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  • Navin R.

    As far as selection goes, it's pretty much what you'd expect to find at a Thai restaurant. If you're coming here for lunch, don't even open the menu. Instead go with one of the lunch specials. For around $10 you get an entree, sushi and two other sides. This is your best bang for the buck and leave feeling full.

  • Sarah J.

    My favorite place to go for sushi! Best quality of fish in town. If you like crab try la Quinta roll! That and sea of love are my favorites. Also the spicy tuna salad is great even better with rice

  • Eileen B.

    Siam Orchid is pretty good for a Thai Diner. I've not tried the Japanese portion of the menu. I tried Basil duck, it was a little dry and over cooked. I've since decided to stick with basic Thai - Pad Thai, Pad See Yew, Pad Yoon Sen... For those, they are decent, nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about either. I am rating Thai Thai II ahead of Siam Orchid. The Beef Salad wasn't that tasty.

  • Holly B.

    Siam Orchid came highly recommended by friends, so I was excited to go. However, with the service a little less than mediocre (bringing out my husband's entree before mine..what?) and the food wasn't that great. I ordered the Teriyaki lobster, which was dry and tasteless. Food took forever to get to the table (mine, at least). Ignored by waitress. Won't be going back. Seriously, Melbourne, there's so much better sushi joints around town. I know Siam Orchid used to be the only place in Melbourne you get get sushi, but it's a lot better now. Branch out!!

  • LyraM45 H.

    I went to college in Melbourne and have lived in different parts of the country since 2007. One of the things I miss most about Melbourne was Siam Orchid. I am actually quite surprised to see a 3 star over all review of this place. I have eaten sushi at so many different places across the country and this is by far, hands down, home run out of the park, freakin' awesome awesome awesome sushi place. My fave, get it? lol Siam Orchid, even after all these years, is still the place that every other restruarant I eat at gets compared to. One or two have come close, but I've never found another Siam Orchid. The spicy tuna rolls here are the best... like THE best I've ever had. The fish is always so fresh. I tend to order a lot of the same stuff when I go for sushi (actually, the sushi chef at Siam, probably to this day, will remember what I get as soon as I walk in. MMMmmmm Salmon/Avacado roll and Spicy Tuna roll!) but everything I have tried here is superb. Whenever I travel back to FL, Siam is usually the first place I go when I get off the plane, and it's the last place I eat at before I leave again. One last thing to note is the staff-- so nice! I remember as a regular in college I even got a gift set of chop sticks around xmas time from my fave sushi chef. I really miss this place!!

  • Craig C.

    Whenever I am craving Thai in Melbourne Siam Orchid is always my go to spot. Their vegetable red curry is absolutely addictive. Very nice atmosphere and very friendly service. I reccoment going during their lunch specials which are cheap and plentiful. With a wide range of Thai and Sushi on the menu it is sure to please everyone's taste.

  • LB E.

    I have been back to this place several times since I last wrote about it and I like it ok. I think the Thai food is much better than the sushi here.

  • Robert E.

    Decent seafood. Decent Thai. This is one of those places where you won't be blown away but won't be dissatisfied. Also, be sure to have the cashier add your tip before scanning your card. Not sure if they fixed that one yet.

  • Jennifer S.

    It's a clean and friendly establishment. The service was a little slow, but I was with a friend and we were chatting, so it wasn't really an issue. My friend and I split a Boston Roll for an appetizer and it was fresh and perfectly rolled. I had Pad Thai with shrimp for my dinner and it was just how I ordered it: Spicy with extra bean sprouts. It wasn't overly sweet like some versions of Pad Thai can be. My friend had a Beauty and the Beast roll made with brown rice and said that it was delicious. Will definitely be returning.

  • Amy B.

