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  • Danielle K.

    If only this place was closer I would go here everyday. The view of the river is gorgeous...the food is really good (the salads come with the best muffin ever) and the atmosphere is serene. I have only been here during the day, but I am sure the night has alot to offer. If in the area i would for sure check it out!

  • Jennifer T.

    My first visit was yesterday. After passing it a few times I was excited to try it out. The atmosphere is definitely outdoor summer based. Grafton is a river town so that didn't surprise me. The view is outstanding!!! There is a covered portion of an outdoor dining room and a patio portion with tables that have umbrellas. Lots of motorcyclists and bicyclists can be found here. After a long day of bicycling. We stopped here for lunch on our way home. The drink service is separate from meal service. You can order drinks from your server and choose to pay cash as you order or start a tab by handing them your credit cards. I'm guessing people used to run out on their bill for one reason or another with those kind of rules. The server gave us menus and explained the ordering process. Go outside and stand in line to place your order and then you get a number where they bring your food to your table. We chose cheeseburgers and fries as well as a side of onion rings. It took about 10 min to stand through the lines to order. Not too bad. The prices seemed a bit high for the portion sizes. The food came in about 15 -20 min later. Again not too bad. The burgers were decent. Very cheesy and had decent flavor. The fries were good. The onion rings were awesome!!!! Very thick breading. Crunchy and the onions were done perfectly. I can see how this place is a great place to go and hang out with your friends after a day of boating on the river or just hanging out in Grafton. I debated on giving 4 or 3 stars. I chose the three bec of the prices /manual effort into getting your order. Would I go back? That's a maybe.

  • Valerie T.

    It Is a great place with beautiful views of the river. Great mixed drinks. Nightly music. The drive here is pretty or take the ferry from St. Charles. I come here a few times a year. Great day trip with kids. The food here is good and inexpensive.

  • Gary W.

    Great place to visit. It has the feel of the Lake of the Ozarks, yet, much closer. Great people and music. Go there for the flea market, then have lunch and a beverage by the river!

  • Richard D.

    This place is amazing. I've been here several times and they have great food and drinks. They are not overpriced and the view is great. Try the famous chips and salsa you can't go wrong. Great live bands too. They also have video poker machines and free wifi. Great place.

  • Anastasia D.

    The PERFECT place to come on a nice day! A great view of the Mississippi and plenty of outdoor seating. I've never eaten here, but their beer prices can be relatively reasonable (we were all ordering PBR and Stag). Our server had her hands full during this visit. It was around 70 degrees and not an empty table to be found! I wasn't too concerned with getting anywhere fast, so I didn't pay too much attention to how many times she came to check up on us. There were several, but we were not a needy group. This is the type of place I would come to JUST for the view. It's absolutely beautiful and makes me jealous I don't own a boat.

  • Chris C.

    The Landing Dock has a beautiful view and a huge lovely outdoor area. The Landing Dock was hard to find - look for a huge old building with a red roof at the foot of Brown St. & it is on the river side of it. Just east of the red & white "lighthouse". My family group of 5 really enjoyed being outside surrounded by the river, the artwork, flowers, and pretty wind sculptures. The seating was self served, which was great to sit where we wanted. However, after we seated ourselves in the shade of an empty table's umbrella (our table didn't have one) the waitress later removed the umbrella because it was "broken" and the sun was in our eyes! However when we asked her to replace the umbrella she did so. The food was OK, bar food, just average, but the atmosphere outside made up for it.…

  • Katie A.

    Expensive beer and mediocre food. This was my second trip to the loading dock. We went on Saturday evening to eat dinner and listen to some band with family. The band never showed up and we were there until after 7p. I was pretty sure the website said 6p for the band. The draft beer was $5 and tasted pretty warm. The food was not that good - except the pork nachos, they were pretty good. Also we tried the fish tacos, olive dip, catfish and hotdog. Te atmosphere was a Mix of families and bachelorette parties which is a little weird. I didn't use the bathrooms but this is the kind of place you assume they are gross. The service is pretty terrible and they are overpriced. Their view and location is what gives them an edge.

  • Alyssa S.

