you can't seem to think that they barely clean the place,the floors are always super sticky.The place is always a mess when i go there i swear i am not Make'ing this up. Iv'e been there during lunch and dinner rush.The employee's at the register i got was so rude, she was very unhelpful. She forgot my drink, and when asked about it she had to look back at the order to verify it .Hello i just paid for it! They are in such a rush the don't bother to care about the customer at all. When i got to my table it was so dirty, i asked the dishwasher if he could wipe it down and he pretty much gave me napkins to wipe it down myself after just spending $27 dollars for me and my fiance.There is always pop on the floors and on the machines. The bathrooms seem to never be cleaned at least during the day, There is toilet paper on the floor all the time. There is always kids running around ,the carpets look ancient. The food unlike the other noodles and companies , has no taste poorly cooked, the portions are smaller then the others. Most of the times the meats are cold and stale taste'ing. The Flatbreads are always burnt to perfection(being sarcastic)The managers are rude people as well and seem to not care at all about whats going on. Over all if anyone reads these, this not a place to dine at all take the extra trip to go to Vernon hills which just opened.Bad service, horrible meals, rude employee's very dissapointing ,this place gives a bad name to the franchise. I would not go here at all, id rather eat my shoe with pesto sauce then eat here ever again.

  • Ian Y.

    I've been to other Noodles and Co in other locations, but this location deserves the negative review. Food is served just like other locations, nothing special there. You really can't fill up yourself up with a regular-sized bowl/plate, unless you're on diet. Oh well, it's called "porition control", "healthy diet", whatever... bottom line, the serving isn't that much more than a already overpriced Lean Cusine. The main issue, however one staff claims there're no chopsticks at their location. He has GOT to be kidding. He couldn't get his azz to grab a pair of chopsticks and said there're no chopsticks? Manager, you either fire that staff (if he's lying), or get some chopsticks to the shop (if you're incapable of managing the store). Please.

  • MJ D.

    visited today with two kids. fast friendly service, clean and food everybody loved. nothing fancy but you can count on it everytime. bravo! kids cant wait to come back. Me, not in a huge hurry, but wont mind when we do.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:30 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Very Loud
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No


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Noodles & Company

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