    I must say, I was surprised to find such sub-par reviews of this place. My boyfriend and I are frequent patrons and big fans of Siam Orchid for their sushi rolls. The house salad with ginger dressing is always fresh and crisp. Sometimes, I think they should dry off the lettuce a bit more, as the excess water waters down the amazing taste of their ginger dressing. We always ask for extra on the side. We just started ordering the fried soft shell crab appetizer and are 2 for 2 so far. Perfectly fried, not too greasy, and the sauce for dipping is yummy. The tuna tataki is a good sized portion of tuna on a bed of shredded carrots in a delicious vinegary, slightly sweet dressing. This one is a winner! My Boyfriend is a creature of habit and always orders the TR roll. It's been delicious every time. My favorite is the Kanisu roll which is wrapped with cucumber, not rice, dressed w a sweet vinegary dressing w masago. I could drink this sauce. I love it. Some of the other rolls have been hit or miss. Good but not great. Rolls are a bit pricey, but they are pretty big, and I feel they are worth it for the price. I did order a shrimp and mixed veggie dish once. I was left wondering where the mixed veggies were, since I only had cabbage, and not much of it. I'm sticking to the sushi options. We have never been disappointed in this place, and almost always have had quick and attentive service. We have always been seated in the front room by the sushi bar. Not sure if this is what makes a difference in terms of the service. If you are a sushi lover, try this place. :)

  • Alli K.

    Playing an Eminem soundtrack throughout our meal did not improve the taste of the dishes. The salad was decent, and the sushi was quite good. However, the atmosphere will keep me from returning.

  • Steve D.

    The atmosphere at this restaurant is great. There is a long sushi counter with Sushi Chefs (Think I heard them speaking Cantonese), a cool kimono on the wall and service is very quick&friendly. BUTT... the food is a bit wacky. I first had the Thai Curry lunch a few weeks back. Initially the very sweet and spicy thai curry was something I had never tried before... then the sweetness was so overbearing that I thought somebody put a sugar cookie inside (Maybe they slipped in some free Thai Iced Tea). If you want to skip dessert then order the Curry, its like having both! For my 2nd trip I gave the Garlic Fish a try. The sauce was very bland, difficult to detect the hint of garlic and the vegetables below the fish were crunchy. I got bored with this fish after a few bites. But one thing I've never seen before was Flourescent pink Tuna at the Sushi counter. I've enjoyed sushi during my 8 years in Tokyo but never saw tuna this bright pink before... anyone have a black light? Gave it 2 tries... think I'll try another place for my Thai craving.

  • Jennifer M.

    Not a fan of Siam Orchid at all. One of my friends raved about this place and insisted we go for dinner. I just wasn't impressed at all. The service was mediocre. The food was bland. It took quite some time to receive our order and the dishes were brought out separately (my friend received her meal before mine). It was a nicely decorated little place and seemed clean, but overall I won't be back.

  • Joseph M.

    my favorite place in Melbourbe by far..... Tom Khai (can't spell good) soup is awesome... it has coconut milk, chicken, fresh veggies... my favorite dish is the Sea of Love specialty roll.. TRY IT

  • Colleen C.

    Recently came here while visiting family in Melbourne. My mom raved about this place and often goes here with coworkers, but for me, it left something to be desired. After spending the majority of the week with a 5-year old, I was excited to relax and have a beer with lunch. I thought it was interesting that they mark the ounces in the beers on their menu, and was quite excited for my 16 oz. Kirin Ichiban. Much to my dismay, they brought me a 12 oz. Hysterical sobbing ensued. For our meal, we had a Krab Rangoon appetizer, the Mercedes-Benz roll, and the Pineapple Fried Rice. The appetizer was great --- no overkill on the cream cheese, like you'll find at other places. My roll was good, but when something has spicy mayo in it, I expect it to have a bit of a kick. Especially when it costs $14. I found it to be relatively bland. My hilarious mother also commented about the shrimp on her rice: "I'm glad I'm eating with you, because these are too big to put in my mouth in front of people that aren't my family." Worth a try, if nothing else. Other reviews say the rolls can be hit-or-miss, and it sounds like that's pretty accurate. Good lunch special pricing and a cute decor, but they do close in the middle of the afternoon.

  • Tiff D.

    The staff was consistantly confused while dealing with a large group. My meal, volcano shrimp, wasnt great. I was served 4-5 large shrimp fried and topped with spicy sauce. On almost every shrimp I ate, there was still shell on them. Biting into shell hidden under fry batter was unpleasant. The menu states that the shrimp is served over a bed of veggies and when I asked the server what veggies they used she named off several types, all of which were missing except for chineese cabbage a a spear or 2 of broccoli. Everyone else at the table seemed satisfied with their meal. I had a bite of the Pad Se Ew and it was indeed tastey and had plenty of chicken and vegetables. I think this place is OK but meh, Ive experience better. Id give it another try if I were in the area.