    I have been to the Loading Dock on more than one occasion over the last few years. I love Grafton and the small town, BIG atmosphere is really lovely. The Concept of the establishment is amazing. Genius actually. What kind of place can you go to that is right on the water, literally, and have multiple levels of seating on the deck. Open up all of the walls to river air and sunshine and have great bar service? The last time I was there the bartenders were all wearing different colored matching sunglasses and they were honestly just fun and friendly people to be around. They were busy but still had time to chat with people. The summertime is the best time to be here! I have only drank here, I never ordered food. *That's my disclaimer. But I can tell you that it is on my list for any and all subsequent returns to Grafton. Plan a little weekend day road trip down the Great River Road and this is one of the first spots on the way into town - add it to your list!

  • Glenda F.

    Love love love the place. Great food. Great music. Good wait staff. Last time wewent we even had two pirate ship pull up and shoot cannons at each other. Always a favorite when we go to Grafton and the ferry is right next door.

  • Michael R.

    Awesome place to hangout by the Mississippi River! Gorgeous view and great good! Go for the BBQ pulled pork and fries!!!

  • Joshers A.

    This is Grafton atmosphere 101 at its finest. Probably the best bar for people watching. Wide open and airy, no walls to the outside. It's not usually packed to the gills with this great floor plan. They have gas log Bon fire pits and a band on in the evenings. Huge bar and outstanding rum based slushies. The bartenders are always awesome to joke with. A++ service!

  • Nicole B.

    Awesome place for food and drinks. Friendly servers, prompt service, good food, pretty setting. Love going here. Lots of reunions & receptions held here too. Popular place in Grafton.

  • Cissy W.

    We stayed out in these cute little river cabins for a night last weekend. So cute and comfy. There was five of us and we were not in top of each other at all. Great space with a nice little kitchen and big dining table great for gathering around and playing games. There is a TV with basic Dishnetwork. And a radio or DVD player. And they are Fido friendly so the for legged family gets to join in the fun. We loved that we were in right Downtown Grafton so we could walk to get what ever we wanted, hello fudge! We will be coming back soon.

  • Danielle H.

    Maybe I'm being naive in calling this place a hidden gem in St. Louis but I'm going to go ahead and do it... I had never heard of the Loading Dock before I went on a 'field trip' with coworkers and now it is one of my favorite places! I just went last weekend on an Alton/Grafton trip (read my Fast Eddie's and Rotten Apple reviews too!) and Loading Dock was stop #2. We were lucky it was such a pretty day because there is nothing better than sitting out on that deck, looking out at the river. You'd swear you were at Tablerock Lake or something! I've never sat inside (is there even an inside seating area?), but why would I? The deck is perfect on a nice day. Of course, the drinks were great. I've had their dock lemonade before (alcoholic) and was pleased. This time, I opted for Landshark- on draft! They alsp have Michelob Golden Light on tap too, and that is really hard to find around St. Louis. Oh, and funny story..... our relaxing drinky time was interrupted by a pirate ship. No lie, a PIRATE SHIP. Some boat totally refurbished to look like a pirate ship came by and started shooting these little back canons to the kids the deck. Weird.... but entertaining. PS, I ONLY gave it four stars because of distance. It is about an hour from downtown. Don't let that deter you though! The atmosphere is great and the drive is along the Great River Road (aka gorgeous!).

  • Tiffany K.

    Stopped here on our way out of Grafton; we were in town from Los Angeles for a wedding. The space and ambience are fun and being on the Mississippi was an amazing experience. Decent selection of beer, and catfish was decent. The big antique/flea market attached to the restaurant was a big plus. Had a great time!

  • Bernie D.

    As far as small town bars go, this is the cream of the crop. Huge outdoor wide open spaces. Counter ordered/table served food, with a full bar and live music constantly. A great place to go after a day on the river for a pint and bite. Wait staff was friendly, but they don't let you run a tab, it's all pay as you go.

  • David O.

    Great views, fun atmosphere, fun mix of people, great prices for what you get, live music, ... Went here for the first time today. Had our two young boys with us and it was great fun with them and would be equally fun (or moreso) with just an adult group. Food: My whitefish sandwich and the slaw that came with it were both excellent. The other food we had (hamburger, fries, catfish bites) was all good but fairly typical of what you'd get most places. Drinks: Our strawberry daiquiri was perfect. Just the right amount of rum and lime. Good size. Good price. They only offer bottled water (which would generally put me off) but it was only a buck and our waitress brought us out three big cups of ice for our one bottle.

  • Tracey W.

    A true hidden gem! Well, I guess not a hidden gem if you live in Grafton, IL and this place is the main attraction within a 20 mile radius. But if you're from St. Louis and are starting to forget what trees and water look like, you're just a scenic drive from a little slice of Heaven. If a Harley Davidson biker bar in Orange County hooked up with a little tavern on the beach in Mexico, it would produce offspring very closely resembling The Loading Dock. Part biker bar/part tropical escape, it's impossible NOT to leave your worries behind. The ambiance was exceptionally executed. Everything was very subtle. Clearly this business was inspired with an eye for detail. Classy touches everywhere, and I only heard one Jimmy Buffet song in the few hours I was here. Aside from the gentle music playing (a live band was also setting up), the rush of the mighty river, the sunlight on my face, and the cool breeze in my hair, the food was delicious. I'm pretty confident in saying the following things: 1. This is my favorite restaurant/bar that I've ever been to in my entire life. It truly mentally transported me to another place. 2. If I ever want to get a guy to put a ring on it, I'm going to throw out my copy of "The Rules" and take him here to work my magic. 3. I will be coming back here as often as is humanly possible. The drive from St. Louis was WORTH IT. 4. Once I do woo a guy into marrying me with the romantic vibe in this charming bar, I will marry him AT THIS BAR. Destination wedding in Grafton, Illinois!! Who knew?!?!!

  • Nick F.

    Im biased as I got married here, but this place is pretty awesome...HUGE patio were you can sit on the edge of the river and enjoy some cocktails and some bar food. Everyone is friendly, and its a place where you just dont want or need to be in a hurry...look around at where you are, and enjoy, the food is simple and good, the drinks are stiff, and you can get out of their on the cheap...Its a must do if you are in the river bend area...dont be a knob, and go will not regret it

  • Elizabeth E.

    My friends and I just returned from a long weekend at The Loading Dock's guest house, located across the street from the seemingly quite popular Loading Dock restaurant and bar. We've taken similar trips the last two years, and one of the challenges has been to find a space that is big enough to sleep six without paying for a place that sleeps eight or more. The guest house perfectly fit the bill. Good things: - Easy walking access to Grafton's shops and restaurants, as well as the waterfront and the river paths. - The most comfortable chaise lounge ever. - A nicely sized and reasonably well equipped kitchen. - Cute bunk beds for four and a nice master bedroom with a king-sized bed. - Loads of soft towels and heavy bathrobes. - TVs in the living room and bedroom. Less awesome: - WiFi was included but also TERRIBLE, which was a problem as several of us needed to get work done while away. We could connect to the guest house's network, but only sporadically to the internet. The property manager was very apologetic about this when we checked out, so hopefully this won't be an issue in the future. - The kitchen had a lot of some things (forks, wash cloths) but was short on others (baking sheets or pans, spoons). - It would've been nice to have a DVD player available to use with either of the TVs. - It would've been awesome to have more than one bathroom, but that's not the fault of this space - just something to take into consideration. On the whole, though, we enjoyed our stay at the Loading Dock Guest House, and would definitely consider returning in the future!

  • Joe R.

    Why was I so far away from the comforts of home? I went to a rugby game out in Illinois and after the game we headed to The Loading Dock. This place is huge and has an awesome patio that overlooks the river and is pretty scenic, especially when a storm is rolling in. Another awesome thing about this bar is that I was able to pay $6 for a bacardi and coke that was in a 32oz cup. Any place that serves mixed drinks that size for that price will definitely see my repeat business. The food is awesome and definitely hits the spot after drinking most of the day and is pretty reasonably priced. If you've been to Jack Patrick's in Downtown St. Louis, the system is pretty much the same. You pay at the counter and you get a number and the servers come find you and they did a pretty good job. I can only imagine this place when it is warmer than when I came. The doors were open but the rain kept everyone mostly indoors but I can definitely see the whole place being overrun when the weather is nicer. Maybe I'll have to make a special trip back.

  • Brad K.