  • Dave A.

    Recently had lunch here and I have to say I am looking forward to returning. Had the Thai Spring Rolls and Green Curry. The Spring Rolls were perfectly golden brown and tasty. The Green Curry was adequately spicy when I asked for Thai hot. It wasn't crazy hot but it let me know it was there. Simply delicious. Good, quick service and a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Trevor L.

    Good Pad Thai. I've tried a few local Thai restaurants and a decent Pad Thai is hard to find. We had a group of almost 20 and they served us quickly. I'll be back.

  • Peter D.

    I had the duck finally. It was amazing!

  • Ray R.

    Great place for good Thai food and tasty sushi! The establishment is clean, and I have found the service usually to be very attentive. There are no surprises on the menu that I have found, and the food quality is above par. You can't go wrong ordering anything off the menu, though I usually only come here to get my sushi fix. Great place for a date, or with friends.

  • Antonio D.

    Awesome take the servers sugestions!

  • Candy C.

    Ate here all the time when I lived in Melbourne, FL. Really good Thai dishes. My favorite is the panang curry duck, so I ordered it frequently. They put green beans and peas in it and it can be overwhelming, therefore I always ask to remove it. Their pad thai is pretty good too. My boyfriend's favorite. They have a large variety of sushi rolls to choose from. Very creative. However, with the rolls it is a hit of miss. Sometimes, the rice is not made well and the roll would fall apart before you manage to pick it off the plate. Their Thai iced tea is very delicious, doubt that it is from the can. I've had their cater service before and in my opinion, the food does not taste quite as good. Perhaps it is more difficult to be consistent in the flavors when cooking large quantity....... Of the different Thai/Japanese places in Melbourne, this place is good. Will miss this place... haven't quite found a Thai restaurant to replace this one yet....

  • Bianca J.

    Love that I went here before I went Vegan and love that I can still come after. Decided to order the tofu fried rice one day even though I'm not to fond of tofu but man was IT DELICIOUS! The menu is huge so you may have a hard time deciding your first time. If you like seafood and tempura try the Super Crunch Roll! The only con is the service. They don't have many waitresses so they can be slow.

  • Steve K.

    This is a review for the sushi bar only -- nigiri sushi, not rolls. The first thing you'll notice is that the sushi has WAY too much rice under it. There should be a balance between the sashimi and the sushi rice, and this sushi was simply out of balance. The rice was drowning out every piece of sashimi that was with it. Secondly, the rice itself was too soft, probably due to too much water, or they didn't add the rice vinegar at the right time. If I come back, I'll have to try their Thai food instead.

  • Stephanie Y.

    Just finished my meal here and it was DELICIOUS!! I had the chicken pad Thai and my sister had the red curry with tofu. Both were absolutely fantastic and nice and spicy! I ordered mine medium which was the perfect amount of spice for me. My sister ordered hot and it was a just a little too spicy for me, but my sister said it was great with rice. For dessert, we had the sticky rice with taro and coconut cream. It was the perfect way to end the meal, and super cheap! Our server was a very pleasant lady. She checked on us quiet frequently along with the other servers and kept our drinks refilled (we both needed a lot of refills.. We were super thirsty!). Highly recommend this place! Super friendly and very good food.

  • Jim M.

    Chai and his staff are the bomb. One of our most favorite Sushi/Thai restaurants on earth, or those on earth we have dined at. We always sit at the bar and the consistency has been there since we first tried the place in 2004. If you like Sushi, you will love Siam Orchid. I can't vouch for the Thai food because I have never had it in 10 years.

  • Golden K.

    Really recommend this place. Pad thai is great and sushi is good too. I didn't care for the chicken fried rice as it was pretty bland. Service was good; the first time I was there multiple people came over to check on us. They have something called a "super crunch" on their lunch menu that was outstanding and highly recommend this.


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Siam Orchid

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