    I am sad this place is so far away from me because it was great! The Loading Dock is quite a drive if you are coming from St. Louis, but it is worth it at least to go a couple times. I went here a couple days ago after a long bike ride around Alton. This place is absolutely perfect for summer, you cannot find much better of a place. It has a huge patio I mean HUGE so you can come with as many people as you want. It also has music and games such as bags and others going on if you are planning on staying a while. It is a really fun and social atmosphere that is outside to feel the great summer day. In addition to the atmosphere the food is great and not to badly priced. Also they have plenty of beer and drink selections, none of which exceed what you think. It averages around two or three bucks a beer. I had a great time looking at the cave paintings on my bike ride and cooling off with lunch and a couple drinks here. Next time I come out that way I will be coming back!

  • Jen J.

    We stopped by here for some dinner after spending an exhaustive three hours at the Raging Rivers waterpark just down the road. This water facing restaurant/bar is huge! There was a variety of seating arrangements under blue umbrellas, colorful wooden lawn chairs, outdoor sofas, high tables and benches. The open bar area is breezy, well-shaded, and has a tall ceiling (thanks to it originally being a dock). I never thought I would call any view next to the Mississippi river (which is mostly muddy and brown near downtown St. Louis) beautiful but oh it certain was, with a slow setting sun bouncing off the blue waters and the gleaming white bodies of the yachts and boats that sail by. Compared to the view and the atmosphere, I have less to say about the food, which was slightly on the expensive side. Two BBQ sandwiches, fries, and a side of chips and salsa was $22. However, everything was cooked well. The star of the meal was the house salsa, which had quite a few ingredients and a refreshing flavor. My frozen strawberry margarita was also delicious! (My bartender let me start a tab) By the time we were about to leave, a band had started to play. The place was quickly filling up. When a breeze comes by, I felt like I was no longer in Graffton, IL but somewhere more tropical, like Florida or Hawaii. Very few local restaurants take me back to past vacations, and for that alone the Loading Dock was well worth a visit!

  • Andrey E.

    Its a dive, you serve yourself, its full of bikers, but somehow this is exactly what you want after spending a day cruising down the Great River Road. The restaurant - well, its the loading dock! Right behind the large warehouse. Tee restaurant features a giant be more precise the restaurant is nothing but a patio, or rather multiple outdoor seating areas. Pretty much anywhere you get a view of the Mississippi, and all the local boaters going up and down the river. Actually - if you are really brave you can fight the current and dock your boat for a meal here. When I went, it was early dinner time and the crown was just starting to arrive. A band was starting out their set as well. Perfect atmosphere. The food? Well - you came here for the view of the river, the patio, the bar. Food is pretty standard American fare, and is generally tasty and well done, but not spectacular. They do have a unique salsa to try though. (Try it... you want to) All in all a perfect place on this side of the river to relax outdoors with some food and drinks.

  • Lesley S.

    The Loading Dock is one of my favorite bars to hit in IL. I have came here a few times by jet ski and a few by car. (and bike) (Note to bikers: Make sure all of your bike is legal and you have a license if driving on the Great River Road. IL highway patrol are such jerks through here and not only will you probably go through a check point between here and Alton but if you are not legal they load your bike up in a trailer. Fun huh?) Also make sure you have a DD cause the cops are thick through here on car or bike. Great outdoor bar. I like their daiquiris and margaritas. They have outdoor seating and usually bands on the weekends. It is nice to relax and enjoy the sunshine. It is only open Spring-Fall. I can't wait til it opens this year!

  • Kelly B.

    The Great River Road between Grafton and Alton IL is a St. Louis regional treasure. It's scenic confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers will give you the feeling that you are on vacation. You can sit by the water and watch the boat traffic on the river while enjoying stunning views of the palisades. The Loading Dock has one of the best views in town! The deck is practically on the water and they have huge picture windows behind the deck. The atmosphere at The Loading Dock is great with a mix of cyclists, motorcycle groups, locals, tourists, etc. Everyone is there to have fun. It is open, clean and bright. The Loading Dock is only open Spring-Fall and entertainment is provided most weekends days from the band shell on the deck. They have sandwiches, burgers and standard bar appetizers, but most people hold out to have their food at Fast Eddies in Alton, which is usually the next stop. I always have fun at the Loading Dock. It's the drive home that's not so fun! This is one of those road trips that will require a DD. Boaters are welcome to use the docks provided.

  • Jenny P.

    The Loading Dock RULES!! One of my favorite summertime bars, and I wish it was closer to where I live! Located right next to the Mississippi River in Grafton, IL, you get a nice breeze and a beautiful view! Besides the smaller area with the actual bar and restrooms, this bar is entirely outdoors and it is HUGE! Since they are only open on the weekends in the fall and winter, they have the capability to make a portion of it completely indoors. They have an outdoor stage for live bands, which are usually there on the weekends. It is right along the Katy Trail for all you bikers out there. They also have docks if the river is not flooded, so you can come pay a visit via boat! The food is actually very good as well! Typical bar food with a few specialties, but all that I have tried has been tasty! You do have to order and pay for your food yourself at a little hut outside the restaurant, but they bring everything to you. All the service is pay as you go, which stinks b/c you can't start a tab, but everything else makes up for it! It has a full bar with great beer selection. What a great little weekend getaway spot to enjoy the weather, music, good company, and a brew! In the words of Toby Keith, "I LOVE THIS BAR!"

  • Brett B.

    A pleasant surprise! The GF and I stopped by here on a crisp fall afternoon. It is a bit off the main drag, so it is not easy to find. We had our dog in tow, so this was a no-brainer since there is plenty of outdoor seating on the river bank. The bar is enclosed with large glass doors that open on good days. There is a large deck and an even larger outdoor area with patio tables. The day we were there they had a large fire going outside. You order food at one window on the deck and then order drinks separately from the bar. It is one of the only drawbacks. They do bring your food to you. The view is very nice, the atmosphere is fun. I didn't have high hopes for the food (bar basics), but we had a quesadilla that was pretty darn good and great onion rings. The salad was even better than average.

  • Laura Z.

    This is just about my favorite place to go. My family has a tradition where we go here every mothers day and pretty much all birthdays during the summer. I feel like I'm on vacation with only an hour drive from home. I love the salsa and the people watching and drinking a corona by the water. The did alot of remodeling this past winter and its even nicer than it was before.

  • Aaron K.

    Usually come here @ least a couple times a year just to have some Macho Nachos with chilly & a few beers. My mom likes the white fish. It's an open air type place & river front property.

  • Brooke R.

    I had a great time here. It was an amazing outdoor experience. I loved the atmosphere and being right on the water. Its laid back and a bit of a party.

  • Mark M.

    Expected a good view and mediocre food. Turned out to be great food, great service, and a spectacular view. Would recommend to anyone. Buffalo chicken wrap and macho nachos were both great. Very reasonably priced!

  • Verna F.

    We always love going to the loading dock. The servers are always very nice. The view is fantastice. My favorite menu optioins are the fish tacos, oinion rings, & cole slaw. I wish they had ice cream or dessert. If it is a sunny day, make sure to bring a hat and sunglasses in case you are not lucky to find a table with an umbrella.

  • Shaun M.

    Defiantly a 5 star for this place! This is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon having a few drinks by the river. The setting is awesome with the garage doors open letting the breeze blow in the bar and the food is I think average of your typically bar type food. They do have great salsa and its called Docs Salsa and its a must try for sure. If your out on a warm summer day you wont be disappointed with stopping there for a drink. The usually have live music on the weekends and the service is always been great every time that I have been there.

  • Jim S.

    I was here on a Sunday afternoon and had no idea what to expect. My nonexistent expectations were not exceeded. I had the whitefish sandwich which arrived on stale white bread with limp fries. My daughters cheeseburger was well done, dry and flavorless. The only highlight was the attractive blonde waitress we had. The avg age for this visit was about 55 and we left asap. I'll give this place one more chance during the height of summer, hopefully it'll impress with outdoor seating and skimpy bikinis.

  • J B.

    The atmosphere here is amazing! Went on a Saturday afternoon had a couple of drinks at the bar. The bartender was very personable and friendly! We didn't eat but I have heard its good. I am giving it 5 stars still even though we didn't eat.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Touristy
    Noise Level : Very Loud
    Music : Live
    Good For Dancing : Yes
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Sat, Sun
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : Outdoor Area/ Patio Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes

The Loading Dock

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